13 best vacuum cleaners under 5000 rubles

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Each reader of our site will agree that now it is difficult to imagine life without a vacuum cleaner. Such a device is used even by grandparents, who at one time did not recognize anything but a traditional broom. And if earlier vacuum cleaners cost a lot of money, now the situation has changed radically. Nowadays, you can even find very cheap vacuum cleaners in stores, the cost of which does not exceed 5000 rubles. It is these models that will be considered in this review, compiled by the editors and analysts of the https://rankquality.com/ service.

How to choose an inexpensive vacuum cleaner?

If you do not want to spend any big money on a vacuum cleaner, you will have to seriously think about choosing it. The fact is that stores are literally littered with low-quality products that break down immediately after the expiration of the warranty period, and sometimes even before it ends. So, what parameters of the vacuum cleaner should you pay close attention to?

The first step is to decide on the type of dust collector. Previously, only bag vacuum cleaners were sold for 5,000 rubles. This is not the case now. However, it is the bag model that will be more reliable, because its design has been worked out over the years. The bag can be fabric, in which case it is reusable. However, devastating it is a challenge. Many people choose to use disposable paper bags that are thrown away with all the contents. The problem is that some vacuum cleaners have a significantly reduced draft when such a bag is placed inside. To familiarize yourself with the behavior of the device, it is recommended to read and watch reviews, as well as not be lazy with reading reviews.

Slightly more difficult to operate are vacuum cleaners with a container for collecting dust. Each of their use should end not only with emptying the container, but also with its processing with a wet rag. Also, such vacuum cleaners, especially budget models, are very noisy. The fact is that their plastic container turns into a resonator. But on the other hand, such a device will never need to replace the dust bag!

There are now also vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter. But they are rarely sold for 5,000 rubles. In such devices, the intake air is washed with water, while the dust is deposited in a special container. Again, after each use, you have to rinse the container, which takes some time. And the noise level during the operation of the vacuum cleaner is also very high. But the device has a positive effect on the indoor microclimate.

Other parameters of a modern vacuum cleaner include motor power and suction power. Unfortunately, the second parameter is not always indicated in the characteristics of the device. Therefore, do not be lazy to read the reviews – it is with their help that you can understand how well the device sucks dust from the carpet and other similar surfaces. If your apartment has only parquet or laminate flooring, then almost any vacuum cleaner will suit you. If only the corresponding brush was supplied with it.

Also, when choosing an inexpensive vacuum cleaner, you should focus on the noise level. Again, reviews and reviews will help in this matter. The list of accessories included in the kit is also important. However, for 5000 rubles, no one will offer you a turbo brush, which is the most effective. The length of the cable also seems to be important – sometimes the vacuum cleaner is supplied with such a wire that you can safely leave with the device from one room to another. But you don't even have to think about the type of cleaning. Alas, no budget vacuum cleaner has a full-fledged wet cleaning.

Finally, we note that you definitely need to look at the design of the device. The vacuum cleaner must have very large wheels so that it can easily move behind you. A telescopic tube is much more convenient than a composite one, it also cannot be denied. Some models also have a power regulator. Reducing the suction force will make cleaning difficult, but you can still use a vacuum cleaner even if a child is sleeping in the next room. It is interesting that for some devices this regulator is not on the body, but on the handle – this is insanely convenient.

Rating of the best vacuum cleaners up to 5000 rubles

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best vacuum cleaners with a filter bag up to 5000 rubles 1 Samsung SC5241 RUB 3,520
2 Philips FC8294 PowerGo RUB 6 589
3 Bosch BSN 2100 RUB 3,824
4 Polaris PVB 1802 RUB 3 600
5 Samsung SC4140 RUB 3,200
The best vacuum cleaners with a cyclone filter under 5000 rubles 1 Polaris PVC 2016 RUB 4,900
2 LG VK706W02NY RUB 4,730
3 Philips FC9351 PowerPro Compact RUB 7,660
4 Samsung SC4326 4 160 rub.
The best robotic vacuum cleaners under 5000 rubles 1 Rekam RVC-1755B RUB 5 490
2 Scarlett SC-VC80R11 RUB 4,973
3 Polaris PVCR 1012U RUB 4,150
The best vacuum cleaner with aquafilter up to 5000 rubles 1 FIRST AUSTRIA 5546-3 RUB 4,985

The best vacuum cleaners with a filter bag up to 5000 rubles

Samsung SC5241

Rating: 4.9

SAMSUNG SC5241.jpg

If you want to buy a vacuum cleaner for little money, then don't count on a sophisticated design. For example, the Samsung SC5241 can hardly be called a beautiful device. This vacuum cleaner has a round plastic body. The power button rises above all the rest, evoking associations with the heel of a boar. And this is not to mention the fact that the materials used here can hardly be called pleasant to the touch. However, who will care about the design of the device, which can be bought for only 4,000 rubles during sales? Let's better go over its characteristics.

To begin with, this model has a power consumption of 1800 watts. This is a very worthy parameter. He hints that the device should have a decent suction power. Indeed, its power is 410 watts. Therefore, Samsung SC5241 will suit even those who have carpets in their apartment.

Garbage here falls into a traditional bag, the volume of which is 2.4 liters. If the bag is completely full, the corresponding indicator comes on. The kit causes some sadness here. The fact is that it includes only a telescopic tube and one brush designed for cleaning the floor and the aforementioned carpet. Alas, in the box with the vacuum cleaner there is not only a turbo brush, but also a slotted nozzle. However, some copies may be completed with it – this needs to be clarified before making a purchase.

Many cheap dust bag vacuum cleaners suffer from the fact that they blow dirty air outside. Here it is not, since the device uses a HEPA11 filter. The device also boasts a long power cord. To be more precise, it is pulled out of the vacuum cleaner for all 6 m. This will not allow you to calmly walk from one room to another, but such a cable will definitely not cause inconvenience. As for the weight of the device, it is 5.1 kg. This is not so important, since the device has large wheels, thanks to which it will calmly ride behind you, getting over even moderately serious obstacles.

And what else can you find fault with, with the exception of design? Perhaps to the lack of a power regulator. Because of this, you will have to come to terms with the fact that the device will definitely make a lot of noise. Measurements show that the noise level reaches an impressive 84 dB.


  • Capacious dust bag;
  • Serious suction power;
  • Very long network cable;
  • A quality filter is used;
  • Nice telescopic tube;
  • There is a dust collector full indicator;
  • You can even turn off the vacuum cleaner with your foot;
  • Automatic cord rewinding is implemented.


  • Not the best design;
  • High noise level;
  • Poor equipment.

Philips FC8294 PowerGo

Rating: 4.8


If the copy discussed above is sometimes sold for very little money, then you will have to spend about 5900 rubles to buy the Philips FC8294 PowerGo. And this is in the event that you do not go to the official online store of the manufacturer, where the prices are even higher! But this model looks a little prettier. Although it also contains very cheap plastic, which is not very pleasant to the touch – the handle, the power button and some other elements are made of it.

Unlike many other inexpensive models, the Philips FC8294 PowerGo has a power regulator. At a low parameter, the suction becomes very weak, but at this moment it is possible to carry out cleaning even with a child sleeping nearby. With the maximum increase in the parameter, the power consumption rises to 2000 watts, and the noise level begins to reach an alarming 82 dB. In this case, the suction power will be 350 watts. Not a record, but you can still clean the carpet with this parameter.

Like other inexpensive vacuum cleaners, Philips FC8294 PowerGo only offers dry cleaning. The air here passes through a fine filter. If you do cleaning quite rarely, then you are unlikely to think about replacing or cleaning this filter in the coming years. The connection to the mains is carried out here by means of a 6-meter cord, which, after using the vacuum cleaner, automatically winds inward. And the device has a compartment for attachments!

And now we come to the main feature of the vacuum cleaner. The kit comes with two nozzles at once. The first is a traditional brush designed for use on carpets and normal floors. The second is double-sided, in fact, it serves to suck out dust from hard-to-reach places. Also included with the device is a convenient telescopic tube.

Some questions arise regarding the weight of the vacuum cleaner. It's very light. The scale under the appliance will show only 4.3 kg. This clearly hints at what materials were used to create this model. However, the reviews on the Philips FC8294 PowerGo do not say that the vacuum cleaner breaks down after one and a half to two years, so there is nothing to be afraid of.


  • The dust bag has a volume of 3 liters;
  • A good fine filter is used;
  • Good suction power;
  • Extra long power cord;
  • There is a dust collector full indicator;
  • There is a power regulator;
  • You can turn it off with your foot;
  • The cord reels up automatically;
  • There is a storage space for attachments.


  • Decent noise level;
  • Not always sold at an adequate price;
  • The crevice tool hums a lot.

Bosch BSN 2100

Rating: 4.7

BOSCH BSN 2100.jpg

Another copy, which has in its composition a dust collection bag with a volume of exactly 3 liters. At the same time, the device looks very good, and sellers often ask for only 4,100 rubles for it. Or a little more if the purchase is carried out outside the sale. The power consumption of this device is increased to 2100 W. If we talk about suction, then its power reaches 330 W. An excellent parameter that allows you to suck out dust even from the depths of the carpet.

Like the previously reviewed instance, Bosch BSN 2100 has a fine filter. This is a very cheap accessory that traps dust before the air escapes. Cleaning here is done with a telescopic tube to which a 260mm carpet and floor brush is connected. But two other attachments are supplied with the device! The first is slotted. Usually it is with its help that the heating battery is cleaned. The second nozzle is designed for neat cleaning of upholstered furniture, it can also be very useful. But if the previous copy had a place for storing nozzles, then the owner of the Bosch BSN 2100 will have to keep them somewhere outside the vacuum cleaner. But on the other hand, the device turned out to be small and light – its weight is only 3.6 kg!

As expected, this model has received a dust collector full indicator. And there is also a power regulator located on the body. With it, you can at least slightly reduce the noise emitted by the vacuum cleaner, allowing your child to sleep well.

Unfortunately, this model suffers from several troubles, which we have no right not to mention. Firstly, many examples throw back a lot of dust, which is due to the lack of adhesion of the plastic bag attachment to the corresponding part of the case. And replacing the bag will not help in this case! Also, the vacuum cleaner gets very hot. This is also a serious problem, because such heating can affect the durability of the device. And finally, one cannot fail to note the lack of the ability to rotate the hose. This makes using the vacuum cleaner slightly awkward.


  • The length of the power cord is 6 m;
  • Extra large dust bag;
  • Serious suction power;
  • There is a power regulator;
  • There is a dust collector full indicator;
  • Very light weight;
  • Decent equipment.


  • Extremely high noise level;
  • The hose does not want to rotate;
  • Some specimens suffer from poor bag fit;
  • Accessories for this vacuum cleaner are not sold in every store.

Polaris PVB 1802

Rating: 4.6

POLARIS PVB 1802.jpg

One of the most inexpensive vacuum cleaners in our ranking. In most cases, it is sold for only 4000 rubles. It is clear that such an inexpensive device will suffer from some disadvantages. For example, not everyone will be happy with the design of the Polaris PVB 1802. And certainly many customers will not be thrilled with the dust collector, which has a volume of only 2 liters. However, the device also has advantages, let's not dwell on the cons.

This model traditionally offers only dry cleaning. Before being discharged outside, it passes through a fine filter. The work of this accessory can be called quite decent. Connection to the outlet is carried out via the power cord. Alas, the manufacturer saved on it, the cable length was only 5 m. But the device received an excellent motor. It has a power consumption of 1800 W, while it manages to provide a suction power of 380 W! All this forces the owner of the vacuum cleaner to act extremely carefully, especially when cleaning parquet and laminate.

As expected, the device has a dust collector full indicator. There is also a power regulator here. This is just the case if you need to clean the parquet from dirt. Also, such a regulator is useful when cleaning at a time when a child is sleeping nearby. However, even at minimum power, the vacuum cleaner makes a lot of noise, so a restful sleep remains in question.

The rest of the Polaris PVB 1802 is unlikely to please. This model has a minimum number of attachments, and its low weight hints at the quality of the materials used by the manufacturer. By the way, the suction power depends on the manufacturing quality of a particular instance. Some of them have extra slots, because of which the quality of cleaning begins to suffer. In a word, you should buy this model only if you absolutely need to save a lot. Or if the vacuum cleaners that have opened our rating are simply not available in the nearest stores.


  • Good performance of the fine filter;
  • Small size and weight;
  • Decent suction power;
  • There is a power regulator;
  • The indicator for filling the dust container is not forgotten;
  • Low cost;
  • You can even turn it off with your foot;
  • The cord unwinds automatically.


  • Not a very large bag for collecting dust;
  • Short power cord;
  • Few nozzles;
  • High noise level.

Samsung SC4140

Rating: 4.5

SAMSUNG SC4140.png

Another very inexpensive vacuum cleaner. He also has the usual dust bag. I am glad that its volume has been increased to three liters.

The body of the device is made of frankly cheap plastic. But it is partially colored blue! This is great news for those who are fed up with boring black appliances. As expected, the vacuum cleaner received wheels, thanks to which the device very easily overcomes serious obstacles. Samsung SC4140 also has a filtering system. The only pity is that this is not a HEPA filter, which would be much more credible.

The device is connected to the mains via a 6-meter cable. This is great, as it allows cleaning even in a very large room without any problems. Also, the hose, which rotates calmly here, cannot but rejoice. But the noise level raises questions, because it reaches 83 dB. However, if a child is sleeping nearby, you can use the power regulator, thereby reducing the noise emitted.

On the body of the device, you can find the indicator of the full dust container. There is also a button, thanks to which the cord starts to wind up on its own. And if you look closely at this vacuum cleaner, you can find a compartment for storing attachments. This suggests that the Samsung SC4140 comes with more than just a floor and carpet brush with a telescopic tube. Indeed, in the box you will also find a combined nozzle, which is both dusty and slotted.

It remains to add that the weight of the vacuum cleaner is 3.76 kg. Alas, this indicates not the best materials used here. We have already spoken about the building. As for the engine, there are still no complaints about it – yes, it is noisy, but if buyers encounter it, it is extremely rare. This is evidenced by reviews, which usually contain only high ratings.


  • Long warranty period;
  • Extra long power cord;
  • Decent suction power;
  • Quite good fine filter;
  • Good dust container capacity;
  • Low cost;
  • There is a power regulator;
  • Supplemented with a dust bag full indicator;
  • There is a place for storing attachments;
  • Very light weight.


  • High noise level.

The best vacuum cleaners with a cyclone filter under 5000 rubles

Polaris PVC 2016

Rating: 4.9

POLARIS PVC 2016.jpg

This vacuum cleaner is usually sold for 6500 rubles or even a little more. However, during some kind of sale, it can be snatched for much less money. And if you manage to do this, then you will definitely not be disappointed!

This model has a nice appearance. There is a power regulator on its plastic case. It is thanks to him that cleaning is possible even when a child is sleeping in the next room. By the way, if you turn this regulator to the maximum, then the suction power will increase to 460 W! At this point, you need to act carefully, otherwise the vacuum cleaner can literally rip out the laminate boards. If we talk about power consumption, then it is 2000 watts. The efficiency turned out to be very high, it was achieved, among other things, due to the abandonment of the bag dust collector.

This vacuum cleaner has a plastic container with a volume of 2.5 liters. After finishing cleaning, it is recommended to empty the container and wash it at the same time. However, it is not necessary to do this – in this regard, the device is not too different from its brothers with a bag.

Like other modern vacuum cleaners, Polaris PVC 2016 has a fine filter. This means that the air discharged outside is almost uncontaminated. This model is also capable of boasting an indicator of filling the container for collecting dust. Well, the connection to the outlet here is carried out using a 5-meter power cord. It must be admitted that for someone this length will not seem enough.

A telescopic tube is found in the box with the vacuum cleaner. It can be connected to the hose in just a couple of seconds. The device also comes with several attachments. The first role is played by the usual brush used for cleaning carpets and floors. The second nozzle is used for processing upholstered furniture. Well, the third is combined – mainly it is needed in cases when it is necessary to pull dust out of narrow places.

Otherwise, this is a familiar vacuum cleaner. You can turn it off with your foot – the corresponding button is specially made in a special way. Also, the device is able to independently wind the cord. Well, a distinctive feature of the device is the storage space for attachments. As you already understood, many models do without such a compartment.


  • Extra large container for collecting dust;
  • There is a fine filter;
  • Large suction power;
  • Rich equipment;
  • The indicator for filling the dust container is not forgotten;
  • There is a power regulator;
  • You can even turn it off with your foot;
  • There is a storage compartment for attachments.


  • Not very long power cord;
  • It is not always sold at a low price;
  • There is no vertical parking;
  • The filter is quite flimsy;
  • It is inconvenient to shake out the dust;
  • Not the most comfortable floor nozzle.


Rating: 4.8

LG VK706W02NY.jpg

Another vacuum cleaner with a container. But this instance is already noticeably smaller. It is possible that this is why they are asking for a very modest amount by modern standards. Moreover, this model also has a nice design. Here, part of the body is painted black and the other part is red. There is a container for collecting dust inside. It's a shame that its volume was only 1.2 liters. This means that it will have to be emptied after each cleaning, otherwise you will be faced with its filling, which will be indicated by the lighting of the corresponding indicator.

Like the previous model reviewed, LG VK706W02NY has a power consumption of 2000 watts. At the same time, there is some air loss, due to which the suction power is only 380 W. But this is quite enough in the vast majority of cases. The noise level during operation of the vacuum cleaner can reach 82 dB. Nothing can be done about this, since there is no power regulator here. By the way, this model has a fine filter, so you don't have to worry about the quality of the air emitted outside.

The South Koreans equipped their creation with a telescopic tube and three nozzles. For this money, it was hardly worth expecting something more. The device is connected to the mains using a 5-meter cord. It was almost impossible to place a longer cable here, remembering the size of the vacuum cleaner. Otherwise, the device simply would not have received the automatic cord rewind function. It is interesting that the minimum dimensions of the vacuum cleaner do not mean that this model is a fluff. Its weight is 4.6 kg. But a decent weight is a problem for almost all container vacuum cleaners. In fairness, it is extremely difficult to notice it, since in 99% of cases such a device moves around the room on wheels, it is almost never necessary to lift it.


  • There is a fine filter;
  • Decent suction power;
  • You can even turn off the vacuum cleaner with your foot;
  • Good equipment;
  • The container full indicator is not forgotten.


  • Extremely miniature container for collecting dust;
  • The power cord may seem short;
  • High noise level;
  • No power regulator;
  • The filter gets dirty quickly;
  • There is no possibility of vertical parking;
  • Not the best pipe-to-hose connection.

Philips FC9351 PowerPro Compact

Rating: 4.7


Another very nice vacuum cleaner. It has very large wheels, thanks to which it easily jumps over various obstacles. The problem with this device is the price. The fact is that most often it is sold for 9 thousand rubles. But sellers understand that in many respects this vacuum cleaner does not differ at all from much cheaper counterparts, so sometimes the price drops to 5000-6000 rubles.

This model is not perfect. For example, many will definitely make a complaint about the container for collecting dust, the volume of which is only 1.5 liters. Especially lazy people who do not want to deal with emptying the container after absolutely every cleaning will not like it. You can also find fault with the lack of a carrying handle. Well, this vacuum cleaner cannot be called silent. More precisely, measurements will show that the noise level reaches 82 dB. However, all budget vacuum cleaners that use a container as a dust collector have this problem.

This device has a power consumption of 1900 W. At the same time, the suction power here is equal to 370 W – a very decent figure. This means that there will definitely not be any problems with cleaning. Especially with those attachments that are supplied in the kit. First off, the buyer will get a relatively good MultiClean carpet and floor brush. Secondly, the furniture attachment comes in handy. Third, the crevice tool should also be useful. Well, the telescopic tube has not been forgotten by the manufacturer, of course.

The high cost of the vacuum cleaner is due to the presence of the HEPA 10 filter. It does its job perfectly, and in the future you can easily buy a new filter by finding it in the nearest store. The device also has a 6-meter power cord. This can also be called an undoubted advantage of this model. Otherwise, she is not at all surprising. She has a familiar footswitch at her disposal. The cord here automatically unwinds without any problems. The storage compartment for the nozzles should also be noted. As for the weight of the vacuum cleaner, it is quite adequate 4.5 kg.


  • There is a dust collector full indicator;
  • You can even turn off the vacuum cleaner with your foot;
  • There is a place for storing attachments;
  • A quality filter is used;
  • Long power cord;
  • A large number of attachments;
  • Good suction power.


  • Decent noise level;
  • High price;
  • Not very roomy container;
  • No carry handle;
  • There is no power regulator.

Samsung SC4326

Rating: 4.6

SAMSUNG SC4326.png

One of the most beautiful vacuum cleaners in our selection. But, unfortunately, not the best in terms of technical characteristics. For example, not everyone will be satisfied with the container used here, because its volume is only 1.3 liters. This means that it is recommended to empty it after each harvest. Also, the device suffers from high noise levels. But this, as we said, is the problem with most budget vacuum cleaners.

This model was purposefully created with many simplifications. As a result, you can buy it for 5000 rubles even outside of sales. At the same time, some parameters will definitely delight many people, otherwise this instance would definitely not get into our rating. For example, the HEPA 11 filter, which perfectly copes with its main task, cannot but arouse admiration. Its main advantage is its easy replacement, because it is sold by many Russian stores. Also, joyful feelings are caused by the power cord, the length of which reaches 6 m.Here, a very long hose is also used, so the radius of the vacuum cleaner is an impressive 9.2 m.

This model is supplied with a telescopic tube and three nozzles. Among the latter are the floor and carpet brush, the crevice nozzle and the dust brush. The only pity is that the device does not have a compartment for these attachments. But this is not critical, so we will not even add this item to the list of shortcomings.

Samsung SC4326 has the least impact on electricity bills. The fact is that its power consumption is only 1600 watts. At the same time, the South Korean manufacturer managed to minimize air losses, so the suction power was 360 W. In a word, there are no complaints about the vacuum cleaner here either! You can hardly complain about the weight, because it does not exceed 4.2 kg.

As a result, Samsung has got a good device for dry cleaning. If he also had a more capacious container, then the price would not have been for him!


  • A large number of attachments included;
  • A quality filter is used;
  • Good suction power when the container is empty;
  • Long power cord;
  • Can be turned off by foot;
  • The cable unwinds automatically.


  • Wouldn't hurt a power regulator;
  • The container is too small;
  • High noise level;
  • The filter needs to be cleaned very often.

The best robotic vacuum cleaners under 5000 rubles

Rekam RVC-1755B

Rating: 4.9

REKAM RVC-1755B.jpg

Our rating could not do without robotic vacuum cleaners, because now they can be purchased for the 5000 rubles designated by us. For example, the Rekam RVC-1755B has such a price tag. But, of course, this robot vacuum cleaner will not delight you with the functionality that is present in smart devices of this type, produced Xiaomi and other companies. This device will not be able to think over the route of movement, instead, it simply focuses on the readings of five optical sensors. If the charge is empty or the robot is stuck, a beep sounds. You can't even dream of returning to the charging station on your own.

The device includes a 1800 mAh battery. A pretty good value, which is enough for about 90 minutes of work. Interestingly, the charging time here is almost exactly the same.

Unlike large vacuum cleaners, the Rekam RVC-1755B is very quiet. Measurements in the immediate vicinity show only 55 dB. But it is not surprising, because the suction power here is only 15 watts. As for the container for collecting dust, its volume does not exceed 0.35 liters. However, there is nothing wrong with these parameters, because this device is intended only for removing dust, and not for collecting garbage. And it will be better if there is no carpet in his path.

Rekam RVC-1755B is a real baby. Its weight is only 1.1 kg. The motors located here are designed specifically for this weight, so this robot vacuum cleaner will most likely not be able to ride the cat. If we talk about collisions with obstacles, then they should not be harmful, because the device has a soft bumper. There is also a side brush.


  • It removes dust well;
  • Low noise level;
  • Optical sensors are available;
  • Long battery life;
  • Not very long charging;
  • Provides a signal when stuck;
  • There is a soft bumper;
  • Modest weight.


  • He does not cope with garbage collection in the best way;
  • It is difficult to find on sale;
  • Manual installation on the charger.

Scarlett SC-VC80R11

Rating: 4.8


This instance is very different from other robot vacuum cleaners. At least by their appearance. The fact is that the upper part of this model is painted in silver, and it also reflects the surrounding space very nicely. As a result, one gets the impression that a flying saucer is traveling around the house, as if it arrived straight from the X-Files.

This specimen is mainly intended for cleaning dust from smooth floors. For this, it is equipped with side brushes. The dust is sucked into a container with a volume of 0.2 liters. The suction power is traditionally low, only 15 W. But on the other hand, the battery available here is enough for an hour of vacuum cleaner operation. Charging time, by the way, is about the same. But it should be admitted that it is in the battery that the main drawback of the device lies. The fact is that it is made using nickel-cupronickel technology. Firstly, the battery turned out to be heavy, which is why the weight of the vacuum cleaner itself has grown. Secondly, such a battery has a serious self-discharge. And this is not to mention the fact that after a year of intensive use of the robot vacuum cleaner, you will have to think about either replacing the battery or buying a new device.

Otherwise, this is a typical ultra-budget robot vacuum cleaner. It requires manual installation on the charging station, blinking the lights and beeping. He copes with avoiding obstacles in about half the cases. In short, if you want to buy a high-tech device, then this is not the case. But if you just want to try something new, then the Scarlett SC-VC80R11 may be the best choice. But don't forget that in the future you will want something more.


  • Copes well with avoiding obstacles;
  • Can carry out wet cleaning;
  • There is a soft bumper;
  • Decent run time.


  • Not everyone will like the look;
  • Does not suck up debris at all;
  • A nickel-cupronickel battery is used;
  • Manual installation on the charging station.

Polaris PVCR 1012U

Rating: 4.7

Polaris PVCR 1012U

Another vacuum cleaner, usually sold at a fairly high price. For 5,000 rubles, you can buy it only during all kinds of sales. This robot vacuum cleaner has a rounded shape. If it was not painted black, then it could also be mistaken for a flying saucer. It should be noted that the rounded shape will not allow the cat to snuggle up on the top cover.

Like other similar devices, the device has sensors. In this case, they are ultrasonic. There are only three of them, so sometimes the vacuum cleaner may not recognize some obstacles. However, not a single robot vacuum cleaner sold at such a price is distinguished by intelligence and ingenuity.

As usual, Polaris PVCR 1012U makes almost no noise. However, what is surprising? After all, the suction power here does not exceed 18 W. In fact, this model fights only with dust. This is evidenced by its container, which has a volume of only 0.3 liters. In a word, the device only moves around the room, waving the side brushes, but nothing more. Do not expect from him to collect any serious garbage. And certainly such a simple model is not worth buying if a pet lives in the apartment.

Like other budget robotic vacuum cleaners, Polaris PVCR 1012U is not able to remember the route. This means that when the battery is discharged, the device will start signaling about it. A person will have to put it on the charging station, the device will not be able to reach it on its own. The vacuum cleaner works for about 100 minutes, this is how much a 1200 mAh battery lasts. Charging takes just over an hour and a half. I am glad that the battery is made using lithium-ion technology; there will be no special problems with it in the future.


  • There is a soft bumper;
  • Ultrasonic sensors are available;
  • Long battery life;
  • Not very long charging;
  • The minimum noise level.


  • Manual installation on a charging station;
  • Fights dust only;
  • Doesn't always sell for a low price;
  • Short service life.

The best vacuum cleaner with aquafilter up to 5000 rubles


Rating: 4.9

FIRST AUSTRIA 5546-3.jpg

Vacuum cleaners with aquafilter appeared relatively recently. In this regard, it is not surprising that their creation is still quite expensive. This is why our ranking consists of just one such device. Alas, for 5000 rubles you can buy just one good vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter. His name is FIRST AUSTRIA 5546-3.

The presence of an aquafilter indicates that the vacuum cleaner offers not only dry, but also wet cleaning. It also means that you will have to empty the container after each cleaning. However, there is nothing difficult in this – just pour the contents of the 6-liter aquafilter into the toilet.

This model has a power consumption of 1400 W. The device is capable of boasting good suction power. Well, the presence of an aquafilter made it possible to implement the blowing function, which in some cases may be useful. The connection to the mains is carried out here using a 5-meter cord. It is strange, with such a size of the vacuum cleaner, it was possible to fit a longer cable in it. Another problem is the lack of automatic rewinding.

It must be admitted that this vacuum cleaner makes a lot of noise. But this can be said about absolutely every representative of our review. But not every competitor of the FIRST AUSTRIA 5546-3 can boast of a rich package. It all starts with a telescopic tube that can be connected to the hose without any problems. The box with the vacuum cleaner also contains a metal brush for the floor and carpet. Other attachments include a brush for upholstered furniture. Also, the manufacturer has not forgotten the crevice tool needed for cleaning, for example, batteries.

This model, of course, is not ideal. And it's not even about the noise (this is the loudest representative of our rating). To many people, he will seem too large. Not everyone will find a place to store it. But on the other hand, this is the only vacuum cleaner in our selection that will not make you change the filter from time to time.


  • Two colors to choose from;
  • There is a blowing function;
  • Good suction power;
  • Does not consume a very large amount of electricity;
  • No need for regular filter replacement;
  • Implemented wet cleaning;
  • Rich equipment.


  • Very high noise level;
  • Large sizes;
  • The power cord could be longer;
  • The weight is 7 kg.


Now you know that you can buy a good vacuum cleaner even for 5000 rubles. It remains only to decide on a specific model. You, of course, noticed that almost every instance considered in this review suffers from one or another drawback. Alas, this is the kind of world we live in. If you are going to buy a vacuum cleaner for very little money, then you will have to experience certain difficulties when using it.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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