13 best radios

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Radios are gradually losing their relevance. Now many people prefer to listen to music through the internet, or Download it to a flash drive. However, a separate layer remains consumers still listening to the radio. They do it sometimes not even for the sake of music, but for the sake of obtaining information – For good reason, talk radio stations have remained popular for many years. That is why the online magazine decided to talk about the best radios among those sold in Russian retail. It will go as about pocket models most relevant for use on nature, and about stationary devices.

Rating of the best radios

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best portable radios 1 Tecsun PL-660 10 400 rub.
2 Sangean PR-D14 5 990 rub.
3 Tecsun PL-398MP 3 800 rub.
4 Panasonic RF-3500 2 990 rub.
5 Rolsen RBM-215MUR 3 162 rub.
The best stationary radios 1 Sangean wr-12 15 950 rub.
2 Panasonic RF-800UEE-K 3 990 rub.
3 Ritmix RPR-050 1 999 rub.
4 SUPRA ST-109
The best radio alarm clocks 1 Sony ICF-C1T 1 750 rub.
2 Philips AJ 3200 1 990 rub.
3 Beurer WL90 9 990 rub.
Best pocket radio 1 Tecsun q-3 2 790 rub.

The best portable radios

Tecsun PL-660

Rating: 4.9

Tecsun PL-660

High-quality radios capable of catching waves in different frequency ranges are now expensive. For example, for Tecsun PL-660 in our country is asking for at least 7 thousand rubles. For the money the buyer receives a device that can work either from the network, or from four AA-batteries. The second option is used more often, so how this radio is used by many people in nature. IN the device includes a segment display that displays information about current frequency, battery power and even signal strength. At the receiver There is a certain amount of memory where your favorite frequencies are stored. IN Further you can call your favorite radio stations by pressing the buttons with numbers.

The device that got into our rating is able to work in the FM bands, AIR, SW, AM, LW and SSB. Most people with this set are quite enough. Other features of the device include the presence of hours and timer. The manufacturer did not forget about the connector for headphones.

But why is the Tecsun PL-660 so expensive? After all the aforementioned functions are also available for cheaper brothers. This is explained not only by the large number of accepted ranges, but also double frequency conversion. The product has very high sensitivity, while it intelligently cuts off interference from neighboring stations. In short, this is an ideal in the world of portable radios!


  • Compact size;

  • Network operation possible;

  • Up to 2000 radio stations can be stored in memory;

  • A large number of supported ranges;

  • High sensitivity;

  • Dual frequency conversion works;

  • There is a timer.


  • Very high cost.

Sangean PR-D14

Rating: 4.8

Sangean PR-D14

Another not the cheapest radio, but with already more plain appearance. There is also a digital display, complemented by yellow backlight. It displays information about signal reception level, battery status, current range and frequency, as well as some other parameters. The receiver is different from the above instance with fewer buttons. For call your favorite radio stations there are only five keys, that not everyone will like. However, the product and the number of supported ranges are less. In fact, it’s just a radio Designed to listen to the signal in the FM and AM bands. There is also a USB port that allows you to listen to music from flash drives.

In general, the device is great for home use, but no more. In such conditions, he will work from the incoming network adapter kit. Also, the device can be taken out for the limits of the house – for example, on a personal plot (required AA batteries). Of the curious features of the radio you can note the presence of an AUX input, which allows you to use this model as a column. There is also access to headphones. And the creators have introduced a sleep timer that never it is superfluous.


  • The built-in clock is regulated by the RDS signal;

  • The display shows a large amount of information;

  • Network operation possible;

  • There is an AUX connector;

  • There is a timer;

  • Clock synchronization via RDS;

  • There is a function to play MP3 from a USB drive;

  • Compact size.


  • Not the largest number of supported ranges;

  • Sensitivity cannot be called high;

  • Not the largest number of frequencies are stored in memory;

  • The price reaches 6 thousand rubles.

Tecsun PL-398MP

Rating: 4.7

Tecsun PL-398MP

A rare portable radio gets at its disposal two speakers at once. However, exceptions to the rule do occur, a good example of this is the Tecsun ranked in our rating PL-398MP. This device incorporates a chip from the American company Silicon Labs, able to digitize the signal received in FM, SW, LW and MW bands. Modern processing algorithms lead to a significant improvement in sensitivity. Also here competent detuning from radio interference occurs.

Like the previous model considered, this device can use as a portable speaker, capturing sound from another device through the line input. Also a nice addition There will be an alarm clock that allows you to wake up under your favorite radio station. Well, a very rare guest is a thermometer that displays readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Tribute to the modern we can consider the slot for the SD card with which MP3 songs play. Up to 8 drives supported GB Also on the case you can find a connector for an external antenna and headphone output.

It should be noted that this device also has a digital display. But not the largest amount of information is displayed on it – in particular, it will not work with him to find out about the level of reception signal. The radio is powered by both the network and three AA-batteries, which, by the way, are enough for a very long time. In a word, for 4 thousand rubles. This is the best offer!


  • Not the largest sizes;

  • Supports a decent number of ranges;

  • It is possible to install a memory card;

  • Built-in alarm and thermometer;

  • It can work from the power supply network;

  • There are two speakers;

  • There is a line input;

  • High sensitivity;

  • Included is a case.


  • Not the most convenient MP3 player control;

  • There is no alarm volume adjustment.

Panasonic RF-3500

Rating: 4.6

Panasonic RF-3500

A fairly large radio, even having a retractable handle. It is executed, we can say in the style of similar devices of the beginning The 2000s. For the sake of cost reduction, the Japanese decided to abandon all kinds of electronics, equipping their creation with an analog handle frequency settings. Because of this, you have to forget about the instant the transition to a particular radio station. But to serve such the receiver may not even years, but decades!

Like many models considered in this rating, Panasonic The RF-3500 has one speaker. Its diameter is 10 cm, which is enough to produce high-volume sound. Despite its simplicity, the radio is able to please the work in four bands – FM, LW, SW and MW. The device is powered by both the network and batteries. However, in the second case, a surprise awaits the buyer – here Type C batteries are required.

In general, this is a simple radio, sold for 3 thousand. rub. just because of brand margins. There are even card slots here there is no memory and a USB connector, although they have already become a familiar attribute for portable electronics designed to play music. By opinion, this is a good choice for a summer residence, but nothing more.


  • Network operation possible;

  • Built-in power supply;

  • A large number of ranges;

  • Long service life;

  • Loud enough speaker;

  • High prevalence in Russian stores.


  • Not very high sensitivity;

  • Analog tuning of frequencies and volume will not suit everyone;

  • The minimum functionality.

Rolsen RBM-215MUR

Rating: 4.6

Rolsen RBM-215MUR

A relatively unpretentious Russian radio manufacturer. In our ranking, he was due to youth design. There is a carrying handle presenting an arc, and the speakers belong to almost triangular shape. Right in the center are a few buttons, above which There is a small digital display, complemented by backlight. IN Unlike many of the models reviewed today, the Rolsen RBM-215MUR produces stereo sound with a total power of 4 watts. Not bad for more capable of only radio and music centers.

Unfortunately, the radio for this device is clearly secondary function. This is evidenced by the fact that the product offers it listen only in the FM band. More often, buyers will use the device to listen to music from an SD card or USB sticks. Also, this model can be used as portable speakers by connecting with an audio cable, for example, smartphone.

A pleasant surprise for the buyer may be removable battery located inside – about batteries should to forget. This product costs about 3 thousand rubles.


  • Interesting design;

  • There is an SD card slot and a USB connector;

  • Battery is used;

  • Operation from the network adapter is possible;

  • There is an AUX input;

  • Comes with a remote control;

  • High power speakers.


  • FM band only;

  • Not the best sensitivity.

The best stationary radios

Sangean wr-12

Rating: 4.9

Sangean WR-12

If your parents’ house or somewhere in the country is still If there is a radiol left, then it’s time to replace it with a Sangean WR-12. it retro-style stationary radio. However under the wooden case hides modern components here, thanks to which the product sounds almost perfect. In particular, there are not only two speakers, but also a subwoofer. Bass sound – as it should! Actually, it is precisely because of the low frequency the devices were so impressive.

It should be noted that the product is analog. I.e, To adjust the wave, the usual wheel is used here. it even grandparents can deal with the radio. Interestingly, the aforementioned bass is subject to adjustment here. Fans of modern technology should be pleased with the AUX input, thanks to which you can connect a smartphone to the device or the tablet. There is also a connector for an external antenna, which only needed somewhere in the village.

Such a device is powered strictly from the mains. Perhaps the main its problem is the cost – not everyone dares to give for Radio operating in only two bands, about 15 thousand rubles. On the Against this background, the absence of a USB port and SD card slots that would allow the device on its own play music from external drives.


  • Natural wooden case;

  • Older people will enjoy analog control;

  • The total acoustics power reaches 16 W;

  • Built-in subwoofer;

  • You can adjust the high and low frequencies;

  • Durable design;

  • There is an AUX input and headphone output.


  • Very high cost;

  • There is no support for playing music from a memory card or flash drives;

  • Radio works only in the FM and AM / MW bands.

Panasonic RF-800UEE-K

Rating: 4.8

Panasonic RF-800UEE-K

Excellent radio receiver, which got a place in our rating thanks to a competent combination of modern and retro styles. The the instance has only one speaker, but the device It turned out to be relatively compact. Nothing stopping him from taking cottage, and then take back, even if you do not have your own a car. But of course you can’t put such a device in your pocket. It can also be nice to work in three ranges – FM, SW and MW are supported. However tune the right wave each times will have to be manually, since analog is applied here technology.

Interestingly, the Japanese did not forget about modern electronics. The fact is that the product is endowed with a USB port. is he used to charge other devices as well as listening to music stored on a flash drive. The radio itself in Mainly powered by network. But if the situation requires it, you can install four type D batteries under the back cover, forcing device to play somewhere on the street. In a word, this is very good option for those who are willing to spend 5 thousand rubles.


  • Power built-in speaker reaches 2.5 watts;

  • Receives a radio in three bands;

  • It is possible to play music from a USB drive;

  • Battery operation available;

  • Convenient control of an MP3 player;

  • The case was created from MDF.


  • Weight reaches a decent 1.33 kg;

  • There is no connector for an external antenna;

  • The analog radio control will not appeal to everyone.

Ritmix RPR-050

Rating: 4.7

Ritmix RPR-050

A very interesting American-style radio devices of this type that were popular in the middle of the past century. It also uses analog volume and radio wave selection. The device operates in three bands – FM, AM and SW, which is extremely atypical for products under this brand. Also the manufacturer decided to add something new here. As a result the radio can boast … a powerful flashlight! Its LED located on the side. Perhaps the flashlight is quite capable come in handy when the cottage suddenly turned off the electricity.

Another unique feature of the device is its Job. The fact is that this radio can function as built-in battery, and from two batteries of type D, if the charge The first came to an end. The ability to connect is not forgotten either. network adapter – this option is most relevant in indoors. Another undoubted advantage of this model is AUX input allowing you to use the radio as portable speakers. Finally, the manufacturer added here and the function reading MP3 music from a memory card or USB stick.

There is this radio in two color options – copper and cherry. You can buy a product for just 1790 rubles. So low price due to the minimum size of the device – loud and detailed sound from him is not worth the wait.


  • Nice retro design;

  • There is an AUX input and a headphone jack;

  • Radio operates in three bands;

  • There is a built-in battery;

  • Installation of batteries and connection of the network adapter are possible;

  • Available to read MP3 files from external drives;

  • A sufficiently powerful flashlight is built in;

  • Low price.


  • The case was made of ordinary plastic;

  • Not everyone will like the analog setting;

  • Sound quality is far from ideal.


Rating: 4.6


The simplest radio, similar to many cheap portable columns, but only in slightly larger sizes. In our rating he got only due to the high power of the built-in speaker, reaching 2 watts. Also, the product differs from analogues in convenient and original management. In particular, the wave here is chosen for using the analog knob, and the current frequency is indicated by an arrow on scale like a compass.

The rest is a typical device with minimal functionality. There is no way to play music from an external drive, as missing and, for example, an alarm clock. The manufacturer didn’t even add battery here. Instead, a block was placed inside power supply, in connection with which an ordinary plug is inserted into the outlet, not taking away not a centimeter of free space. But why This product costs 2750 rubles.? This is due to the presence of mechanical regulators and a stylized MDF case.


  • Curious appearance;

  • The body is styled in wood;

  • Robust construction;

  • Built-in powerful speaker;

  • There is an AUX input.


  • Works only in the FM and AM bands;

  • There is no additional functionality;

  • Weight reaches 1.7 kg.

The best radio alarm clocks

Sony ICF-C1T

Rating: 4.9

Sony ICF-C1T

Everyone knows that the Japanese company Sony began its history with transistor radios. In this regard, our rating could not dispense with the products of this manufacturer. We decided advise our readers to purchase a model called ICF-C1T. This is the best option for those who want to wake up under broadcasting your favorite radio station. The device is a small a cube, all of whose controls are displayed on the top panel. The front side is a haven for a digital display, on which displays the time and frequency of the selected radio station. Body devices can be painted black, red or white.

The built-in radio tuner only works in the frequencies FM and AM. But it doesn’t matter, because the device primarily plays the role of alarm clock. And he copes with this task perfectly! Device able to give out a gradually increasing signal until a person wake up. The Snooze function with increasing the interval. The radio alarm clock is powered from the network. And even if the electricity will suddenly be turned off – the signal will certainly sound. The secret to this lies in the CR2032 backup battery, which comes in kit.


  • Nice design;

  • Bright LED screen;

  • Does not take up much space;

  • There is a spare battery;

  • Excellent dual alarm functionality;

  • It costs no more than 2700 rubles.


  • The minimum set of frequency ranges;

  • Not the loudest sound;

  • Analog frequency setting.

Philips AJ 3200

Rating: 4.8

Philips AJ 3200

For quite some time now in stores you can find a variety of Philips alarm clocks. Our model got into our rating under the index AJ 3200. This is the simplest device capable of receiving Radio waves only in the FM band. Only 10 can remember a device frequencies. This, however, is enough for most users. Happy that the analogue frequency setting which easy to knock down. The radio is powered by the mains. But if the electricity will suddenly be turned off – nothing bad will happen, as the product has a compartment for two batteries of the type AA.

A radio alarm clock, sold for 2000 rubles, can play the role of charger. For this, there are connectors for Android smartphones and Apple products. Concerning the functional of the alarm, then it is also slightly expanded here. But much more important is the fact that there is also a sleep timer.


  • Digital frequency setting;

  • Minimum dimensions and weight;

  • There is a fairly advanced alarm clock;

  • There is a sleep timer (maximum value – 2 hours);

  • It can be powered by two AA-batteries;

  • Can be used as a charger;

  • Optimal price tag.


  • Only the FM band;

  • There is no auto search for radio stations;

  • The minimum amount of memory;

  • There is no way to turn off the backlight.

Beurer WL90

Rating: 4.7

Beurer WL90

It must be one of the most expensive alarm clocks. His the cost in Russia reaches 10 thousand rubles. Why are they asking so much a lot of money?

The fact is that this is not exactly a radio receiver. Yes and not really alarm clock. In fact, the device combines four devices in one thing. It is at the same time a lamp with a change of colors, a musical station, light alarm and reading lamp. To manage the device can be both using the buttons present, and through Beurer LightUp application on a smartphone. Synchronization implemented via bluetooth. The same technology can be used. and to transmit sound from a smartphone or tablet. A sound a radio alarm clock will be noticeably better than a portable device, because there are two speakers with a power of 3 watts each. To plug the phone can also be via USB cable, which allows Beurer WL90 to execute the role of the charger.

Of course, radio is a secondary function of this device. Only 10 radio stations are remembered here, and reception is carried out only in the FM band. Still, the manufacturer puts more emphasis on light component. The device allows you to configure not only the brightness of the lamp, but also a similar parameter in the display. Also special functions have been introduced here for falling asleep under a gradually dying light imitating sunset. Awakening under increasing brightness of light. In a word, this is the best radio alarm clock. But not everyone dares to pay so huge for this device money.


  • The total sound power reaches 6 watts;

  • Lots of lighting effects;

  • Can be used as a reading lamp;

  • There is a connector for charging gadgets;

  • Sound can be received via Bluetooth;

  • Smart alarm clock;

  • Convenient management through the mobile application.


  • Only 10 radio stations are stored in memory;

  • FM band only;

  • Very high cost.

Best pocket radio

Tecsun q-3

Rating: 4.7

Tecsun Q-3

At least one must be present in our rating a radio that fits freely in your pocket. As such The compact device is the Tecsun Q-3. This device is like easy to guess, intended only for listening FM band. It has a digital frequency setting. Beloved a radio station can be called almost instantly by clicking on corresponding button. But the main feature of the gadget is support for recording ether to a memory card. Use interchangeable The drive can also play MP3 music. Also here You can connect a USB flash drive, which is no less convenient.

Despite its small size (the width of the device is only 10 cm), the radio received a very good speaker – its power reaches 3 watts. It makes sense to use the device as portable speaker – the linear present here hints at this entrance. In a word, the device sounds good. But it looks – so-so. Confused are at least the signatures of some keys in Chinese hieroglyphs. But most of all, the lack of food here disappoints from the network. However, this radio is more likely to street use than home use.


  • There is a headphone jack and AUX input;

  • Powerful enough speaker;

  • Minimum sizes;

  • It is possible to play music from a USB flash drive and SD card;

  • There are hours;

  • Radio recording is possible.


  • Powered by batteries only;

  • Only one range;

  • There are inscriptions in Chinese.


Modern radios are both simpler and more complex than their counterparts from last decade at the same time. As many models as you could notice that they can not only catch the radio. Use them noticeably easier, as manufacturers tried to abandon all kinds of analog “krutilok” – the frequencies of specific radio stations Now most often fixed in memory. However, in our models with analogue controls are also present – their production is by no means discontinued. In a word, we tried tell as much as possible about the best radios, to you Now you need to determine the purpose of the device and the amount which you are willing to spend on a purchase.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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