13 best colored pencils

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Pencil pencils are different: for children, schoolchildren and professional artists are completely different tools characterized by the quality of the stroke, the intensity of the pigment, ability to shade, etc. Thus, products for children younger children are mostly triangular in shape for learning to grab and soft stylus, for students pencils with different rigidity and an expanded palette are provided, for professionals – a rich color scheme in a set and various stylus texture, preferably soft.

A team of experts found out which manufacturers offer the most the best pencils for different tasks and made a rating with which we We strongly recommend that you read: You will definitely do the right thing choice and do not be disappointed in it.

Rating of the best colored pencils

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best colored pencils for kids 1 Jovi maxi 197 rub
2 Stabilo trio 484 rub
3 Crayola jumbo 450 rub
4 Crayola mini kids 450 rub
The best colored pencils for students 1 Koh-i-noor mondeluz 279 rub
2 Crayola twistables 477 rub
3 Kores “Kolores Duo” 286 rub
4 Faber-Castell Eco 990 rub
5 Maped Duo Color Peps 528 rub
The best color pencils for professionals 1 Lyra Rembrandt Artistic Color Pencil Set Polycolor 72 Pcs. 6 250 rub.
2 Watercolor pencils ALBRECHT DURER 60 pcs. 8 854 rub.
3 Set of color pencils Faber-Castell Goldfaber 48 colors 3 191 rub.
4 Derwent Colorsoft set 72 colors 13 551 rub.

The best colored pencils for kids

For preschool children, it is important that the colors are vibrant and well distinguishable, the stroke lay flat and without much effort, and the form was convenient for acquiring pinch holding skills (position fingers). Kits usually have 12 or more pencils primary colors. As a rule, thickened lead is made from safe materials and pigments, harmless in contact with the mouth, and its frame is made of wood or plastic, covered with appropriate color. Experts recommend choosing thickened pencils. triangular section – they are difficult to break when pressed hard, and keeping an adult is much more convenient.

Jovi maxi

Rating: 4.9

Jovi Maxi

First in the Jovi Maxi ranking meet all requirements categories for babies: they are thickened to 1 cm in a triangular section, their lead is soft and saturated bright, absolutely safe. Products certified and meet European standards, despite Chinese origin. In the package of 12 pencils, contributing the formation of the correct pinch (the position of the fingers for writing), they Suitable for classes with young children from 1 year.

A distinctive feature of pencils is a durable stylus, which Does not break in a wooden case even when dropped from the table. Also noteworthy: strokes fit evenly, colors when observed hatching techniques smoothly flow into each other and mix, shade.

The only inconvenience when using Jovi Maxi is the need for a sharpener for thickened pencils, as well as some dexterity. The cost of a set of 12 colors – from 400 rubles.


  • Bright colours;

  • Convenient for a child’s hand pencil shape;

  • Soft but durable lead;

  • Safe stylus composition.


  • Relatively high cost;

  • Need a special sharpener for thick pencils.

Stabilo trio

Rating: 4.8

Stabilo Trio

Stabilo Trio color pencils are available in two versions: full-sized thickened and shortened for the smallest, although Both models are suitable for use by babies from 1 year. In set includes 12 or 18 pencils of different colors, which are left on paper bright lines with a thickness of 4 mm (this is the diameter of the stylus). Trihedral convenient for right-handed and left-handed rod shape correct grip with small fingers.

Stabilo Trio lead is made using natural waxes, strokes gently fall on the paper, the colors mix with each other friend.

The cost of the product with a thickened core per set of 18 pcs. starts at 600 rubles.


  • Bright colours;

  • The thickened shape of a pencil with a triangular section;

  • Soft touches;

  • Safe stuff.


  • Some users have noted the fragility of the lead.

Crayola jumbo

Rating: 4.7

Crayola Jumbo

Color pencils specially created for babies under 3 years old with The thickened Crayola Jumbo stylus features mechanical strength and at the same time ease of applying the stroke. Used wood allows sharpening effortlessly. In a set usually 8 multi-colored pencils, but they can be distinguished only by shade the stem and the applied icon of the animal – colored coating of wood is absent. Round section will force the baby and parents work hard with the right grip.

The cost of a set of Crayola Jumbo from 329 rubles.


  • Thickened pencil;

  • Durable lead with bright pigment;

  • Soft wood for turning.


  • Pencil not coated with appropriate paint, color definition stylus pigment only.

  • Round, inconvenient for children section.

Crayola mini kids

Rating: 4.6

Crayola Mini Kids

Thick pencils with stylus for optimum strength and sufficient softness Crayola Mini Kids ranked fourth in the category our rating. Their wooden shell is not covered in color, choose the necessary shade will have to, focusing on the stylus and color image of an animal. The strokes are bright, but not particularly thick. But the manufacturer has provided convenience for small fingers: the cross section of the pencil, although round, but non-slip, the tool is firmly fixed in the pinch with a firm grip.

The cost of a set of 8 pieces of Crayola Mini Kids is about 324 rubles.


  • Bright strokes and optimal hardness of the rod;

  • Pleasant non-slip wood surface.


  • The surface is not coated with the corresponding color.

The best colored pencils for students

For students, the variety of colors in a pencil set is important, in this case, it is necessary to correctly determine the softness of the stylus: for children lesson time is inconvenient to constantly sharpen pencils, which break when pressed too hard. For primary and secondary school students mid-level specialists recommend choosing a medium lead stiffness.

Koh-i-noor mondeluz

Rating: 4.9

Koh-i-noor  Mondeluz

The most popular pencils for schoolchildren Koh-I-Noor Mondeluz can be bought in sets of 6, 12, 18, 24 and 32 pieces in needs. Their feature is a soft stylus of a watercolor type, then there is a picture you can blur with water and get a paint effect. They also good for applying separate lines to paper, underlines in notebooks.

Varnished cedar wood embossed with gold, each pencil painted in the corresponding stylus pigment color. Koh-I-NoorMondeluz are suitable for primary, secondary and high school students classes due to versatility, ease of sharpening and bright flowers.

You can buy Czech products in a set of 6 pieces from 124 rubles.


  • Intense pigmented watercolor lead

  • Convenience of sharpening;

  • Stroke durability on blow;

  • A variety of sets from 6 to 32 pencils.


  • Relatively high cost.

Crayola twistables

Rating: 4.8

Crayola Twistables

In second place ranking bright American pencils Crayola Twistables. They do not need sharpening – the lead is twisted out, which very convenient for children from 3 years. Also through plastic the casing is visible the rest of the color rod, and the ease of capture while does not suffer (unlike sharpening pencils whose length decreases after each turning).

Lack of sharpening leads to the absence of a sharp tip stylus, so a thin line with Crayola Twistables will not work, they are more suitable for drawing than for use in workers notebooks. The core does not break, it is really enough for a long time.

Sets of twisting pencils are various: 12, 18, 24 and 30 pieces. A package of 24 pieces is possible on average for 347 rubles.


  • Soft stylus;

  • Bright colors and shades;

  • Effective consumption;

  • No need to sharpen;

  • A variety of sets.


  • Not defined.

Kores “Kolores Duo”

Rating: 4.7


The third place was taken by Kores “Kolores Duo” pencils with triangular section for the convenience of gripping and stress relieving with fingers for long lessons in drawing. Stylus extra-soft, it does not scratch the paper, and the strokes are bright. Each pencil is two different colors on both sides, which allows save space and maintain tool comfort while sharpening. By the way, the manufacturer put the sharpener in each pack.

A set of 12 pieces (24 colors) can be bought for an average of 250 rubles.


  • Very soft, at the same time strong lead;

  • Two-tone pencils;

  • Optimal price;

  • Trihedral section;

  • Sharpener included.


  • Not everywhere sold.

Faber-Castell ECO

Rating: 4.7

Faber-Castell Eco

Faber-Castell pencils – the highest quality, triangular section and soft stylus. The manufacturer completes large sets pencils with which you can get smooth tint transitions, which is especially convenient for young artists. Pictures can wash out with water (watercolor stylus), and strokes from fabrics are easy are growing out.

Each pencil in the Grip series has a special area for spelling a name, and a non-slip grip zone is created for fingers with massage rubber pimples. In the Eco range a sharpener is provided, but there are no anti-slip checkers.

The stylus is reliably protected against breakage when falling. gluing technology, body of California cedar varnished, pencil sharpened well with ordinary sharpeners.

The cost of the product Faber-Castell Eco is low – 201 rubles for 12 flowers, and the Grip series for young artists – about 2349 rubles for 48 pieces.


  • Watercolor stylus;

  • Non-slip coating;

  • Triangular section;

  • Convenient sharpening;

  • An opportunity to sign each pencil.


  • The high price of the Grip series.

Maped Duo Color Peps

Rating: 4.7


Closes the rating in the category of accessories for schoolchildren Maped Product – Double-sided Duo Color Peps Pencils in Kits 12 and 18 pieces (24 and 36 colors, respectively). The case is trihedral therefore, the child’s hand will not get tired in the process of drawing, which is especially important for children from 3 years old. Additional convenience provides anti-slip multi-layer varnish fingers.

The cost of packing 24 Maped Duo Color Peps pencils is about 230 rubles.


  • Double-sided pencils;

  • Shockproof stylus;

  • Triangular cross-section for easy grip.


  • Inadequately balanced gamma sets (according to buyers).

The best color pencils for professionals

Architects, designers, and sketch artists it’s important that the lines are clear, the hatching is harmonious, The image did not fade. In professional kits often wide color palette with shades from bright to muted. TO the stylus is subject to moderate softness, strength and convenience of sharpening to save working time.

Lyra Rembrandt Artistic Color Pencil Set Polycolor 72 Pcs.

Rating: 4.9

Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor

The most reputable pencils and graphic artists Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor with smooth rounded body and patent leather surface. Each color is numbered, so when a pencil will end, you can buy just the right shade or complete the kit as you wish.

To the quality of the stylus, users have virtually no complaints: strokes are accurate, shade if necessary, color It turns out bright and rich. The set has active colors and pastel, pencils are packed in a protective case.

Set Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor 72 pcs. will be useful naturalists, landscape painters, portrait masters and just lovers paint in your free time. Its cost is an average of 3,900 rubles – relatively low for such professional sets.


  • A wide range of shades;

  • Metal case for easy storage;

  • High-quality stylus without glare;

  • Pencils can be purchased separately;

  • Lack of edges on the pencil case;

  • Resistant to water and fading.


  • Not defined.

Watercolor pencils ALBRECHT DURER 60 pcs.

Rating: 4.8


Faber Castell’s ALBRECHT DURER is highly pigmented premium class watercolor pencils in Germany. They are designed for artists specifically – optimal softness rod allows you to get strokes of a different nature (thickness and intensity) with a watercolor effect. Moreover, after the first blur, the image is fixed and the paint is not soaks, the composition becomes waterproof.

The manufacturer used special double-gluing technology. stylus in a wooden case, contributing to its preservation integrity during transportation and in operation – the core does not crumble, it does not break, remains intact, therefore it is effectively spent, does not taking a lot of time to sharpen.

In a set of 60 pencils of different shades, grouped by color. It’s convenient to take the kit with you anywhere and not be afraid for its safety in an ergonomic metal case. ALBRECHT DURERtakes second place for a very high cost – 60 pieces cost the artist from 7,900 rubles, although in quality they similar to Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor rating leader (only professionals are able to make a difference, it’s rather a matter taste).


  • Convenient metal case for storage and transportation;

  • Waterproof effect of the finished image;

  • Watercolor effect (enough 1-2 times to hold wet brush);

  • Protected soft lead;

  • High pigmentation.


  • High price.

Set of color pencils Faber-Castell Goldfaber 48 colors

Rating: 4.8

Faber-Castell Goldfaber

Another product from Faber-Castell took third place in the ranking Are color pencils for Goldfaber professionals in set 48 pieces. Their specificity is a high level of light fastness, conservation colors under the lamps and the sun. Also highly pigmented the stylus is thickened to 3.3 mm and extends the life of the pencil, and it softness (B) is optimal for applying different thicknesses of strokes and mixing colors, achieving different visual effects.

Faber-Castell Goldfaber recommended for use novice artists and amateurs not ready to buy more expensive sets, but not willing to lose as a finished composition. The set will cost about 3,000 rubles.


  • Erasable stylus;

  • Light stability of the finished image;

  • Optimum softness;

  • Thicker stylus for longer pencil life.


  • No watercolor effect inherent in professional pencils.

Derwent Colorsoft set 72 colors

Rating: 4.7

Derwent Colorsoft

Completes the rating of professional pencils British set Derwent Coloursoft of 72 numbered colors. Leads with intense pigmented soft, so patterns are obtained colorful and realistic.

Derwent Coloursoft is suitable for drawing in various techniques from still lifes to detailed paintings, finished images retain color in conditions of artificial and natural light in the absence of heavy and dangerous components and acids in the composition of the stylus. Velvety softness leads to a relatively quick consumption pencils, but it is optimal thanks to the technology used maintaining the integrity of the stylus and convenient sharpening.

Set Derwent Colorsoft set 72 can be purchased from 6,000 rubles.


  • Coloursoft full color gamut in one set;

  • Safe composition;

  • Increased core thickness up to 4 mm;

  • Soft stylus with the effect of a “velvet” stroke;

  • Convenient sharpening.


  • High price.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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