13 best 32-inch TVs

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Most often, TV manufacturers advertise those models who have at their disposal a huge screen. But far from everyone needs such devices. Big TV is not needed in children’s room. Yes, and in the bedroom they often put a device that has approximately 32-inch display. That is why we decided to tell about such devices. About those that can safely be called the best. Their purchase is unlikely to disappoint.

Rating of the best 32-inch TVs

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best 32-inch TVs 1 AVEL AVS320SM (Magic Mirror) 91 000 rub.
2 Samsung UE32N4510AU 15 599 rub.
3 LG 32LK6190 17 250 rub.
4 Sony KDL-32WD752 26 475 rub.
5 LG 32LK615B 15 690 rub.
6 Toshiba 32L5780EC 16 470 rub.
7 Thomson t32rtl5130 9 682 rub.
8 LG 32LK519B 11 450 rub.
9 Philips 32PHS5813 13,489 rubles
10 JVC LT-32M585W 9 465 rub.
11 Polarline 32PL13TC 6 961 rub.
12 Kivi 32HB50GR 8 900 rub.
13 BBK 32LEM-1056 / TS2C 8 980 rub.

This rating is based on the results of a project study. https://rankquality.com/tv/.

AVEL AVS320SM (Magic Mirror)

Rating: 4.9


The most unusual representative of our selection. This is TV, Built in mirror housing. About the purpose of the device says its moisture resistance. Such a device is installed in the bathroom. it allows you not to be distracted from watching TV shows even in the shower or taking a bath, basking in the foam and breathing in the smell of flavored candles.

Despite the very high cost, the device has a number of serious disadvantages. Firstly, the picture here is not displayed on the entire area mirrors. Therefore, it can’t be called large, up to 32 inches to her still far away. Secondly, the image is displayed with a resolution 1920×1080 pixels. But we have already begun to get used to the 4K resolution! However, in the kitchen or in the bathroom there is enough such a picture. Much more important, it’s not distorted, no matter what angle you look at it watched. As for contrast, it is 1200: 1. Little, but watching TV shows doesn’t overshadow it.

Of course, such a TV has stereo speakers. And what! Them total power reaches 40 watts. That would be enough and much more a large TV set in the living room. Not surprising, that this model does not imply sound output to the speakers. And here reception of pictures and sound is still possible here – on the case you can detect a pair of HDMI sockets and several other connectors. Also to The TV can connect up to two USB drives. And this the only way to get the TV to play something by yourself. Alas, there is no Smart TV here, so LAN or WAN cannot connect.

A mounting box is supplied with the TV is he allows you to place the device close to the wall. Installation takes about an hour.


  • The waterproof case is used;
  • Very loud and high-quality stereo sound;
  • Maximum viewing angles;
  • All digital TV standards are supported;
  • There are two USB-connectors;
  • The kit has a mounting box;
  • It can act as a mirror.


  • The image is not displayed on the entire area of ​​the mirror;
  • Very high cost;
  • Weight is exorbitant 29.3 kg;
  • Missing Smart TV.

Samsung UE32N4510AU

Rating: 4.8


And this is a much more familiar LCD TV. He disposes very thin frames, and as a stand here are used two legs. Interestingly, the body of the device is painted white. This means that this model will be needed for installation in a room with the interior in bright colors. And it’s not necessary to use complete legs, because there is the possibility of mounting on the wall!

Unlike the above instance, this TV endowed with the function of Smart TV. As an operating system traditionally used by Tizen. Number of designed for her applications – small, but it can boast Adapted to the remote control interface. Picture displayed here only in HD resolution. However, with the diagonal in 81 cm, this defect is almost not felt. But we still don’t We recommend putting such a TV in the bedroom or living room. It seems that this is the best choice for a children’s room, garage or the kitchen. The latter should have a very large area, because This TV is definitely not small.

The device has a standard screen refresh rate. Such You can call the viewing angles – to the maximum they are far from. On the On this screen you can watch not only online content, but also digital TV I am glad that this model supports all its formats, even satellite DVB-S2. And here you can display a picture from external sources. To connect them, basically two HDMI connector. There is also a USB port needed to connect flash drive or external hard drive. Well, connect the TV to The router can be immediately in two ways, the most convenient of which is wifi.

Two speakers are built into this model. Power of each of them is 5 watts. Nothing special, but sometimes similar TVs sound even less loud. The rest of the device does not represent nothing special. It consumes approximately 59 watts – decent volume of electricity. It has a sleep timer. There is and child protection. Well, the light sensor is a nice bonus, the correct performance of which is not guaranteed at all.


  • There is a smart TV;
  • The TV turned out very light;
  • There is a light sensor;
  • There is the possibility of mounting on the wall;
  • All digital TV standards are supported.


  • Energy consumption cannot be called low;
  • Not a very large number of connectors;
  • Low resolution display;
  • Recognizes not all video formats;
  • Not a very loud sound.

LG 32LK6190

Rating: 4.7

LG 32LK6190.jpg

This TV is quite large. The fact is that his The 80-centimeter display has a very wide frame. Exactly because of such a framework, we do not recommend this model for purchase at standard price of 21 thousand rubles. If in the store sale is being held, then on the acquisition of a TV really worth considering. The framework is the only thing embarrassing. The rest of the specifications of the device you certainly will please.

The IPS matrix is ​​installed here. As you know, just such a screen able to boast of maximum viewing angles. Display resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. This is another plus. On such a screen movies and videos from YouTube look great with their playback does not cause any problems. First can watch from a USB drive or use one of the online movie theaters. Well, the second are viewed in the official application. As you may have guessed, there is a Smart TV function, Web OS is used as the operating system.

This TV can be recommended to gamers. Not because of time response, of course, it is decent. Players will like it HDR support. It is implemented in a simplified way, not about any The 10-bit matrix is ​​out of the question here, but the increased number colors still felt.

If you want to watch digital TV, then this model is for this fits almost perfectly. The fact that she has Support for all standards – from terrestrial to satellite. Has become No prefixes will be needed. It seems that most of the connectors available here will be empty. And there are many of them: this two USB, three HDMI sockets and RJ-45. For sound output optical audio output. This is in case 5-watt pairs speakers seem a little. There is also a headphone jack. It is possible that it will come in handy, because Bluetooth is missing here. From wireless modules, the device received only Wi-Fi 802.11ac, used to access the internet.

The TV turned out quite large, but light. His weight is barely reaches 4.9 kg. This means that it is easy enough to hang on the wall. To do this, just get a VESA mount format 200×200 mm.


  • Good IPS display;
  • There is support for HDR;
  • Web OS works without any problems;
  • All digital TV standards are supported;
  • A large number of connectors;
  • Understands Wi-Fi 802.11ac network;
  • Can be hung on the wall;
  • The headphone jack is not forgotten;
  • Low cost.


  • Very wide frames around the screen;
  • No auto-leveling;
  • Sound still does not suit everyone.

Sony KDL-32WD752

Rating: 4.6

Sony KDL-32WD752.jpg

Sony also makes its relatively small TVs. If her devices receive the Smart TV function, then she implemented on the basis of a special version of Android. “Green Robot “received and Sony KDL-32WD752 – a television with 81 centimeter display. The image is displayed in Full resolution. HD, which can not but rejoice. There are no problems with viewing angles, and with color rendition too. As for Android TV, if brakes are observed, it is extremely rare. It feels like inside is a very powerful processor.

This model has two standard for this size. speakers with a total power of 10 watts. Also available here built-in Wi-Fi module. It allows you to watch content online, using predefined and additional applications for this. And the owner of the TV can insert a couple of USB drives, looking through their contents.

The weight of this TV is 6.9 kg. Or even less if not take into account the stand. The device is relatively easy to hang on wall, but also on the pedestal it looks great.

Unfortunately, the Japanese always make a high markup for the brand. Because of this, even the very expensive Sony KDL-32WD752 received a number of simplifications. For example, a manufacturer has reduced the number of HDMI connectors to two pieces. To TVs with such a diagonal are rarely connected a large amount of technology, so hardly anyone will notice this disadvantage. Much more important is the presence of a connector for headphones. Another drawback is the lack of support DVB-S2 standard. This means that this model is not capable to recognize satellite television – you need to watch it appropriate receiver.


  • Good display;
  • Implemented by Smart TV;
  • There is a headphone jack;
  • Wall mount possible.


  • High price;
  • No support for satellite standard digital TV;
  • Not the best sound;
  • Not the largest number of HDMI connectors.

LG 32LK615B

Rating: 4.5

LG 32LK615B.jpg

This inexpensive TV has a relatively good display. Yes, its resolution is only 1366×768 pixels, but but it is manufactured using IPS technology. That means you can watch TV from any angle, the colors will definitely not distorted. Another important feature of this model is HDR support. Extended color range will be felt when watching some movies, as well as when connecting modern game console.

Despite the low screen resolution and low cost, The device has a Smart TV function. Operating system is running without any problems, it allows almost instantly go to YouTube and all kinds of online movie theaters. Connect to Wi-Fi is available to the Internet, although no one forbids use the Ethernet-connector, if suddenly data transfer via the wire will seem more reliable.

If we are talking about nests, then it should be noted quite a large number of them. Trinity HDMI will be needed if connected computer, game console, and anything else. Two USB ports serve mainly for connecting external drives. Well, optical audio output allows you to transfer sound to speakers. No here only headphone jack. Well, you can put up with this.

The fact that even such an inexpensive The TV has support for satellite standard DVB-S2. Well, oh other types of digital TV and say nothing. Default sound displayed on the built-in speakers. There are two of them, power each emitter is 5 watts. In a word, a typical picture for TV with a relatively small screen.

This model can make the picture smoother, increasing sweep frequency up to 100 Hz. However, she does it on software level, the matrix here is used quite standard, 50 hertz. Another product received anti-reflective coating. Well do not forget about the ability to mount the TV on the wall, for what you just need to get the appropriate device. Weight TV is 4.9 kg, so the process will not cause problems even if you have no one to help.


  • Implemented support for Wi-Fi 802.11ac standard;
  • No headphone output
  • There is a slot for a Kensington lock;
  • Light weight;
  • A decent amount of connectors;
  • All digital TV standards are supported;
  • Maximum viewing angles;
  • There is support for HDR.


  • Too wide frames around the screen;
  • Not the best sound;
  • Not very convenient remote control.

Toshiba 32L5780EC

Rating: 4.5

TOSHIBA 32L5780EC.jpg

Toshiba TVs recently found in our country less and less. It’s a pity, because they often have very good display. For example, the Toshiba 32L5780EC included a beautiful 32-inch 1366×768 LCD panel points. The parameter we called may seem insufficient, but it is enough for children who spend most of their time watching cartoons. Therefore, this model is excellent option for a kids room. But not only, because she is capable something to surprise!

This device stands out from the competition with its sound. If a unpretentious speakers are built into other low-cost TVs, the ones used here have a power of 10 watts each! it allows you to watch movies with great pleasure. You are unlikely want to connect speakers or soundbar.

Another feature of the device is support for Smart TV. This feature is based here on the Linux operating system. it makes the online store present here not rich in applications. But they can be installed from third-party sources. There are many craftsmen, they have already created almost all of the most useful programs.

As for watching television, this model supports DVB-T2 and DVB-C standards. Alas, the “satellite” flies by, at using the appropriate antenna will also have to acquire the receiver.

The rest is a typical inexpensive LCD TV. He is capable play media files from an external drive. For his Connections use two USB ports. Also the buyer has the ability to connect external image sources, for which two HDMI connectors are used. Sound output through optical output, but we already mentioned that it’s unlikely whether it is needed. There is also an Ethernet port. Unfortunately, You can only connect to the router with it, since Wi-Fi here for inexplicable reasons is missing.

The TV uses the VESA mount standard 100×100 mm. Even one person can hang it on the wall, as the weight device does not exceed 4.3 kg.

The main problem of this model is regularly popping up at the top of the screen is an advertisement. However, it is possible that from her somehow you can get rid of.


  • Maximum viewing angles;
  • There is a smart TV;
  • Loud and clear sound;
  • It is unlikely that the buyer will feel the lack of any connectors;
  • Can be hung on the wall;
  • Light weight.


  • Low resolution display;
  • Advertising quickly starts to annoy;
  • No support for satellite TV standard;
  • No wifi.

Thomson t32rtl5130

Rating: 4.4

THOMSON T32RTL5130.png

Another very simple LCD TV sold for small money. It’s nice that even so inexpensive TVs now Get Smart TV function. This means that the Thomson T32RTL5130 can use not only to watch television, but also to solve other tasks. For example, using this device is easy to watch. YouTube Connection to the router in this case is carried out via Wi-Fi or the usual twisted pair.

On the front panel of the device is a 32-inch display. Its resolution is only 1366×768 pixels. Little but baby that’s enough. And in the kitchen, such a TV also does not show itself worst way. Here you will be glad for the manufacturing technology. screen, thanks to which he received maximum viewing angles. AND only gamers will not be delighted with the display. First here no HDR support. Secondly, the response time here reaches 6.5 ms, which is not the best way to affect all sorts of action games.

This model supports on-air and cable standards. digital tv. To connect the “satellite” will already need a receiver. As expected, the TV displays not only a picture, but also a sound. He does this with two speakers. The power of each is 5 watts, in this regard, this model will not surprise you. You can mark only automatic volume equalization function, which is not on some other budget televisions.

On the back of the device is large enough, but not record number of connectors. This is a pair of HDMI sockets, the same number USB ports and optical audio output. Not forgotten and the connector for headphones, which may come in handy if nearby someone is sleeping. Another TV has a slot for a CI card, you need many cable operators.

Thomson T32RTL5130 easily hangs on the wall. For this you only need Get the standard VESA mount format 100×100 mm. Weight, amounting to 4.2 kg, allows one to cope with this matter to man.


  • Very low cost;
  • There is a Smart TV function;
  • Maximum viewing angles;
  • There is a headphone jack;
  • A decent amount of connectors;
  • There is the possibility of mounting on the wall;
  • Light weight.


  • Only HD display resolution;
  • Does not support satellite standard digital TV;
  • Not perfect sound;
  • Software may be buggy.

LG 32LK519B

Rating: 4.3

LG 32LK519B.jpg

Our review consists of a fairly large number of TVs, whose body is painted in light colors. Such a device is and LG 32LK519B. It has a white color, which leads to advantages and disadvantages. The latter can be attributed well dust visible on such a case.

This model is placed on the pedestal using two sufficiently small legs. If this option does not suit you, you can hang TV on the wall. But this will require a very large VESA mount – holes here are located on a 200 mm distance from each other. It’s interesting that on the device’s case there is Kensington lock slot. It can be useful to owners hotels that decided to place this model in the rooms.

Like other cheap TVs, LG 32LK519B produces an image only in HD resolution. However, it is still not used here. simple matrix. The display built in here got HDR support, albeit simplistic. This will evaluate the beauty of games on consoles modern generation. It would be useful when viewing the most quality YouTube videos, but there’s no corresponding customer. There is no Smart TV at all! So TV need to be placed in a room where smart functionality is practically not required. Suppose, in a country house, where there is simply no access to global the web.

This unit is ideal for installation where the signal of digital TV is badly caught. The fact is that this model Supports DVB-S2 standard. This means that you can connect the satellite dish, an intermediate device in the form no receiver required.

The rest is a typical cheap device. If you look at him back wall, you can see only two HDMI sockets and one USB port There is also an audio jack, which is an optical and serving to output sound to the speakers. But about connecting headphones the manufacturer forgot, there is no corresponding socket here. But There is a CI slot needed by cable and satellite operators.

There are stereo speakers on the sides of the display. Their total power is only 10 watts. As for the functionality, you can note only the sleep timer, protection from children and other trifles.

Please note that there is no support here. DLNA, although it is indicated in the characteristics of the TV on some price aggregators! The device has neither a LAN port nor Wi-Fi, so it’s simply not able to connect to your home network.


  • Light weight;
  • There is support for HDR;
  • Good viewing angles;
  • All digital TV standards are supported;
  • Very low cost;
  • There is the possibility of mounting on the wall;
  • There is a slot for Kensington Castle.


  • Low resolution display;
  • Faint sound;
  • No smart tv;
  • Few connectors, not even a headphone jack;
  • There is no DLNA support.

Philips 32PHS5813

Rating: 4.2

PHILIPS 32PHS5813.jpg

As you may have noticed, many discussed in this review TVs have a fairly wide scope. But there are exceptions to regulations. For example, the screen has a very thin frame, Built-in Philips 32PHS5813. The diagonal of the display is 81 cm, which allows the TV to fit even in a very small niche. It is placed with the help of two familiar legs. If you want hang the device on the wall, then you will need the usual VESA mount 100×100 mm format.

A look at the price tag immediately makes it clear that this is far from the most cheap tv. It is not surprising that the device received in its disposal of Smart TV function. It should rather be surprising that the creators cost an LCD panel with HD-resolution. For some, this is for sure will be few. But not everyone will notice the lack of HDR support buyer.

First of all, this model was created for viewing. television. In this case, the person will not pay attention to low resolution, because many television channels still do not broadcast in very high definition. About the purpose of the device says support for absolutely all digital TV standards – from on-air to satellite. It’s nice that for a comfortable viewing you will not need connecting a soundbar or speakers to the owner of the TV two 8-watt speakers will be sufficient. More to please should automatically equalize the volume.

On the back of the TV is a very large number of connectors. One of them is used to connect to a router – this is RJ-45. However, it’s much easier to do this by built-in Wi-Fi module. If you want to connect external image sources, then usually two HDMI jacks. Well, a couple of USB drives are used corresponding ports.

Perhaps this is one of the most worthy representatives of our rating. Only relatively low resolution can confuse people. display. Well, we must not forget that an inexpensive TV could not get particularly powerful components, in connection with which the ideal Smart TV should not be counted.


  • There is an optical output and a headphone jack;
  • Thin framing of the screen;
  • Low cost;
  • Good viewing angles;
  • There is a Smart TV;
  • High power speakers;
  • Supports digital TV standards;
  • A decent amount of USB and HDMI connectors;
  • There is the possibility of mounting on the wall;
  • Light weight.


  • Only HD resolution;
  • Not very powerful components.

JVC LT-32M585W

Rating: 4.1

JVC LT-32M585W.jpg

Another representative of our collection, who is by no means familiar black color. Its plastic case is painted in silver color. This also applies to the two legs with which the device is placed on the pedestal. You can refuse them by hanging TV on the wall. However, this may cause problems. The thing is that it uses the atypical VESA mount standard. You can find him, of course, but you’ll have to spend time having gone through a lot of online stores.

This model displays a picture on a 32-inch screen, resolution which is 1366×768 pixels. HDR support is not here, but the refresh rate is only 60 Hz. However, this is quite normal for any TV whose value does not exceed 13 thousand rubles. More importantly, there is Smart support here. TV. Android operating system allows you to watch content on YouTube and online movie theaters. You can also install here many third-party applications, expanding the functionality of the TV to maximum. But do not forget that not the most powerful ones are used here. accessories, so regular braking.

This device is not worth buying for installation in the country, where not picks up the signal of digital terrestrial TV. The fact is that satellite DVB-S2 standard is not supported by this TV. Wanted to connect a “plate”? I’ll have to get a receiver too, resigned to viewing control with the help of now two remote controls.

Connecting to the router here is via Wi-Fi or familiar Ethernet port. You can also connect to a TV many game consoles and other image sources. For three HDMI sockets are used for this. More on the back There are two USB ports, a headphone jack and a coaxial audio output.


  • Thin frames around the display;
  • Good viewing angles;
  • A large number of connectors;
  • There is a Smart TV;
  • There is the possibility of mounting on the wall;
  • Not very heavy;
  • Low cost;
  • You can output sound to the headphones.


  • VESA mounting standard 200×100 mm is used;
  • No optical audio output;
  • Low resolution display;
  • Not very loud sound;
  • In the work of the software, frequent slowdowns are noticeable;
  • No support for satellite TV standard.

Polarline 32PL13TC

Rating: 4.0


Typically, low-cost 32-inch televisions are placed on a curbstone with the help of two legs. Polarline 32PL13TC is enough a rare case when the device is installed on one central D-shaped stand. Already only because of this, someone will do opt for this particular model. But this is not her only dignity.

Any TV is greeted on the screen, and escorted by number connectors. When describing this device, we will adhere to this same plan. The device includes a familiar LCD matrix, whose resolution is 1366×768 pixels. Manufacturer stated maximum viewing angles, and they are really close to those. Screen refresh rate – standard, 50 Hz. In a word, to you can connect some kind of game console to the TV, but better let it not be a PS4 or Xbox One.

This model supports terrestrial and cable digital standards. TV Problems will arise only with the “satellite”, for which need a separate receiver. You can connect it without much labor, because the back of the TV is equipped with as many as three HDMI sockets and a decent amount of older sockets. And also there are two USB ports needed for flash drives and hard drives. well and audio output using coaxial audio output. Also TV allows you to connect headphones, which can not to please.

If manufacturers of more expensive devices save on speakers, the creators of the most cheap TVs do not hesitate to embed very loud emitters. At polarline 32PL13TC implemented 8-watt emitters, which should be enough for anyone to the buyer. Interestingly, the speakers did not really affect the weight – the device was very lightweight, and therefore it is very simple hung on the wall. To do this, just stock up on the VESA mount 200×100 mm.


  • Light weight;
  • A huge number of connectors;
  • Can be hung on the wall;
  • There is a headphone jack;
  • Very powerful speakers;
  • Very low cost;
  • Thin framing of the screen.


  • Not the most popular VESA standard;
  • No smart tv;
  • Low resolution display.

Kivi 32HB50GR

Rating: 3.9

KIVI 32HB50GR.jpg

Another TV with thin frames. In terms of design, he is almost not different from many of the above models. Here too two legs are used, just a little taller. But on The device even wins slightly in image quality. The fact is that a PVA matrix is ​​used here, which has sufficiently deep black flowers. However, this manufacturing technology has one significant drawback: not the widest viewing angles. And also this the model is not able to boast of HDR support, and the response time in she is huge. In a word, this is not the best option for connecting game console. And what kind of gamer would like 720p resolution?

This model understands DVB-T2 and DVB-C standards. It means that there will be no problems with digital TV, unless you are going to watch satellite tv. The sound here is output to familiar stereo speakers. However, they cannot be called quite typical. The fact is that the power of each emitter is increased to eight watt. Of course, far from always sound quality depends on power, but the soundtrack will certainly be loud.

On the back of the TV are a few connectors. These are a pair of HDMI sockets, one USB port and outdated connectors for “tulips”. Apparently, with the sound output to the speakers can there are certain problems. However, it is unlikely that the user need to connect them.

This model was very light, its weight barely reaches 4.3 kg They succeeded in facilitating the TV due to the rejection of components, necessary for the stable operation of Smart TV. There is no any operating system, the maximum of this device is Play content from a USB drive. Would you like to watch YouTube? In this case, you will have to acquire some more smart set-top box. As for the wall mount, here VESA standard 200×100 mm is used.


  • High contrast;
  • Very low cost;
  • Good speakers;
  • Wall mount possible;
  • Light weight;
  • Warranty period extended to three years;
  • Thin frame.


  • Not the most popular VESA standard;
  • Missing Smart TV;
  • Not very wide viewing angles;
  • Only HD resolution;
  • The satellite standard of digital TV is not supported;
  • Few connectors.

BBK 32LEM-1056 / TS2C

Rating: 3.8

BBK 32LEM-1056 TS2C.jpg

Our rating could not do without BBK products. Usually goods this particular company have the lowest price tag. At the same time TVs should suit many buyers. Especially in when the device is purchased, for example, for a summer residence. IN in particular, BBK would look great in such a place 32LEM-1056 / TS2C.

This TV got a good LCD matrix with high by contrast. At the same time, the manufacturer tried to reduce the time response. This should appeal to kids about to connect to device game console. This can be done without much difficulty, because on the back of the TV there are already three HDMI-connectors. There is also one USB port, usually used to connect external drive – flash drive or hard drive.

Returning to the screen, it should be noted that it has a modest HD resolution. It was due to this that the manufacturer was able to greatly lower the price tag. As for viewing angles, they are close to maximum, although in fact they are not.

Despite the minimum cost for such a diagonal, the TV received support for absolutely all digital TV standards. Even you want to connect a “satellite”, no receiver is required. AND even the device received 8-watt speakers, which is good news. We can safely say that the buyer will leave coaxial The audio output is blank. But the headphone jack can come in handy.

Despite the use of the simplest components and the lack of Smart TV, the TV turned out quite heavy. However, 5.2 kg is not the weight that causes problems. with hanging device. As a wall mount here VESA standard 200×100 mm is used.


  • There is a headphone jack;
  • A large number of HDMI connectors;
  • Wall mount possible;
  • Very loud speakers;
  • Good LCD;
  • Very low cost.a


  • Not the most common VESA standard;
  • There is no support for Smart TV;
  • Low screen resolution
  • Life is unlikely to be long;
  • Not the best viewing angles.


Now you know which 32-inch TVs screen you need to choose. Of course, none of these The review of models is not without flaws. But such is the situation on TV market: you can even find fault with the ultimate devices sold for tens of thousands of rubles.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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