12 best wife gift ideas

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Every year men face the problem of choosing a gift for their spouse. On March 8, birthday, New Year and wedding anniversary, you need to pick up a special present that your wife will definitely like. Our experts decided to compile a rating of the best products that are ideal as a gift for your beloved woman. For convenience, it is divided into three price categories.

Before moving on to the review, it is worth reading some important tips:

There is no need to be afraid to purchase a thing over the Internet. The main thing is to get acquainted with customer reviews and make sure that the manufacturer is in good faith.

  1. Girls love stylish decor items, modern technology and gift certificates for various services.
  2. Depending on the theme of the holiday, age and hobbies of the wife, they choose either a romantic or a practical gift.
  3. It is important to present a bouquet of flowers with a present.
  4. The more original the present, the better.

It is clear that the choice of a thing depends on the financial capabilities of a man. However, you shouldn't buy cheap jewelry or used equipment. In this case, it is better to take a closer look at products from the budget category.

Rating of the best gift ideas for his wife

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best gifts for wife up to 1000 rubles 1 USB Cup Warmer 'Cookie' 990 RUB
2 Thermo mug Agness 709 (0.4 l) RUB 580
3 Baking dish “Vitesse”, diameter 28 cm RUB 680
Best gifts for wife up to 5000 rubles 1 Hair Styler SOKANY (SD-903) RUB 2,670
2 Lamp LED Solomeya Professional Super Arch 9G 9W RUB 2 800
3 Depilation set GLORIA SUGARING & SPA RUB 1,690
4 Fitness bracelet QS90 (purple) RUB 2,100
5 Neon lamp “Pink Heart” RUB 4,900
The best gifts for the wife of the premium segment 1 Large jewelry box, IsmatDecor RUB 7 640
2 Pendant in 14 karat red gold with diamond, sapphire RUB 11 490
3 ExoticLUX wallet RUB 18,000
4 Beurer MG295 massage cape (black) RUB 16,770

Best gifts for wife up to 1000 rubles

A budget of up to 1000 rubles allows you to buy a simple but original item that will surely please any girl.

Rating: 4.9


Those who like to sit at the computer will be pleased with the USB cup warmer. This is a popular device that solves the problem of cooling the drink. You just need to put a mug on it. Thus, tea or coffee will always remain warm, and the mood will be working and positive.

Customers are delighted with the original warmer design in the chocolate chip cookie idea. After use, the device is turned off so as not to accidentally burn yourself. Tea is best heated in a metal mug. The appliance is not suitable for boiling or heating an ice-cold drink. Such a gift will surprise and amuse any young lady. It fits every cup and costs 990 rubles.

Thermo mug Agness 709 (0.4 l)

Rating: 4.8

THERMO MUG AGNESS 709 (04 L) .jpg

A practical and useful gift for March 8 or New Year will be a stainless steel thermo mug with a silicone cover. The plastic lid ensures the tightness of the container. There are no foreign smells in the drink. The thermo mug looks stylish and solid. It is comfortable to hold and not ashamed to take to work.

A bright mug attracts the attention of others and is an indispensable item for travel and walks. The model does an excellent job of maintaining the temperature and does not leak. The shelf life of the gizmos is not limited. The main thing is to adhere to the minimum rules for caring for it and not store drinks for longer than a day. It costs 500-700 rubles.

Baking dish “Vitesse”, diameter 28 cm

Rating: 4.7


If the donor's wife loves to make pies and has long dreamed of a new baking dish, she should be pleased with a product from the popular brand Vitesse. The container is made of high quality carbon steel, and its surface is resistant to mechanical damage.

The advantages of the model include comfortable handles with silicone inserts, ease of maintenance and durability. The baking dish will become a real helper in creating culinary masterpieces. It can be washed in the dishwasher and used for making muffins, pies, muffins. The result will always be perfect. Price – from 680 rubles.

Best gifts for wife up to 5000 rubles

Many useful and beautiful things can be bought for up to 5000 rubles. The best of them are presented in the second nomination of the rating.

Hair styler SOKANY (SD-903) rotating

Rating: 4.9


Any lady takes care of her hair. To create beautiful curls and light waves, she will need a styler with attachments. This device has gained great popularity due to its versatility and ease of use. The device will become a faithful friend in creating a sexy image. With it, you can add volume, straighten or curl your hair.

The styler rotates to the right and to the left, the set includes two replaceable nozzles with a diameter of 60 and 40 mm. Pleases a long cord with a hanging loop. The model costs 2,670 rubles. Reviews about her are only positive.

Lamp LED Solomeya Professional Super Arch 9G 9W

Rating: 4.8


If a woman prefers to paint her nails with gel polish and wants to do her own manicure at home in order to save time and money, it is worth presenting her with an LED lamp from the English brand Solomeya as a gift. This is a cute device that doesn't take up much space. The device is suitable for polymerizing gel polish on nails of hands and feet.

The model is distinguished by the presence of a motion sensor, automatic drying time selection, silent operation. An LED lamp is a great option for home use, many girls use it to create a manicure for their clients. This is the optimal model for the offered price. The device costs 2800 rubles.

Depilation set GLORIA SUGARING & SPA

Rating: 4.7


Next in the ranking is a set for home shugaring, which allows you to quickly and comfortably carry out the depilation procedure in convenient conditions. The kit contains everything you need for different areas – bikini area, legs, arms, armpits and face. The entire set comes in a compact cosmetic bag that you can take with you. It does not require any particular experience and will save you trips to the salon.

The kit includes a soft and dense paste, pre-procedure lotion, talcum powder and cream, wooden spatulas and instructions. The product can be easily ordered online at an attractive price. It costs 1,690 rubles.

Fitness bracelet QS90 (purple)

Rating: 4.7


If a girl is actively involved in sports, it is worth presenting her with a fitness bracelet made in a stylish design. It contains many different options. Buyers are delighted with the simplicity of gadget control and user-friendly interface. With this bracelet, you can track your heart rate and blood pressure, analyze data and plan your workout. With such a device, classes will become more productive and safer.

If desired, the bracelet notifies you of calls and SMS from your mobile, monitors your heart rate, informs you about the weather forecast and even allows you to find your mobile phone. The body of the product is protected from moisture and dust. You can take a shower with this accessory. You need to pay about 2,000 rubles for a gadget.

Neon lamp “Pink Heart”

Rating: 4.5


A great gift for birthday, March 8 or Valentine's Day will be a neon heart-shaped lamp. No lady will remain indifferent to such beauty. The 'Pink Heart' lamp will become not only a fashionable piece of furniture, but will also bring flavor to any space, surprise guests, and always remind of a festive event.

The device fits into any decor and makes the atmosphere more comfortable and romantic. This is the best option for both a country house and an apartment. The service life of the glass tube is about 5 years of continuous use. The price of a table lamp is 4900 rubles. Alternatively, you can consider a wall lamp at a more affordable cost.

The best gifts for the wife of the premium segment

Premium gifts – items made of precious metals and genuine leather. It is the best choice for wealthy people.

IsmatDecor large jewelry box

Rating: 4.8


A capacious box from IsmatDecor will become a great gift for a lady who has accumulated a lot of jewelry in her arsenal. This is a stylish and compact accessory made of wood and artificial leather. Inside the box is upholstered in soft velvet. The set includes a mirror and a small travel box. Lots of compartments and pockets look cute and expensive.

The product is made in three colors – beige, golden, purple. The box can be locked with a key so that children do not dig into jewelry. Judging by the reviews, the girls are happy with such a gift. Its use cannot overshadow anything. This is the best birthday or wedding anniversary present for young ladies of any age. Price – from 7640 rubles.

Pendant in 14 karat red gold with diamond, sapphire

Rating: 4.8


What woman doesn't love gold jewelry? If a wife has a chain made of precious metal, it is worth presenting her with an elegant pendant with a diamond and sapphire. It has been known for a long time that gold has a beneficial effect on human health. It strengthens the body's systems and increases energy. In addition, with such an ornament, the lady will feel more confident.

Gold is always a good investment. The metal does not change its properties over the years and looks very impressive. The pendant is sold in a beautiful branded packaging and will be an excellent option for a child's birth or anniversary. The price in the Adamas chain stores is 11,490 rubles.

Wallet, ExoticLUX

Rating: 4.7


Any lady will be delighted with a leather wallet, which is distinguished by its solid appearance and durability. Such an accessory will serve for decades. Over the years, crocodile skin only becomes softer. Inside the wallet there are six compartments made of calfskin. There is a retractable loop handle.

A mini-clutch will become a status and prestigious gift for a wealthy lady who loves luxury. Prices for models vary between 18-35 thousand rubles. The main thing is to buy a product from a trusted manufacturer. A certificate of conformity is always attached with a wallet made of exotic leather.

Beurer MG295 massage cape (black)

Rating: 4.6

Beurer MG295

The rating ends with a very useful and necessary thing in the form of a cape-massager. The product has a stylish design and is made of artificial leather, velor and special Mesh fabric. It is very light in weight and can be used on a chair at home. It is permissible to fix the cape with Velcro. The model is easy to store and transport. It works from the network. We are pleased with the presence of removable covers, the ability to choose a massage zone, automatic shutdown and wear resistance of the fabric.

The sensations after the massage are incredible – relaxation comes, fatigue disappears. It is important to carefully read the instructions before use and make sure there are no contraindications. Price – from 18,000 rubles.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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