12 best swimwear firms

Review of the best according to the editorial board. About selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

A swimsuit is no less important part of a wardrobe than a dress or even a fur coat. His choice is also scrupulous, many fashionistas are looking forward to new collections of famous brands in order to be irresistible on vacation and attract attention. The first items of clothing resembling a swimsuit can be seen in ancient frescoes. At the beginning of the 19th century, swimming suits appeared, more similar to dresses. But they were uncomfortable, and the designers began to develop a more comfortable model for taking water baths.

In 1946, the first 'revealing' swimsuit was introduced in America, named after the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands. It was similar to the effect of an exploding bomb and divided society into two camps. Some were in awe of open uniforms, while others were reluctant to wear themselves and watch women dressed in only 30 inches of fabric on the beaches. It got to the point that in Catholic European countries, bikini was generally prohibited.

As the years passed, the beauty industry introduced new models of clothing. But the swimsuit was only in two versions: solid or minimalistic separate. Today it is difficult to surprise someone with leisure clothes, which are presented in a wide variety and please everyone: from lovers of open models to women who prefer more modest pieces.

How to choose a swimsuit wisely

It would seem that there is nothing difficult in just coming to the store and buying the model you like, based on your budget. But often such an acquisition can be disappointing with inconvenience during wearing, difficult care or short service life. Expert advice to help you make the right purchase and enjoy a beach holiday or a comfortable pool workout.

  1. The main selection criterion is size. If the swimsuit is smaller, then it will certainly create inconvenience, it will pull, crash into the body. If it is larger, then it will have to be constantly corrected, or it may slip off and create an awkward situation. Be sure to try on your swimsuit before buying. And remember that it belongs to the category of goods that cannot be exchanged or returned.
  2. Be sure to consider the features of your figure. Sometimes even the most fashionable and expensive swimsuit may not disguise, but, on the contrary, emphasize flaws, so we choose a model that suits your body type.
  3. The convenience and service life of clothes depends on the quality of materials and tailoring. Be sure to check the seams, their processing. Buttons, buckles and other decorative elements on beachwear will add extra zest, but sports swimwear should not have them.
  4. A well-known brand guarantees the quality of its products. And even if you are in doubt about which manufacturer it is better to opt for, then the brand that is heard will be the right option.

Experts of our magazine today will present 12 manufacturers of swimwear, which deserve to be called the best and occupy leading positions in the global beauty industry. The rating was compiled based on the reviews of ordinary customers and based on the opinion of leading stylists.

Rating of the best swimwear firms

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
The best beach swimwear firms 1 Victoria's Secret 4.9
2 Beach bunny 4.8
3 Phax 4.8
4 Incanto 4.7
5 Intimissimi 4.7
6 MilaVitsa 4.5
The best sports swimwear firms 1 Speedo 4.9
2 TYR 4.8
4 Nike 4.7
5 Arena 4.7
6 Mad wave 4.7
7 Joss 4.6

The best beach swimwear firms

Beach swimwear is designed with new trends in the fashion world in mind. Design is undoubtedly in the first place, and it becomes the main argument when buying. In addition, the material should not fade in the sun, dry quickly, and not deform.

Victoria's Secret

Rating: 4.9

Victoria's secret

There is not a single girl who has not heard of Victoria's Secret – the most famous brand of lingerie. Her annual shows of new collections catch the eyes of millions of spectators around the world. Our experts also did not disregard the American brand and give it the first place in the ranking of the best beach swimwear. Founded over 40 years ago, today its name is synonymous with unsurpassed quality and stylish, creative design.

The collections are so diverse that not only young girls with model looks are interested in them, but also women of any age and with different body types. The lines include one-piece swimsuits, bandeau, triangle, bikini, monokini. Knitted patterns are especially popular, which will become not only a convenient attribute for a beach holiday, but also an indispensable clothing for holidays in a coastal style.

All materials used in the production are of high quality, they are comfortable, breathable, do not fade, do not fade, and retain their qualities for a long time. Various decorative details make each model exclusive, so it won't be difficult to create any look. High prices do not stop fashionistas, because standing out on the beach is their main goal.

Beach bunny

Rating: 4.8


The second line of the rating in this category is occupied by a brand that has achieved unprecedented success in the world of beach fashion over 15 years of its existence. Creative goods have become a desirable wardrobe item for girls around the world. In translation, Beach Bunny means 'beach lover' and it is for bold and even daring fashionistas that the brand annually sews a new collection that immediately wins the love of not only ordinary customers, but also Hollywood stars.

The variety of models is aimed at a wide audience of women of different ages and with different shapes. The assortment includes bold open bikinis and one-piece swimsuits with straps or ties. The main plus is that each girl will choose a model according to her taste and preference. The color scheme is also admirable. Leather straps, lace, metal rings are used as decoration.

According to reviews, many girls choose this particular company, which not only creates exclusive things, but also dictates new rules in the fashion world. Her models are able not only to favorably emphasize the merits, but also to hide figure flaws. Many have confirmed that the fabric does not fade in the sun, the appearance of the swimsuit remains the same as after purchase.


Rating: 4.8


In third place in the rating is a South American company, which is now known in many countries of the world and has received recognition from Russian fashionistas. She owes her success not only to a creative team of designers and designers, but also to a competent pricing policy, thanks to which the products are notable for low prices available for women with different income levels. The assortment is constantly expanding, supplemented by new clothes and accessories.

The main types of swimwear are split, one-piece and tankini. All of them are made from breathable fabrics, so comfort is guaranteed both in water and in the sun. They do not fade, do not deform even after hundreds of washes. All styles are designed with the condition that even during active rest, the swimsuit will not fly off, will not move out and at the same time will not interfere with movement.

Brightness and richness of colors fascinate and make it possible to feel like a brave Latin American girl. Even the classic one-piece swimsuits are crafted in hot pinks or florals that aren't boring. The brand uses high-tech innovations in its production for maximum comfort, which makes stylish and practical Phax swimwear even more in demand.


Rating: 4.7


The Italian brand is in fourth place in the rating in this category. She focuses on femininity and sexuality, which is why all her models are distinguished by sophistication and emphasize the dignity of the figure, delicately hiding flaws. Despite the fact that the production is located in Asia, the leading designers and constructors of Italy are engaged in the development of swimwear. All materials are exclusively European brands, which guarantees the quality and long-term wear of products.

Incanto is capable of surprising performance even of classic styles. One-piece swimsuits are presented in original versions, which will suit both shy women and those who want to emphasize their sexuality. Among the separate models, there are revealing bikinis and more chaste in a retro style. The company produces a wide range of clothing with the possibility of adjusting the figure.

The color palette is very bold, bright, sunny, capable of creating a mood while relaxing in the resorts of the world. Particular attention is paid to prints. These are hot tropics, azure sea, colorful flowers and ornaments, as well as reptile drawings of unusual shades: soft vanilla, pistachio, mint.


Rating: 4.7


Another Italian company has been selected in our ranking and is ranked fifth in it. Despite the fact that she started producing swimwear only 5 years ago, she has already managed to achieve decent results. Elegant laconic models have won over even the most sophisticated fashionistas who are eagerly awaiting the release of new exclusive collections. The popularity of the brand is due to a huge selection of styles and a wide range of sizes, so Intimissimi is chosen by both young girls and older ladies.

The collections include separate and one-piece swimsuits: bikini, monokini, bandeau, tankini. Various decor options will decorate any model. It can be ruffles, miniature bows, metal rings. In production, a dense fabric is used that is resistant to fading, does not deform, fits snugly to the body, while leaving freedom of movement.

Colors will satisfy any imagination. Striped swimwear is especially popular. It can be just swimming trunks, separate inserts or a completely 'striped' model. The prices for the products are quite democratic, but, as noted by many customers, they are much lower than those for goods of similar quality from other brands.


Rating: 4.5


This category of the rating is completed by the popular Belarusian company Milavitsa, whose products are familiar to almost every domestic customer. With more than a century of experience, she not only pleases with affordable prices, but also practical, high-quality and fashionable swimwear of various styles and colors. Designers follow the trend of beach fashion, but also do not forget about traditional models.

The collections are presented in two directions: youth and classic. In the assortment, you can choose both revealing swimsuits and closed ones, which have a corrective effect and delicately hide problem areas. For a complete or non-standard figure, a separate series with draperies and thoughtful styles is presented. Particular attention is paid to the quality of materials. They dry quickly, do not fade under the influence of sunlight, do not stretch after prolonged wear and repeated washings.

The range of colors is extensive. Models with ethnic prints and floral patterns, imitation of the skin of reptiles and animal skins, in classic peas or striped especially attract attention. The company stands out and the name of the swimwear. There is 'Zanzibar', 'Glamor', 'Argentina', 'Bali Flowers', 'Coconut Jungle'.

The best sports swimwear firms

Sports models should be comfortable, fit, simplify, not complicate pool training. They are made of a denser, more durable material that is resistant to chlorinated water.


Rating: 4.9


In the first place in the ranking – Speedo. The British company has been producing quality and stylish swimwear and accessories for almost a century. She is the undoubted world leader in this segment, so her products are chosen by both the strongest titled athletes and amateurs.

Swimwear is designed from fabric that repels water and practically does not absorb it. This is a definite plus for athletes and eliminates the impact on the speed of movement. All models perfectly fit the figure, correct and support it, without creating any inconvenience. The supportive back and flat, invisible seams are other advantages of the Speedo swimwear. The material does not allow chlorine to pass through, thereby remaining unchanged even after regular training.

The collection of models is replenished every year. They are different in design, degree of openness, and the location of the straps. The colors are also varied: from monochrome to space. Therefore, each representative of the fairer sex will choose a swimsuit according to her taste and the most comfortable for swimming. In addition to sports, the brand also produces models for beach vacations that do not fade in the sun, retain bright, saturated colors for the entire service life.


Rating: 4.8


The second place in the ranking deservedly goes to the American company TYR, which was founded in 1985 by the sportswear designer Joseph Di Lorenzo in tandem with the Olympic champion Steve Furniss. They were the first to create women's swimming goggles and a model with a fused nose bridge. The company is not only the largest manufacturer of accessories, but also branded swimwear, which is preferred by both eminent athletes and ordinary outdoor enthusiasts.

The manufacturer develops extremely comfortable equipment. Technological fabrics stretch well, are absolutely resistant to chlorine, do not lose their appearance even after 100 washes. Swimwear has a supportive effect, while not holding down movement at all.

The assortment is varied. There are classic closed models with wide or narrow straps for professional sports or swimming in the pool, separate swimwear for summer holidays. The range of colors is presented as delicate, discreet tones, and saturated, intensely colored shades. The prices for swimwear are quite reasonable, so the unambiguous assessment of ordinary users and experts is 'five'.


Rating: 4.7


The bronze medalist of our rating is the world famous Nike company. The American brand has long become a symbol of impeccable quality and practicality; the most titled athletes in the world become its faces. Every year new models of comfortable swimsuits are released, while the old ones, already loved, are not removed from production, but are improved and made even better than the previous ones.

Technological materials create conditions for better training, as well as improve performance during competition. The fabric with the minimum moisture absorption does not reduce the speed of movement, has a corrective effect. It is resistant to chlorine and UV rays, does not fade, does not fade or fade. A wide range of sizes, styles, shades allows you to choose the ideal option for both sports and leisure.

The company's technologists and designers consider not only practicality, but also the appearance of products to be an important component of success, so all models meet fashion trends, which adds interest to Nike products. Their quality is confirmed by numerous tests in the company's own laboratories, independent research, as well as reviews of real users.


Rating: 4.7


The fourth line of the rating is occupied by Arena. The well-known company produces clothing for both professional athletes and amateurs. Her assortment includes not only swimwear, but also shoes and swimming accessories. They are not only comfortable and practical, but also stand out for their bright and fashionable designs against the background of similar products from other brands.

New models are developed in collaboration with award-winning swimmers. They fit perfectly to the body, flat seams are not felt, so nothing distracts from training. The minimum water absorption does not affect the speed and significantly improves the result. The equipment is durable and comfortable. The collections include classic one-piece swimsuits, as well as separate ones for relaxing on the beach. High quality materials are highly durable and resistant to chlorinated water. They do not even fade over time, retaining their original appearance.

A definite plus is the affordability of Arena products. The respondents confirmed the quality, convenience, variety of models, long service life. Many noted the presence of children's swimsuits of different sizes in bright colors with a variety of prints, which undoubtedly pleases young swimmers.

Mad wave

Rating: 4.7


Mad Wave, a Russian manufacturer of swimming equipment, deservedly ranks fifth in the rating. It was founded 15 years ago, and today its products are recognizable thanks to a team of designers, technologists, constructors, professional athletes participating in the development of new models. The company is a sponsor of many international competitions and the official supplier of clothing for the adult and youth teams.

All models are tested in practice during intensive training of athletes, which further guarantees their practicality, convenience and reliability. Innovative materials are chlorine-resistant, so the brightness is maintained even after prolonged use. The straps support the back well, the fabric fits snugly to the body, movements are not constrained and remain free.

One of the main differences from other companies is youth designs, which amaze with their creativity, therefore, the products are so in demand among young athletes and lovers of outdoor activities. The lines also feature calm monophonic colors for older women. The low price of Mad Wave swimsuits is a bonus to high quality and stylish attributes for water sports.


Rating: 4.6


Joss is ranked sixth among the best sports swimwear companies. She creates clothing for both professional athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. All products are of excellent quality and affordable cost, which makes them even more popular among buyers.

Leotards are available in one-piece or split type. They fit perfectly, do not weigh down during training and competition. The well thought-out backrest provides maximum freedom of movement. Lycra XtraLife elastic fibers contribute to a comfortable fit. The high-tech material is resistant to chlorine and UV light, it provides a compression effect and excellent shape retention. Color saturation does not decrease even after prolonged use.

The range is impressive. In addition to sports, swimwear for a beach holiday is also widely represented. Many respondents noted that a wide selection allows you to buy several models at once for any occasion, whether it is a summer outdoor recreation or training in an indoor pool. At the same time, the designs are varied and will delight lovers of modest monochromatic colors and those who prefer futuristic prints.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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