12 best studio headphones

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Like almost any other type of electronics, headphones quite clearly can be divided into two large groups – for leisure and for work, that is, studio ones. And studio themes and differ from any others that are nominated to them by definition increased requirements, as well as a number of fundamental requirements as to functionality, and the form factor. Editorial with analysts rankquality.com service has prepared for you an overview of the most noteworthy studio headphone models for early 2020 with comments and descriptions of specialized specialists.

How to choose a studio headphone

To begin with, we’ll briefly deal with the criteria which ones headphones can be considered studio, what tasks can they (or not can, depending on the type and model) perform what exist possible internal classifications, and what should be guided by, picking up headphones for yourself.

What are studio headphones

So, studio headphones are those very professional or as they are also called, monitor headphones that are designed just for work – information, mastering, monitoring and others studio tasks.

Here you need to clearly understand that studio headphones are neither better nor worse than ordinary, even the most expensive. It’s just a completely different type devices. The fact is that in studio headphones, no one sounds not embellished – there are no so many loved by “juicy” bass, perky high frequencies, there is no wide scene. They do not sound imperfections are smoothed out and not embellished. Their task is transmit honest sound without embellishment, smoothly, in detail and naturally. That is, using them for leisure is frankly boring. This is exactly a working tool, not a gadget for entertainment.

What types of studio headphones are

Conditional classifications of studio headphones exist quite a lot, but the very first thing to consider when choosing – This is the “degree of openness.” This conditional term means three large groups of devices – open, half open and closed studio headphones. By dimension, almost all studio headphones are full sized.

  1. Closed – the most popular type of studio headphones, although in In principle, they have a specific purpose – directly for sound recordings. They completely cover the ears, fit snugly to head, but this is not the main thing. The main thing is that they do not have external holes, and the sound is reproduced in an isolated, closed space – hence the name. Their task is to cut off the maximum extraneous external sounds and do not give the sound of the recorded track break out, thereby losing some of the important information about the nature of the sound.
  2. Open earphones suggest that the sound is partially out out through the cracks between the ear and the ear cushion, and also through the straight holes on the case. This solution is already optimal for listening to music while mixing tracks. Open headphones typically have a wide frequency range and flat frequency response. Their common flaw is obvious – the sound is heard not only to the operator, but also partially to people who are near. This is uncomfortable in itself, but can sometimes create quite fundamental obstacles, say, for musicians playing on especially loud instruments.
  3. Half-open headphones are a compromise between the first and second. The developers of such models are trying to combine advantages of open and closed types, and at the same time level them limitations. It turns out with varying success, therefore half-open headphones have a narrower target audience – DJs, semi-professional sound engineers, cameramen, radio hosts.

We emphasize right away that from a purely technical point of view, the term “half-open” is not entirely correct, since all open headphones are somewhat “half open,” but since this the terminology has taken root, we will use it too.

Rating of the best studio headphones

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best open studio headphones 1 Sennheiser HD 559 5 959 rub.
2 Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro 11 344 rub.
3 Ultrasone PRO 2900i 14 990 rub.
4 AKG K 712 Pro 16 140 rub.
The best semi-open studio headphones 1 AKG K240 Studio 5 435 rub.
2 Fostex T50RP MK3 11 500 rub.
3 Beyerdynamic t1 49 990 rub.
Best Closed Studio Headphones 1 Sony MDR-7506 6 830 rub.
2 Shure SRH840 8 005 rub.
3 AKG K 271 MK II 9 720 rub.
4 Sennheiser HD 280 Pro 6 074 rub.
5 Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 11 067 rub.

The best open studio headphones

We pass directly to the review, and first of all consider a selection of open-type studio headphones that experts considered the best by key parameters. Also task was set to cover different price points if possible categories.

Sennheiser HD 559

Rating: 4.9


First of all, consider the budget option in the selection The best open studio headphone version. According to the characteristics they balance on the verge between the studio format and amateur, but their value is still infinitely far from the mass similar in appearance, but simple headphones for leisure. Manufacturer – the famous German company Sennheiser, a kind of benchmark in areas of audio equipment.

The HD 559 is part of Sennheiser’s large line of headphone models, in which there are both more expensive and cheaper. we consider a compromise option. This model is a dynamic type, made entirely in black color from quality materials. Especially for the target audience in terms of comfort – delicate velor ear pads and the inside of the headband. Tactile comfort in this the models are really on top, and the well-designed design allows you to work in them for long hours and overtime without much signs of fatigue of the ears and head.

Key specifications and features of this model the following. Wide range sound reproduction from 14 to 26000Hz; impedance – 50 Ohm; sensitivity – 108dB / V; surprisingly low harmonic distortion – only 0.1%.

Headphones are connected to devices through a long 3m detachable cable with jack 6.3mm straight connector forms. Headphone connection is one-way.

The configuration of this model is extremely modest. No, not that some additional interesting “goodies”, but even a case or case for convenient transportation. Pleases at least 2 year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • detailed balanced sound;
  • fairly accurate transmission of frequencies of all levels;
  • low harmonic distortion;
  • quality materials and assembly;
  • detachable cable 3 meters long;
  • comfortable fit and lack of fatigue with prolonged wearing;
  • 2 year warranty.


  • poor sound insulation;
  • poor equipment.

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro

Rating: 4.8


The second issue is a professional model DT 990 Pro trademark Beyerdynamic. Just in case, we emphasize that for When buying, be sure to pay attention to the presence of a prefix Pro in the nomenclature. The fact is that Beyerdynamic also produces the “household” version of the DT 990, and it is dramatically different from studio. The price will also indicate the professional class – these headphones are twice as expensive as the previous ones.

Briefly go through the key technical characteristics Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro. These are open headphones with a converter electrodynamic type. Frequency Response Range passport – from 5 to 35 thousand Hz. An impressive impedance of 250 ohms can cause bewilderment, but in this case it’s so conceived, and we will explain what for. Harmonic coefficient – less than 0.2%. Nominal SPL – 96dB. Permissible power – 100mW.

Headphones are full-sized, fit snugly – the headband creates pressure 3.5 Newton (0.36 kg). Here, by the way, lies another Unlike the household version. In the DT 990 Pro, the metal of the headband arc is thicker, precisely to ensure a snug fit. Soft and tender Circumaural ear cushions smooth the pressure, enabling the operator for many hours do not remove the headphones without experiencing noticeable discomfort.

Headphones are connected via a 3-meter cable twisted into spiral drawn from the left bowl. In a “relaxed” twisted The cable length is approximately 1.5 meters. Connector – minijack with gilding. Included in the package is an adapter for a 1/4 “connector. Fixed cable.

A few promised words about why and why so big impedance. The manufacturer himself explains this by saying that this approach allows you to use finer wire in coils, thereby facilitating the mass of the mobile system, which directly affects natural sound. This clarifies something, but you need to be aware inevitable limitations. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro can effectively work exclusively and exclusively in the studio with a special and quite powerful headphone amplifier with its own unit nutrition.


  • natural sound;
  • low harmonic distortion;
  • quality materials and assembly;
  • comfortable fit.


  • fixed cable;
  • require a powerful stationary headphone amplifier.

Ultrasone PRO 2900i

Rating: 4.7


Now consider another professional model that in some places more interesting than the previous one at a comparable price. Manufacturer – specialized German company Ultrasone, known for its high-quality professional headphones for DJs and studio use, as well as a number of household models.

This model shows itself perfectly in a professional monitoring, coping well with the most diverse types of material – jazz, blues, light electronic music and even symphonic classic. Separately, experts note a certain “superpower” Ultrasone PRO 2900i Broadcast R.N.B.

The technical level of performance of the headphones is impeccable. Mylar titanium coated speakers, neodymium magnets, application ULE technology (a protective plate from the so-called mu metal) – technology is really up to par. Operator comfort soft ear pads with velor tips. In addition, the headphones are still have a folding design, and when folded take up a minimum places. Weigh 295g. The package includes a convenient hard case for safe transportation.

Let’s consider in more detail the technical specifications of Ultrasone. PRO 2900i. These are dynamic type headphones with diameter drivers 40mm. Impedance – 40 Ohm. Passport frequency range – from 6 to 42 thousand Hz The speaker size is 40mm each. Sound pressure – up to 96dB. Cable removable type, in the kit there are two types – ultra soft length 150cm with 3.5mm connector; 3 meter twisted cable with connector 6.3mm (NEUTRIK).

And in conclusion, a little more detail about the aforementioned proprietary technology ULE – Ultra Low Emission. Its essence is that the protective plate reduces the power of electromagnetic radiation by an average of 98% in Compared to other professional headphones of this class.


  • accurate transmission of audio information;
  • impeccable quality of materials and assembly;
  • Ultra Low Emission Technology;
  • detachable cable;
  • equipment.


  • some experts claim that using S-Logic® Plus in this model masks the low quality of the emitters.

AKG K 712 Pro

Rating: 4.7

AKG K 712 PRO.jpg

Finishes the selection of the best open-end studio headphones the most remarkable model in this group. At the time of her release The recommended price was almost $ 500. Good, Now it can be bought much cheaper. Manufacturer – specialized Austrian company AKG Acoustics GmbH, known for quality professional equipment for sound recordings and other audio equipment.

AKG K 712 Pro differs markedly from previous models in its design. It is quite original, and in general even appearance clearly hints at a professional class. The fact that that the design does not provide for at least some folding in more compact volume, although the headphones themselves are quite overall. The standard cover for transportation is soft, which means that will save from shock loads. Fortunately, this is almost the only disadvantage of this model. However, the headphones weigh unexpectedly little – only 235g, and many users mark this as noticeable advantage with their dimensions.

Consider the technical side of the AKG K 712 Pro. These are headphones dynamic type with the claimed spectrum of reproducible frequencies from 10 to 39800Hz. The impedance is 62 ohms. Sensitivity – 105dB. Maximum power – 200mW. Used wires from oxygen free copper. Connect via a removable cable to one side. Two types of cable are included – twisted black and direct orange. Cable plug – jack 6.3mm, included There is a 3.5mm adapter.

Most often, professionals use the AKG K 712 Pro for information, mastering and analytical listening. Bilayer membranes Varimotion delivers the ultimate in natural sound reproduction material. But all this requires a preamp, and here like nowhere else it is better to observe the effect of “warming up” – the headphones need some time to work to reach its full potential. Specialists We didn’t write this down to the model’s shortcomings, since the “warming up” – quite common.


  • natural sound without accents;
  • impeccable quality of materials and assembly;
  • surprisingly light;
  • two types of cable included;
  • comfort;
  • original design.


  • require a preamplifier;
  • very dimensional and inconsistent, the soft cover does not protect when transportation.

The best semi-open studio headphones

The second selection in the review of the best studio headphones according to the version – These are the so-called half-open headphones. As we have already indicated above, this term is extremely conditional and from a technical point of view even incorrect. But in view of the fact that such headphones still have a number of differences from open and closed in an attempt by manufacturers to take advantages of both, we will also take this accustomed terminology.

AKG K240 Studio

Rating: 4.9


If in the previous collection AKG brand headphones were the most expensive, then the model that fell into this category of review on the contrary – the most inexpensive of all. Traced in design parallels with the K 712 Pro, but otherwise these models are different, and quite significantly.

AKG K240 Studio is very similar in format and dimensions to the previous model, while the headphones also weigh very little – 240g. IN materials dominated by high-quality plastic and eco-leather. Headphones full-sized, dimensional and do not have a folding structure, which is not very good, but just in this case, users on this circumstances do not complain.

We highlight the main technical characteristics. Headphones dynamic type, reproduce sound fluctuations in the range from 15 to 25000 Hz. The impedance is 55 ohms. Sensitivity – 101dB. Maximum power – 200mW. Harmonic coefficient – 0.3%. Sound pressure – up to 104dB.

Connect on one side through a removable cable with Gold-plated standard 3.5mm plug. Included adapter to 6.3mm connector format. Cable wire made of oxygen free copper.

AKG K240 Studio is, in fact, an improved version The discontinued AKG K240 Monitor, also professional. Studio version received new XXL membranes, with with which the headphones sounded even more natural, accurately conveying all the nuances of the material. The only moment is for full disclosure potential still needs an amplifier, and preferably not the most modest. Otherwise, with a high probability, the headphones will “cut” highest frequencies.


  • accurate transmission of the sound of the material;
  • quality materials and assembly;
  • light weight;
  • detachable cable;
  • quality XXL membranes.


  • you need a good amplifier, otherwise there will be no accurate transmission of high frequencies.

Fostex T50RP MK3

Rating: 4.8


The second number will analyze and analyze the brand product Fostex, model T50RP MK3. Manufacturer – Japanese company Fostex, a subsidiary of Foster Denki KK – one of the oldest and most reputable in the professional audio market.

The observed model is isodynamic headphones, today the most demanded day in the Fostex line of similar products. Made in a fairly simple style with a distinctive and good recognizable steel bowls. Materials and assembly are sufficient high-quality, overall appearance is minimalistic, without any excesses.

Briefly about the main technical characteristics. Headphones planar type with a range of reproducible frequencies from 15 to 35 thousand Hz. The impedance is 50 ohms. Sensitivity – 92dB / mW. Input power is able to surprise – 3000mW. Are connected detachable cable. Two types of cables are included in the package. 3 meter with 6.3mm connector and 1.2 meter with plug 3.5mm

In the category of isodynamic headphones, this is one of the cheapest models. And the developers were able to translate the most obvious advantages of isodynamic emitters, even through a very utilitarian approach (poor equipment, no frills, all to a minimum). Namely – unusually light and fast feed, excellent study of macrodynamics. Of course, all this beauty requires a powerful amplifier, as for more parts of the players, these headphones will be heavy.

In terms of sound transmission, the Fostex T50RP MK3 is better than yourself reveal in the middle range. The bottoms and tops are not so impeccable, but, again, we must remember that here we are dealing with very affordable price for full-fledged studio headphones with isodynamic emitters.


  • exceptional power;
  • accurate transmission of the sound of the material;
  • all the advantages of isodynamic emitters;
  • detachable cables included (2 pcs with different plugs).


  • need a powerful amplifier.

Beyerdynamic t1

Rating: 4.7


Completes the top three semi-open studio headphones for versions of the insanely expensive Beyerdynamic brand. IN nomenclature designation T1 means that in this model the magnetic emitter induction reaches 1Tesla. And here we will consider the second generation Beyerdynamic T1, which indicated on trading floors – Beyerdynamic T1 the 2nd generation.

Just say, Beyerdynamic T1 is not without flaws, but it truly, without any conventions High-End solution. Users complain about the excessive cost and in order to unlock the potential for headphones, you need to buy also a powerful, and also very expensive amplifier. Otherwise clear where do the reviews come from, they say the headphones show dips on high frequencies. Once again – the amplifier must be powerful and high-quality, which means expensive. Otherwise, the “failures” will be required.

Now to the point and key technical specifications. Second Beyerdynamic T1 generation is exceptionally wide the range of reproducible frequencies is from 5 to 50 thousand Hz. An impressive impedance of 600 ohms already hints that the headphones you will need a decent amplifier. Sensitivity – 102dB / mW. Maximum power – 300mW. Extremely low harmonic distortion – 0.05%.

Externally, the headphones literally sparkle with impeccable materials, concise, but stylish design and impressive dimensions. Weigh while quite a bit – 350g. Headband creates a contact bowl pressure about 2.8N. Pressure compensates flawlessly rigidity-tested material for ear pads.

Headphones are connected via a standard removable cable – from the side headphone, it is split into two-way connection. Must give tribute, the manufacturer did not stint even here. Besides oxygen-free copper in the wire, the cable also has a rigid textile braid. 3.5mm plug, it is possible to connect 6.3mm adapter.

The sound of the second-generation Beyerdynamic T1 is influenced by the location of the membranes inside the bowls. It is very unusual – membranes fixed at angles, and so for the user creates a frontal stereo panorama. In addition to Beyerdynamic, such an approach is also being introduced other manufacturers.


  • real high-end solution;
  • high detail sound;
  • the depth of the material;
  • power;
  • removable cable with textile braid;
  • very comfortable fit;
  • big hard box included.


  • need a powerful and expensive amplifier;
  • high price.

Best Closed Studio Headphones

The third and final selection in the review of the best studio Headphones according to the magazine version are the most voluminous, as it includes headphones of the most popular type are closed. Here too there is a place for both simple and inexpensive solutions, and more sophisticated.

Sony MDR-7506

Rating: 4.9

SONY MDR-7506.jpg

Let’s start with the budget option in this category, even Sony’s brand is not too associated with cheapness. But here you need to understand that we are talking about professional equipment, and Sony is still a broad-based company, not a narrow one. specializations like the same Sennheiser.

Sony MDR-7506 is already a classic of studio monitor headphones. The fact that the model came out a long time ago is one of the factors of its current affordable price. And the fact that she comes out so far is obvious investigation and proof of its relevance and popularity.

Externally, the model looks concise and simple, no frills. IN good plastic prevails in materials, quality leatherette – headband and soft vinyl – ear pads. It’s a little frustrating that the “forks” that hold the bowls are also plastic, but systematic failures in the total mass of real reviews are not observed. Design semi-folding headphone, the package includes a cover for carrying.

Technical characteristics of this model are as follows. Frequency spectrum reproduced sound vibrations – from 10 to 20 thousand Hz. Impedance – 63ohm. Sensitivity – 106dB. Maximum power – 1000mW. Membranes with a diameter of 40 mm. Connect via a twisted cable length 3 meters (extended) that comes out of the left bowl. Connector – mini jack 3.5mm straight. Comes with an adapter to the connector 6.3mm


  • decent sound with accurate transmission of details;
  • high-quality materials;
  • special wearing comfort;
  • folding design;
  • good sound insulation;
  • durability;
  • affordable price.


  • individual user comments, mostly inconsequential.

Shure SRH840

Rating: 4.8

SHURE SRH840.jpg

The second number will consider a little more expensive and a little more an interesting closed model of production of an American corporation Shure Incorporated Specializing in Professional audio technicians.

The Shure SRH840 is a dynamic studio reference headphone type. Their main purpose, according to positioning themselves manufacturer – critical listening and professional sound recording. If a more in-depth studio is supposed monitoring and mastering, you can look at a more advanced version in the same line – Shure SRH940, but it will cost more.

Headphone materials are dominated by high-quality plastic and soft polymers in the headband and ear pads. The inner surface of the headband – textile. The design is not too catchy – everything is quite strict and case. The weight of the headphones without cable is 372g. Detachable standard cable 3 meters long is attached to one side. The cable is twisted. Connector – standard 3.5mm minijack, on which there is a thread, and you can screw the adapter 6.3mm. Metal plugs with gilding. Cable wires made of oxygen-free copper. This model uses 40 mm membranes and neodymium magnets (alloy with iron).

Let’s go over the key technical characteristics of the model. The range of reproducible frequencies is from 5 to 25 thousand Hz. Small 44 ohm impedance allows you to use headphones without an amplifier, but Still, additional gain is desirable – this will increase Realism and accuracy of sound reproduction of the material. Sensitivity – 102dB / mW. Maximum input power – 1000mW.

The package includes: headphones; cable (elastic but strong and reliable); a soft case in which the headphones are placed, cable, and there is still room; documentation.

The cover material of the headband on the sides and ear pads is eco-leather, which wiped pretty quickly. And if with a headband it’s still possible survive, damage to the ear cushions can significantly affect sound perception by the operator, so an extra pair of ear cushions – great advantage.

In the reviews of real users, you can find complaints about fragility of the structure. In fact, the materials are not at all brittle, but while the headphones tend to spontaneously fold. Therefore, with sufficiently careless operation, it is really possible and break something.

The manufacturing warranty for this model is valid for for 2 years.


  • accurate sound transmission, especially with an amplifier;
  • folding design;
  • case included;
  • an extra pair of ear pads;
  • 2 years warranty from the manufacturer.


  • a relatively flimsy headband size adjuster;
  • complaints of fragility.


Rating: 4.8

AKG K 271 MK II.jpg

And again in the review of the best studio headphones appears Austrian company AKG Acoustics GmbH. This time with headphones closed type AKG K 271 MK II. This model is even more expensive than the previous one, and has noticeable advantages. This is one of the most successful models. AKG headphones in this segment, which immediately after the release took armament many studios around the world, including quite famous.

The design of the model is very recognizable to anyone who has ever dealt with. with other AKG headphones. Spring-loaded double bow completed comfortable headband. Characteristic large bowls accommodate branded Varimotion membranes of variable thickness but moderate volume. A detachable cable connects to one side. With input sides – standard jack with threaded adapter 3.5 / 6.3mm with gilded, with output – mini XLR plug. Headphone weight without cable – 240g

The key specifications of this model are as follows. The range of reproducible frequencies is from 16 to 28000 Hz. Impedance – 55ohm. Sensitivity – 91dB / mW. Maximum power – 200mW. Harmonic distortion – not more than 0.3%.

Experts praise this model for an accurate and even tonal balance, high detail, almost full lack of “shell” characteristic of closed headphones tinting. Special tests with transistor “end” confirm the high class of the product. High-quality amplifier will add the sound of emotionality and articulation.


  • clear and accurate sound;
  • smooth and accurate tonal balance;
  • branded Varimotion membranes;
  • detachable cable;
  • well thought out design;
  • ergonomics – a wide range of adjustments;
  • attractive design.


  • a significant part of users note discomfort and quick fatigue.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro

Rating: 4.7


And again in our review the famous German company Sennheiser, and now we’ll look at some of the best-selling headphones of this brand. The HD 280 Pro has long been a living classic, issued to this day and practically does not lose positions in consumer demand. Let’s see why she is so good.

The HD 280 Pro is primarily designed for long-term using. Strong and durable materials allow active operate headphones for years. Many professionals even with full wear HD 280 Pro buy exactly the same new ones, taking the position “the best is the enemy of the good.” Made entirely in black color and rather modest business design. Cable connection one-sided. twisted cable, in a twisted state, 1 m long, stretches to 3 meters. Headphones weigh 220g. Design folding.

This model has a sensitivity of 102dB. Low impedance of 64 ohms allows you to use headphones without an amplifier, although it doesn’t really hurt, and is even recommended for optimal result. The range of reproducible frequencies is from 8 to 25000 Hz. Maximum power – 500mW. A characteristic detail – though not record but disappearing low harmonic distortion – only 0.1%.

Quality soundproofing deserves special praise – from the outside world headphones are more than securely blocked off. A possible side effect is discomfort from the pressure of the bowls and headband, but this circumstance is exclusively individual.

Sophisticated professionals note a drawback – with a sharp change sounding bass “creep” into the middle frequencies. But this effect observed in so many full-size headphones because inertia of 40 mm membranes.

Earphones are not made in China, as many are even good studio models, but in the USA or Ireland, which is also a big plus.


  • even and honest sound;
  • high detail;
  • high-quality isolation from external sounds;
  • low harmonic distortion;
  • folding design;
  • exceptional durability.


  • parts of users are not suitable due to discomfort during wearing.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

Rating: 4.6


And completes the review of the best studio headphones in early 2020 by version is another noteworthy model of the Beyerdynamic brand. This is a professional closed-type monitor headphone of the popular DT 770 Pro models. Headphones are so popular and in demand that Beyerdynamic in places does not cope with crazy demand, therefore With the presence of the DT 770 Pro in stores, there may be interruptions. Produced in Germany itself.

Externally, these headphones are difficult to confuse with another brand, so as a characteristic style, impressiveness and general massiveness here guessed without any clues. Round bowls due to the headband create a pressure of about 3.5N. One way cable twisted, up to 3 meters long when stretched. Connector – mini jack 3.5mm straight shape. Included is a 6.3mm adapter. Plug and an adapter with gilding. Headphones weigh 270g.

As part of this series, there are several modifications that differ in impedance – 32, 80 and 250 Ohms. The rest are key The characteristics are as follows. Range of frequencies of reproduction – from 5 to 35000Hz. Maximum power – 100mW. Sensitivity – 96dB. The harmonic distortion coefficient is 0.2%.

Protection against external noise – 18dB. Here it must be added that the DT770 PRO was originally designed as a compromise between sound insulation and sound quality in favor of the same quality. If you need complete acoustic insulation, then it can provide a modification of the DT 770 M.

In general, the conclusions of experts who conducted comprehensive tests Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro, the most positive. For the most complete Unleashing the potential of this model, an amplifier is desirable due to not high sensitivity.


  • exceptionally high sound quality;
  • high detail;
  • comfortable wearing comfort thanks to its rugged construction with soft ear pads and trim options;
  • easily replaceable structural elements;
  • are made directly in Germany.


  • relatively low sensitivity, require an amplifier.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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