12 best RPGs on PC

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

RPG games are the main driving force behind the gaming industry. Large worlds with many interactions, a character leveling system, crafting and many other activities – all this brings the genre closer to reality and encourages users to develop inside the virtual universe.

The editors of the magazine would like to draw your attention to a very important nuance related to the ranking of games in the rating. All the games in this TOP have made a very big contribution to the formation or continuation of the RPG traditions (it does not matter, action, sci-fi or classic), and it would be a big mistake to compare them with each other. Therefore, we ask you not to take the final place of the project in the ranking for granted – we assure you that they all deserve to be in the first place.

P.S. Good RPG projects don't stop there on this list. However, the rating requirements did not allow to reflect them all. Therefore, we kindly ask you to write in the comments which RPG games you like and whether you agree with our choice.

Rating of the best RPGs on PC

Nomination a place game name rating
Rating of the best RPGs on PC 1 Divinity: Original Sin 5.0
2 The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim 4.9
3 Fallout: New Vegas 4.8
4 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 4.7
5 Dragon age ii 4.6
6 Diablo iii 4.5
7 Mass effect 3 4.4
8 Fable 4.3
9 Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 4.2
10 Titan quest 4.1
11 Darksiders ii 4.0
12 Dark souls 3.9

Divinity: Original Sin

Game Rating (RPG): 5.0

Divinity: Original Sin

The classic RPG with a co-op playthrough, the breakthrough of the Divinity series and the best game of 2014. Original Sin is a high-quality reworking of the concept of the famous series, which became a prequel to the very first part (Divine Divinity). Everything is great here: the atmosphere, the plot, and the voice acting at the ready with the dialogue system, and the world so diligently created by Larian Studios.

But the gameplay of the project requires a separate analysis, since there has been no such addictive mechanics in the game industry for a long time. He does not intend to, does not lead users along the corridor route, only occasionally giving the opportunity to complete a side quest. No – the player gets complete freedom of action, and can move around the entire game map. Of course, there will be artificial restrictions – for example, the high level of some mobs. However, everything here depends on the skill of the player himself: with well-considered tactics and knowledge of the aspects of the interaction of the team's abilities, you can 'endure' almost any powerful character. Add to this an abundance of secrets, many side quests, deadly traps and just a sea of ​​additional activities (weapon crafting system, mini-games and much more) … no, this game cannot be described in simple words – you need to play it.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Game Rating (RPG): 4.9

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

The fifth installment of The Old Scrolls was Bethesda's biggest success in a decade. A spectacular RPG in the setting of medieval fantasy with magic and dragons was released back in 2011, but the excitement around it is strong to this day. The reason for this is simple: the open files of the game allowed fans to prove themselves in creating mods of any scale. These mods allow you to make small changes to the gameplay as well as full-fledged story campaigns, including dialogues, locations, items and much more.

The narrative in TES: Skyrim takes place 200 years after the events of the 4th part of the game (Oblivion). The main character will be executed in the Helgen fortress for a mutiny that was supposed to disrupt the fragile world order in Skyrim. However, the cruel sentence is not given to come true: a moment before its execution, the dragon Alduin attacks the area, burning the settlement to the ground. The protagonist manages to survive in the outbreak of the massacre and escape from the cursed place … from this moment the adventures of the future dovahkin are just beginning.

Fallout: New Vegas

Game rating (RPG): 4.8

Fallout: New Vegas

In general, any project in the Fallout series deserves getting into the rating of the best RPG games (except, perhaps, Fallout 76, to which the author of the article personally has no complaints). However, our choice fell on New Vegas – an atmospheric adventure in the desert lands of the Mojave, which has become a mixture of retro-futurism, westerns and gambling left over from the old world order.

The gameplay of the project includes many interesting mechanics, from multi-level pumping of skills and abilities to a weapon crafting system and various mini-games. The plot is non-linear and varied, there is freedom of choice of lines in dialogues, as well as a whole set of side missions. These missions provide valuable loot, a lot of experience to level up, and a simple sense of research satisfaction, since you have to move around the map pretty much. If you are an avid fan of role-playing PC games, but have not yet touched the masterpieces of the Fallout world, then we strongly recommend starting your acquaintance with this game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Game rating (RPG): 4.7

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The final part of the Witcher trilogy is the culmination of many years of history, on which the Polish studio CD Project RED has painstakingly worked. Considering all the pros and cons of the previous parts, in Wild Hunt, the developers finally managed to convey the true appearance of Geralt of Rivia – a hardened monster hunter who fulfills contracts to kill evil creatures.

The events of the game unfold immediately after the end of the sequel. The northern kingdoms are engulfed in war, the world is gradually replaced by devastation. During this turbulent time, the Witcher meets an old acquaintance – Yennefer – who asks him to look for Ciri, a child who can stop the Wild Hunt and return the long-awaited peace to the kingdoms.

The gameplay mechanics of Wild Hunt have undergone several important changes. Firstly, the protagonist now has a personal transport (a horse named Roach, with which many very funny game moments are connected). Secondly, the combat mode has been simplified and refined to increase engagement, for a more natural roleplaying. The mechanics of crafting and Signs have become an extremely important part of the gameplay, which finally made it possible to convey the correct image of the Witcher. Given the high-quality storyline, very good voice acting and the variety of game locations, let's say: like no other, this game claims a high place in the ranking of the best RPG projects ever presented on the PC.

Dragon age ii

Game rating (RPG): 4.6

Dragon age ii

Dragon Age II is the most iconic milestone in Dragon Age history, attracting huge crowds of fans to the project and providing a promising future for the entire franchise. The developers at BioWare did not use the familiar principles of plot construction, stretching the time frame of the game for 10 years. The idea is good, especially in light of the fact that the user can visually see the results of their own moral choices. The same principle makes RPG replayable, since different branches allow you to rewrite the course of history (in the best traditions of the first part).

The world of Dragon Age II noticeably loses in the scale of Dragon Age: Origins, but its compactness only went to its advantage. The locations turned out to be more saturated, and the gameplay did not lose dynamics from the endless long transitions. Game mechanics have undergone changes in the direction of simplification, which also found a positive reflection in the management of the character.

The storyline of the sequel is made in the form of a retelling of events about a certain Hawke, the protagonist, who enters a series of global conflicts and defends his interests against the backdrop of major world upheavals. Players will experience unpredictable narrative twists, highly challenging choices and an endless stream of battles in the name of justice – all of this is exactly what a good RPG game should have.

Diablo iii

Game rating (RPG): 4.5

Diablo iii

The third installment of the famous franchise in the Diablo universe continues the glorious tradition of the slash-RPG genre, giving users even more interactivity and gameplay variety. The project implements 5 character classes with a unique set of abilities and their own style of play. Even more items and valuable loot have been added, and the number of enemies – from weak mobs to bosses and special opponents – has increased significantly compared to the sequel.

Diablo III's plot begins immediately after the events of Diablo II. The Forces of Evil destroy the Stone of Peace, but they lose all their leaders, which is why Azmodan and Belial, the Lesser Incarnations of Evil, are forced to go into the heat of battle. The high-ranking warriors of the Underworld have a single goal: in all possible ways to seize Sanctuary – the world that stands between the Underworld and the High Heavens. They are opposed by the nephalem – a special faction of people born from the fusion of angels and demons. Nephalems are the last hope of the human kingdom: if they fall, then the old world and order will be replaced by the chaos of the Underworld.

A key feature of Diablo III's gameplay, as before, is the system of passing the story campaign. Users are free to choose whether to go on an adventure alone or in a company with three other heroes, which significantly increases the level of difficulty.

Mass effect 3

Game Rating (RPG): 4.4

Mass effect 3

Electronic Arts' Sci-fi RPG marks the pinnacle of the series … and, in fact, a glorious ending. Released a few years later, Andromeda has become only a pale and disgusting copy of the original trilogy, and therefore the value of Mass Effect 3 as the final act of Commander Shepard's adventures increases tenfold.

The gameplay of the third part is based on the mechanics, partially borrowed by EA from the original Mass Effect: a large geographic area for movement, a wide arsenal of weapons and a lot of additional skills that will help the commander in battle. The system of dialogues turned out to be diverse and truly interesting – the main character will have to communicate a lot and for a long time with his own associates in order to preserve fragile trusting relationships. It is quite interesting to observe the establishment of a 'microclimate' in a team, especially in light of the fact that the moral system works here as well.

The plot of Mass Effect 3 is based on the final phase of the Alliance's confrontation with intergalactic invaders. An experienced, battle-hardened Shepard becomes the only obstacle on the way of the evil forces to the destruction of the inhabited planets of the Milky Way. Each player's decision will have an impact on the balance of power. It also, in fact, will predetermine the fate of some of the minor characters known from the first and second parts of the franchise. In the end, the fate of Commander Shepard himself will depend on the philosophy of the player's actions.


Game rating (RPG): 4.3


The first of its kind action-RPG, in which the complete dependence of the character on the aspects of the passage of the game is realized. Fable is a funny and heroic story of a boy who is destined to become a legendary warrior of the Guild of Heroes … or the main antagonist for the entire kingdom.

Fulfilling errands and quests during the course of the adventure, the player now and then will be faced with difficult moral choices. Despite the triviality of modern projects (in their overwhelming majority), there are no right or wrong answers in Fable: every dialogue, every decision will bring the character closer to one of the endings, and also have less global consequences. So, a change in appearance and equipment can positively affect the favor of the protagonist of the inhabitants of one of the settlements, but the inhabitants of other cities will show hostility. The situation is similar with some chests, which often contain loot, equipment and weapons. To open many of them, the player will need special resources, but some – special – chests will open only upon reaching a certain level of karma, or require special clothing. In general, the now deceased Lionhead Studios tried to bring the project's mechanics as close as possible to real life … and even 15 years after the release, no one was able to repeat their success.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

Game rating (RPG): 4.2

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

Action-RPG in the World of Darkness universe, telling the story of the confrontation between vampire clans, coexisting in the same world with humans. The protagonist is a convert who finds himself drawn into a conflict of interest due to a sacred artifact. This artifact – the 'Ankara Sarcophagus' – appeared in Los Angeles due to strange circumstances, which are believed to be a caste of elite vampires.

The story mode of Vampire: The Masquerade begins with a mandatory procedure for choosing a character, or rather, the vampire caste to which he will belong. The choice made will significantly affect the gameplay, and this is the most important feature of the game. In addition to special skills, each species differs in appearance (and if some are 'human' enough to move through crowded streets, then others will have to hide in sewers and only occasionally come to the surface) and manner of speech, so even the dialogues will be strikingly different. Ignoring several mandatory missions where it is necessary to kill the enemy, the player can choose the manner of passing the main and secondary tasks. Lovers of diplomatic solutions to problems can negotiate with opponents, lovers of opening the door with their feet – to blow everyone right and left. And even those who like to combine these two principles will get a portion of joy, because the game welcomes variety in every possible way!

Titan quest

Game rating (RPG): 4.1

Titan quest

At the time of its release in 2006, Titan Quest was dubbed a clone of the world famous Diablo, which takes place in the setting of Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt. In part, such statements were true, which did not in the least prevent the game from becoming one of the most successful and respected in the RPG genre. The procedural generation of dungeons here gave way to the constancy of very picturesque locations that migrated here straight from myths and legends. To match the design of the levels, Diablo monsters and demons have been replaced by mythical creatures: satyrs and cerberus, minotaurs and centaurs, harpies and chimeras, etc.

The main feature of the gameplay of Titan Quest was the original mechanics of mixing character specializations. In essence, the developers did not limit the player to the notorious choice of one specialization, giving the opportunity to experiment and try on two whole classes. Everyone benefited from such a merger: users were interested in watching a mix of abilities that still gave advantage in one aspect and vulnerability in another.

Ultimately, the combination of an interesting setting and an alloy of combat mechanics made Titan Quest one of the benchmarks of the RPG genre, which is why the game naturally falls into our final rating.

Darksiders ii

Game Rating (RPG): 4.0

Darksiders ii

Darksiders II is the complete opposite of the original project that came out a few years earlier. If the first part of the franchise about the horsemen of the Apocalypse was accepted by everyone as a slasher with appendages in the form of a pumping system and (occasionally) loot, then the sequel elevated the secondary mechanics to the absolute, becoming a full-fledged RPG. In this case, users will have to play the role of the Reaper, or Death – a rider who is not by hearsay familiar with necromancy and slashing enemies with a canon scythe.

The plot of the second part unfolds in parallel with the events of Darksiders: Wrath of War The main character is desperately trying to save his brother War, but in the end he ends up in the Forge Lands. In order to find a way out of such a specific imprisonment, the Reaper is forced to obey the orders of the Creators, carrying out their instructions, and gradually unravel the 'knots' of the narrative.

Yes, the sequel has noticeably passed in the dynamics of what is happening, overgrown with additional gameplay elements in the spirit of Prince of Persia (all kinds of puzzles, elements of parkour and climbing walls) … but at the same time found reviews in the hearts of fans. This story deserves to be included in the list of the best RPG projects for PC.

Dark souls

Rating (RPG): 3.9

Dark souls

The game that spawned its own genre of souls-like projects, the death of a character in which is an integral part of the gameplay. Actually, to die here is almost as natural as eating, or sleeping, or any other reflex action. Dark Souls is a very hardcore and difficult game that only the most diligent, the most persistent and persistent users can go through. The setting of a medieval fantasy, incredibly beautiful in its gloom and attention to the smallest detail, is complemented by a magnificent atmosphere of doom, which does not leave the player until the very end of the adventure.

Yes, after the first part, From Software released 2 more numbered games with the same success. However, within the framework of our rating, we decided to mention the original Dark Souls, which gave us a new direction in game development. The games Nioh, Bloodborne, The Surge and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice were built on its origins … but the list goes on and on.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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