12 best memory cards for dvr

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Many ordinary consumers when choosing a flash memory card for interested in a smartphone, camera or any other gadget only its capacity. Less commonly asked about recording speed and reading. And even less often find out other parameters, such as compatibility with a specific device, and it is precisely these parameters sometimes the most important, especially when it comes to their work in DVRs.

The editors of the magazine have prepared for you an overview of the most relevant flash cards most closely adapted for use in DVRs. Our profile specialists selected three groups of models with maximum compatibility coverage.

How to choose a memory card for the DVR

First, let’s clarify the main points that should be in mind when choosing a memory card specifically for the DVR, and not for other, less demanding gadgets. It will help you better. navigate the market conditions in 2020 and make a conscious a choice.

What should be able to memory card for the DVR

Unlike most other operating methods flash cards in SD format and its derivatives, in the DVR such memory is most often subjected to constant and continuous load. While working on the road, data is continuously being recorded on it, and when filling the volume, recording continues (automatically with grout old records or manual restart) in a new circle. it means that the card, by definition, must have an increased resource overwrites, and not all models have this property.

The critical factor is the write speed, and it’s in this context is immeasurably more important than read speed. After all, if DVR is new and configured to record video in high resolution, and even with geodata and other related information, then insufficient speed will cause fragmentary records, which can become an unpleasant, if not fatal factor in resolving disputes.

The amount of memory is important, but at the same time secondary moment. A large volume card requires less attention, and less often need to merge data for storage. Often more capacious flash cards automatically imply a higher data rate. But such instances are much more expensive – often a multiple of the increase volume.

Finally, compatibility. New cards may not corny supported by past DVRs and for let morally obsolete, but solid and working device map memory must be selected especially carefully.

Key Memory Card Differences

  1. The first and most obvious difference is the form factor. Used in DVR options – SD, MicroSD, CompactFlash, SXS. Here you don’t have to guess when choosing a model – which format is compatible with DVR, that should be bought. The most common – microSD. For greater versatility, you can buy a microSD card with adapter (adapter) to a large SD slot, and often manufacturers supply just such mini-kits. In our In the review we will consider the MicroSD format, optionally with adapter.
  2. The second point that determines whether a flash card will work in the DVR even if it physically enters it – this is a class speed. Here, if you discard the subtle nuances, there are two criterion – speed class and data organization format, and these criteria are closely interlinked.
  3. So if your dvr can record stream with maximum quality FullHD, then there will be enough cards with a class speed 10 (indicated on the map itself). These are microSDHC cards, they have a minimum write speed of 10MB / s, and the actual may be many times higher. Speed ​​class below 10 for normal work more or less modern DVR to consider impractical. It’s optimal if the card also belongs to the class UHS 1 – is marked with the symbol “1”.
  4. If your registrar is more advanced and can record video in UHD 4K resolution, you will need a UHS 3 class card – marked with a “3”. There is already a minimum speed 30MB / s, and the upper limit can exceed one hundred MB / s UHS 3 class with high speeds automatically involves a more advanced data organization format, and, accordingly, the format of the card is microSDXC.
  5. Now, the capacity of a memory card. Maximum Card Capacity microSDHC – 32GB For microSDXC, on the other hand, 32GB is minimum base volume, and expensive models are calculated by volume hundreds of gigabytes. The most voluminous cards are prohibitively expensive and their use is not too appropriate, if only for reasons of “not keep all the eggs in one basket. ”
  6. And a few words about backward compatibility. significant portion users of DVRs of old models do not see the need to change an obsolete but working model. But rapidly evolving technologies dictate their terms, and older registrars may not support 32GB cards and more. In this case, everything is quite simple – you need to pick up a card such a volume that the registrar can “digest”. Fortunately, cards of 16GB or less in the 2020 market is still abound.

Rating of the best memory cards for the DVR

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best microSDHC memory cards for dvr 1 SanDisk Ultra microSDHC Class 10 UHS-I 80MB / s 32GB 285 rub
2 Kingston Canvas Select microSDHC Class 10 UHS-I U1 32GB + SD adapter (SDCS / 32GB) 390 rub
3 Transcend microSDHC 300S Class 10 UHS-I U1 32GB + SD adapter 363 rub
4 SmartBuy microSDHC Class 10 32GB + SD adapter 210 rub
Best microSDXC memory cards for dvr 1 SanDisk Ultra microSDXC Class 10 UHS Class 1 A1 100MB / s 64GB + SD adapter 890 rub
2 Transcend microSDXC 300S Class 10 UHS-I U3 A1 V30 128GB + SD adapter 1 041 rub.
3 Samsung Evo Plus U3 1 290 rub.
4 Viofo Professional High Endurance 1 490 rub.
The best memory cards for older dashcams 1 Kingston SDCS / 16GBSP 191 rub
2 SanDisk Ultra microSDHC Class 10 UHS-I 80MB / s 16GB 210 rub
3 SmartBuy microSDHC Class 10 8GB + SD adapter 181 rub
4 Transcend microSDHC 300S Class 10 8GB 290 rub

Best microSDHC memory cards for dvr

And now we move on to the analysis of specific models. In the first a selection of microSDHC memory cards, the maximum the volume of which cannot exceed 32GB. Actually, just such 32GB cards we will take into account, fortunately, they cost a few hundreds of rubles. This capacity is enough to record approximately 160 minutes of video in Full HD, and at a lower resolution – almost multiple more in time.

Specialists suggested each position as an example, and in the model range of each manufacturer is identical in technical specimens, only a smaller volume. Principled the same differences between 32 and 16 GB cards of the same line, as a rule can not be. The price difference in this segment is also usually minimal.

SanDisk Ultra microSDHC Class 10 UHS-I 80MB / s 32GB

Rating: 4.9


First, consider an inexpensive, reliable format memory card microSDHC is a well-known brand of SanDisk. The brand is associated with the same name by an American corporation. Products are manufactured by Mostly in China.

As already seen from the specification, this card belongs to the classes Class 10 and UHS-I speeds, which implies not less than 10MB / s Here we draw your attention to the fact that on sale may be a very similar card with a HIGH ENDURANCE mark in the specification. Despite such a loud statement, it applies only to Class 10 and does not support UHS-I, which means it has restrictions on read and write speeds. Not worth considering the wording of HIGH ENDURANCE, as these are just words that are not to what is not required. Hereinafter, this applies to all cards with loud slogans in the name. The fact that it belongs to speed class, which should be marked as we are above described.

As for the model under review, the manufacturer emphasizes good 80MB / s read speed, but modestly silent write speed. And this is understandable, since in this respect the card barely fits into the minimum class characteristic. So, according to tests conducted by experts, recording speed small files corresponds to a minimum of 10MB / s, occasionally dropping to 8MB / s. As for large files, here is the speed recording reaches 15 MB / s and even a little higher.

Against the background of not too record speed, this model pleases stamina. The official warranty period is 1 year, and the declared service life – 3 years. There are cases of failure and failure, but not higher than statistical error.

The obvious minus here is the real volume, which may be less by 2 or even 3GB. Although this is a “disease” of many cards, experts nevertheless, this circumstance is credited to shortcomings. Less obvious disadvantage – a noticeable percentage of failure earlier than declared manufacturer service life. Therefore, after the warranty period, it’s worth considering replacing it “just in case”, since the price is more than affordable. The old card can be moved to a smartphone or any another gadget, where at a much lower load it can to work out more than one year.


  • generally reliable and reliable;
  • affordable price;
  • high read speed.


  • noticeable percentage of failure earlier than the declared deadline services;
  • actual volume can be less than 10%.

Kingston Canvas Select microSDHC Class 10 UHS-I U1 32GB + SDadapter (SDCS / 32GB)

Rating: 4.8


The second number will consider the kit – microSDHC card with SD adapter for a large slot. Manufacturer – American company Kingston The products themselves are manufactured in China and Taiwan.

The stated write and read speeds for this model for sure the same as for the previous one – 80MB / s – read, 10MB / s – write. And independent tests show that this model is for sure meets official specifications, even a little better than previous, that is, without drawdowns when recording small files.

The manufacturer also emphasizes the belonging of this model to V10 class according to another standard – Video Speed ​​Class. it standard according to which memory cards are classified according to from the recording speed of exactly the video files. In this case, V10 means second class performance. The information content is classification is not too representative, since only emphasizes belonging to the class C10, that is, the ability record any data at a speed of at least 10MB / s. But this and once again confirms that the card can confidently write video in FullHD 1080 resolution.

What’s remarkable about this card is the warranty period. Here at various trading floors there are discrepancies – 60 or 120 months. But, in any case, even a 5 year warranty is very lot. Another thing is that when used in DVRs, even such an increased resource will give a real life (according to observations users) only 2-3 years. One way or another, if we take the average indicator, this model is significantly more durable and durable the previous one.

And one more thing – unlike the previous model, here there is practically no tangible discrepancy between the declared volume and real.


  • compliance of speed and reading with the declared characteristics;
  • reliability;
  • increased resource;
  • SD adapter included;
  • large warranty period.


  • no fundamental shortcomings have been identified.

Transcend microSDHC 300S Class 10 UHS-I U1 32GB + SDadapter

Rating: 4.7


Continues to review the best memory cards for DVRs similar in class and volume model of another famous world flash drive manufacturer Transcend.

Here we see slightly higher stated indicators performance in read speed – up to 95MB / s; and essentially, in times higher write speeds – up to 45MB / s. Yes, indeed, the write speed of this model is significantly higher, but in the plan of the upper boundary is all the trick in this “do”. Up to 45MB / s speed it’s extremely rare, but overall the speed is still higher than the neighboring models. Variations may already depend on performance of the DVR itself. About all that the same can be said about reading speed.

Transcend also informs users of some details of the operating conditions of the card. So, officially valid operating temperature range – from -25 to +85 degrees Celsius. Protection class – IPX7. This means that the card is completely protected from dust penetration and withstands immersion under water to a depth of 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

Similar to the previous manufacturer, Transcend on this model provides a guarantee of 60 months. The flaw in this card is one, and that is not fundamental for everyone – the real volume is not corresponds to the declared 32GB, and a little less.


  • increased maximum reading speed;
  • significantly increased maximum recording speed;
  • protection class IPX7;
  • 60 months warranty;
  • SD adapter included.


  • real volume is a little over 29GB.

SmartBuy microSDHC Class 10 32GB + SD adapter

Rating: 4.6


Completes the first part of the review of the best memory cards for DVRs according to the magazine one of the best-selling SmartBuy brand models. The secret of such popularity at all more or less well-known trading floors in Russia the easiest –Minimum cost.

We emphasize right away that miracles do not happen, and such reasonable price, and even with the adapter in the kit, cannot do not contain a dirty trick. Here it is expressed in low stamina cards. This is already evident in the warranty period. If previous manufacturers are not afraid to give a guarantee on their flash cards at 5 and more years, then SmartBuy offers a standard 12 months, and the term Service does not state at all. In user reviews you can see not the smallest percentage of failures later half a year to a year of use.

Given all the above, in our review, this model appears as “best temporary” card for DVRs. She is optimal suitable if you urgently need to replace an existing card, and available money there is only a couple of hundred rubles. Then at the first it’s better to exchange it for something more durable.

Now about the dry statistics. Independent testing shows that this card is not without difficulty, but still fits into the recording speed 10MB / s, which corresponds to class 10. Reading is a little faster – 17MB / s, sometimes up to 20MB / s. Different testing programs may show different results, but on average the results converge on the indicated level.


  • corresponds to the declared speed indicators;
  • SD adapter included;
  • the most affordable price;
  • best temporary memory card for dvr.


  • fragility, applicable only as temporary.

Best microSDXC memory cards for dvr

The second selection of the best memory cards for DVRs includes models of a much more productive format. If for the previous group 32GB of volume is the maximum, then for microSDXC it minimum volume. These models are suitable for new or still morally not obsolete registrars capable of working with large cards volume. Individual instances can record resolution video UHD 4K.

SanDisk Ultra microSDXC Class 10 UHS Class 1 A1 100MB / s 64GB + SD adapter

Rating: 4.9


The first in this part of the review we will analyze another map SanDisk trademark, but this time in microSDXC format. Here and hereinafter we will mean the volume of 64GB, although in the same line there is copies and the base volume – 32GB, and much larger – 128GB and higher. This series is known for serious discounts from the beginning. sales that have attracted a large audience. Need to say, for the most part, buyers were not disappointed, and the line retains stable demand to this day.

As can be seen from the specification, this model corresponds to the class speed 10 and also supports UHS-I class. It means that the DVR can easily record on the card FullHD video stream. Claimed reading speed – 100MB / s The minimum write speed, according to the class – 10MB / s, real recording speed, according to the results of independent tests – up to 30MB / s.

In general, this is a very good and reliable “workhorse”, on which the manufacturer gives a decent guarantee – 3 years. And this an international warranty, actually valid, so that the service with parties to SanDisk officials also issues practically does not occur.

The only thing – for microSDXC format high-speed the characteristics here are still closer to the basic ones, and for two-channel registrars or recording videos with high bitrate is still worth it to look at a more productive model more expensive. Such we consider the second paragraph.


  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • affordable price;
  • actual recording speed is much higher than declared;
  • valid 3 year warranty.


  • Relatively low speed, as for microSDXC.

Transcend microSDXC 300S Class 10 UHS-I U3 A1 V30 128GB + SDadapter

Rating: 4.8


The second number in this part of the review is already much more An interesting memory card brand Transcend. She is bigger twice the previous volume, but this is not the main thing. And most importantly – her capabilities for data exchange speed.

The first noticeable advantage of this model is compliance with the class U3 and V30 video recording standard. This implies that The minimum write speed to the card is 30MB / s. Declared read speed at the same time – 95MB / s. Independent Testing show that the read speed is generally consistent with the declared, and write speed can be even higher than the minimum 30MB / s.

Here we emphasize that the class U3 with its speeds this particular model with a capacity of 128 GB corresponds. A card with exactly the same specification, but on 64GB will be already class U1 with a much lower write speed, and it will no longer fit for high bitrate and dual channel recorders.

The card also comes with an adapter for a large slot SD. The manufacturer’s rated life for this model is 730 days.


  • large volume;
  • speed class U3;
  • write speed exceeds the declared;
  • suitable for dual channel DVRs and recording in 4K resolution;
  • reliability;
  • SD adapter included.


  • no obvious flaws.

Samsung Evo Plus U3

Rating: 4.7


The third number in this part of the review will consider one of the most purchased microSDXC memory cards of the Samsung brand. It has outstanding characteristics in terms of exchange rate. data, but has some highly recommendatory limitations from manufacturer.

Immediately clarify this point about the limitations. Evo Plus U3 is Samsung’s so-called “red” series of microSDXC memory cards, which is known not only for its impressive speeds, but also stability, long service life and low failure rate. However, the manufacturer itself clearly states that the cards in this series are not recommended for use in video surveillance systems and other similar devices where multiple overwrite.

In fact, this warning does not mean that the Evo Plus U3 card in the DVR will immediately burn out or not work fine. The thing is that Samsung gives on this line a minimum five-year warranty, and with continuous use with repeated rewriting of 5 years the card just will not live. However, with strong equal, the reliability and durability of this model is much higher than any other of the above. So such statements Samsung is just a policy to protect yourself from unnecessary complaints and refunds.

As for specific indicators of speed, here is the full compliance with class U3. The average read speed is up to 100MB / s, and recording reaches 90MB / s. Obviously for recording high bitrate and high resolution 4K, this model is definitely will do.

In the delivery kit, most often there is also an adapter for large SD slot, and the price of such a kit is more than competitive;


  • brand name
  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • compliance with class U3;
  • high real recording speed;
  • suitable for recording in 4K;
  • SD adapter included.


  • objective minuses were not identified.

Viofo Professional High Endurance

Rating: 4.6


And completes this selection of a review of the best memory cards for DVRs are probably the most interesting trading model Brands Viofo. Here we will see sufficient write and read speeds, but not as outstanding as in the case of the above flash cards Samsung So what is the advantage of this particular model?

It’s all about the manufacturer, or rather, the original technological directivity of this model. Viofo is a well-known manufacturer, famous just for a wide range of DVRs. And in in this particular case we are talking about a memory card, which initially “sharpened” under heavy loads, long continuous sessions and multiple dubbing. So the wording is High Endurance (“high endurance”) here – by no means beautiful words, and the most that neither is reality.

This model belongs to the class UHS-3. Nominal declared write speed 30MB / s, read – up to 80MB / s. Depending on the characteristics of the receiving device, the recording speed may be even higher than stated.

We emphasize once again – despite the relatively low Compared with the previous model, speed, its completely enough for recording video with high bitrate and in 4K resolution.


  • maximally adapted for heavy loads and multiple overwrite;
  • high endurance, reliability and reliability in general;
  • class UHS-3;
  • sufficient speed for 4K recording and use in two-channel registrars;
  • SD adapter included.


  • no serious minuses were found.

The best memory cards for older dashcams

The third and final selection in the review of the best memory cards for DVRs according to the magazine version presents volume maps less than 32GB. Such decisions may be outdated, but working DVRs that their owners do not see the point change to more advanced modern models.

Kingston SDCS / 16GBSP

Rating: 4.9


The first is a Kingston SDCS card. Specifically this the modification has a capacity of 16GB, but in the lineup are offered other options, both smaller and larger – accordingly, already SDXC format.

The declared data reading speed of this model is quite high. – up to 80MB / s. Recording is much slower – 10MB / s. But it is already guaranteed speed, since the card is fully consistent class 10 in speed and at the same time supports class UHS-I, which indicated on the marking on the housing.

The manufacturer provides an official guarantee for this model for a period of 12 months. At the same time, the declared service life is much more. Real life with heavy use in DVR, according to user observations is 2-3 years, and this can be considered as a good result.

In general, the card calls for a very good combination of price, opportunities and quality. Failure cases are extremely rare and not are regarded as a regularity.


  • affordable price;
  • supports UHS Class 1;
  • fairly high speeds;
  • reliability and reliability;
  • durability.


  • no fundamental shortcomings have been identified.

SanDisk Ultra microSDHC Class 10 UHS-I 80MB / s 16GB

Rating: 4.8


Another popular memory card despite the modest amount of 16GB or, perhaps, thanks to this. This is the third representative of the SanDisk Ultra series, and overall here indicators are very similar to the map of the same brand from the first categories.

So, here the formats coincide – microSDHC; and speed classes – Class 10 UHS-I, which means that the write speed should be minimum 10MB / s. Actually, this is actually so – independent tests show a minimum write speed of about 10MB / s. “Miracles” like a significant excess of the declared indicator map does not demonstrate, and this is expected, since in small volume cards this happens infrequently. Pleased with high reading speed – up to 80MB / s

The declared service life is 3 years, and it coincides with the warranty term, which can be considered the advantage of this model. Map half as much as the previous one of the same volume and with comparable opportunities, but there is a much wider selection of it feedback from real users.


  • reliable enough;
  • durable
  • declared service life coincides with the official warranty;
  • UHS-I support
  • high read speed.


  • not principal.

SmartBuy microSDHC Class 10 8GB + SD adapter

Rating: 4.7


We will lower the barrier of the minimum volume by half in the third in the section we consider a memory card for 8GB brand SmartBuy, which was already featured in the first section.

In this price category, the difference between the cost of models in the tens of rubles, so to allocate some price advantages are pointless. It should be guided here only for compatibility reasons with the receiving device and health card itself.

As for speed, this card belongs to class 10, which implies a minimum write speed of 10MB / s. Speed reading by the manufacturer is not particularly emphasized, and this can be understood. If most other manufacturers show memory cards the read speed is several times greater than the write speed, then SmartBuy grazes the rear here – the read speed is only slightly higher the same 10MB / s.

The official warranty from the manufacturer is 12 months. However, judging According to user reviews, changing a card or returning money is wrong simple – the supplier simply may not respond to complaints. This is if we are talking about the official manufacturer’s warranty. If there is a desire to insure even such a small purchase amount (less 200 rubles), then you can only hope for a point guarantee sales.


  • reliable enough;
  • speed class – 10;
  • SD adapter included.


  • low read speed;
  • hard to return under official warranty.

Transcend microSDHC 300S Class 10 8GB

Rating: 4.6


Completes this collection, and at the same time the entire review of the best memory cards for DVRs according to the log version, comparable to previous card according to the formal characteristics of the trading model Transcend brands.

The similarity between these cards is manifested in a minimal amount – 8GB, speed class 10 accessories and provision manufacturer warranty for a period of 12 months. On this resemblance the differences almost end and begin. Read speed here is a bit more, the write speed is almost the same, but in Depending on the specific DVR, it may be slightly higher face value.

In terms of reliability and durability, this model boasts more positive feedback than smartbuy, but it’s also more expensive almost doubled.

In the review above, the Transcend 300S series card was already featured. However, there is no need to be deceived, as belonging to the series here obliges little to anything. This model does not have the same characteristics. Actually, it should not possess them, since Designed for a completely different class of devices.

Moreover, the warranty for this model is 1 year, the declared period service – 730 days. On average, it works for users – 2-3 years.


  • quite reliable and trouble-free;
  • read and write speed corresponds to the declared class, and in places and above;
  • real life more or less consistent declared.


  • no fundamental flaws were identified.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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