12 best manufacturers of bathroom furniture

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The bathroom is a place not only for hygiene, but also for relaxation. Moreover, not only physical, but also psychological recreation. It's nice to come after work, take a shower, take gel or some other cosmetics from a convenient shelf, throw the laundry into a convenient, not attracting attention basket, hide household chemicals in a code behind a lock … Bathroom furniture plays an equally important role in the convenience of this room, as plumbing.

Therefore, we have compiled a rating of the 12 best manufacturers of bathroom furniture – their shelves, dressers, cabinets, mirrors and other products are distinguished by their reliability, beautiful design and adequate price.

The best Russian manufacturers of bathroom furniture

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
The best Russian manufacturers of bathroom furniture 1 Aquanet 4.8
2 Triton 4.7
3 Aquaton 4.6
The best European manufacturers of bathroom furniture 1 Jacob Delafon 4.9
2 Eurodesign 4.8
3 Antonio Lupi 4.8
4 Villeroy & Boch 4.7
5 Roca 4.7
6 Timo 4.7
7 Am.Pm 4.6
8 Cersanit 4.5
Best China Bathroom Furniture Manufacturers 1 Godi 4.6


Rating: 4.8


Why him: Low price for furniture sets, attractive design.

The main advantage of furniture from this manufacturer is the combination of modern design and low prices. The appearance of both sets and individual pedestals, cabinets and pencil cases is laconic, fits into any interior solutions, attractive. But at the same time, the furniture retains functionality – it is convenient, well suited for storing household chemicals and various household items such as towels.

The creation of individual furniture configurations based on the wishes of the customer is supported. For example, changing the legs to suspended structures or wooden front panels to glass ones. Furniture from the manufacturer has been worked out taking into account the plumbing structures and engineering solutions used (for example, the shelves of the vanities for the sink have special cutouts for installing drains).

At the same time, the price for the manufacturer's products is quite adequate – even the most modern kits are relatively inexpensive.


  • Attractive design – modern, stylish and laconic;
  • A well-developed design, taking into account the needs of the user and the structures used;
  • Relatively low price.


  • When installing, it is advisable to treat the chipboard sections with a sanitary sealant – this will protect the furniture from delamination and extend the 'life' time.


Rating: 4.7


Why him: Several collections with modern and colorful designs.

Furniture from this bathroom solutions manufacturer is hardly 'standard'. Its assortment includes several product lines that are distinguished by a modern and stylish design. For example, a wall cabinet with a mirror from the Alma collection looks futuristic, but at the same time very practical – both the storage space and the shelf: ideal for small bathrooms. But the 'Eco' series is distinguished by a colorful design with bright, but not flashy colors, which is generally a rarity for domestic manufacturers that produce furniture in almost exclusively white shades.

In addition, furniture from this manufacturer is durable. High-quality impregnation with a moisture-proof composition and effective insulation of the ends allow it to be operated in conditions of high humidity – for example, after direct wetting, nothing 'swells' or 'swells'.


  • Easily survives direct contact with moisture and getting wet;
  • Perfect for small bathrooms due to its compact and efficient space organization;
  • There are models with bright, but not flashy designs.


  • Some accessories to reduce the cost are made of plastic;
  • Ergonomics not always well developed.


Rating: 4.6


Why him: Unique collections of corner furniture, an excellent range of solutions for large bathrooms.

Unlike the previous manufacturers in the ranking, the Aquaton company specializes exclusively in the manufacture of bathroom furniture. No sinks or accessories. Thanks to this, the solutions presented in its range are distinguished by the highest ergonomics and manufacturability.

Nevertheless, the main assortment of the company is represented by furniture for large bathrooms – wall units, cabinets, pencil cases, etc. There are practically no compact solutions for small rooms in the catalog.

But the main feature of the company is a unique range of corner furniture. These solutions will help to effectively organize the space in the bathroom, regardless of its size, and turn it into a truly cozy and spacious room, rather than a 'passage between the washer and the bathroom to the sink'.

The furniture is of high quality workmanship and modularity, thanks to which you can assemble your own set.


  • Modular furniture configuration, thanks to which you can choose your own set;
  • A large collection of corner cabinets, pedestals and other interior items;
  • High quality furniture manufacturing.


  • Few solutions for small bathrooms;
  • Relatively high price.

The best European manufacturers of bathroom furniture

Jacob Delafon

Rating: 4.9


Why it is: Unique, recognizable design, high quality furniture.

The main task of the company, as stated in its description, is to create the atmosphere of Paris in the bathroom. And the furniture does an excellent job with this goal! It is carried out in various design options – from classic to modern – but invariably imbued with the spirit of France. Elegant, beautiful lines, sophistication in every detail, an unforgettable appearance – all this brings to the apartment the very atmosphere of Paris, for which many choose the Jacob Delafon brand.

But furniture from this manufacturer can boast not only recognizable, refined style. It's also very practical! Almost every centimeter of space is consumed to be as efficient as possible. High, comfortable shelves are suitable for storing even large bottles of shampoos, modern fittings allow you to open and pull the shelves without the risk of demolishing the bath, and large illuminated mirrors will help you tidy yourself up.


  • Unique, recognizable design, unsurpassed style;
  • Effective organization of space;
  • Durability, protection from moisture and other negative factors.


  • Often there are no modern solutions such as door closers or similar fittings, but this is compensated by the highest quality and durability thereof.


Rating: 4.8


Why him: One of the best manufacturers of classic design bathroom furniture.

The Italian company Eurodesign specializes in classic design bathroom furniture. The sideboards, cabinets and tables designed by her look as if they 'came' straight from the Renaissance – elegant lines, sophisticated forms, attention to every detail, gold-plated and silver-plated elements turn them into a decoration of the room. It doesn’t even seem that ordinary cosmetics and household chemicals are stored in this furniture.

However, it should be noted that furniture from Eurodesign is one of the largest in the rating. Therefore, it is focused on use in large bathrooms. For ordinary 'odnushki' only some models are suitable.

Eurodesign furniture is distinguished not only by its classic design, but also by luxurious materials. The thickness of MDF panels ranges from 25-30 millimeters for maximum reliability. And the countertops in most models are completely made of marble or Eurotech material.


  • Attractive, classic design;
  • Premium materials for unsurpassed durability
  • Sophisticated design and ergonomics.


  • High price (due to the high cost of the materials themselves);
  • There are no small solutions, bathroom furniture from Eurodesign is designed for spacious bathrooms.

Antonio Lupi

Rating: 4.8


Why it is: The most high-tech bathroom furniture in the ranking.

If you plan to furnish a bathroom in a high-tech style, it is recommended to pay attention to furniture from the Italian company Antonio Lupi. Its design is notable for its futuristic – matte surfaces, unusual colors (for example, smoky gray), non-standard ways of opening cabinets, lighting, including integrated lighting … The manufacturer has practically no classical solutions, but this is also an advantage.

But special attention in the company's product line is paid to mirrors. They are really varied and very modern here. For example, there are models with luminaires integrated directly under the glass, framed by light or simply as if 'recessed' into the wall. It looks extremely unusual.

The company also has mirrored cabinets with vertical opening for a completely different user experience. Or two-tone bathroom cabinets with a combination of glossy and matt surfaces.


  • Unique, futuristic design;
  • Glass and metal are often used, which are absolutely not afraid of contact with water;
  • A wide range of colors.


  • Many embedded solutions, which may not be very convenient for everyday use;
  • Low availability in stores;
  • High cost.

Villeroy & Boch

Rating: 4.7


Why him: German quality and a wide range of models.

Bathroom furniture from Villeroy & Boch is produced in Germany and Austria. This fact alone guarantees not only the highest quality, but also maximum precision in assembly and fitting. Therefore, it can – and should – be used for embedded solutions. For example, the cabinets will fit the washbasin perfectly.

But German quality is manifested not only in the assembly and full compliance with the dimensions. Furniture from this manufacturer also differs in maximum durability. Specially selected materials with high-quality impregnation for protection against water easily cope with high humidity and direct contact with liquids, including hot ones.

Villeroy & Boch is distinguished by the widest range of models. Its range includes solutions in both classic and modern design, with a rich palette of colors and shades – for a truly individual bathroom interior.


  • High quality, reliable, moisture resistant materials;
  • Variety of designs and colors;
  • Innovative and technological solutions.


  • Few budget solutions, mostly expensive;
  • Low availability on the market, most of the models are presented on request.


Rating: 4.7


Why her: Low price and high quality.

Products from Roca are distinguished by one of the lowest prices in their rating segment – among European manufacturers. However, like previous firms, it makes products with excellent quality and many innovative solutions. Particular attention is paid to the fittings – drawers with closers or soft closing systems to improve ergonomics and user experience.

However, the assortment of bathroom furniture from this Spanish – more precisely, originally Spanish, and now international – is quite small and includes literally several lines. The design is mostly modern, however, this does not make the new cabinet or cabinet fit into almost any interior.

The materials used in the production of this furniture are also modern and focused on achieving maximum durability and reliability. They are resistant to moisture, household chemicals and other aggressive substances.


  • Low price – one of the lowest among European manufacturers;
  • High reliability and durability;
  • Functionality and ergonomics.


  • A small number of collections and design solutions;
  • Sometimes a marriage comes across.


Rating: 4.7


Why him: Low price for furniture with a classic design.

The Timo company specializes in the production of high quality furniture made in a classic design – close to the 'baroque' style. Thanks to this, it will become a real decoration for the bathroom. The furniture looks more like a museum piece than a place to store various bottles and towels.

Timo furniture is visually similar in many ways to products from Eurodesign. However, it costs a little less. This makes it suitable for users who do not want to spend huge amounts of money on bathroom furnishings. However, it is also quite large in size – however, this is one of the 'design requirements' – and is focused on use in spacious bathrooms.

Sideboards, mirrors, cabinets of various types and other furniture from Timo are made of moisture-resistant materials. Thanks to this, its operational period is decades.


  • Refined design, beautiful appearance;
  • Modern moisture resistant materials for increased reliability;
  • It does not require special care.


  • Very few solutions for small bathrooms;
  • Relatively high price for pedestals.


Rating: 4.6


Why him: Modern design and high technology in the production of bathroom furniture.

The German company Am.Pm is one of the youngest in the ranking. It was founded in 2010. And it is thanks to her 'youth' that she can afford to experiment with the design of her products.

Thus, most of the company's products are made in the Dynamic Organic style. It is characterized by smooth, 'natural' lines, laconic shape and natural colors. Furniture combines style and design, so that every use is a real aesthetic pleasure. But from the point of view of manufacturability, Am.Pm cabinets, cabinets and mirrors are also attractive – soft closers, concealed installation, Push-to-Open fittings, painting with safe and moisture-resistant polyacrylic enamels.

Leading Italian designers have taken part in the development of the Am.Pm furniture appearance, and its uniqueness and attractiveness has been recognized by many independent awards.


  • 3-year warranty for most furniture models;
  • Unique, quirky, award-winning design;
  • Adequate price.


  • Weak fastening to the wall;
  • Not always quality materials.


Rating: 4.5


Why it is: Traditional design and very low price.

The main advantage of furniture from this company is its low price. Indeed, despite the fact that Cersanit cabinets, mirrors and hanging cabinets are produced in Europe, they cost significantly less than products from other manufacturers in the ranking.

Furniture from the Cersanit brand is made in the most traditional design. This makes it a perfect fit for any bathroom, no matter what style it is made in. In addition, the traditional design has helped make this furniture comfortable and roomy.

For the production of furniture, modern materials with good moisture protection are used. Thanks to this, they not only easily survive contact with hot steam while taking a shower or bath, or simply with drops of water. They can even be washed, including using special cleaning agents.


  • High capacity of pedestals, mirror cabinets and pencil cases;
  • Beautiful design – modern reworking of the traditional look;
  • Low price.


  • Few unique, unusual design solutions;
  • On budget models, there is no end lamination, you need to cover with sanitary sealant.

Best China Bathroom Furniture Manufacturers


Rating: 4.6


Why him: Low price for solutions with a classic design and quality materials.

Furniture from the Chinese manufacturer Godi embodies the 'classics' not only in appearance. It is made from quality materials such as natural solid Malaysian oak. The trees for the production of this furniture are from 27 years old! In addition, marble and other premium materials are used in the production of furniture.

Thanks to this, the furniture is of the highest durability. It is resistant to moisture, hot steam and other aggressive media. The wood mass does not delaminate even with prolonged exposure to water.

The furniture style is classic. For decoration, wood carving and high quality fittings with gilding or silvering are used. This achieves a truly luxurious appearance.

But the furniture is also functional. The design of the boxes has been elaborated and optimized for storing all the necessary cosmetics and chemicals.


  • Massive, reliable and durable;
  • Attractive classic design;
  • Moisture resistant materials (marble, solid oak).


  • Small assortment;
  • Low availability in stores;
  • Relatively high price.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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