12 best manufacturers of airfryer

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Aero grill (convection oven) is an irreplaceable device for lovers of tasty and, most importantly, healthy food. The products, thanks to a unique cooking technology without the use of oil or water, retain their beneficial properties, vitamins and trace elements. They are also tastier and richer than those cooked in the classic way.

But in order for the convection oven to be regularly used for cooking tasty and healthy food, and not just take up space in the kitchen, one must be of high quality. Therefore, we have compiled a rating of the 12 best manufacturers of airfryer, in which you can find companies of a wide variety of specializations and pricing policies.

Rating of the best manufacturers of airfryer

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best manufacturers of airfryer 1 Caso 4.9
2 Philips 4.8
3 Hotter 4.8
4 Steba 4.7
5 GFgril 4.7
6 LEX 4.7
7 Zigmund & Shtain 4.7
8 Vitesse 4.6
9 Kitfort 4.5
10 Endever 4.4
11 Redmond 4.3
12 Supra 4.1


Rating: 4.9


Why it is: Combination of high power and attractive design.

Caso is a German manufacturer of household appliances. The company is quite young, its first devices were presented relatively recently, in the 2000s. However, it is still noteworthy, as it combines the famous German approach to quality with the modern design of its products.

Caso ovens do not look like kitchen utensils. Glossy black surfaces, chrome elements, flowing lines – the devices are more like a work of modern art than household appliances. Therefore, they fit perfectly into any kitchen design.

In addition, Caso specializes in highly professional kitchen appliances that can be used in restaurants, and airfryer is no exception. Convection ovens from this manufacturer are distinguished by their increased power (from 1500 W), which makes them perfect for cooking any dishes, including kebabs from very tender and juicy products.


Rating: 4.8


Why it is: Low price and attractive design.

Just like the previous manufacturer on the list, Philips (which, by the way, is also based in Germany) combines advanced functionality with an attractive design in its airfryer. And although her models do not look as futuristic as those designed by Caso, they will still become a real decoration of the kitchen.

It should be noted that the range of Philips airfryer is not so great. At the time of compiling this material (February 2019), the manufacturer supplied only two models to Russia. They differ in power and volume of the bowl – one is focused on infrequent home use, the second belongs to a slightly more professional class.

Designed primarily for home use, these devices support automatic cooking modes. This greatly simplifies the process of use and makes them suitable even for inexperienced users.


Rating: 4.8


Why it is: Large assortment and American production, as well as ease of preparation.

Unlike the previous two manufacturers in the ranking, Hotter, when developing airfryer, focuses not on design, but on practicality. That is why the bowls of its devices are made of transparent glass, so you can independently assess the degree of readiness of the products and, if necessary, interrupt their heat treatment.

In addition, Hotter's assortment includes about a dozen airfryer, including rather highly specialized ones. For example, the Fitness model offers special technologies for steam generation and water spraying to preserve the beneficial qualities of products. The Economy New oven has an adjustable capacity so that it will not waste electricity. And the Classic version is available in two versions – with a removable and a hinged cover, so you can choose the right one for the headset.

Also, this manufacturer boasts a low price for its products.


Rating: 4.7


Why it is: High reliability and durability.

Steba is one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen appliances for the thermal processing of food. Its assortment includes conventional grills, air fryers, sous vids and, of course, airfryer. And the latter are distinguished by maximum functionality, reliability and durability.

The fact is that this manufacturer uses its own technology for the production of heating elements. They are resistant to voltage surges, temperature fluctuations and continuous non-stop use. Thanks to this, a long operating period is achieved, which is confirmed by a long warranty period from the manufacturer.

But the functionality of Steba airfryer is quite standard. Like the other models on the list, they offer delayed start, off timer, multiple automatic cooking programs, keep warm and much, much more.


Rating: 4.7


Why it is: Low price and non-standard design of airfryer.

Convection ovens from the GFgril company differ in a very unusual design. Firstly, they are made in white and purple colors, which is quite unusual for kitchen and household appliances. And secondly, their body is decorated with a floral pattern!

But convection ovens from this manufacturer can boast not only unusual design. They also use the proprietary Rapid Air Circulate System technology, which allows hot air to move quickly both inside and outside the bowl. Thanks to this, dishes are cooked faster, but they retain their juiciness, taste and useful qualities.

Developed in Russia, these devices are adapted to Russian usage patterns. Thus, they remain functional in the event of a voltage drop. And the special geometry with a pull-out bowl allows you not to move the airfryer itself when opening or closing, as well as install it in kitchen sets with a low shelf height.


Rating: 4.7


Why it is: Rich equipment and high reliability.

The European manufacturer of built-in household appliances LEX cannot boast of the same wide range of airfryer as other companies in the ranking. But it offers excellent functionality, reliability and durability of its products! In particular, convection ovens from this company are equipped with two heating elements of different types (halogen and aluminum), as well as a bowl with a high-strength non-stick Daikin coating.

For maximum reliability, these devices are also equipped with a special mechanical control system. As a result, they should not be recommended to novice users, since there are no automatic programs, no on / off timers in LEX equipment.

But convection ovens from this manufacturer also boast a rich set, which includes a grill grate and a mixing module.

Zigmund & Shtain

Rating: 4.7


Why it is: Multifunctionality of manufactured kitchen appliances.

The European company Zigmund & Shtain is not the most famous manufacturer of kitchen and household appliances (and, in particular, airfryer) in the world. But this does not prevent her from releasing quite interesting and multifunctional devices. Convection ovens included in its product range combine the capabilities of an electric fryer, airfryer and other useful kitchen appliances.

Therefore, the technique from this manufacturer can be fully recommended to those users who do not want to 'bother' much with the cooking process and may yield to taste in comparison with the complexity of cooking. However, Zigmund & Shtain's intelligent airfryer programs help preserve the healthy qualities of your food. And also, with the correct use of the capabilities of the convection oven, save and even increase the taste characteristics.

Also, the Zigmund & Shtain technique is distinguished by its high convenience and a relatively low price.


Rating: 4.6


Why him: Large assortment, relatively wide price range, there are budget options.

The Russian-French brand Vitesse offers the widest range of tableware, household and kitchen appliances. And there are also aero grills in his 'portfolio'. Moreover, they are very inexpensive (cheaper than most competitors in the ranking), but at the same time very functional.

Vitesse convection ovens can be recommended to both beginners and experienced housewives. The devices have intelligent cooking programs and a manual mode that allows you to control all operating parameters in detail. In addition, the bowl in which the food is supposed to be placed is made of transparent glass. Through it, the degree of readiness of the food is clearly visible.

The main advantage of Vitesse kitchen appliances is their low price. But it is worth considering that the products of this manufacturer are focused only on home use. Therefore, for example, it has a rather low power and volume of the bowl (however, it can be increased).


Rating: 4.5


Why it is: Large assortment and consistently low prices.

One of the most important advantages of the Russian manufacturer of kitchen appliances Kitfort is the low price of the product. And, of course, on the airfryer. They are cheaper than most competitors, so they are suitable for those users who want to join a healthy diet, but are not ready to spend too much money on modern kitchen appliances.

In addition, the Kitfort model range includes about a dozen airfryer. Thanks to this, there is always a choice – the devices differ not only in power (from 1.3 kW to 1.8 kW) or volume (from 2.2 l to 5.2 l), but also in design and functionality.

The devices are also suitable for novice users – almost all models are preinstalled with intelligent cooking programs. In addition, thanks to modern heating elements, an even temperature distribution is achieved, which is very important for high-quality heat treatment of food.


Rating: 4.4


Why it is: Rich equipment, increased volume of airfryer.

The Russian-Swedish brand Endever produces aerogrills of increased volume and a rich set. Thus, these devices are suitable for kitchen equipment in a large family. For example, the most popular model of the brand – Endever AG-132 – has a bowl working volume of 9 liters! Only a few manufacturers in the ranking can offer devices that can compete with this airfryer.

In addition, thanks to the rich configuration, the airfryer from this manufacturer may well become the only device in the kitchen. In the box, in addition to a large bowl with a durable non-stick coating, there are two grill grates, a roasting spit, meat tongs, a baking dish and much, much more.

And thanks to electronic control and several pre-installed programs, devices from Endever are suitable for very novice users.


Rating: 4.3


Why it is: Low price and unique design of the airfryer.

In the production of its airfryer, the Russian company Redmond has abandoned the traditional design, which implies the installation of a glass or metal bowl. Convection ovens from this brand are not equipped with them at all. It is assumed that the owner of the airfryer will use it together with existing containers for cooking – pots, saucepans, multicooker bowls and so on.

The rejection of the traditional bowl has significantly reduced the cost of airfryer. The devices are sold for significantly less than most competing models. At the same time, the functionality and technical characteristics are quite similar.

In addition, airfryer from the manufacturer Redmond is distinguished by a very large set of delivery (which does not include a bowl), including metal grill grates, silicone rings and mats for sealing, coasters and much more that can be useful in cooking.


Rating: 4.1


Why he: Produces multifunctional devices that can replace several types of kitchen appliances.

Supra offers multifunctional airfryer, which – thanks to unique manufacturing technologies and pre-installed special cooking programs – can replace several types of kitchen appliances at once. Devices from this manufacturer can be used for frying, cooking, roasting, stewing, heating and any other type of thermal processing of products.

So, the design of the airfryer from this manufacturer includes a specially developed convection element, which, if necessary, increases the amount of water vapor in the bowl. This shortens the cooking time of the food and enhances the taste. The bowl of the airfryer, by the way, is made of glass, which simplifies the control over cooking.

It is also worth noting that Supra air grills are cheaper than most competitors in the ranking, but at the same time they are the same functional.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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