12 best LED light bulb manufacturers

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Home LED bulbs are a great alternative to traditional lighting fixtures. They do not flicker, can have different color temperatures, consume a minimum of energy and have a long operating time. But the main thing is to choose the right lamp.

Therefore, we have compiled a rating of the 12 best manufacturers of LED bulbs, whose products are of high reliability and quality.

How to choose an LED bulb

When choosing an LED lamp, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Actual or equivalent power;
  2. Light flow;
  3. Colour temperature;
  4. Color rendering index;
  5. Ripple factor.

The wattage of an LED lamp can be determined virtually or equivalently. The first parameter shows how much electricity the device consumes. It can be very small – literally 6-10 watts, but this should not be confusing. Because LEDs consume a minimum of electric current. For example, a 6-watt LED lamp shines as brightly as a 40-watt incandescent lamp; and a 10-watt LED is like a 60-watt incandescent.

Actually, it is this parameter that can be indicated on the package – 'equivalent to 40 W incandescent lamp', 'equivalent to 60 W incandescent lamp'.

Luminous flux is a parameter that determines the brightness of the light bulb. More objective than actual or equivalent power. LED bulbs with a flux of 400 lumens are similar in brightness to 40-watt incandescent lamps, 600 lumens to 60-watt lamps, and 1000 lumens to 100-watt lamps.

Color temperature is a parameter describing whether the lamp will shine with warm or cold light. So:

  1. Up to 2800 K – 'warm yellow', like old incandescent lamps;
  2. Around 3000K – 'warm white' like modern incandescent lamps;
  3. Around 4000 K – 'neutral white', for kitchens and offices;
  4. Around 5000 K – 'cold white', for utility rooms. It will be uncomfortable in a house with such a lamp, and it also causes severe eye strain.

Color rendering index is an important parameter that determines how much the light from the light bulb will affect the shades of the surrounding objects. It is designated by CRI or Ra characteristics. It is recommended that the color rendering index be at least 80, and preferably 90 or higher.

With a low color rendering index, objects around you will look gray or unnatural yellow, which affects not only the mood, but also the overall level of comfort in the room.

The ripple coefficient indicates the uniformity of the glow. Most good LED bulbs have around 5%. If the ripple factor is more than 35%, it is better not to use such a lamp – it will lead to serious eye strain.

Other characteristics do not have a special effect on the operational parameters. Therefore, you can not consider them – well, or choose LED bulbs based on your wishes and requirements.

Rating of the best manufacturers of LED bulbs

Nomination a place Name of product rating
Best LED Light Bulb Manufacturers 1 Philips 4.9
2 Osram 4.9
3 Gauss 4.8
4 Feron 4.7
5 Camelion 4.6
6 ASD 4.5
7 Navigator 4.5
8 Jazzway 4.4
9 Era 4.4
10 Space 4.3
The best manufacturers of LED smart bulbs 1 Xiaomi 4.9
2 Redmond 4.8

Best LED Light Bulb Manufacturers


Rating: 4.9


Why it is: Proven eye safety and state-of-the-art technology.

Philips is one of the oldest manufacturers of lighting fixtures in general and LED lamps in particular. But its main advantage is the use of the latest technologies. For example, the current product line includes solutions with one-touch switchable luminescence temperature, ultra-budget Essential models for a quick and economical transition to LED devices, and even filament lamps with a transparent glass body, providing uniform angles of incidence of light.

All LED bulbs designed and sold by this company have been laboratory tested to ensure they are safe for eyesight. This is achieved not only due to specially set temperature parameters, but also due to the almost complete absence of flicker – the ripple coefficient, even in ultra-budget models of the Essential series, rarely exceeds 10%.


  • All lamps have passed laboratory tests to demonstrate safe use;
  • Available in switchable color temperature models;
  • There are superbudget solutions.


  • High price for recessed and filament lamps;
  • Narrow angle of light diffusion in budget models.


Rating: 4.9


Why him: One of the largest lighting solutions company.

The German company Osram is one of the largest manufacturers of lighting solutions, not only in the ranking, but in the world as a whole. Thanks to this, it is distinguished by the widest range of LED lamps. Its product range includes classic solutions with a low price and long operating period, signaling devices, filaments, configurations with intelligent functions (for example, automatic transition from warm to cold lighting shades), directional lamps and tubular. Thus, in the assortment you can find products for any of the areas of use.

Devices from this company are distinguished by excellent performance. So, the ripple coefficient even in budget models does not exceed 10-15%, and the color rendering index is usually more than 80. This reduces the load on the eyes.


  • Huge range of solutions for any application;
  • High performance of both budget models and top-end ones;
  • Good economy.


  • 'Intelligent' models for direct connection only, without base. In comparison, the Philips SmartSwitch is equipped with a conventional base;
  • Relatively high price;
  • Sometimes a marriage comes across.


Rating: 4.8


Why it is: Long service life and a warranty period (one of the largest in the rating).

The main advantage of LED lamps is their long service life. The manufacturer claims that for most models it is up to 50 thousand hours, which in terms of everyday use is about 35 years. This is confirmed by a long warranty period – depending on the model, it is equal to 3-7 years.

Most Gauss LED bulbs are focused on producing bright, saturated lighting with a neutral white color. They are distinguished by high brightness – from 900 lumens. At the same time, the current consumption is lower than that of most competitors.

But especially the Gauss product line will appeal to people who want to create a spot lighting system at home or in the office. Signature lamps are distinguished by high-class design – for example, the Antique line is inspired by antique art, Backlight is made in a glass frame that refracts light, and Glass looks modern and will decorate a high-tech interior.


  • A branded line of spotlights with an unusual design;
  • Long operational period and warranty period;
  • Many lamp models with switchable lighting temperature.


  • Relatively high price;
  • Rarely found in offline stores;
  • They work poorly with some switches, including those equipped with dimmers, it is necessary to determine the compatibility.


Rating: 4.7


Why it is: A wide range and a well-developed heat removal system.

One of the main problems with LED bulbs is their high heating during operation. This is due to the characteristics of the LED elements themselves. However, Feron was able to solve this problem thanks to a special design of the radiator – its lamps practically do not heat up during operation. As a result, they are excellent for embedded solutions including spot lighting.

In addition, the range of the company is very large – you can find models of any type for any interior or engineering solution. Including unique ones. For example, the '400' series LED capsule bulbs are perfect for creating directional spot lighting thanks to the led out and visible LED elements. Other companies from the rating either do not present such solutions in principle, or are available in very limited quantities.


  • Bright light with no ripple and excellent color rendering index;
  • Well-designed cooling system;
  • Low power consumption.


  • Low reliability, high rejection rate;
  • Problems with the return under warranty, as there are very few authorized service centers of the company in Russia.


Rating: 4.6


Why him: Many unusual solutions, excellent operating period.

Camelion entered the world's top 7 LED light bulb manufacturers in 2017. This is primarily due to the highest quality products, thanks to which the models of this brand are chosen by millions of people in 90 countries where they are exported. The company also has an excellent assortment of highly unusual solutions.

So, in addition to classic LED lamps of various shapes ('ball', 'candle', 'pear'), filament, reflex, capsule, point, special high-power, linear and 'pygmy', the company's product range includes vintage – filament with an inspired beginning XX century design and yellowish glass, and phytolamps – with non-standard color rendering and designed for highly efficient growing of plants in apartment and greenhouse conditions.

All Camelion LED bulbs have a long actual operating time.


  • Long actual operational period;
  • Bright light without flicker;
  • Low power consumption.


  • Relatively high price;
  • Shorter warranty period than other models in the ranking;
  • Difficult to find on sale.


Rating: 4.5


Why is he: Russian company, therefore the lamps are adapted to the conditions of use in our country.

ASD LED bulbs are developed and manufactured in Russia, therefore they are specially adapted for local power grids – they are able to operate with minor voltage drops in the network and at the same time maintain a long operating period. But the range of solutions is relatively small.

Thus, the company has three model lines of LED lamps – the 'Standard' series with low-cost devices that can replace traditional incandescent devices or be used in built-in lighting systems; tubular T8 for corresponding luminaires, characterized by a high luminous flux and therefore suitable for use in offices, industrial and laboratory premises; and professional PROs with a long service life and the highest luminous flux – for street lighting solutions.


  • High reliability and durability of products;
  • Large assortment of tubular and professional LED lamps;
  • Very low price.


  • Some models have a poorly developed cooling system, which is why they burn out relatively quickly;
  • Relatively high percentage of rejects.

Rating: 4.5


Why it is: Large assortment, free availability (available in almost all stores), many unique solutions.

Navigator is one of the largest manufacturers of LED bulbs in Russia. As a result, its products are readily available – found in almost all consumer electronics stores; differs in a wide range and excellent combination of price and quality. But its main advantage is a large range of specialized lighting devices.

So, in addition to standard and built-in solutions, it has high-power configurations for use in utility rooms and on the street; pigmy models; models with a swivel base; special phytolamps to improve the growth and health of plants grown in apartment and greenhouse conditions; and even solutions for highlighting meat products in shops and supermarkets. There are also decorative ones, with the creation of a dynamic light scene and a three-dimensional multi-layer design – for use in the interiors of various recreation areas.


  • Flicker-free even in budget models;
  • Long actual operational period;
  • Uniform corner lighting.


  • A pulse driver for protection against voltage surges is installed only in expensive models;
  • Noticeable heating of the radiator;
  • Some models have higher power ratings.


Rating: 4.4


Why it is: Low price, there are solutions with increased energy saving.

The main advantage of the Jazzway company is a special series of Eco LED bulbs, which are distinguished by increased energy saving. At an average power of about 5 watts – this is the actual amount of electricity consumed – they provide a luminous flux of about 400 lumens, which is equivalent to a 40-watt incandescent lamp. This is achieved through the use of high quality LED elements from the Taiwanese manufacturer Epistar.

But the company's lineup includes not only solutions with increased energy efficiency. There are dimmable lamps, high power for home and professional use, filament, tubular (T8) and special purpose. The latter include models for refrigerators, for growing plants, configurations for terrace lighting that do not attract insects, and two special versions for sales areas for illuminating display cases with meat and plant products.


  • Many special solutions;
  • Robust, shockproof cases, reliable assembly;
  • Good radiators.


  • Not all models have natural light;
  • Uneven (multi-point) light source;
  • Relatively short warranty period.


Rating: 4.4


Why him: Low price.

Era LED bulbs are among the cheapest in the rating. At the same time, in terms of performance, they are practically not inferior to models from other manufacturers. So, they are distinguished by a long operating period due to the use of materials that dissipate heat well – and therefore do not burn out for several years after installation.

In particular, the base of these lamps is made of thermally conductive ceramics, like traditional incandescent appliances. Radiators that dissipate heat from LED elements and current-carrying paths are aluminum – as expected for effective cooling. The bulb in most models is glass, which provides not only uniform, natural light, but also good heat dissipation.

The range of LED bulbs from the Era company includes several hundred models of various types.


  • Low price (from several tens of rubles at the time of this writing);
  • Large assortment of standard models;
  • Wide availability.


  • Relatively high flicker factor – about 15-20%;
  • Excessive luminous flux;
  • Thin current-carrying paths, due to which the lamp is poorly fixed in the base.


Rating: 4.3


Why it is: Low price, there are solutions for increased efficiency.

Like the previous manufacturer from the rating, Cosmos offers a wide range of ultra-budget LED bulbs at prices starting at a few dozen rubles (at the time of this writing). But its main advantage is the many models designed to further increase efficiency.

A separate series of ultra-efficient LED lamps “Economics” of the company differs in actual energy consumption of about 5 watts, but at the same time creates a luminous flux of 350-400 lumens, which is equivalent to a 40-watt classic incandescent lamp. As a result, solutions from the Cosmos company can be used to create energy-efficient lighting systems for homes, offices, industrial and utility premises.

Of course, the company also has high-performance solutions. And they are also inexpensive.


  • Large assortment of energy efficient lamps;
  • Low price;
  • Wide availability.


  • Not always a good build;
  • A large percentage of defects;
  • Relatively short warranty period.

The best manufacturers of LED smart bulbs


Rating: 4.9


Why it is: Low price, compatibility with proprietary smart home platform.

The main advantage of LED bulbs from a Chinese company Xiaomi is full compatibility with the proprietary smart home platform. To configure the device, you do not need to buy additional hubs and prescribe work algorithms. If the house already has a 'head center' Xiaomi – the light will automatically connect to it.

Yeelight smart LED bulbs Xiaomi are also good as lighting sources. They support over 16 million color tones thanks to RGB LED elements, customizable color temperatures from 1500 to 6500 Kelvin ('dull warm yellow' to 'cool white'), and have a flicker rate of less than 10%.

The lamp supports communication with a smartphone and control via voice assistants Google Assistant and Yandex.Alice (via third-party plugins). You can connect other applications as well – for example, automate through IFTTT.


  • Full integration into the Mi Home system;
  • Wide range of color temperatures and available shades;
  • Extensible functionality through third-party applications.


  • Sometimes the application is unstable;
  • It is difficult to find a model with the right base;
  • Poorly Russified software.


Rating: 4.8


Why it is: Very low price, full remote control support.

The Redmond smart LED light bulb is the cheapest device in its segment. At the time of this writing, it can be purchased for literally a few hundred rubles! At the same time, the device supports fully remote control, as well as automatic switching on and off according to a schedule or by communication with a smartphone.

For fully remote control, the device is equipped with support for the proprietary Ready for Sky technology, which connects all the company's smart appliances into a single home network with Internet access via the Gateway application.

Automatic switching on and off works according to three scenarios. The first is through the application itself. The second is related to the connection between the smartphone and the device: for example, when the owner comes home. The third is on schedule. Another important advantage of the device is that it is equipped with a standard E27 base.


  • Fast and easy connection;
  • Full remote control support;
  • Stable work.


  • The device is large in itself;
  • Plastic case.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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