12 best kneading machines

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Have to knead the dough regularly? Why not lighten imagine the task, speeding up the process with a planetary mixer? Now such devices do not surprise anyone, they can be found in many stores selling household appliances. Moreover, there are models for the home, and appliances for professional use, which are usually purchased for installation in a restaurant. Let’s go get acquainted with those and other devices, with the best of them.

Rating of the best kneading machines

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best dough mixing machines for the home 1 Gastrorag QF-B5 23 831 rub.
2 KitchenAid 5KSM7580XE 62 900 rub.
3 smeg SMF01 49 990 rub.
4 Kitfort KT-1328 14 990 rub.
5 Gemlux GL-SM10GR 15 495 rub.
6 STARWIND SPM7161 / 7167/7169 5 190 rub.
7 VITEK VT-1441 10 189 rub.
8 Aksinya KS-407 5 273 rub.
The best dough mixing machines for restaurants 1 Kocateq TF200 630 600 rub.
2 SINMAG SM 80T 379 785 rub.
3 HURAKAN HKN-30SN 47 440 rub.
4 FIMAR 18 / SN 63,269 rub.

The best dough mixing machines for the home

Gastrorag QF-B5

Rating: 4.9


It is unlikely that anyone needs to knead huge test volumes. This is usually done in three- or five-liter the pan. That’s why most home planetary mixers boasts relatively small sizes. For example, a bowl Gastrorag QF-B5 has a volume of 5 l, it is just so much test this device able to knead at a time. Interestingly, this is quite enough even for some food service outlets.

This item comes with a protective cover made from polycarbonate. Also in the kit are three stirrers – a hook, whisk and flat beater. This set extends the functionality device, allows you to cook from different ingredients.

The body of the machine is made of enameled steel. Gastrorag QF-B5It will look great next to the refrigerator, if it also has standard white color. It’s better to go buy this model on a car. Without her, you won’t take her home, even if the store located just a block away from you. The fact is that weight Kneading machine reaches 17 kg.

The device is equipped with a minimum number of controls. Stronger perhaps the speed controller stands out. Change process The speed is smooth, which is good news. Note that under the body of the product is a 300-watt motor. His power quite enough for kneading most types of dough. But if it becomes too viscous, then the engine will cease to cope. Nothing another and was not expected, it’s a device for home use. It’s only a pity that it can’t be called inexpensive – usually they ask for at least 18 thousand rubles for him.

You can safely say that this is the best planetary mixer among those intended for home use. Used here hinged working head, and replacement of equipment takes a minimum time interval. There are no complaints about the service life either – its long-term quality components provide made from reliable materials.


  • Convenient use;
  • Easy to learn management;
  • Speed ​​adjustment is smooth;
  • Capacious capacity;
  • High-quality protective cover;
  • It is completed with three nozzles;
  • The case is made of enameled steel.


  • High price;
  • The device can not be called light.

KitchenAid 5KSM7580XE

Rating: 4.8


Connoisseurs will immediately name the hallmark of kitchen appliances under Brand KitchenAid. These devices have a unique design, done in retro style. Devices as if came to us from mid 20th century! Unfortunately, this appearance is negative affects the price tag. For example, the mixer we are considering they sell for 80 thousand rubles. In terms of characteristics, the device does not differs from half or even three times less expensive competitors, but Unique design does the trick. Also increased cost caused by a variety of color options – in stores you can find and red, and white, and gray, and black device. And that’s not all scroll!

The device is based on a 500-watt motor. This allows he achieve a very viscous consistency of the test. Also appliance able to boast a stainless steel bowl, volume which is 6.9 liters. Impressive! No wonder that KitchenAid 5KSM7580XE can be seen even in the kitchen relatively small but well-earned restaurants.

Infinitely variable speed control is not implemented here. However on the choice is provided as much as 10 speeds, so worry a lot about this is not necessary. For the manufacture of the case was used metal, which is why the device shines beautifully in solar rays. It is curious that the unit received a socket for connecting additional nozzles.

The main advantage of this mixer is its wide functionality. His I don’t feel like calling it a dough mixer, as the appliance able to solve different problems. Included with it can be found not only hooks for kneading dough, but also a whisk with spatula nozzle. Also, the manufacturer did not forget about the protective cover, saving from flying spray. I am glad that this is far from the most difficult mixer. Its weight does not exceed 13.1 kg, which is quite acceptable for unit with such a bowl.


  • Built-in powerful electric motor;
  • Stylish retro design;
  • A large number of nozzles;
  • Very capacious capacity;
  • The case was made of metal;
  • The bowl is made of stainless steel;
  • There is a jack for connecting additional nozzles;
  • Reliable protective cover;
  • A large number of color options;
  • Easy to learn management.


  • Not implemented smooth speed control;
  • Very high cost;
  • Corollas in some instances are not centered.

smeg SMF01

Rating: 4.8

SMEG SMF01.jpg

Another retro-styled planetary mixer. And his can really be confused with a similar device released sometime in the mid-1960s. Mixer housing The machine is made of cast aluminum. The bowl is made of stainless steel, which makes it almost timeless. By the way, her the volume is 4.8 liters. If at home this will be quite enough, then catering owners are better off think of another mixer. And why spend 55 thousand rubles, overpaying for design if only the cooks see the appliance and waiters?

Any kneading machine must come with several nozzles. Here they are all made of aluminum or stainless become. Their list includes a hook for dough, a whisk for whipping and nozzle for whipping dense products. also in complete with the device has a protective cover. It is thanks to her You will be saved from spray.

In total, the manufacturer offers seven color options for its creations. It seems to us that the instance looks most interesting, painted in blue. But you may have something else in this regard. opinion. To control the mixer is mainly used only mechanical gearshift. It’s a pity, of course, that here realized smooth adjustment. By the way, the rotation of the nozzle provides an 800 watt motor. He can knead very viscous dough. And you would think that such a motor would be very heavy. But no, the scales under smeg SMF01 show 8.5 kg. On the Against the competitors discussed above, this mixer seems extremely easy!

As with most home kneading machines, This model uses a rising head. When is she in the raised position, the rotation of the nozzle is blocked – this makes it shift as safe as possible. The product also boasts smooth start. Residents of the elderly will especially like this. apartments where far from the best electrical wiring is used. Finally, It is impossible not to mention the front port for additional nozzles. In a word, this model came as if from the past, but the insides she has the most modern. 20th century mixers just couldn’t boast of such an arsenal of opportunities that is offered Buyer smeg SMF01.


  • A large number of color options;
  • Capacious bowl;
  • Stylish retro design;
  • The body is made of aluminum;
  • Capacity created from stainless steel;
  • Comes with a reliable and durable protective cover;
  • The kit has a large number of nozzles;
  • A very powerful engine is used;
  • There is a port for additional nozzles;
  • Implemented a smooth start;
  • Easy to learn management.


  • No stepless speed adjustment;
  • Very high cost.

Kitfort KT-1328

Rating: 4.7

KITFORT KT-1328.jpg

Another planetary mixer with rising head and removable a bowl. Unlike the reviewed models, Kitfort KT-1328 It turned out quite light – its weight does not exceed 6.9 kg. Wherein the manufacturer did not create a plastic case; he used metal. The capacity is made of stainless steel. Because of what did the mass of the dough mixer get so small? Really here modest engine installed? No it’s not, its power reaches an impressive 1200 watts. With such a motor you can, it seems, grind nuts.

In fact, we have not found the secret of low weight. What, let it remain a secret. Let’s talk about the rest device specifications. To begin with, what the device offers pulse mode of operation. This allows you to mix any products even very solid. However, basically this model was created to work with the test. This is evidenced by a kit including matching hooks and a whisk for whipping. Also in box a plastic spatula, an egg separator and nozzle for mixing.

The main distinguishing feature of this mixer is the display with touch buttons. Of course, not everyone will like this management, but in the modern world one needs to get used to it for a long time. With help The buttons here select one of eight speed modes. Yes, smooth adjustment here is not observed that someone saddened. But it was due to this that the manufacturer managed to save by reducing device cost. As for the display, it does not display only the number of the selected mode, but also a reverse report until completion kneading process.

Otherwise, Kitfort KT-1328 is not too different from other similar devices intended for home use. It has a protective cover that protects against splashes. Well, the length of the cable used here barely reaches one meter. In a word, everything is familiar – do not think that more expensive planetary mixers have a genuine wire.


  • A large number of nozzles;
  • Decent capacity of the bowl;
  • The body is made of metal;
  • A very powerful motor is built in;
  • Capacity created from stainless steel;
  • There is a protective cover;
  • Implemented a countdown timer.


  • I would like a longer network cable;
  • Speed ​​adjustment is stepwise.

Gemlux GL-SM10GR

Rating: 4.7


One of the simplest planetary mixers in our selection. However, it fully meets the requirements of many buyers. IN in particular, a rare person will be able to complain about insufficient power, because the work of the device provides a 1500-watt motor. Well, the pulse mode allows you to cope not only with mixing test, but also with the solution of more complex problems.

Despite its relatively low cost, the dough mixer the machine is capable of boasting quality materials, of which it is made. You think the case was made of plastic, silver colored? No way, the manufacturer used metal. Even the bowl located here is made of of stainless steel. By the way, its volume is exactly 10 liters. To many such capacity will seem too large to people, because because of it the device takes up too much space. This is really a problem. That is why we recommend Gemlux GL-SM10GR exclusively owners of relatively small bakeries, but it’s better for a home choose a more compact device.

It is curious that the dimensions did not particularly affect the weight – there are much heavier specimens. Although easy given the model still cannot be called – 11.7 kg do not allow this. As for the kit, it includes three nozzles. Besides the hook for kneading dough and a whisk for whipping, without which does not cost a single similar device, it is a flat beater. also in You will find a protective cover in the box with the device. Where without her?

It remains to add that the kneading machine received the simplest control Panel. You will mainly use the regulator speed. There is also an LCD display. It displays the timer, which can be maximally started for 20 minutes. Be sure to check it on the first day after purchase! The thing is that there are reviews on the network that say that the car disconnects earlier than it should, immediately tilting its head, does not pleased with the finished test. In this case, it is better to return the goods to store, getting your money back.


  • Very high engine power;
  • The bowl is made of stainless steel;
  • The case was made of metal;
  • There is a timer;
  • Pulse mode available;
  • All the necessary nozzles are present;
  • The protective cover is not forgotten;
  • Huge bowl capacity.


  • Very high noise level;
  • Takes up a lot of space;
  • Only six speeds;
  • There are problems with electronic “brains”.

STARWIND SPM7161 / 7167/7169

Rating: 4.6

STARWIND SPM7161 7167 7169.jpg

These three models in fact differ from each other only in color corps. The modification with beige color can be considered universal, whereas blue and green options are great for the role a gift. And it will not be the most expensive gift, because for this the mixer is asked for about 8 thousand rubles, and sometimes noticeably smaller.

The creators of this device have tried to ensure that their the creation was like mixers from the middle of the last century. However, when close acquaintance such an impression disappears. This is due to that the case of the device is made of plastic. But this model is all can still be called pretty, even if she is not capable of beautiful reflect light.

On the side of the device is a regulator that provides a choice of six speeds. Sorry, but about no smooth change speed is out of the question. If we talk about the engine, then he is the best experience, because its power is 1600 Tue However, is this too much? Will it make you worry about increased electricity bills? To this question, everyone must answer on my own. We only note that the mixer is still and has a pulsed mode of operation, in connection with which he must deal with absolutely any ingredients.

If the body of the kneading machine is made of plastic, then the bowl – from stainless steel. It allows her not to be afraid of damage, yes and she looks very impressive. The capacity is 5.5 l, which is enough in the vast majority of cases.

Complete with STARWIND SPM7161 and two other models Three nozzles are delivered. Among them there is absolutely everything you need for kneading the dough and solving some other similar problems. It’s a pity that they are made of not the strongest materials – with Careless use of the nozzle may result in damage to the nozzle. And the kneading machine has a protective cover, which saves the user from possible splashes.


  • Large volume of the bowl;
  • The capacity was created from stainless steel;
  • All the necessary nozzles are present;
  • Very low cost;
  • Pulse mode of operation;
  • A very powerful motor is built in;
  • There is a protective cover for the bowl;
  • Easy to learn management.


  • The case is made of plastic;
  • Nozzles do not seem reliable;
  • Only six speeds;
  • Due to the light weight, vibrations can occur.


Rating: 4.5

VITEK VT-1441.jpg

Usually planetary mixers have silver, blue or some red color. But VITEK VT-1441 has a case black color. This will immediately scare away some buyers from him, tending not to put devices with such a color in the kitchen. Also may confuse the materials of which this device is made. AND it’s not even a plastic case. What is inside if the weight mixer was only 3 kg? Due to underweight device can vibrate too much, especially when the dough has become quite viscous.

This model comes with a five liter bowl created from of stainless steel. She is very reliable, she can be safely dishwasher safe. Before activating the dough mixer it is necessary to cover the bowl, protecting yourself from possible splashes. AND do not forget to connect the device to the mains using meter cord.

On the side of the device are one button and six position speed controller. Stepless adjustment there is no speed limit here, but you don’t try to get it from mixer, the cost of which is equal to only six thousand rubles. We draw your attention to the fact that the manufacturer recommends keeping mixer turned on for no more than ten minutes. Next you need to give him rest for at least half an hour. In this regard, VITEK VT-1441 certainly not satisfied with the owners of bakeries and catering outlets. Perhaps it was worth installing a motor here, whose power Still less than 1400 watts, not suffering from overheating?

It remains to add that this mixer comes with three nozzles. You can guess about two of them yourself – these are hooks for kneading dough and whisk for whipping. As for the third, then in its quality is a nozzle for making mashed potatoes, which somewhat unexpectedly.

After receiving the goods, try it in every possible way. The fact is that some buyers got a marriage: the nimbus of their copy scratched a bowl.


  • Very low cost;
  • Large capacity of the bowl;
  • A decent number of nozzles;
  • The bowl is made of stainless steel;
  • The protective cover is not forgotten.


  • Small hole for ingredients;
  • Long work is not possible due to possible overheating;
  • Only six speeds;
  • The case is made of plastic;
  • I would like to get a more weighty device.

Aksinya KS-407

Rating: 4.4

AKSINYA KS-407.jpg

The cheapest representative of our rating. Buy this mixer You can just 5 thousand rubles. Moreover, he will be almost perfect to cope with their main task. His flaws will be catch your eye only if you start kneading the dough almost every day. I must admit that for this regular use of the device is not suitable.

The case of this model is made of plastic. But only partially. There are also metal inserts that make dough mixing the car is much prettier. As for the bowl, then it made of stainless steel, which can not but rejoice. Her the volume is 5 liters. This is enough to knead a very large portion of the dough. In short, the mixer will definitely arrange a family of three or four people who decided to eat independently cobbled together dumplings. By the way, the bowl is supplemented with a protective cover, so spray can be forgotten.

Inside this unit is an electric motor with power 1200 watts He even copes with a very viscous test, although for miracles hope is not worth it. On the side panel of the device is a simple a regulator by which one of six speeds is selected. Well, the work with ingredients is carried out using any nozzle. In the box with the mixer you will find bitter, hooks for kneading dough and, of course, a whisk for whipping. A scapula may also be useful, with which manual mixing is carried out. It should be noted that she made of plastic. Not the best choice, many buyers I would like to get an accessory made of silicone.


  • Nice design;
  • The bowl is made of stainless steel;
  • A decent amount of capacity;
  • Easy to learn management;
  • All the most necessary nozzles are present;
  • The protective cover is not forgotten;
  • Very low cost.


  • Some specimens suffer from a defective motor;
  • Only six speeds;
  • Continuous work is not recommended.

The best dough mixing machines for restaurants

Kocateq TF200

Rating: 4.9


This is a real workhorse, able to work tirelessly at least around the clock. This is partly why cost Kneading machine reaches 600 thousand rubles. Also price tag due to the huge size, thanks to which you can establish cooking many tons of yeast dough. Body of this unit created from enameled steel sheet. As for the rest structural elements, then for their production was used stainless steel. The choice of such materials positively affected longevity. Well, no one talks about weight with such dimensions of the device I thought. As a result, the mass was 775 kg, if and packaging. Yes, delivery and installation of this “colossus” will require use of special equipment.

It’s easy to guess that such a kneading machine will need three-phase power supply network. But how else, if the device consumes 10 kW? Such energy costs are needed by the creation of a South Korean company for simultaneous preparation of 75 kg of dough. Interesting that for kneading uses only two speeds. And this is the case when they are enough, because nothing but a test device will not cook, while in household planetary mixers put and other ingredients.

The deja located here has a 200 liter capacity. She is fixed, but this does not seem to be any problem. Much more important the fact that the kneading machine received adjustable legs, allowing to achieve an even location on the floor. Also Kocateq TF200 differs from many competitors in the reduced noise level. The loading of ingredients here is carried out right at the time of work – stopping the batch is not necessary. This is what allows you to get huge amounts of dough per day, which will then go to cooking bakery products. In total, the unit uses two motor protected against overload. If the grill to load ingredients is raised, then the rotation is automatically blocked – this protects the employee from injury. Finally, it can be noted the presence of an emergency stop button. Although practice shows that she’s not at all useful.


  • Adjustable legs are used;
  • Tremendous power;
  • Built-in two motors with protective interlock;
  • Loading ingredients does not require a batch stop;
  • There is an emergency stop button;
  • A huge volume of bowl;
  • When creating used strong steel.


  • Installation will be very difficult;
  • Astronomical price tag.


Rating: 4.8


This professional dough mixer makes cooking product by simultaneous rotation of the spiral and the bowl. For this purpose the device is equipped with two engines. Also included in the SINMAG SM 80T included a timer and an electromechanical panel.

Unlike the model considered above, for this kneading 500 thousand rubles are asked for a car, and sometimes a little less. Although you can’t not to admit that this amount may turn out to be too heavy for a small business. But the owners of large supermarket chains and enterprises, massively preparing bakery products should be no problem afford such an acquisition. It significantly increases the volume a lump of cooked dough, which cannot but please the life of such a device.

Taiwanese manufacturer equipped its creation with a 140-liter deja. As a result, 80 kg of yeast can be created here. test. In total, the dough mixer offers two speeds of rotation spirals – it can be 125 and 250 rpm. As for the bowl, then it rotates strictly at a speed of 17.2 rpm. Total kneading machine is ready take 50 kg of flour. In a word, the characteristics are impressive!

Despite its large size (dough mixer can be compared with two refrigerated chambers), SINMAG SM 80T consumes only 5.25 kW. Be that as it may, the instrument requires a three-phase network with a voltage of 380 V. However, which plant food production can do without such electrical wiring? As for the weight of the kneading machine, he is 385 kg. Another case when without a forklift is not get along.


  • Huge spaciousness;
  • Two rotational speeds are available;
  • There is not only manual, but also automatic operation;
  • Many remedies;
  • The case, spiral and bowl are made of quality steel.


  • Astronomical price tag;
  • The device cannot be called light;
  • Warranty period is only 6 months.


Rating: 4.8


This mixer operator is designed for a relatively small an enterprise engaged in baking pies, rolls and other similar products. The dimensions of the device are 445x730x860 mm. Him even a three-phase power supply is not required, since inside it a motor with a power of not more than 1.5 kW is used! However, all this is not means that transportation and installation of the device will not cause no problem. The fact is that its mass reaches 102 kg. it about two washing machines!

HURAKAN HKN-30SN has a fixed bowl. For her manufacture used stainless steel. From her all nozzles were created. As for the case, it is made of gray painted metal. It is due to this that the device able to boast a modern look.

Returning to the bowl, its volume is 30 liters. Her speed rotation is fixed at 20 rpm. Choose not offered and nozzle rotation speed – it is 207 rpm. The maximum dough mixing machine is able to provide 12 kg finished dough. It doesn’t seem like that much. But only on Against the background of the brothers described above, for whom they ask for an incredible amount. As for the HURAKAN HKN-30SN, this device is estimated at 52 thousand. rubles.


  • Simple electromechanical control system;
  • Not the largest dimensions and weight;
  • The body, bowl and nozzles are made of quality material;
  • Good roominess;
  • A standard 220 V electrical network is required;
  • Cost can not be called high.


  • Only one speed;
  • Quickly dusty.


Rating: 4.7

FIMAR 18SN.jpg

Another professional mixer operator with an adequate price. Dimensions This appliance is 390x670x600 mm. If you do not take into account packaging, the weight of this model is 57 kg. Such parameters allowed the Italian manufacturer to supply his creation only 22 liter bowl. She’s here, by the way, is non-removable, but nothing else was expected at its size.

The kneading machine can cook 18 kg at a time test, which can be considered a very good result. If talk about the time period, then every hour FIMAR 18 / SN issues 54 kg of dough. Of course, not about any tons of finished products per day there is no question here, but the above result should enough for many small bakeries.

The case of this model is made of steel, coated resistant to mechanical impact of paint. The appearance of the mixer in general can be called very modern. If we talk about deja, then for Its manufacture used stainless steel. From the same material made spiral and dough bar. And only protective cover made of smoky polycarbonate. In part it is because of it that the FIMAR 18 / SN is a bit lighter than the competition.

Despite a modest power of 0.75 kW, the device requires a voltage of 380 V. And, as you could already guess this dough mixer offers only one speed. But for the extra cost you can order from manufacturer adding a second speed. Also optional options here are motor overload protection, timer (can be digital or mechanical), mesh cover from stainless steel and a set of wheels. Also some online stores offer to buy FIMAR 18 / SN along with low trolley on wheels, which should simplify the transportation of the dough mixer to the place of its installation.


  • Great performance
  • The bowl is made of stainless steel;
  • Not very large sizes and weight;
  • There are all sorts of additional options;
  • Low power consumption;
  • The most simplified management;
  • Not a very high cost.


  • By default, it has only one speed;
  • It can quickly become dusty;
  • Requires a three-phase power supply network;
  • The standard version does not have a timer.


This is the list of the best kneading machines among existing in this moment. These devices are useful to everyone who is going to establish small bakery business. However, some of the cars examined have a low price tag, so their You can buy for the sake of using at home.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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