12 best factories of cabinet furniture in Russia

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

We all try to surround ourselves not only with comfortable household items. A beautiful environment brings a sea of ​​positive emotions and positiveness into our life. At first glance, choosing furniture is very simple. First of all, you pay attention to two criteria: appearance and cost. But very often, after operation, you come across the fact that the furniture does not fit into the overall stylistic composition or, even worse, “is falling apart right before our eyes.”

In order not to get into such a situation, it is necessary to choose goods from trusted and well-known manufacturers who have established themselves as reliable suppliers of quality products. There are many factories in Russia today. Some have a long history of existence, some are newcomers to the market. Who is really the leader, and their products are not inferior to European brands?

Our experts will answer this question. The article presents 12 factories of cabinet furniture, which are recognized as the best Russian manufacturers. They have repeatedly become laurets not only of national awards, but also deserved higher international awards. The quality of the products has been tested by independent organizations, as well as the long-term use in everyday life. The survey included those companies that received the most votes from ordinary buyers and experts in the furniture industry.

Rating of the best factories of cabinet furniture in Russia

Nomination a place Factory rating
Rating of the best factories of cabinet furniture in Russia 1 Shatura-Furniture 5.0
2 Maria 4.9
3 Lapis lazuli 4.8
4 Katyusha 4.7
5 Union-furniture 4.6
6 Furniture Holding 4.5
7 Stolplite 4.4
9 Evanty 4.2
10 LOTUS 4.1
11 Electrogorskmebel 4.0
12 Glazovskaya furniture factory 3.9


Rating: 5.0


In the first place is the factory, which is in the lead in many ratings. It is recognized as the most recognizable brand, and its network is the most extensive. The company with 55 years of history is the undoubted leader in the cabinet furniture market. Its range includes models of various price segments. Regardless of the cost, the quality meets European standards and is confirmed by certificates and victories in competitions and exhibitions.

High-tech equipment with German equipment makes it possible to reduce the occurrence of defects to zero. Italian fittings and components make the products practical and durable. Designers are constantly updating collections, and designers make sure that furniture delights with the convenience of form and functionality for a long period of time. Chipboards are coated with a special varnish that makes them resistant to moisture, abrasion and mechanical shock.

In 600 salons across the country, there are competent employees who will help you choose a headset according to the client's preferences, as well as make visualization in a 3D program for a better understanding of the final result. The factory constantly holds promotions and gives its customers discounts that reach 70% of the original price. Cooperation with banks has led to lucrative offers of interest-free installments with no down payment.


Rating: 4.9


The silver medalist is a dynamically developing company that was opened in 1999 in Saratov. Then the factory area was 9000 square meters. m. Today 300 brand showrooms are located in 165 cities of the country, and production facilities are located on 100 thousand square meters. m. 'Maria' has repeatedly become a laureate of prestigious awards. In 2015, it was included in the Forbes rating as the most profitable franchise in Russia. The famous actor Gerard Depardieu took part in one of the advertising campaigns.

The main specialization is kitchens. Also today, bathroom furniture is widely represented. The factory's products are distinguished by their original design. Advanced technologies combined with innovative materials make furniture not only of high quality, but the most functional and stylish. The main focus is on ecological raw materials. The production is equipped with European equipment, which is used by only a few enterprises in our country.

In the catalog you can find classic, modern, neoclassical cuisine. All products are guaranteed for 10 years. The lineup is constantly being updated. The world's leading furniture designers are involved in cooperation. Many buyers note that they have not seen such a well-organized work with clients in any other company. Communication can take place online. Finished design projects are sent via email.

Lapis lazuli

Rating: 4.8

Lapis lazuli

The third line is occupied by the factory, which started its activity from a small enterprise in Kaliningrad, and today has grown to a furniture concern, whose products are sold in many large cities and small cities of Russia. Her cabinet furniture is recognizable among other brands. This is the merit of a group of designers who, from the very opening, began to use unusual and original decor elements and materials.

Production takes place on the latest assembly lines. The fittings are supplied from Germany. All materials comply with quality and safety standards. Children's rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, hallways can be designed in the same classic or modern style, as well as in the same color scheme and design. The facades can be chosen both matte and glossy. Rattan or bamboo inserts are often used to decorate them.

Many consumers have already been able to see the excellent quality of the products of the Lazurit factory. Prices are for the average consumer. But during sales and promotions, even with a modest budget, you can stylishly and inexpensively furnish the entire apartment. All conditions have been created in the network of salons so that every client does not leave without a purchase. If there is a shortage of funds, if desired, you can arrange an installment plan for up to 4 years without an initial payment and overpayments on the loan.


Rating: 4.7


The fourth prize-winner is a furniture concern from Bryansk, which has been developing and creating functional and comfortable cabinet furniture for more than 9 decades. He owns the famous brands 'Dyatkovo' and dmi. The main advantage is a complete, integrated production cycle. That is, the factory uses exclusively its own materials and components. It is the largest supplier of laminated chipboard and chipboard, film for lamination, decorative paper in our country.

Control is carried out at all stages, from the purchase of raw materials to the sale of finished furniture. Such a system allows you to completely eliminate the appearance of defects and guarantees a long service life. The company was the first to introduce advanced technologies, and the result was not long in coming. The catalog pleases customers with different preferences. Even the traditional classics have their own design features. It is for original ideas that many buyers of cabinet furniture turn to.

The high quality of the products was appreciated not only by customers. “Katyusha” has many awards and prizes and is not going to stop there. The expansion of the retail network proves once again that, despite the crises and tough competition in the market, the concern maintains its leading position and constantly improves the quality of its products.


Rating: 4.6


Fifth place is given to the brand, whose products are in demand among buyers due to their high quality and affordable prices. The federal chain of stores covers more than fifty cities in the country. The assortment is wide and varied. These are ready-made hallways, kitchens, nurseries, living rooms, as well as modular systems from which you can assemble a set exactly to the size of the room. The catalog contains mirrors, chests of drawers, swing and sliding wardrobes, racks, hangers, shelves, computer desks and desks.

Customers are also pleased with a different range of colors, from white to intensely dark, as well as the use of laminated chipboard and MDF with a thickness of 10, 16, 19, 22 mm. There are enough style directions to install furniture in the created interior, decorated in classic, modern, loft or hi-tech. Thanks to the automation of production with German equipment, the appearance of defects and rejects is minimized. The service life is ensured by reliable fittings of domestic brands.

Our own logistics center allows you to strictly comply with the terms of the contract Purchased furniture is delivered on time. There are no complaints about quality. The manufacturer's warranty period is 18 months. After many years of operation, the coating of the facades is not erased, no dents are formed, the color brightness remains the same. Hinges and handles also retain their consumer properties to the maximum.

Furniture Holding

Rating: 4.5

Furniture Holding

On the sixth line is a Moscow factory with a 20-year history, which is actively expanding production and cities where salons are opened and finished products are sold. It offers furniture of various price categories, made of laminated chipboard, MDF and natural wood. 5 years ago, a new line was launched, in which premium products are presented. The main share of their production is manual labor, so each created piece of furniture has an exclusive design and, accordingly, a high cost.

The price list contains over 700 thousand items. The main part is made according to non-standard sketches. Design solutions are varied: these are classics with patinated facades or modern options for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways. All products comply with GOST and are absolutely safe for human health. Sale of cabinet furniture is carried out not only through showrooms. More than 100,000 people annually purchase the products of the factory in 500 dealer online stores and on the corporate online platform.

High-tech production allows the production of products in the shortest possible time, so customers quickly receive their order, which, according to the contractual terms, is not only delivered to the address, but immediately rises to the floor, and is assembled and installed.


Rating: 4.4


The seventh nominee offers over 15,000 home and office products to customers. The brand was registered in 1999 in Moscow and today is widely known to customers in all regions of the Russian Federation. More than 2000 stores have been opened in the country. High-tech equipment makes it possible in a short time to produce products that correspond to fashion trends and take into account all conditions for human comfort.

The company, thanks to large volumes, was able to set a low price level, which does not affect quality at all. The range includes budget models with laminated chipboard facades, you can also choose more expensive MDF cabinet furniture. Ready-made kitchen sets, hallways, living rooms and children's rooms, which differ in their affordable promotional cost, are constantly becoming the sales leaders.

If you wish, you can furnish the apartment with modular elements in the same style. The color scheme is very diverse. Designers try to cover different styles that are most in demand in a particular season. Timeless classics are always present in the catalog, so that conservative buyers will always find products according to their preferences. Young people will love the modern furniture with original decor. Well, children will be satisfied with comfortable, functional beds, dressers and desks with bright accents.


Rating: 4.3


The factory, which took the eighth place, has been offering high-quality furniture for hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, offices for more than 50 years. The secret of customer success lies in the fact that the models are developed by Italian designers. Interior furniture looks aristocratic and luxurious. No 'flashy' elements, just smooth lines and noble decor. The company specializes in two areas: classics and neoclassics.

In the production they use solid wood and veneer of valuable wood, exquisite fittings. When decorating, artistic painting, carved elements, gold leaf are used. It is done entirely by hand. The harmonious combination of all materials allows even the most demanding customers to choose a set according to their taste. In addition to the stylish exterior design, the furniture is of impeccable quality, thanks to which Miassmebel constantly becomes the winner of many prestigious exhibitions and competitions.

Premium goods are available to people with above average incomes. But even if you have a smaller budget, you can always contact the banks, or wait for the next promotional offer. Factory offices are located in dozens of cities in Russia. Direct deliveries allow you to deliver furniture in the shortest possible time. Customers never have complaints about the service.


Rating: 4.2


On the ninth line is a company whose philosophy is based on creating a comfortable home for each client. It was opened in 2000. The equipment was purchased from leading firms in Japan, Italy and Germany. The design team focuses on European fashion, so modern models that correspond to the latest trends go on sale. The collections feature furniture of different styles, thanks to which there will definitely be a suitable setting for any created interior.

For particularly discerning buyers, an individual order is available. Elite designer furniture will differ from other products and delight the owners with its originality. Main specialization: bedrooms, dining groups, sideboards, banquets, wardrobes, dressers, mirrors, sideboards. Production is automated. Despite the use of manual labor when decorating, the production time is not delayed. Deliveries are made to any region of Russia. You can make an order both in company stores and through the official website.

The assortment is regularly updated with new models. Feedback from regular and new customers speaks of the impeccable quality of the cabinet furniture. High marks were given to the professionalism of the employees and the work of the logistics center. All competitive advantages allow the factory to be in the TOP-best furniture companies in the country.


Rating: 4.1


The tenth place goes to the factory, which began its activities in 1998. Today, the quality of its products can be appreciated not only by buyers from our country, but also from neighboring countries. Continuous control, automated Italian lines, modern fittings and original design and construction solutions – all this has led to constant success, and the popularity of the company is growing every year.

A quality service has been created at Lotus, which controls all stages of production. Employees take part in control assemblies, test the strength and durability of hinges, handles, locks, guides, shelf holders. This approach brings tangible results: furniture is delivered to buyers with the absence of even the smallest, invisible defects, which becomes a decoration of the entire interior.

The catalog contains furnishings for the bedroom and living room. There are collections in the classic style, there are in the modern. The purchase is carried out in any convenient way: in showrooms, on the website, through dealer online stores. For the benefit of buyers, promotional and discount programs are constantly being developed, therefore, during this period, stylish furniture can be purchased at quite reasonable prices.


Rating: 4.0


On the eleventh line is a furniture corporation, which occupies a leading position in the Russian market. Its products are presented in 70 regions of the country and neighboring countries. It will soon be half a century since the factory launched the first line for the production of inexpensive but high-quality products. Today the range includes kitchens, hallways, nurseries, bedrooms, dining groups, modular units. There is a separate workshop for the production of office furniture and goods according to individual sketches.

The concern includes a wood processing enterprise. Therefore, chipboard and chipboard are not purchased from third-party suppliers, but are part of a continuous work cycle. All raw materials comply with environmental safety regulations. Inexpensive but reliable fittings serve for a long time, which is confirmed by experimental tests after the development of each new model.

The design is presented in both classic and modern style. The factory offers a wide range of colors. Continuous modernization of production eliminates waste when sawing and edging. Fast delivery allows you to enjoy a new environment, the purchase of which does not greatly affect the family budget. Customers note the maximum functionality of the furniture. This is a combination of open and closed modules, comfortable headboards, the ability to install doors on both sides.

Glazovskaya furniture factory

Rating: 3.9

Glazovskaya furniture factory

The twelfth place was given to a company that has been on the furniture market since 1934. Its products are presented in many cities of Russia. Extensive work experience has led to natural results. Cabinet furniture looks stylish and modern, and its high quality guarantees a long service life. The reasons for the success are several factors: professional management, European equipment, competent personnel, environmentally friendly raw materials and reliable materials.

Developers are betting on modularity. Thanks to the large assortment, you can combine according to any desire and preference and create cozy furniture systems that are most convenient and comfortable for a particular buyer. The catalog includes beds, wardrobes, dressers, ready-made nurseries, walls, bedrooms, kitchens. A wide range of colors will allow you to choose a headset for any interior.

Customers often, having bought the product of this manufacturer for the first time, come back again. Multifunctionality, creativity and thoughtfulness of designs attract the attention of people with small and middle income. Ease of assembly and detailed instructions allow you to independently assemble the delivered order. If you have not yet decided what kind of furniture will be in the room, then you can use the 3D program on the official website and navigate through the large assortment of manufactured furniture.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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