12 best cyclone vacuum cleaners

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective, does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Vacuum cleaners with a cyclone filter have replaced less technologically advanced bag models. Thanks to the fact that the designers managed to minimize the gap between the suction pipe and the cyclone cover, the return flow of dust into the air was significantly reduced, and the cleaning process itself became much more comfortable. Moreover, it became possible to increase performance indicators, and the process of cleaning the container from dust was simplified several times.

The editorial staff of the magazine, together with the team https://rankquality.com/, studied the situation on the domestic market of household appliances and made their own rating of the 12 best vacuum cleaners with a cyclone filter. The criteria for selecting goods for the final list were:

  1. suction power and energy consumption;
  2. container capacity for collecting dust, as well as its technical design;
  3. the presence of filters and other structural elements that improve the quality of cleaning;
  4. cost indicators;
  5. user reviews and opinions of in-house experts.

Rating of the best vacuum cleaners with a cyclone filter

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best vacuum cleaners with a cyclone filter 1 Philips FC9733 PowerPro Expert RUB 12 300
2 Miele SKRR3 Blizzard CX1 RUB 21,900
3 Philips FC9911 PowerPro Ultimate RUB 12 638
4 Thomas drybox RUB 13,199
5 Tefal TW7621 RUB 15,065
6 Electrolux ZSPC 2010 RUB 12,590
7 ARNICA Tesla RUB 10,865
8 LG VK89682HU RUB 8,990
9 Bosch BGC 4U2230 RUB 9,990
10 KARCHER VC 3 Premium RUB 8,991
11 LG VK89380NSP RUB 6,760
12 Samsung VCC885FH3R / XEV RUB 6,280

Philips FC9733 PowerPro Expert

Rating: 4.9


The vacuum cleaner that has earned the highest ratings from consumers. With a power consumption of 2100 W, it develops up to 420 W of suction power, and allows you to finely change it using a regulator on the body. The 2 liter container with cyclone filter has a very successful configuration, which takes longer to fill than competitors.

In addition, Philips FC9733 PowerPro Expert is equipped with a special anti-allergy filter developed by Philips as an alternative to HEPA. We also note the availability of the improved TriActive + brushes for carpets and standard flooring, as well as DiamondFlex for delicate cleaning of parquet. In fact, the FC9733 PowerPro Expert can only be complained about for one thing: the high noise level during operation, amounting to 79 decibels. However, the presence of a power regulator saves the situation, because at any time you can change the intensity.


  • user choice;
  • excellent build quality;
  • high power of work and the possibility of its regulation;
  • improved brushes for carpets and parquet;
  • special anti-allergenic filter


  • not found.

Miele SKRR3 Blizzard CX1

Rating: 4.8


The unit with an aquafilter for dry cleaning, the power of which is 1100 watts. It is characterized by a high suction rate due to the built-in Vortex technology. A gyroscope placed in a vacuum cleaner creates the effect of an artificial tornado and allows the suction power to be maintained throughout several cleanings. The model is equipped with a power regulator on the case, as well as a dust container full indicator.

The Miele SKRR3 Blizzard CX1 comes with 4 nozzles: for collecting dust, narrow crevice, combined, special for cleaning furniture. The device has an integrated High Efficiency Particulate Absorption filtration system, with the help of which even fine dust is captured. The length of the power cord of this vacuum cleaner is 6.5 meters, and when the telescopic suction tube is extended, the radius of action reaches 10.2 meters in total. The cyclone container for collecting dust has a volume of 2 liters. The total weight of the device is 6.5 kilograms – a bit too much, but the presence of wheels significantly increases the comfort when moving. The acoustic noise level is average – 76 decibels.


  • the presence of a power regulator and Vortex system;
  • mobility and mobility thanks to convenient castors;
  • 4 brushes included;
  • fine filter.


  • high price.

Philips FC9911 PowerPro Ultimate

Rating: 4.7


The futuristic design of the Philips FC9911 PowerPro Ultimate is designed to highlight the outstanding performance that this vacuum cleaner was given during the design process. Its power consumption is 2200 W, while the suction power is at 440 W.

The design of the vacuum cleaner includes several air filters at once: HEPA 13 with anti-allergenic protection, as well as a fine filter that catches the smallest dust. It is also worth noting the Power Cyclone 7 function: it allows you to reduce the air flow resistance, due to which the suction intensity of the device is increased by 60% compared to previous models of cyclone vacuum cleaners. At the same time, the cost of the Philips FC9911 PowerPro Ultimate is about 30% lower than the price of the Miele SKRR3 Blizzard CX1. And the noise level is at about the same level.


  • high suction power;
  • the presence of two filters in the vacuum cleaner system;
  • great design;
  • stable performance even after several cleanings;
  • quite lightweight and mobile model.


  • not found.

Thomas drybox

Rating: 4.7


Thomas DryBox focuses on a distinctive appearance with improved cleaning performance. A cyclone vacuum cleaner consumes about 1700 watts of energy and produces about 300-350 watts of suction power. At the same time, there is a regulator on its body, thanks to which you can adjust the intensity of work and reduce noise.

Even for a dry cleaner, the Thomas DryBox has more than enough special features. For example, its container has chambers for separate collection of coarse and fine waste. Screening occurs through the communication of these compartments with each other. This filtration approach allows people who are allergic to dust to use the vacuum cleaner. Of the rest of the design nuances, it should be noted the presence of a soft bumper, the possibility of vertical parking and 3 attachments included.


  • container with separation of fractions of garbage and dust;
  • the presence of a soft bumper;
  • pleasant appearance;
  • sufficiently high suction power with a regulator on the body.


  • the split container is difficult to clean.

Tefal TW7621

Rating: 4.6

TEFAL TW7621.jpg

It is impossible to do without the ideas of Tefal, as the advertisement of the same name says. We will readily agree with this argument in the case of the TW7621 cyclone vacuum cleaner. Among its characteristic features stands out ultra-low power consumption (750 W), in which the suction power remains at the level of 250-300 W. Yes, in the course of work, situations arise when the fullness of the cyclone reduces the cleaning efficiency, but the very fact that the vacuum cleaner is capable of doing this indicates a good design basis.

The capacity of the Tefal TW7621 container is 2.5 liters. There is a fine filter in the air exhaust system without installing standard HEPA – people with dust allergies should be careful. The range of the vacuum cleaner is 11 meters, and this is another plus for the model. We also note the level of operating noise, not exceeding 67 decibels, but this is the norm for low-power vacuum cleaners.


  • high efficiency at low power;
  • large radius of action;
  • 4 nozzles included;
  • spacious cyclone dust collector;
  • nice design.


  • not suitable for people with dust allergies;
  • the resource of the motor is not large enough.

Electrolux ZSPC 2010

Rating: 4.5

Electrolux ZSPC 2010.jpg

Another device with a futuristic design that emphasizes all working features and build class. The power consumption of Electrolux ZSPC 2010 is 2000 W, at which the suction power reaches 380 W. This ensures a decent quality of cleaning at an average cost of purchasing a vacuum cleaner. The power can be adjusted using a rotary knob on the body – however, manufacturers could put it on a telescopic tube. In the end, than the ZSPC 2010 is worse LG VK89682HU?

With all the data, in order to become the best vacuum cleaner in the middle segment, the Electrolux ZSPC 2010 has driven itself into the limits of container capacity. 1.6 liters is not enough for such a cool model. Moreover, it was possible to introduce an automatic pressing system that would solve all the problems with limited dust collection. Only because of this nuance, this vacuum cleaner could not rise to the top places in the ranking. It's a pity, but these are the conditions.


  • optimal working power and the possibility of its regulation;
  • nice design;
  • improved brush DustPro;
  • optimal ratio of price and reliability.


  • small reservoir volume for a model of this scale;
  • the design is very susceptible to the ingress of liquids.


Rating: 4.5


ARNICA Tesla is a rather interesting version of a dry vacuum cleaner. He calmly perceives the ingress of moisture inside, unlike the same Electrolux ZSPC 2010. Its power consumption is only 750 W, but the suction power can reach 450 W. This is a very interesting combination that looks just perfect, but it does more harm than good. But more on that at the end of the description. A 3-liter container with a fine filter at the outlet of the air pipe fits into the overall picture no less elegantly.

ARNICA Tesla is also notable for the fact that it duplicates the power regulator on the body with the same on the handle. Its radius of action reaches 11 meters, and the noise level hardly exceeds 70 decibels. We haven't talked about brushes yet! And everything seems to be fine: in terms of all the possibilities, the vacuum cleaner is inexpensive. Alas, its working life is short-lived. Working for wear and tear from the very first moment casts doubt on the advisability of cash injections. This will be a very bright, but very short period of its life. Further – either a breakdown of the motor, or a significant decrease in performance.


  • excellent performance;
  • the most capacious dust collector in the rating;
  • the presence of a turbo brush;
  • anti-allergenic filters;
  • duplicated power regulator.


  • low level of reliability.

LG VK89682HU

Rating: 4.4

LG VK89682HU.jpg

LG VK89682HU is a rather interesting model of a vacuum cleaner with a wide range of characteristics. Despite its small dimensions, its power is 1800 W, and the suction intensity is at the level of 380 W. There is a convenient power control on the handle, so you don't have to bend over to the body again.

However, you will frequently shake out the cyclone container. The fact is that the volume of the dust collector is only 1.2 liters – when cleaning a large area, only 2-3 cleanings are enough for the suction power to begin to fall. However, LG equipped the vacuum cleaner with an automatic pressing function, which significantly reduces the effect of filling the container. We also note that VK89682HU is excellent for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, as it uses a fine filter and HEPA 14.


  • small size and good mobility;
  • high power of work;
  • durability;
  • availability of the function of auto-pressing of dust in the cyclone.


  • there are problems with the flexible hose – often its kinks and pinches.

Bosch BGC 4U2230

Rating: 4.4

BOSCH BGC 4U2230.jpg

Another representative of powerful cyclonic vacuum cleaners with an energy consumption of about 2200 watts. Has a spacious 1.9 liter container of a standard type. The air duct system is made using a fine filter and improved HEPA 14, so Bosch BGC 4U2230 can be safely recommended for purchase by people with dust allergies.

Another nice addition to the model is the presence of a power regulator on the body. You can independently set the suction intensity and thus indirectly reduce the noise level. We also note the presence of the Easy Clean technology in the vacuum cleaner, but with a 'minus' sign. This is nothing more than a marketing move, repeatedly refuted by groups of researchers and experts. If we abstract from the 'features', then we will have a solid vacuum cleaner that can last for many years without losing its performance.


  • HEPA 14 filter;
  • high work power and the presence of a suction intensity regulator;
  • high degree of reliability;
  • relatively light for its size.


  • 'empty' Easy Clean technology;
  • high noise level.

KARCHER VC 3 Premium

Rating: 4.3


The German company “Karcher” is one of the market leaders in the segment of equipment for cleaning and cleaning. They are accustomed to incorporating universal functionality into their devices, and the KARCHER VC 3 Premium vacuum cleaner is no exception. The power of this device is only 750 W, but this does not interfere with high-quality cleaning of any surfaces. Its working radius is 7.5 meters. In comparison with competitors, this is very small, but due to its low weight (only 4.4 kilograms) it does not cause much inconvenience.

The KARCHER VC 3 Premium dust container has a modest volume of 1.2 liters. The manufacturer recommends cleaning it after each cleaning, however, domestic users noted that the cyclone vacuum cleaner does not lose at all in efficiency even for 4-5 passes. Another obvious drawback of the model is the high noise level of 76 decibels, which is atypical for such low-power units.


  • compact and lightweight;
  • suitable for cleaning in cars;
  • ensures acceptable suction even at low power.


  • small container for collecting dust;
  • high noise level.


Rating: 4.2

LG VK89380NSP.jpg

The world's first machine with a fine particle compression system, it uses a special compression blade that compresses debris that falls into the compartment. This approach allows you to fit 3 times more dust into a 1.4-liter tank than in similar models without a pressure mechanism. The cyclone dust extractor option promotes efficient dust separation for constant power while the vacuum cleaner is running. In other words, due to the fact that the smallest debris is separated from the air and collected in the baling chamber, the air flow passes freely through the cyclone system without clogging it and without reducing the suction rate of the device.

Simple and hygienic cleaning of the container with the Kompressor option has an effect close to the ionization of air masses. Thus, the air in the room becomes much cleaner, and the dust container has to be emptied much less frequently. The 'Turbocyclone' function effectively separates debris and air, thus ensuring a consistently high suction rate. The power consumption LG of the VK89380NSP is 1800 W.


  • provides powerful suction throughout the cleaning;
  • dust compression function;
  • compactness and ergonomics.


  • lack of power regulation.

Samsung VCC885FH3R / XEV

Rating: 4.1


A very powerful device for collecting dust and debris. Has a stylish design, small size and ergonomic body. The telescopic tube can be adjusted in length, adjusted to any height. The device can be parked in both horizontal and vertical positions. Thanks to the good range of 10.7 meters, you don't have to switch the machine from one outlet to another when cleaning.

The power mode of the vacuum cleaner is regulated on the handle using buttons, so you can switch it without interrupting the process. When operating at all 2200 watts, the Samsung VCC885FH3R / XEV emits up to 80 decibels of noise, which is too much even by the standards of the admissible values ​​of the daytime noise background. The Super Twin Chamber option allows the vacuum cleaner to maintain the suction intensity. The complete Silencio Force Brush has nozzles that are configured to adjust the direction of the air flow. In addition, the model is equipped with a special rubberized bumper that protects furniture from scratches and mechanical damage.


  • 2.2 kW of power;
  • good combination of price and quality;
  • convenient model with a control unit attached to the telescopic hose.


  • high noise level.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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