12 best books on personal growth

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

People at all times strived to become more successful and reach such heights that they did not even think about at the beginning of their life. A modern person is no less, and perhaps more, concerned about his personal growth, in which he is helped by the professional advice of famous psychologists and motivational speakers. We present to you a rating of 12 best works, which were selected by our experts based on readers' feedback and expert opinion.

Rating of the best books on personal growth

Nomination a place Name of product rating
Rating of the best books on personal growth 1 Rich dad, poor dad 4.9
2 Get Started – John Ayckaff 4.8
3 Step Out of Your Comfort Zone – Brian Tracy 4.8
4 7 skills of highly effective people 4.7
5 My Own MBA – Josh Kaufman 4.7
6 Willpower – Kelly McGonigal 4.7
7 Number 1. How to be the best at what you do 4.6
8 Life at full power 4.5
9 The Art of Explaining – Lee LeFever 4.5
10 Think and get rich 4.5
11 To hell with all of it! Take it and do 4.4
12 The laws of the winners 4.4

Rich dad, poor dad

Personal Growth Author: Robert Kiyosaki

Rating: 4.9

Rich dad, poor dad

The book by the famous American entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki motivates you to change your life and start building it in a new way. The reader, as it were, sees himself from the outside and understands that going with the flow is not the best choice. The author is sure that we are working for the sake of getting money, although it should be the other way around, and they should work for us.

The book is intended not only for an adult audience. The younger generation will also be interested in learning how to become a successful and financially secure person. At the center of the story is the example of the writer himself. He talks about how he was raised by two dads. The first is an ordinary civil servant, poor and without any prospects. The second became one of the richest people on the planet, and it was his path that Robert chose.

It is very difficult to know which direction to go in order to be successful. We are not taught this at school, and not every family shares their experience in achieving financial stability. 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' is a superbest seller that will reveal the secrets to self-improvement. And they really work, and have already led to the wealth of many famous people in the world.

Get started

Personal Growth Author: John Eicaff

Rating: 4.8

Get Started - John Ayckaff

'Get Started' is a contemporary guide to action by American author John Eicuff. The cover already begins to intrigue the reader, because it contains the main meaning of the book. The writer immediately suggests to 'punch fear in the face and stop being' normal '. This means that it's time to stop merging with one boring gray mass, it's time to stand out and fulfill all your cherished dreams.

The message book tells you that you cannot turn into a successful businessman, achieve sports heights or get an education in an instant. To do this, you will have to work hard, be persistent and do not give up in case of failures. At the same time, the author understands that fear and laziness also interfere with personal development. But he strongly recommends doing a little more than nothing at all.

A work about personal growth will help you become more self-confident, increase self-esteem and respect of others. Written in a light, ironic form, it will not let you get bored, will allow you to enjoy the author's unusual writing style, follow his advice and adopt a few ideas.

Get out of your comfort zone

Personal Growth Author: Brian Tracy

Rating: 4.8

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone - Brian Tracy

The rating includes one of the best-selling books on the personal growth of the popular speaker and motivator Brian Tracy, the author of more than 70 works translated into 40 languages. For more than 30 years, he has conducted research on the correct allocation of time and combined it with the knowledge of other equally respected business coaches and psychologists. The result is a book that in an accessible form answers the question: 'What to do?'.

Often a person does not have enough time in his daily routine, and he increases the load, which does not lead to anything good. The author advises to abandon less significant cases in favor of important ones. Only then can you become the master of time and change your life for the better. B. Tracy practiced all the proposed methods on himself, therefore he speaks with confidence about their amazing results.

Many of the time-shifting techniques are already familiar to some readers. But it is worth paying attention to them again in order to sort out your life on the shelves, in the future to enjoy your favorite work and rest with your family, and most importantly – to have time to do everything perfectly.

7 skills of highly effective people

Personal Growth Author: Stephen R. Covey

Rating: 4.7

7 skills of highly effective people

Stephen R. Covey was able to create a work that was included in the top 25 best business books of our time. The first publication was published in 1989 and fifteen years later it was translated into almost 40 languages ​​of the world, and the number of copies sold reached 15 million pieces. The book tells about the necessary qualities that are needed to achieve the goal, about human development and about the reaction to many events in life.

The author emphasizes that you need to act only as your heart tells you, and not as society expects it. Another important tip is to stick to principles. The seven skills offered by the famous motivator will help you harmoniously organize your life and, strictly following the plan, achieve what you want. Three of them involve the ability to control oneself and control oneself under any circumstances.

The following three skills will teach you how to properly interact with others: family, subordinates, business partners. The seventh habit has combined the previous six and reinforces their techniques. Having studied the work, the reader will learn how to allocate his time, get motivation for new victories and be able to become a truly successful and financially independent person.

My own MBA

Personal Growth Author: Josh Kaufman

Rating: 4.7

My Own MBA - Josh Kaufman

We have selected an excellent motivator book by an outstanding business coach and manager, Josh Kaufman, who will tell you by personal example how to get a higher education without entering prestigious universities in the world. He himself came to this forcibly, since there was no opportunity and means to study. He received all theoretical information from specialized marketing literature, and practical skills from the international corporation Procter & Gamble.

The book, written in 2010, is recognized as a bestseller. The author, who believes that many university disciplines are outdated and in no way related to modern realities, will share the secrets of how to open and develop a successful business without having degrees. At the same time, self-study costs several times cheaper than MBA courses. And J. Kaufman proposes to invest the saved finances into the business for its further prosperity.

The entrepreneur has collected all the best information that he has gathered from hundreds of books and teaching aids, and which he received over the years of successfully running his own business. If you are not ready to shell out round sums for a prestigious diploma, and your goal is useful knowledge, then the book 'Your Own MBA' can be the best handbook for achieving success.


Personal Growth Author: Kelly McGonigal

Rating: 4.7

Willpower - Kelly McGonigal

Willpower is one of the main qualities that a person who strives for success and prosperity should possess. But today every second person cannot boast of having one. Why was this book written? The author will tell you what to do to stop losing control of the situation, stabilize relationships with others, maintain physical health and achieve financial independence.

After reading the work, you will definitely know how to cope with stress, how not to postpone things until later, but to do them here and now, how to get rid of bad habits, how to correctly allocate your time so that there is enough time for both work and rest.

Kelly McGonigal, a Stanford University professor and practicing psychologist, has put together techniques and strategies to help you manage your emotions and desires. And it doesn't matter what your goals are: quit smoking, lose weight, make a lot of money. Unique tips have become a guide to action for many. According to reviews, they were able to overcome their weaknesses and develop willpower, which is necessary in all life situations.

Number 1. How to be the best at what you do

Personal growth book author: Igor Mann

Rating: 4.6

Number 1. How to be the best at what you do

The rating includes the well-known book by Igor Mann, a popular Russian business coach and personal growth motivator, whose seminars have already been attended by over half a million listeners. All of the author's works have become bestsellers and are recognized as the best representatives of the genre of business literature. The book is written for ambitious people, for those who really strive for success and do their best to achieve their goals.

Each of us wants to be number 1, and no matter what branch of life. But, as often happens, on the way to this we lose our potential and do not achieve what we want. How to keep your strength and stubbornly move on, despite the difficulties, and will tell the author who can be 100% trust.

I. Mann believes that the two main components of a successful life are system and details. There is not much theoretical information in the work. It contains many tables and tests that you will have to fill out and pass in order to understand what, first of all, you need to pay attention to. To some, such work may seem difficult, but since you want to achieve high results, you will have to make every effort.

Life at full power

Personal Growth Author: Jim Loer and Tony Schwartz

Rating: 4.5

Life at full power

Jim Loer and Tony Schwartz are co-authors of the Human Performance Institute training programs that are successfully used by athletes, police, rescuers, and secret services. In their book, they raise the issue of time allocation. Each of us every day is faced with a situation when he does not have time to complete the planned tasks, puts them off until tomorrow, and they, like a snowball, appear more and more.

For the first time, the authors asked the question: why does one athlete win over another, having the same skills and physical fitness. Using the example of tennis players, they found out that those who know how to instantly relax between innings, necessarily prevail over those who are always in tension, and at the right moment they simply do not have the strength to win.

The same applies to office workers. Not being able to relax in time, they lose strength, and the quality of their work invariably creeps down. Only by learning to manage your energy, correctly prioritize and make every effort to achieve your goals, you can competently organize your life, in which there is a place for both work and family.

The art of explaining

Personal Growth Author: Lee LeFever

Rating: 4.5

The Art of Explaining - Lee LeFever

The high popularity among readers allowed the book by Lee LeFever to become a superbest seller and enter the rating of the best motivational business books. Many people do not know how to formulate their thoughts, which affects many areas of life. But not everyone considers correct explanation to be some special action to which attention should be paid. This is not the case.

Having learned how to successfully present your thoughts, correctly turn them into words, you can not only create and develop a successful business. This work will be useful for schoolchildren and housewives, copywriters and designers, teachers and marketers. The reader will be able to think over all stages of the action in advance, plan them, competently answer questions and communicate with others so that they understand perfectly.

The book is written in a simple and easy language and communicates the author's methods to the reader quite easily. Vivid illustrations help to consolidate the knowledge gained and start applying it in practice. The Art of Explaining is a guide for future speakers who can further grab the audience's attention by converting complex thoughts into simple words.

Think and get rich

Personal Growth Author: Napoleon Hill

Rating: 4.5

Think and get rich

A book by renowned journalist and psychologist Napoleon Hill was published more than 80 years ago, but it is still a guide for those seeking wealth and a springboard to a successful and financially stable life. The author himself argued that his methodology can be used not only to achieve goals in a business career. It was used by famous athletes and achieved unprecedented results. It was with Hill's advice that Ken Norton won over boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

The material for the book has been collected for 20 years. Andrew Carnegie advised the young writer to interview the 500 richest people in America and create a formula for success that people around the world can then use. Readers will love the comments of one of the first psychologists to motivate. Many of them have long been disassembled into quotes, each of which carries a certain meaning and can help in moments of failure and disappointment.

In the book, you will find chapters on faith and knowledge, self-hypnosis and imagination, perseverance and planning, the power of the mind and subconscious, work and success. The author, until his death in 1970, did not stop research and, by personal example, proved that, if desired, you can always achieve prosperity, success and recognition.

To hell with all of it! Take it and do

Personal Growth Author: Richard Branson

Rating: 4.4

To hell with all of it!  Take it and do

Richard Branson was able to captivate readers all over the world. The work included in our rating has become a bestseller, like other books by the author. Who is R. Branson, and why do they listen to him, use his methods and practically trust their lives? This is a versatile person who was able to achieve success in business (as evidenced by his multimillion-dollar fortune), sports and an artistic career.

A lover of extreme entertainment, he crossed the English Channel in an amphibious car, the Pacific Ocean – in a hot air balloon, tried to cross the Pacific Ocean in a sailing boat, but was wrecked. The work is an excellent motivating guide to action. The reader unconditionally trusts the advice of the writer who founded a corporation of over 400 companies operating in various lines of business.

The main idea of ​​the work: do what you like and give up what you don't like at all. And even if there are no skills, experience and knowledge, you still need to move forward, and even making mistakes and stuffing bumps, do not stop, and only then can you achieve a real goal.

The laws of the winners

Personal Growth Author: Bodo Schaefer

Rating: 4.4

The laws of the winners

We conclude the top 12 best books on personal growth with the work of Bodo Schaefer, an entrepreneur and business consultant who conducts seminars around the world. The renowned expert in time management and financial management differs from others by his extraordinary thinking, for which he is called 'financial Mozart'. The author tells by his own example the difficult path of becoming and all the stages of the search for happiness and success. It was thanks to his mentor that B. Schaefer became who he is today.

Already known truths are presented in the books, and to many they seem outdated and unsuitable for modern realities. But this is not the case. It is worth starting to clearly follow the advice, you can be surprised to see a really amazing result.

The author warns that the book contains inconsistencies, principles that contradict each other, and repetitions of the same truths. This was not done by chance. Our whole life consists of paradoxes, therefore all the presented technique is close to reality. And if you strive for success, not only relying on luck and your talents, then you will definitely achieve your plan and become a real winner, like the author of this bestseller.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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