12 best books by Louise Hay

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Louise Hay has written over three dozen psychological books. Today her creations are known in all countries. Anyone who has just started getting acquainted with the writer's works should get acquainted with the rating compiled on the basis of readers' reviews. It reflects the author's works that have become a support for the sick on the path to healing.

Rating of the best books by Louise Hay

Nomination a place book title rating
Rating of the best books by Louise Hay 1 Heal your life 4.9
2 Only good awaits you. Believe in yourself and your strength 4.9
3 Heal yourself 4.8
4 Become happy in 21 days. The most complete self-love course 4.8
5 Heal your life. Heal your body. The power is within us 4.7
6 Healing forces within us 4.7
7 Inner wisdom 4.7
8 I can do it! 4.6
9 Everything will be fine! 4.6
10 Love yourself. Trust your life 4.5
11 Wisdom of a woman 4.5

Heal your life

Book Author: Louise Hay

Rating: 4.9


The first book in the rating is the result of many years of work by a psychologist. In it, the writer exchanges her skills and experience. The text proposes active techniques that help to reveal opportunities in oneself, achieve one's goals, free oneself from ailments that torment a person for a long time. Readers will have to carefully analyze their emotions and feelings, discern the problem at a different level, and look into its very depth.

Judging by the reviews, the publication allows you to even out the state of mind, get rid of the disease. She teaches you to stop being stubborn and unrestrained. After all, it is precisely this behavior that provokes pathologies in our body.

Printed materials are suitable for everyone who wants to look at life from a new perspective, get rid of illness and bad thoughts. This edition is a clear favorite among fans of Louise Hay's creativity, often taking worthy places in various ratings.

Only good awaits you. Believe in yourself and your strength

Book Author: Louise Hay

Rating: 4.9


Next in the ranking is the joint work of L. Hay and Cheryl Richardson. It was published over seven years ago. The author considers the phrase 'Only good awaits me ahead' as his main setting. She instills confidence and makes you stop worrying about the future of your family. The text teaches to perceive the trials of fate with positive and even admiration.

Together, the authors have collected clear methods that teach to live in harmony with oneself. After reading the lines, relaxation comes, tension and anxiety disappear. This is an easy and fun journey towards a new life. The book is suitable for those who want to do things that bring only joy and become the master of their own destiny.

Heal yourself

Book Author: Louise Hay

Rating: 4.8


The next book will focus on the need for each of us to take responsibility. We ourselves form diseases and various pathologies in the body. Thus, healing can only be achieved through independent efforts. To do this, we need to work on the problems and difficulties that originate from past lives and do not allow us to be happy. The book will show you how to move forward and learn how to take responsibility for the events taking place.

Readers say that initially it was difficult for them to believe that a person was not a hostage to his illness. But over time, they saw the first results and became convinced of the effectiveness of the practice, learned to manage their condition.

For those who believe in their own strength and are ready to heal the disease with their own thoughts, this edition is a must-read. This is a great option for those who want to radically change themselves and their attitude to the whole world.

Become happy in 21 days. The most complete self-love course

Book Author: Louise Hay

Rating: 4.8


The printed matter consists of 21 chapters. Each of them is dedicated to one day. There are sections in theory and practice, written exercises and meditation. It is advised to have a special notebook for completing assignments. The suggested practices will help to bring out the true attitude towards oneself. The publication should be in the library for those who are afraid to trust other people, believe that everything in life is unfair and live in fear of being deceived.

Readers say that writing the affirmations helped them remember powerful words better. Some exercises seemed painful to them, but the result after them is always positive.

When reading, the feeling is created that the author supports and is even present nearby. The book is called amazing and is definitely advised to purchase.

Heal your life. Heal your body. The power is within us

Book Author: Louise Hay

Rating: 4.7


The next participant in the rating is a whole health guide, which should be in every person's library. It will talk about the fact that health is the only wealth of a person. It is a pity that people do not understand this immediately.

Everyone wants to be healthy, but almost no one knows how to control their own physical condition and thereby harms themselves. In the book, the reader will find healing techniques that are important to believe in and put into practice every day.

The founder of the self-help movement believes that a disease incurable by doctors is subject to the person himself. The main thing is to change the direction of your thoughts and put in a little effort. A long period is required for a full cure, but the result is worth it. That is why the author's work is considered an excellent gift for any person, regardless of age.

Healing forces within us

Book Author: Louise Hay

Rating: 4.7

Healing forces within us

The next participant in the rating will help you in a difficult life situation, set you up for a new wave and add faith in yourself. The common thread in the work is the idea that everyone has a strength inside that can lead to excellent health and well-being.

A person's thoughts determine his way of life. It is important to consider yourself worthy of the best, remove resentment and stop self-criticism. In his book, the author offers ready-made positive statements that will strengthen self-confidence and restore the state of mind.

The healing powers within us are a great option for those who are not yet familiar with the work of Louise Hay and want to find something useful for health. Readers recommend the publication for purchase and did not regret that they got acquainted with this work.

Inner wisdom

Book Author: Louise Hay

Rating: 4.7


This book contains meditations that can help you connect and strengthen your inner wisdom center. Judging by the reviews, after reading the work, I want to change for the better. Some readers are used to opening a book early in the morning to any page and choosing one or another meditation. It charges you with energy and positiveness for the whole day. Before going to bed, it is also important to indulge in thoughts of the sublime. This will allow you to tune in to positive thoughts and wake up fresh and rested in the morning.

The book is suitable for those who seek to enrich their minds with modern approaches to solving many problems. If you act according to the recommendations of the author, then this will lead to the fact that life will change in the right direction.

I can do it!

Book Author: Louise Hay

Rating: 4.6


In 2004, he saw the light of the creation of L. Hay called 'I can do it!'. This is an accessible guide from the 'Books with a Heart' series. It helps to find a soul mate, health and self-respect. The psychologist believes that each of us can always think good things. The public is presented with letters with answers to questions from readers.

Louise Hay offers affirmations for a variety of issues and responds clearly to fans. Readers describe the work as 'inspiring, soothing'. This book is for those who want to find happiness. This is exactly what the author thinks. It is easy to read and interesting, you can feel the support and care of the writer in it, there is a lot of advice and beliefs.

Everything will be fine!

Book Author: Louise Hay

Rating: 4.6


The next book provides a fresh look at Louise Hay's familiar theory. Together with Mona Lisa Schultz, the author collected data based on the principles of statistics and confirming the essence of her colossal experience. Through this work, readers will be able to realize the real possibility of self-healing. The publication will become a guide to the correct actions and will show in detail how to get better and get away from an illness.

The work is distinguished by its short and laconic form. It contains advice on medicine, various methods of healing, recommendations for dietology. They can be followed by anyone, at any age and in any place.

The essence of the work is that the essence of the problems with our organs is the way of thinking. This is a great option for those looking to heal themselves without having to take too many pills.

Love yourself. Trust your life

Book Author: Louise Hay

Rating: 4.5


In this work, the popular writer presents her self-improvement technique in a new way, which has proven to be effective in reality. With each chapter, the reader will learn to live without confusion, in harmony with himself and the whole world. Thanks to this publishing house, you can finally feel like the creator of an interesting life, and not a victim of a confluence of events.

Using the example of real destinies, Louise Hay teaches us to truly love our body and soul, trust destiny and look forward decisively. This is the best gift for those who want to correctly perceive their age and get acquainted with the new lessons of the famous psychologist.

Create your future. How to change fate with the power of thought

Further in the rating is not an ordinary book, but a whole instruction, which makes it possible to understand that everyone can change their own destiny. This is a good example for those who are fond of the topic of the power of thought. Reading the work is very easy. She does not 'clog' your head and makes you relax, charges you with energy and strength. This edition is not for those who are used to thinking superficially.

Some found the text too childish. There are many commonplace truths in it. However, fans of L. Hay's creativity admire the next work and believe that it is not for nothing that her books are multimillion-dollar bestsellers. Those who are just starting to get acquainted with the writer should pay attention to another work, for example, 'Heal your life'.

Wisdom of a woman

Book Author: Louise Hay

Rating: 4.5


The rating ends with a book, which reveals the idea of ​​the importance of individual life building. To achieve this goal, you must have the minimum knowledge that is described in this work. It turns out that girls are more focused on revealing their state of mind than young people. Men often hide their emotions and do not admit that they experience loneliness, melancholy and powerlessness. For women, everything happens the other way around, this is their strength.

The 'wisdom of a woman' gives hope for healing, supports in difficult situations and helps those who believe that there is no way out. This guide will tell the fairer sex how to become happier and overcome adversity, using their inner strength.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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