12 best books by Dean Koontz

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The science fiction writer, master of horror of our time, originally from Pennsylvania, Dean Koontz is so talented that works from under his pen are actively filmed by modern directors, and the manner of writing and presentation is taken as a basis by novice authors. In the collection of works, each reader will find something for himself: novels, stories, essays, short stories. We present a rating of the 12 best books by Dean Koontz, suitable for meeting the author and having an interesting pastime.

Rating of the best books by Dean Kunz

Nomination a place Name of product rating
Rating of the best books by dean kunz 1 Guardian angels 4.9
2 Prediction 4.9
3 Strange Thomas 4.8
4 Lightning 4.8
5 Cold Fire 4.7
6 Not a good place 4.7
7 Phantoms 4.7
8 Enchanted by blood 4.6
9 Bound in the night 4.5
10 Lair 4.5
11 Door to december 4.4
12 House of Thunder 4.3

Guardian angels

Book author: Dean Ray Koontz

Rating: 4.9


Lovers of four-footed people will appreciate the novel Guardian Angels. This is a story about a golden retriever dog who escaped from a secret research center, where the animal was endowed with human genes and mastered some features, in particular, developed intelligence. The dog gets to Travis Cornell and Nora Devon, who become true friends of the animal and try to protect it from pursuit – a bloodthirsty creature resembling Frankenstein escaped from the center with the retriever.

'Guardian Angels' is a striking work, here the negative characters cause disgust and contempt, and the positive ones seem very fabulous. The end can also be predictable, but it doesn't make reading any less fun.


Book author: Dean Ray Koontz

Rating: 4.9


In second place in the rating is a work with a telling title 'Prediction'. While dying, Jimmy Tok's grandfather prophesied to his newly-born grandson the approach of trouble in the form of five days of misfortune. Now the guy lives in fear of getting closer to the planned dates, fearing for his life. He knows how terrible these days will be, what will happen, and what consequences await him. What is this – the delirium of a dying old man, self-hypnosis or a mystic?

The book “Prediction” is recommended for reading to everyone, because surely everyone has at least once faced uncertainty or despair in life. Jimmy Tok is in the same story, find out how he handles it.

Strange Thomas

Book author: Dean Ray Koontz

Rating: 4.8


Strange Thomas is narrated in the first person. The main character has the gift of communicating with otherworldly forces and people who have gone to another world. Moreover, each subsequent visit of the spirits foreshadows the search for a person who has already committed or only intends to commit a bloody crime. At the call of fate, Thomas takes on the search for the alleged victims and their offenders, enlisting the help of voices from another reality. He has to communicate with evil spirits expecting the taste of horror from human victims.

Only the closest people and the beloved girl know about the hero's gift, they help him when it seems that Thomas no longer has the strength, or he finds himself in a dead end.


Book author: Dean Ray Koontz

Rating: 4.8


Laura Shane was born at a time when a strong winter thunderstorm was raging outside the window – not the most common occurrence. Was the weather connected with the appearance of two strange strangers who were keenly interested in the fate of the baby, although they had no obvious relation to her? Many secret events surrounded the birth of Laura, which will accompany her throughout the novel and will not let the reader go to the last page.

As it turns out later, strangers are aliens from the past, but they pursue different goals: one is to kill the girl, the other is to protect, because he falls in love with her without memory.

Cold Fire

Book author: Dean Ray Koontz

Rating: 4.7


On the fifth line of the rating is the novel 'Cold Fire', by which the handwriting of Dean Kunz is recognized in many countries. In the lens of the plot, former teacher Jim Eirenhart, who came into contact with a certain Higher Intelligence. Force literally controls a person, forcing him to appear in different parts of the United States in a matter of moments before the upcoming tragedies. A young journalist is interested in such a pattern, she takes up her own investigation to find out more about the mysterious hero, in particular, she is interested in the Power with which Jim finds himself at the right time in the right place. The story is full of psychological descriptions, it contains exciting intrigue, mysticism, fantasy and wandering through the corridors of the human subconscious.

Not a good place

Book author: Dean Ray Koontz

Rating: 4.7


The next novel on the list, 'A Bad Place', is more of a detective genre, although there is also a fantasy in it. Private detectives Bobby and Julia, as part of the work of their own agency 'Dakota-and-Dakota', are investigating an unusual case of a bloody ghoul who can teleport in space and expand his destructive energy body. This bisexual maniac pursues his brother to avenge the death of his beloved mother, who was a witch. This brother is a client of the Dakota couple, who seriously fears for his life.

Will the detectives see the case through to the end, will they have time to protect the life of the troubled client?


Book author: Dean Ray Koontz

Rating: 4.7


A favorite vacation spot, the paradise oasis of Snowfield at some point ceased to be welcoming for guests – now the smell of death hovers here, and it has become difficult to relax. Lots of accidents and murders are a surprise for a heavenly place. A mysterious force takes lives, but is it possible to escape from this trap?

The novel 'Phantoms' has been compared to the works of horror writer Stephen King, but Koontz is more inclined to calm reading.

Enchanted by blood

Book author: Dean Ray Koontz

Rating: 4.6


An attractive and interesting woman named Shepherd the Cat gets into an unpleasant story – she becomes an eyewitness and participant in a bloody massacre started by a bloodthirsty criminal on a farm. Stress, horror, the difficulty of navigating in life – the heroine is faced with adaptation after what happened, it seems, she forgets about the hard time, but fate is adamant – the cat comes face to face with the criminal after years. But there is only one place in the sun for one of them. Who will survive by the end of the novel?

Bound in the night

Book author: Dean Ray Koontz

Rating: 4.5

Bound by Night.jpg

The town of Moonlight Bay, according to Chris Snow, is the most dangerous place on the planet. Even a lover of thrills and surfing, the hero does not seek adventure in his native place – they themselves take by surprise even those who do not strive for vivid emotions.

The plot focuses on the disappearance of four children on an April night. The investigation leads the hero to the naval base Fort Wyvern – where forbidden secret tests of genetically modified organisms are carried out, experiments are carried out on people and animals that have undergone genetic manipulation. Chris Snow moves step by step through the labyrinths of a closed base, risking his life every second. The development of the story takes an unexpected turn, which miraculously leaves the main character alive. Will he find the children and have time to save them?


Book author: Dean Ray Koontz

Rating: 4.5


After a car accident, Hutch Harrison, the owner of an antique store, goes into a state of clinical death. He is saved by a talented resuscitation doctor, but life takes on different colors, and now Hutch is connected at the level of neural conductors with a certain killer maniac from Hell, who came to our planet to collect a collection of the dead, for which he mercilessly kills people. The main character's task is to get to the lair of the fantastic assassin, who calls himself the Prince of Darkness Vassago, in order to interrupt his deeds.

Door to december

Book author: Dean Ray Koontz

Rating: 4.4


As a result of an experiment with evil spirits, the door to the portal is opened, from where an incomprehensible creature comes to our world for new victims. It seems to fetter human souls, making the air cold and heavy. But Detective Dan Haldane is tired of a series of violence and tragedies, especially since they touched him personally. Patience finally ends when the nine-year-old girl McCaffrey and her strong-willed mother Laura are under attack. Dan tries to get on the trail of the criminal in order to protect innocent women, but the creature does not stop, because he needs new victims, new blood.

House of Thunder

Book author: Dean Ray Koontz

Rating: 4.3


The last in the ranking, but no less interesting novel, 'House of Thunder' is the story of a young woman who once had a car accident. This event leaves a typo on her life: Suzanne completely loses her memory. Despite the efforts of the doctors and the removal of the patient from deep amnesia, the heroine is unable to awaken some areas of the brain, which recorded the experience of past work in the 'Milestone', a top secret organization. But Suzanne finds herself under the power of the revealed nightmares that emerged from the subcortex of the brain after the death of her beloved groom many years ago.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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