12 best air conditioner manufacturers

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

An air conditioner is one of the most useful household appliances. Yes, there may be some difficulties with its installation. But when the installation is complete, you will immediately appreciate the air conditioner. In the summer, it successfully cools the air, and in the winter it makes it more humid (heating drains it great, which is harmful to health). It remains to be regretted that more and more new companies enter the HVAC market every year, and not all of them strive to create high-quality products. If you do not want to make a mistake with the choice, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this selection. It examines only the best manufacturers of air conditioners – their products rarely cause negative emotions.

Rating of the best manufacturers of air conditioners

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best manufacturers of air conditioners 1 Daikin 5.0
2 Mitsubishi Electric 4.9
3 Hitachi 4.8
4 Panasonic 4.7
5 Fujitsu General 4.6
6 Toshiba 4.5
7 Hyundai 4.4
8 Electrolux 4.3
9 Samsung 4.2
10 LG 4.1
11 BALLU 4.0
12 Midea 3.9


Rating: 5.0


Which country was the first to establish mass production of high-quality and relatively inexpensive air conditioners at one time? Perhaps Japan. Here a breakthrough in this area happened at the beginning of the last century. In particular, Daikin was founded in 1924. The Osaka-based facility immediately began manufacturing air conditioning systems. And gradually the scale of production only expanded!

Of course, this company specializes not only in domestic air conditioners. For many years, industrial air conditioning systems have brought her the most money. In the first half century, it was completely unclear how to make an air conditioner small and quiet enough to be hung on a private or multi-story building. But technology developed, soon allowing the creation of such a device. Now air conditioners with the Daikin logo can be found in many countries around the world. In particular, they began to appear in Europe after 1973, when a subsidiary was opened in Belgium.

The company began the new century at an accelerated pace. In 2013, she managed to get into the top 100 most innovative companies in the world according to Forbes. Then the development slowed down, in connection with which the Daikin brand moved to the fifth hundred of this rating.

No large company can do without acquisitions. However, Daikin's management made only one major purchase. The Italian company Zanotti was acquired – the deal was estimated at $ 107 million.

It was Daikin who was the first in the world to create a multi-split system. She also developed a super multisystem. It was also this company that created the VRV system – a central air conditioning system that at one time changed the entire industry. And that is not all! It is under the Daikin brand that the world's first air conditioner with heat pump mode appeared. In short, the company ate the dog in the production of climatic technology.

If we talk about modern household air conditioners Daikin, then their cost varies from 42 to 73 thousand rubles. However, this does not mean that there are no more expensive models. If you have a space of 60 square meters, then you can be confused by buying some Daikin FTXK60AS / RXK60A. This model has a cooling capacity of 6.23 kW, which keeps the temperature low even in the hottest weather. And this instance is also able to boast of very quiet operation and almost perfect air purification. And this is not to mention that its internal block is very beautiful. In short, it is the best choice for those who can afford an expensive air conditioner! For the rest, it is better to consider more affordable models – they also have a number of advantages over competitors.

Mitsubishi Electric

Rating: 4.9

Mitsubishi Electric

You must be familiar with a Japanese company Mitsubishi. Her cars are in demand both at home and in other countries, including Russia. However, not all readers know that this manufacturer creates not only cars. The concern includes a division Mitsubishi Electric, which rolls off a wide variety of products. The most famous are air conditioners – you can find them on the walls of many Russian houses where certain shops operate.

Mitsubishi Electric was founded in 1921. Initially, the company was engaged in the manufacture of electric motors. In the future, the company switched to the production of other products. Among other things, the management turned out to be interested in air conditioning systems, which at that time were becoming more and more popular.

Now the range of Mitsubishi Electric seems to be incredibly wide. This company produces projectors, video walls, TFT panels and other equipment that is in demand among advertising agencies and manufacturers of all kinds of electronics. Also Mitsubishi Electric creates elevators, escalators and other equipment, without which life in high-rise buildings would not be so comfortable. The company also produces various equipment for industrial automation. In short, Mitsubishi Electric is by no means only climate technology, as you might think. But, of course, it is the air conditioning systems that receive the most attention. It is not for nothing that this category of goods is listed first in the product catalog Mitsubishi Electric on the manufacturer's official website.

As you might have guessed, the company produces not only household, but also semi-industrial air conditioners. The latter include models used by large restaurants and various retail chains, which have huge premises at their disposal. Indoor units of semi-industrial air conditioners Mitsubishi Electric can be cassette, duct, suspended, wall-mounted and floor-standing. Well, hydromodules used at the same time for heating and hot water supply can be considered a real chic.

But, of course, M-series air conditioners are in greatest demand now. These devices are designed for ordinary apartments and country houses. At the same time, there are various modifications of their internal blocks – from 'standard' to 'deluxe'. Therefore, you can choose a model for your own needs and financial capabilities. Of course, indoor units can be not only wall-mounted, but also floor-standing, cassette and duct.

Outdoor units of household air conditioners Mitsubishi Electric can have completely different capacities. If you need to cool the air in one small room, then you will arrange a copy with a capacity of 3.3 to 5 kW. If you need to work with a larger area, you may need to purchase an outdoor unit with a larger capacity – up to 15.5 kW.

It remains to tell about the cost of this company's products. No surprises await you here. In stores, you can find relatively inexpensive representatives of the household series, for which they ask for around 50 thousand rubles. If heating and cooling of a large room is required, then you will have to spend 80-90 thousand. But in this case, you will get a much more stylish indoor unit – it will not spoil, but even complement the interior. Multi-split systems are sold even more expensive. But it is understandable, because they include two or even more indoor units.


Rating: 4.8


Another Japanese brand that could not fail to get into our rating. It is a large conglomerate founded in 1910. Now it is easier to say what he does not produce than to list all his products. And it all began, surprisingly, also with electric motors. In the year of its foundation, the company produced three 5-liter motors. from. every. And already 14 years later, the company's employees assembled mainline electric locomotives. Some time later, the enterprise started producing household appliances. In particular, electric refrigerators began to appear, which until then seemed to the Japanese an unprecedented miracle.

If we talk about climatic technology, the first Hitachi air conditioner was assembled in 1952. The company pays special attention to this area. However, this does not mean that the Japanese are now making the most money in this direction. Not at all. The company is much better known to consumers for its power tools. That's what sells like hot cakes! Drills, hammer drills, screwdrivers, angle grinders, jigsaws – the company seems to produce absolutely everything. If we talk about the manufacturers of certain power tools, then Hitachi is likely to be present in every rating. This company also manufactures construction equipment – Hitachi tower cranes flaunt on many construction sites around the world.

But back to air conditioning systems. Probably the biggest profit for Hitachi comes from semi-industrial samples. We are more interested in household split systems. Their cost can vary greatly. The largest number of reviews in price aggregators are collected, as you might guess, by budget models. For example, Hitachi RAK-18PEC / RAC-18WEC does not sit on the shelves for a long time. For only 33 thousand rubles, the buyer will receive both cooling and heating. At the same time, the power of the latter will be slightly higher – 2500 W versus 2000 W achieved during cooling. With regard to power consumption, it is 620 and 580 watts, respectively.

Even the most inexpensive Hitachi air conditioners receive mostly positive reviews. But any buyer will note that such a split system still lacks some functions. For example, not all such devices receive a night mode, usually only more expensive items are endowed with them. And they may not have self-diagnosis of faults. If we talk about Hitachi medium-budget air conditioners, which are sold for 55-65 thousand rubles, then they can boast of a ventilation mode (without heating and cooling), deodorizing filtration and many other features.

If you are thinking of buying an air conditioner, then be sure to take a closer look at the products of the Japanese company Hitachi. The main distinguishing feature of such devices is their high reliability. But precisely because of this, air conditioners under the Japanese brand are slightly more expensive than some competitors. And if you want to buy a silent model, you will have to spend more than 50 thousand rubles, which, of course, will not suit everyone.


Rating: 4.7


Another Japanese brand. The date of foundation of this corporation is 1918. For many years it was called Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. The renaming took place only in 2008. Panasonic in the 20th century was only a trademark owned by the company. Products under it were sold mainly only in the United States. At home, for example, the products of a Japanese manufacturer were known under the National brand.

The history of the company began with electrical outlets and plugs. After 9 years, the company launched the creation of bicycle lights. But the impetus for the development of the factory was given by radio receivers. In 1931, it was a hot commodity – the height of technical progress. After that, the construction of new factories began, where completely new industries were launched. For example, in 1935, electric motors began to roll off the assembly line of one of the factories. This can be called the start of the production of industrial equipment.

The Panasonic brand is known to most people for television, audio and video equipment. At one time, many consumers dreamed of a Panasonic camcorder, and some even used such a device! Well, it's not worth talking about Panasonic video recorders – they were in many city apartments in Russia. And someone even had a couple of 'vidaks'! The Japanese also made good TVs.

Unfortunately, the situation has now changed. The easiest way to find hair clippers, epilators, trimmers and other small household appliances in our stores. With the transition to liquid crystal technology, Panasonic TVs have lost their appeal. But the same cannot be said about air conditioners. The Japanese established their production in the middle of the 20th century. Since then, the range of such products has expanded greatly. Household split systems are sold all over the world, including Russia. At the same time, expensive models are practically not imported into our country. The Japanese manufacturer rightly considered that the Russians need budget air conditioners, the cost of which does not exceed 35-45 thousand rubles. More expensive models are of interest to owners of shopping centers, restaurants and other organizations – they will have to consider the products of other companies.

Typically Panasonic air conditioners have all the features you expect from them. For example, such devices are capable of boasting a night mode of operation when the noise level is reduced to a minimum. Also, almost all air conditioning systems have a dehumidification function. This is important, because humid low temperature air has a negative effect on human health.

It is difficult to say which air conditioner is in greatest demand. The fact is that several models at once collected the same number of reviews on price aggregators. One of them is Panasonic CS / CU-BE25TKE. This unit has a cooling capacity of 2500 W. As for heating, its power is even higher – 3150 W. Quite good numbers for a device for which they ask 35 thousand rubles!

In fact, many Russians simply do not need more expensive copies. The exception is those people who own a country house with large rooms. However, some people will like mid-budget air conditioners because they support Wi-Fi control. This allows you to forget about the remote control, choosing certain operating modes exclusively using your smartphone.

Fujitsu General

Rating: 4.6

Fujitsu General

As you may have noticed, the largest number of air conditioners are manufactured in Japan. We have already talked about several companies from this country, and we are not going to stop yet! But if the corporations discussed above specialize in the production of a variety of goods, then Fujitsu General is a brand under which only air conditioners are produced. The range of manufactured products includes both ordinary split systems and full-fledged multisplit systems, which should appeal to owners of large retail areas, as well as all kinds of ventilation.

Of course, the company also produces semi-industrial air conditioning systems. They are all part of the AirStage series. These air conditioners are purchased by construction companies. These devices are a large multi-zone system that distributes cool air throughout a multi-storey building. Younger representatives of the series should interest the owners of private houses. Buyers of such systems note not only durability, but also maximum noiselessness.

As for the split-systems Fujitsu General, they can be completely different. The range of the company includes cassette, floor, wall, sub-ceiling and even duct models. Ordinary buyers are usually interested in wall-mounted air conditioners – many do not even suspect that there are other varieties of them.

It should be noted that Fujitsu General products are almost not in demand in our country. However, this does not apply to all air conditioners. The model called Fujitsu ASY7USBCW / AOY7USNC became a real hit. Many buyers chose it because of the price tag, which does not exceed 30 thousand rubles. For this money, the company offers a compact outdoor unit that almost does not spoil the exterior of the house. Also, an indoor unit and a remote control are supplied with the split system. The latter is equipped not only with buttons, but also with a miniature display. It should be noted that for the sake of economy, the Japanese manufacturer had to abandon air dehumidification and some other useful functions. Not forgotten is only the night mode of operation, in which the device almost completely stops making noise. As for the power in the cooling and heating modes, it is 2200 and 2300 watts, respectively.

In a word, Fujitsu General products do not cause serious complaints. If you buy an air conditioner from this company, you are unlikely to be disappointed in it. But do not forget that budget models are seriously limited in their functionality. If you care about your health, then it is better to look towards split systems, the price tag of which starts from 45 thousand rubles.


Rating: 4.5


Another Japanese brand in our ranking. And this is one of the oldest companies in our selection. It was founded back in 1875! However, the year 1939 can be considered the founding date – the fact is that it was then that the merger of Tokyo Denki and Shibaura Seisakusho took place, as a result of which Toshiba was born.

If we talk about Tokyo Denki, then at one time this company was the first in Japan to start producing incandescent lamps. As for Toshiba, the product range of this company has become noticeably wider. Moreover, the Japanese have even begun to develop new technologies. For example, in 1992 she created the DVD standard in collaboration with Time Warner. The company also produces a large number of LCD displays. Continuing the topic of computer technology, one cannot fail to mention hard drives – the most reliable of them are produced by Toshiba.

There have been many pleasant moments in the history of the Japanese company. For example, in 1970 the company created the world's first color video telephone. It was also Toshiba who created the world's first laptop. The MPEG-4 graphic compression engine was also invented by the Toshiba developers.

Now the Japanese brand is gradually leaving the consumer goods segment. More and more products are being released for business. In particular, the Japanese manufacture banking equipment and logistics systems. Moreover, Toshiba makes a lot of money on the creation of equipment for electrical substations and control systems for them. In Japan, many of the high voltage DC power lines are drawn by Toshiba. If we talk about consumer goods, then we recall hard drives (including portable ones), video surveillance systems and, in general, everything. Air conditioning systems are, for some reason, a business solution. At least on the official website, they are listed in this category.

If you are looking for the cheapest wall-mounted air conditioner, chances are good that a product made by Toshiba will be your choice. The fact is that its most affordable models are priced at only 21 thousand rubles! For example, Toshiba RAS-09U2KHS-EE has such a price tag. It is interesting that in many respects this air conditioner is not inferior to many of its competitors. For example, the device is capable of heating and cooling a room up to 25 square meters. Not a bad figure! The cooling power here is 2600 W, and the heating power is 200 W more. And if other cheap air conditioners may not have the function of dehumidification, then here it is. Self-diagnosis of malfunctions is not forgotten either. In a word, Toshiba has got an excellent device, which can only be found fault with a specialist who is not by hearsay familiar with many other air conditioners. It is not for nothing that the vast majority of reviews on price aggregators have the maximum rating.

Perhaps it is not at all surprising that many air conditioners sold in our country are manufactured by the Japanese company Toshiba. Well, how can you not buy such an inexpensive device? Confused only by the difficulties in installation, typical for all air conditioners. And the summer in many regions of our country is not too long, some people have enough of a fan during this period.

It should be noted that Toshiba manufactures not only household split systems. There are also copies for commercial use in its assortment. Well, in Japan and some other countries, multi-zone VRF systems are popular. They are used in the construction of large buildings.


Rating: 4.4


Another representative of our rating, which is primarily associated with the production of cars. Finally, this is not a Japanese company. Hyundai is a South Korean brand founded in 1947. It was originally a car repair shop. Later, she turned into a full-fledged chaebol, engaged in a variety of activities. Moreover, he gradually became the largest chaebol in Korea! Construction brought him the most money. In particular, it was one of the chaebol enterprises that built the 400-kilometer bullet train between Busan and Seoul.

At the end of the 20th century, a major restructuring of management was announced. As a result, all the enterprises that were part of the chaebol became independent companies. All readers know well the products Hyundai of the Motor Group – these are, of course, cars. The products of another company may be located in your computer – we are talking about Hynix RAM. Well, another company is engaged in the creation of climate technology.

Household split systems Hyundai usually have a very low price tag. Most often, you can buy such an air conditioner for 15-20 thousand rubles. Of course, one should not expect unprecedented opportunities from such a device. Let's take a look at Hyundai HSH-S091NBE as an example. The cooling power of this device reaches 2638 W. As for heating, its power is 2814 watts. Also, this product can be used as a fan, without cooling or heating. Of course, automatic maintenance of the set temperature is not forgotten here either. To control the air conditioner, by the way, a tiny remote control is used, on which there are several buttons and a segment display. You can find fault with the device only because of the dehumidification mode. It is here, but when activated, the air conditioner is able to remove only 0.8 liters of moisture from the air per hour. Believe me, more expensive models are capable of more.

It is curious that the Koreans produce not only split systems. In some Russian stores, you can find monoblocks Hyundai. And it's certainly not about computers. A monoblock means a portable air conditioner. It can be placed on the floor in any room. With its help, it is also possible not only to cool the air, but also to increase its temperature. When you are satisfied with the result, you can move the candy bar to another room. In short, this is a good thing that does not force you to spoil the wall of the house. But, of course, such an air conditioner has several disadvantages. But we will not talk about them, since this is not the topic of our article.

If you look at price aggregators, they display a huge number of reviews for air conditioners Hyundai. This suggests that such equipment is in demand. However, why not? This is a rare case when you can buy very high-quality equipment for only 20 thousand rubles. What is most striking is that almost all air conditioners Hyundai, even the most inexpensive ones, receive extremely positive reviews. People don't even complain about the noise level – the main problem with many budget air conditioning systems.


Rating: 4.3


Sweden is known to Russian consumers not only thanks to IKEA. It is in Sweden that Electrolux is headquartered. This is one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances. It was founded in 1910. The history of the company began with the production of Lux vacuum cleaners. Gradually these appliances became popular even outside Sweden. By 1929, the company began to have several offices and factories around the world. Of course, the matter was not limited to vacuum cleaners. Refrigerators came off the assembly line in those days. Some of them were absorption – they could run on gas, kerosene or electricity.

Now the Electrolux product range is incredibly wide. Basically, the Swedes concentrate on large household appliances – refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, stoves and hoods. Small household appliances are also produced, but most often under third-party brands. The fact is that over the centuries-old history, Electrolux has absorbed many other companies – for example, Zanussi and AEG. It turns out that now no one bothers the Swedes to use any other trade marks, which in certain countries may be known to consumers much more.

The world's first compact dishwasher, the world's first cordless vacuum cleaner, the world's first steam oven, the world's first robotic vacuum cleaner – all produced by Electrolux. Unfortunately, there is no such innovation in the air conditioning world. It is noticeable that this direction is considered secondary by the Swedes. It is very difficult to compete in this market with Japanese companies that have been producing air conditioners for much longer. However, it is still possible to consider the option of buying a household air conditioner from Electrolux. Most of all, some inexpensive split system will please. For example, for Electrolux EACS-07HG2 / N3 they ask about 24 thousand rubles. This model is capable of boasting a cooling capacity of 2200 watts. The heating power is traditionally slightly higher – 2400 W. Such a device supports communications with a length of no more than 15 m. The device has an energy efficiency class A, and its functions even include night mode and self-diagnosis of faults. The air conditioner includes a pair of different filters. The product is capable not only of cleaning, but also of dehumidification. In a word, even for little money, Electrolux offers a very good air conditioner. This is not typical for a company. If you take a look at her budget washing machines and refrigerators, you will immediately notice a lot of their disadvantages.

Of course, there are also more expensive air conditioners in the assortment of the Swedes. They can have not only a wall-mounted indoor unit, but also, say, a cassette or even a floor-standing one. Such devices are in demand among owners of commercial premises. And the Electrolux company also produces monoblock air conditioners. Above, we have already talked about how such a device differs from a traditional split system.


Rating: 4.2


When asked to name South Korean home appliance manufacturers, you will definitely mention Samsung. Now this company is known for its smartphones running Android. Also, many Russians have a Samsung TV at home. But this does not mean that Koreans limited themselves to these products only. If you walk through a store that sells home appliances, you will find vacuum cleaners, washing machines, microwave ovens and many other devices created by Samsung. There are also air conditioning systems in its range.

Samsung was founded in 1938. Now it is a full-fledged conglomerate. Some of its divisions are engaged in construction, chemical industry, automotive and consumer electronics. And if Samsung builds multi-storey buildings, why shouldn't Samsung make its own air conditioners? Of course, semi-industrial air conditioning systems cannot be found in conventional stores. However, references to them can be found on the official website. Well, the average consumer will look towards traditional split systems. Unfortunately, Samsung is not one of those companies that will conquer the buyer with a low price tag. Apparently, the company does not seek to increase sales. At least not in our country. We will have to pay at least 30 thousand rubles for a Samsung household air conditioner. And if you need a quiet and powerful device, then 40-60 thousand rubles will be required.

It is impossible to single out one air conditioner separately. So far, none of the models can be called a full-fledged hit. At one time, the split-system Samsung AR07HQFSAWKNER was in great demand. However, now it is considered obsolete, its production has been discontinued. Instead, a number of new models were launched at once. Some of them are capable of cooling air in rooms up to 30 square meters. Also, almost all Samsung air conditioners are capable of dehumidification. Most often they are quite quiet. Well, in the night mode, they are not heard at all. In a word, the new products from the South Korean company meet all the desires of the modern consumer, which is good news. If they also had a lower price tag …


Rating: 4.1


Another South Korean company in our ranking. It was founded in 1947 when Lak Hui Chemical Industries was registered. In the future, this enterprise began to produce various household chemicals and cosmetics. His first product was a face cream, and perhaps the most popular was toothpaste. Also, this enterprise was engaged in the production of plastics. As for household appliances, they were produced in the 20th century by the Goldstar company, founded in 1958. In the future, the two companies merged into a single company LG Group. It happened in 1995.

Over the years of its existence, Goldstar and LG have produced a wide variety of equipment. It all started with transistor radios – in this regard, the history of the company is similar to what Sony began with. Then the production of fans, corded telephones, hair dryers, refrigerators, TVs and much more was launched. Now LG Group is a very large company headquartered in Seoul. She continues to specialize in several industries at once. In particular, one of its divisions is engaged in petrochemistry, the other in mechanical engineering, but LG Electronics is familiar to us from liquid crystal and OLED – televisions, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators and other household appliances. Produced by forces LG and a lot of all kinds of air conditioners.

If we talk exclusively about household split systems, then they have an average price tag, high reliability and good power. For example, LG B09TS is able to cool the air in a room up to 25 square meters. This takes 729 watts of electricity. The device is able to maintain the set temperature in automatic mode; the quietest program is activated at night. The cooling capacity of this model is 2700 W. Heating is available, of course. All this is offered for 37 thousand rubles. Is it expensive? May be. But what you get is a device that only collects five-star reviews. Well, if a smaller room requires cooling, then you can easily find an air conditioner LG with a price tag of 28-30 thousand rubles.

It should be noted that the assortment of LG is very wide. Even if not to talk about cassette, floor and other split systems. You can find models with a wide variety of wall-mounted indoor units. This will not necessarily be a white product – you can pick up a block of a different color, ideally suited to your interior. But what can I say, one of the air conditioners has an indoor unit made in the form of a picture! Of course, you can place your own photo in this block – for example, it can be a photo of your family. Perhaps this is the best way to disguise an air conditioner!


Rating: 4.0


Ballu is the main climate. At least that's what the company's slogan sounds like. It can be understood from it that this company specializes exclusively in HVAC equipment. Of course, it produces not only some kind of domestic air conditioning systems. The official website immediately talks about semi-industrial samples that should be of interest to construction companies.

Now the company produces about 7 million units of HVAC equipment per year. These are both powerful semi-industrial designs and home models. The equipment is supplied to many countries around the world. The company is also able to boast of several strategic partners, including even the Izhevsk State Technical University named after M.T. Kalashnikov. There is no doubt that Ballu will bring new innovations to its products in the future. Now Ballu has 46 of its own patents for unique developments, but in the future there will definitely be more of them.

Earlier we have already talked about the existence of monoblocks, with which you can cool the air in any room. The cheapest devices of this type are produced by Ballu. You can buy a monoblock from this company for only 13-15 thousand rubles. It will also surprise you with its size, offering maximum compactness! However, such a device will only cool the air, the heating elements do not fit in it. However, monoblocks that act as a heater are also available. It's just that their purchase will cost significantly more.

As for the Ballu split systems, they are practically in no way inferior to competitors from more eminent companies. The most affordable models are priced at 25-35 thousand rubles. Oftentimes, they only get five-star reviews, as customers simply have no idea what to complain about. For example, Ballu BSLI-12HN1 / EE / EU has a cooling capacity of 3200 W (and the same heating capacity). With regard to power consumption, it is 990 W. Quite a lot, but the air temperature drops to an adequate value in a matter of minutes. This air conditioner is also capable of boasting a ventilation mode and a dehumidification function. The night mode of operation, in which the device tries to emit a minimum of noise, is also not forgotten. And such an air conditioner can be purchased for only 30 thousand rubles! And in some online stores you can make a better purchase!

You might think that Ballu will not offer much variety. But no, in terms of assortment width, this company is not inferior to LG, Mitsubishi and other manufacturers of air conditioners. You can choose a device with an internal block that will not spoil the interior at all. Although it must be admitted that the company pays less attention to air conditioners with a black indoor unit. Also Ballu is not yet committed to endowing its products with Wi-Fi control function. At least in domestic air conditioning systems, this feature is rare.


Rating: 3.9


Basically, our ranking consists of Korean and Japanese manufacturers. It is only diluted by one Swedish company. Firms from the USA are not mentioned simply because the transportation of air conditioners to another continent greatly affects their price tag – they are practically not in demand in our country. And what about the Chinese? They also make air conditioners? Yes, but they started this business relatively recently. So far, Midea shows itself best in this market. The company is actually called Guang Dong Midea Electric Appliances Co., but everyone is already used to its shortened name.

The company was founded in 1968. She immediately began to create a variety of electrical equipment, including household ones. Now its assortment includes compressors, all kinds of electronics and, of course, climate technology. Fans cost the least money. Their production is put on stream. Such devices have a minimal price tag, but you shouldn't expect any incredible technologies in them. For many people, the fan, of course, is not enough. In this case, you should consider buying a Midea air conditioner. Usually, the purchase of a household split system under this brand costs 19-25 thousand rubles. People don't look at more expensive models. Indeed, why buy an expensive Chinese product if you can find an excellent option from a Japanese or Korean company for this money? This is the main mistake of the buyer.

Cheap Midea air conditioners are not bad. But there are certain questions about their reliability. If you carefully read the reviews, you can easily stumble upon a description of certain troubles that arose during operation. Although, according to the characteristics, one cannot say that such air conditioners may not be good enough. Many models are capable of cooling air in large rooms, they also have a night mode. They are also capable of heating. Some models have such heating power that it seems as if they will turn the room into a natural bath!

Alas, the Chinese manufacturer uses low quality components in budget air conditioners. And only devices costing 45-60 thousand rubles will work for a very long time. But, as we have already said, not every person will find any sense in buying such an air conditioner.


Now you know which air conditioner manufacturers are considered the best of their kind. It seems that this list will be relevant for many years. Of course, new companies are entering the air conditioning market, including Chinese ones. But they are unlikely to prove themselves from the best side in the coming years.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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