11 best washing gels

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The modern analogue of washing powder is gel. It has 2 main advantages over its bulk analogue:

  1. often more tissue-friendly and effective formula;
  2. the gel substance dissolves better in any water, therefore it does not settle on the parts of the washing machine and in the fibers of the fabric.

Like ordinary powders, washing gels are available in several types: universal for colored, white knitwear and for baby clothes. Consider the most popular brands of gel detergents.

Rating of the best washing gels

Nomination a place Name of product price per liter
The best gels for washing adult linen 1 Frosch Apple for colored laundry RUB 350
2 Kao Attack Bio EX RUB 782
3 Meine Liebe for colored fabrics RUB 690
4 Persil Lavender 270 RUB
5 Posh One Ultimate 2in1 Ice Freesia 718 RUB
6 Care & Repair 174 r
7 Ariel Mountain Spring 341 r
The best gels for washing baby clothes 1 Helan for baby clothes RUB 1,100
2 Synergetic for baby linen 244 RUB
3 BabyLine Baby soft gel for baby clothes 502 RUB
4 Cotico for baby clothes 225 RUB

The best gels for washing adult linen

There are special and universal gels for washing colored and white linen.

Apple for colored linen Frosch

Rating: 4.9


This gel can be called universal and hypoallergenic – it contains gentle surfactants that wash well simple dirt. Frosch is suitable for automatic machines and for hand washing – it perfectly softens water, as a result – makes things softer, does not harm the fibers of the fabric. By the way, it can be used for cotton, wool, and silk – the gel delicately removes dirt and grease stains, leaving a subtle apple aroma, rinses well. Judging by the reviews, it practically does not cause allergies in people who cannot tolerate traces of conventional surfactants from powders remaining on their clothes.

Gel Frosch Apple for colored linen is sold in bottles of 1.5 liters and in packages of 2 liters. Average price – from 350 rubles / liter.


  • suitable for all types of fabrics;
  • concentrated product – 1.5 l. for 20 washes;
  • for hand and machine washing;
  • copes with different stains;
  • convenient packaging;
  • does not cause allergies.


  • is not always freely available.

Kao Attack Bio EX

Rating: 4.8


Another gel receiving recommendation reviews is Kao Attack Bio EX. The manufacturer positions the product as a biogel, safe for humans and the environment. It is suitable for washing cotton, linen and synthetics only, but not for delicate wool and silk. The active bioenzyme included in the composition effectively removes traces of dirt and unpleasant odors from textile fibers, leaving after rinsing a light, subtle aroma of freshness.

Many housewives note the effect of the dazzling whiteness of light things. The point is in special additives – fluorescent additives in the gel. The recommended washing temperature is 30 … 40 degrees, this is enough to remove even greasy dirt.

Kao Attack Bio EX gel can be purchased in a bottle, doy-pack or sachet from 0.77 to 5 liters. The average price is from 450 rubles per liter.


  • low washing temperature;
  • for white and colored linen;
  • fights odors;
  • optical whitening effect.


  • high price;
  • not all stains are removed without additional manipulation.

Meine Liebe for colored fabrics

Rating: 4.7


In third place is the German-made Meine Liebe concentrate gel for colored fabrics. The product is designed for hand and machine washing at a water temperature of 40 degrees – under such conditions, the enzymes included in the composition dissolve fat and other food contaminants, and also free the fibers from mechanical stains (dirt, dust). The composition of the Meine Liebe gel is gentle for colored things, prevents the formation of pills, besides, the product makes fabrics soft, does not leave streaks and does not leave a pungent smell – only a subtle scent of freshness. By the way, the automatic machine is protected from scale formation due to water softening.

Washing with Meine Liebe does not require pre-soaking, but in any case, complex stains are beyond the power of the product.

A 800 ml bottle of gel costs an average of 260 rubles.


  • affordable price;
  • suitable for colored and white fabrics;
  • for hand and machine wash;
  • copes with uncomplicated food stains.


  • does not cope with difficult stains,
  • small volume.

Persil Gel Lavender

Rating: 4.6


The next in efficiency and demand is Persil gel with lavender scent. This product, unlike dry powder, smells delicate and pleasant, is completely rinsed out of the fabric, leaves a feeling of softness and freshness. The fact is that the composition includes a mouthwash, Persil Lavender is a 2 in 1 gel and conditioner.

The tool copes with most stains, except for complex ones that require the use of special compositions and manipulations. Users note the effectiveness of the gel and the ability to deal with traces of ketchup, sweat, and other stains from products with a strong odor. The concentrate can be used for washing at a water temperature of 15 degrees, for colored and white, synthetic and cotton knitwear, even wool, velor. After washing, the material stops rolling, becomes electrified, the ironing process is facilitated, the color of the dyed fabrics remains.

The concentration of active substances ensures the minimum consumption of the gel – a bottle of 980 ml is enough for 32 washes in an automatic machine or for 65 hand washings.

The average price of 90 ml is 420 rubles.


  • Conditioner and gel 2 in 1;
  • For all types of fabrics;
  • Low consumption;
  • Effective formula.


  • Cases of allergy have been identified.

Posh One Ultimate 2in1 Ice Freesia

Rating: 4.5

Posh One Ultimate 2in1 Ice Freesia.jpg

This gel, judging by the assurance of the manufacturer, is suitable for washing colored and white linen, as well as children's clothes, that is, it is universal and suitable for the whole family. Users also note this – many emphasize the effectiveness of the product, the ability to deal with stains of various origins, Posh One Ultimate 2in1 Ice Freesia does not leave a smell on fabrics, dissolves well in water and foams little, therefore it is approved for use in automatic washing machines and with an activator drive .

The composition of the Korean laundry detergent is safe for humans and the environment – it does not contain eco-toxic components, it is based on minerals and surfactants that decompose in nature. Concentration x8 allows you to save gel – for one wash of 3.5 kg linen, it is enough to press the pump 4 times (= 14 ml), a total of 1 liter bottles. The average consumption depends on the volume of the items of clothing and is about 35 washes or more.

The average price of Posh One Ultimate 2in1 Ice Freesia is 700 rubles.


  • Hypoallergenic agent;
  • Convenient dosing and low consumption;
  • Environmentally friendly product;
  • Universal detergent suitable for washing children's clothes.


  • Sold primarily in online stores.

Care & Repair

Rating: 4.4


Laska Care & Repair detergent is a special gel for tissue repair. It gently cleans cotton and synthetic fibers, giving them elasticity, softness, thickens the structure, makes colored things almost like new. Another feature of Laska is the ability to protect the lead from the formation of pellets and the adhesion of villi by preventing electrification of the fabric.

Gel Laska Care & Repair is designed for washing at any temperature – you can use the usual washing modes on an automatic machine or by hand. After rinsing, a light fresh aroma remains on the clothes, which lasts for another 1-2 days.

Average price of 1 liter Laska Care & Repair. – from 260 rubles.


  • Restoration of the color and structure of new fabrics;
  • Protection against pellets and lint adhesion;
  • Removes most stains;
  • Low consumption and low price.


  • The effect is not always obvious with old fabrics;
  • Cannot cope with difficult spots.

Gel Ariel Mountain Spring

Rating: 4.3


On the seventh line of the review is concentrated liquid laundry detergent Ariel Mountain spring with a light aroma of freshness. It washes well food stains, dirt, removes unpleasant odors. Ariel gel is designed for use with cotton and synthetic fabrics and is ideal for machine washable, hand wash. Difficult stains will not interfere with the product if pre-treated with a concentrate.

After washing, a slight aroma of freshness remains on the clothes. The linen is easier to iron, soft and pleasant to the body. There will be no trace of the product in the machine – the gel completely dissolves already at 30 degrees, and the temperature regime of washing is not at all organic.

You can buy Ariel Mountain Spring in bottles ranging from 1 to 3.9 liters. Users note: it is necessary to control that the seller refills the bottle with a measuring cap. Its own cap for the measure is poorly suited – it has an uncomfortable shape, the gel does not pour out completely, after which it stains the bottle itself. Average price – from 370 rubles / liter.


  • Affordable price;
  • Removes various stains;
  • Complete dissolution in water from 30 degrees.


  • Inconvenient cap.

The best gels for washing baby clothes

Means for washing children's clothes differ from the usual ones – they exclude or reduce the use of active surfactants that can harm the health of the child.

Helan for baby clothes

Rating: 4.9


This tool is approved for use by Russian obstetricians. Helan Baby Laundry is suitable for washing baby's diapers and clothes from birth. It has a safe hypoallergenic composition, only herbal ingredients, so the water almost does not foam during washing. The product is completely biodegradable and safe for the environment. No toxic effects either for nature or for the delicate baby skin! The safety of Helan gel complies with the MA ICEA ECO BIO CLEANERS standard, as evidenced by the corresponding certificate.

The gel does not wash off strong contaminants – nevertheless, its composition is calm. However, it copes with the main stains – milk, transparent discharge, all Helan can do. After washing, only traces of aloe juice remain on the clothes – they give the laundry a light scent and help soothe delicate, sometimes irritated skin. Suitable for machine and hand washing, especially in cases where hand skin irritation occurs due to contact with water.

Average price of a 1 liter bottle. – about 600 rubles.


  • Proven safety of the composition for baby skin and the environment;
  • Herbal composition, with an effective formula;
  • Suitable for hand and machine washing;
  • Works in cold water;
  • Enough for a long time.


  • Does not wash difficult stains due to the gentle composition.

Synergetic for baby linen

Rating: 4.8


The popular brand for the production of eco-friendly products for washing and cleaning Synergetic has a gel for washing baby clothes in its line. It contains gentle biodegradable components, plant extracts, antibacterial additives that are safe for babies' skin. Synergetic can be used to wash baby clothes from birth – diapers, undershirts are well cleaned when washing, remain fragrance-free – there are no fragrances in the composition.

Synergetic for baby clothes is certified, the eco-label can be found on the label. The bottle is equipped with a convenient dispenser-lid that allows you to use a precisely measured amount of gel for washing – from 30 to 120 ml, depending on the degree of soiling of things.

The average price of Synergetic for baby linen is from 250 rubles / liter.


  • Washes away dirt well;
  • Antibacterial effect;
  • Affordable price;
  • Convenient bottle.


  • The laundry remains hard and needs air conditioning or a thorough ironing.

BabyLine Baby soft gel for baby clothes

Rating: 4.7


On the third line of the review, BabyLine Baby soft gel is a concentrated gel suitable for machine and hand washing of synthetic and cotton fabrics, clothes for children from birth and for adults with allergies. It is considered more of a versatile product, so it can be used for general washings. Fortunately, his consumption is relatively small – 40-60 ml for one linen tab, respectively, a liter of product is enough for 17-25 washes.

The BabyLine Baby soft gel contains cotton extract, which means that things remain soft, easy to iron, and the effect of a conditioner is created.

The average price is 500 rubles per liter.


  • Hypoallergenic agent;
  • Low consumption;
  • Things stay soft;
  • Exceptionally safe composition for baby skin.


  • Not defined.

Cotico gel for baby clothes

Rating: 4.6


Our review closes with Cotico baby laundry gel. This is a domestic development, created taking into account the needs of Russian mothers. Russian consumers note: the gel copes well with dirt, does not leave marks and odors on the fabric, softens the fibers of textiles like a conditioner, although this is not stated. The Cotico gel contains surfactants, so you need to use the product with caution, excluding an allergic reaction in the baby. Nevertheless, we did not find any complaints from allergy sufferers among the reviews, which means that the risk of their occurrence is minimal, the manufacturer approached the development of the composition responsibly.

The release form of the Cotico gel is a 1 liter doy-pack. It is enough for an average of 20-40 washes. The average price is only 160 rubles.


  • Low consumption of 25-50 ml per wash;
  • Mostly hypoallergenic composition;
  • It dissolves most of the dirt well;
  • Convenient packaging;
  • Low price.


  • Sold only in specialized children's stores or on Internet sites;
  • The composition is relatively safe – it contains anionic surfactants and nonionic surfactants, albeit in small quantities.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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