11 best Smart Home systems

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Now more and more diverse electronics. It gets to the point where electronic components start getting things like a light bulb and a power outlet. Not excluded that in the future it will allow all of us to manage our home remotely. However, why in the future? If you get the Smart Home system, then you can do it now. However, now such systems have certain flaws, some of them are very serious. And this at the high cost of such systems. Do not believe? Let’s get acquainted with the best Smart Home systems by reviewing them in all details.

Rating of the best Smart Home systems

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best Smart Home systems 1 Amazon 5.0
2 Apple 4.9
3 Google 4.8
4 Control4 4.7
5 Fibaro 4.6
6 Xiaomi 4.5
7 Redmond 4.4
8 Wulian smart home 4.3
9 Ajax 4.2
10 Broadlink 4.1
11 Gal 4.0


Rating: 5.0


The most active segment of the “smart home” is now developing two companies: Amazon and Google. And the first manages to get ahead of the second, despite not the largest stock of financial resources. This company some time ago created Alexa’s voice assistant who functions without any problems. To make it more useful, various components of a smart home have been created. And it is not only sockets and bulbs that are already familiar!

Amazon’s smart home starts with the appropriate column. The American company has released several of its types, one of them even has a screen! The most popular is Amazon Echo – a kind of cylinder that spreads sound in everything side. It is with the help of such a column that you can communicate with voice assistant, ordering him to adjust the light in a specific indoors or disconnect any device. Of course, you can use the Amazon Echo column and to listen to music. Though if you are going to actively engage in this, it is better to consider second generation Echo Show purchase – significantly larger dual 55mm stereo speaker. However such a purchase will cost at least twice as much.

I’m glad that Amazon’s Smart Home system is compatible with devices developed by other companies. In particular, the user can equip the kitchen, hallway and all rooms with smart Philips bulbs – Alexa will definitely identify them by adjust the brightness and color of the glow. Amazon itself if something and produces, then with a minimum circulation – all devices remain on American market.

So, what is Amazon’s smart home capable of? various equipment from other companies? Innogy SmartHome will allow you to control electricity consumption. That’s just is a set of such equipment – very expensive. Not excluded that you will never save such an amount that the introduction of this the system paid off. Well, Logitech Harmony Lab is device for multimedia management. It is also well implemented. at Amazon Alexa, letting you enjoy music and movies. Neato Botvac Connected is a robotic vacuum cleaner. He can already give commands through the voice assistant. Nest Protect v2 come in handy in a country house, where you are not very often – this full-fledged smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Logi Circle presents a surveillance camera. Use Amazon Alexa to contact it is possible anytime, anywhere. Similar cameras produced under the brand name Ring. You can also note support for Nuki (door lock, notifying that this or that came home member of your family).

In short, if you have a hundred or two thousand at your disposal rubles, then you can buy a very large number of devices, synchronizing them with the smart home from Amazon. As a result, you can manage almost any device located in your home. Recommended to start with Philips Hue – it’s the “gateway” to control lighting systems, sold for only 3,500 rubles (LED bulbs need to be bought separately). However, such a “gateway” is not will be needed if you get a smart speaker Echo Plus – this its main advantage.


  • A large number of columns to choose from;
  • Extremely smart voice assistant;
  • A huge number of smart devices from other companies.


  • Amazon itself creates mostly just columns;
  • There is no support for the Russian language (in the voice assistant).


Rating: 4.9


Despite a number of problems, Apple continues to strive to be an innovative company. In this regard, it is not surprising that she also develops its own Smart Home system. How easy guess it is up to Siri to manage it application installed on the iPhone. Alas, without the “apple” smartphone can not do. Also, it doesn’t hurt to buy HomePod – smart a column released relatively recently.

As usual, Apple itself releases a minimum quantity devices included in the Smart Home system. But then Apple HomeKit supports devices from other companies. For example, some people First of all, they buy the August SmartLock. To such people opening a lock with a smartphone seems funny. However need remember that such a device can only work with valves type Deadbolt for 1 \ 2 or 3 \ 4 turn of the key. We have in Russia in mainly used locks, for closing which you need to make two or three full turns with a key – operate such a lock when help August SmartLock will not work.

What else could be part of Apple’s smart home? Basically These are standard devices. For example, the above application will allow you to control smart bulbs by adjusting their brightness and color. Smart sockets are also supported – this is definitely useful for those who afraid to leave the iron or electric heater on. IN THE USA faucets installed in a bathtub. It should be noted that it is the bathroom – the next one on queues at most manufacturers of equipment included in the system “Smart House”. The fact is that the choice of water heating temperature in bath or shower voice or using a smartphone – this is very a good idea. It’s only harder to realize this opportunity than it seems.

Apple HomeKit has one major issue. Inbox the composition of this device system is mainly intended to American market. This means that they often do not designed to work on our 220V power supply network. However, HomeKit can make friends with HomeBridge – a program designed for any Linux computer on board. This opens access to a significantly larger number of all kinds of smart devices. IN in particular, after such a combination (this is done by installing corresponding plug and purchase, say, Raspberry PI3) you can feel free to get a leak detector. It will come in handy in an apartment building (so as not to flood the neighbors), and in a suburban cottage (so as not to get into expensive repairs). Well, the window sensors will save your property if in your home robbers will try to penetrate. And they will help the forgetful to people.

Apple’s smart home seems to support a huge number devices and sensors. But actually their purchase and placement will cause certain problems. Firstly, they often have to order from abroad. Secondly, as we said, some sensors will be detected only after buying a mini-computer and implementation of special manipulations. Third, intuitively clear operation is possible only with sockets and bulbs – that’s it the rest is serious. Fourth, some sensors make you buy a license – these are additional monthly or annual expenses.


  • Convenient application;
  • Officially supported devices are determined without any problems;
  • There are TVs with Apple AirPlay 2 support.


  • Few devices supporting 220 V;
  • Not all sensors are friends with HomeKit;
  • You may need to purchase a mini computer with Linux.


Rating: 4.8


Google enters the race for the creators of “smart homes” relatively recently. However, now it is one of the best. manufacturers of related equipment.

It all started with the development of Google Assistant. This voice the assistant is preinstalled on some smartphones, mainly on belonging to the Pixel line. Later, an American company decided release your own smart speakers endowed with this assistant. Well, now Google’s Smart Home system includes some Other devices. However, many sensors and devices are traditionally manufactured by third parties.

You can begin to equip your home with appliances from Google with that or some other smart speaker. A lot of them have already been released – there are small specimens, and musical whoppers. But if you are serious outlined the creation of a “smart home”, it is better to immediately get device called Home Hub. This is the central link in the system. Smart Home by Google. It has in its composition not only the speaker with microphones, but also a small screen. Confuses only the wide framing – it feels that the device is essentially based on some old tablet. Curious that the manufacturer got rid of the camera – video chat through this device organize will not work. But then you can see the forecast weather (visual perception of information is much faster listening to the forecast from the assistant).

What sensors and devices are supported by voice Google Assistant? Yes, very different! For example, smart locks. Or the same peephole (combined with the bell) – it will output a picture of the “hub” mentioned above. You can connect to the system and other cameras – a lot of them have already been created. Of course nowhere support for LED bulbs has not gone away – at one time it was with with their help, our homes began to “grow wiser.” Sockets, thermostats, window sensors – they can also be selected in such a way that all of them integrated into the Smart Home system from Google. By the way, above we talked about Logitech Harmony – the devices included in this series also support Google’s smart ecosystem. And if also Logitech Hub acquire, then the breadth of media opportunities will increase incredibly! In particular, the Google Home column will learn how to switch the video output, adjust the volume, switch to another channel and make other actions. This box supports 270 thousand different devices from 6 thousand manufacturers – this is not only about TVs, but also about other audio and video equipment.

Google’s Smart Home is probably a good choice. Special if you already have some flagship operating under running Android – in this case, at first you can do without a smart speaker.


  • A large number of supported sensors and devices;
  • A decent number of smart speakers;
  • Home Hub is available in several body colors.


  • Many devices must be ordered from the USA;
  • Not all sensors and devices are sharpened for 220 V.


Rating: 4.7


It is possible that many visitors have never heard of the brand. Control4. However, under it, quite a long time ago, different the products that make up the Smart Home system. Sure, This company does not have its own voice assistant. However her devices and sensors integrate perfectly into existing ones voice assistants, so do not worry too much. Also system management is assigned to a special application, which installed on a smartphone or tablet user.

So what exactly does Control4 offer? Firstly, great sounding. Of course, the competitors discussed above also begin with columns. But here they are magnificent, to complain about the sound quality can only an ardent music lover, who is definitely no bear in his ear did not attack. A variety of sound can be played applications – from Spotify to Tunein. The second important component smart home – it’s LED bulbs. They can also be controlled in a voice. Suppose at any time you can ask for a voice assistant to dim the light in the kitchen, while being somewhere in the bedroom.

It is curious that the buyer is bundled with all devices gets a universal remote. It can also be used to control all multimedia equipment. As you know something like that Offers Logitech. The remote control can be considered a kind of bonus. If you get used to voice control, then quickly abandon this accessory.

Unlike the competitors discussed above, Control4 does not offers to purchase many devices and sensors on separately. This company offers to apply immediately full-fledged smart home. To do this, on its official website It is proposed to enter contact details, after which it remains wait for a specialist call. The site also states that devices communicate with each other via Wi-Fi and its varieties called ZigBee. Total Smart Home system from Control4 can consist of approximately 70 different devices. It’s a pity just that the company’s assortment is not the biggest number of sensors responsible for safety. Yes and video surveillance is limited only by LILIN IP cameras, dimensions which will suit only the owners of commercial premises, but in no way not residential apartments or houses.


  • Large selection of multimedia equipment;
  • Extensive experience with the ZigBee protocol;
  • The price cannot be called too high.


  • Purchasing specific devices can be difficult;
  • There are few sensors that increase home safety.


Rating: 4.6


Another company in our ranking, engaged, roughly speaking, wholesale deliveries. That is, you contact her specialists, and they are already picking up a lot of equipment, thanks to which your home begins to grow wiser. This approach has several advantages and disadvantages. It should please those who do not want to spend a lot of time on selection of various sensors and devices. Well, the chagrin causes high cost of the finished kit. If in the case of Google you you can start with speakers, bulbs and sockets, then the purchase of “smart at home from FIBARO means getting more expensive kit.

It should be noted that distributed under the brand FIBARO devices support Apple HomeKit. That means they can fit into the apple ecosystem. This is good news for anyone already bought some smart devices designed for Apple’s smart home integration.

Basically FIBARO offers all sorts of little things. For example, in the assortment of this company has modules for sockets that help determine the power consumption of a particular device. Also under FIBARO brand distributes special buttons – they can be to program for certain processes that run after clicks. Another important device is the control panel. It allows you to interact with smart home using gestures. well and other sensors and devices are manufactured by other companies. For example, the FIBARO Smart Home system is quietly introducing speakers from Sonos, CCTV cameras from D-Link, robotic vacuum cleaners from iRobot and lighting technology from Philips. And this is only small part of compatible equipment!

Importantly, FIBARO supports a variety of sensors. security. As a result, the user will receive alerts about opening a window, which will allow you to understand in time about an attempted robbery dwellings. Or about your forgetfulness. There are also sensors, notifying of smoke, gas and water leaks. what Regarding the used synchronization standard, this is Z-Wave. You can control a smart home using a smartphone, tablet or PC – including from multiple devices at once.

It is interesting that this manufacturer offers several types of equipment for their devices. Most often, the choice of beginners stops at a kit called the Starter Kit. it a simple set that includes: a door opener, leak detector, smart plug, smoke detector, as well as a light sensor, temperature and movement. This is not to say that such a kit will allow the house is much “wiser”. But it will definitely make it safer! By the way, there is a second pallet in the box in which power supply, antenna and control unit. Buying a Starter Kit is, must be the best way to touch new technology.


  • An affordable starter kit is available;
  • The company focuses on home safety;
  • Devices from other companies are supported.


  • The sensors are large enough;
  • The multimedia control center is too expensive.


Rating: 4.5


As you know, the Chinese company Xiaomi is trying to master everything new markets for electronic technology. Are quadcopters in fashion? Let out your drone! Are TVs getting smarter? Let’s release your TV with Smart TV support! Wearable electronics is becoming popular? Let’s start selling inexpensive fitness bracelets and smart watches! In a word it is not surprising that Xiaomi has launched devices included in the Smart Home system. And this is not some a couple of other sensors! The assortment is truly huge! Here only the Chinese can appreciate it so far. People unfamiliar with hieroglyphics have to use very few devices and sensors.

Immediately, Xiaomi technology interacts with each other. via the ZigBee wireless protocol that was already mentioned in our rating. In the future, the company may switch to 5G – this will allow sensors send signals to the user over cellular networks, the need for a hub will disappear. But this is in the future, so far without a block management is not enough.

So, what can you use in Russia without suffering from characters and voices of a virtual Chinese? Mind first smart bulbs come. Xiaomi itself releases them, and products third-party companies supports. Though make your voice turn off it’s unlikely that you’ll get light unless you are trained in Chinese language. Perhaps this is the main drawback of the Smart Home system from Xiaomi – you will have to manage these or those devices exclusively using the appropriate application on the smartphone. However, not all people can get used to voice management, so many about this lack of not even think about it.

We offer to purchase smart sockets from Xiaomi. They designed including for our 220-volt networks. Such sockets allow you to remotely disconnect connected to them electrical appliances from the mains. They also help to figure out how much it is the power consumed by the connected device. Not forgotten and surveillance cameras – they will allow, for example, to monitor left home child. You can also think about buying smart doorbell. It is about two times more expensive than usual, but a device created by Xiaomi is able to photograph a guest and send an alert to the smartphone of the owner of the house.

In a word, you can quite get a gateway and all sorts of additional devices from Xiaomi – it will take you far from it not an astronomical sum. However, get ready for the assortment companies are not rich. Many sensors are designed for the home market, they simply cannot work with our stress. Well, about voice management will definitely have to forget.


  • Low cost of many sensors and devices;
  • Some devices are very useful.


  • Limited device support from other companies;
  • Voice control only in Chinese;
  • Not all sensors are suitable for Russian conditions.


Rating: 4.4


REDMOND equipment regularly falls into our ratings. The thing is, that under this brand not only high-quality, but also affordable devices. In particular, this company good floor scales and a variety of appliances are produced, intended for cooking. And for some time now the company started production of equipment included in the Smart Home system.

To begin with, it should be noted that this company seeks add all sorts of smart features to your familiar technique. For example, relatively recently appeared on store shelves teapot-lamp. Using the appropriate application, you can change the color of the backlight, due to which the ordinary kitchen appliance begins to look very impressive. Also on the smartphone will be Receive notifications that the water has boiled. “Wiser” in recently and devices such as crock-pots, outdoor scales, heaters and air purifiers.

However, if you take a look at the corresponding application for smartphone developed by REDMOND, you will see support information more specific devices. Indeed, an online store the manufacturer is literally teeming with all sorts of components of “smart at home. For example, for just 600 rubles you can buy a smart base. He works with any LED light bulbs, offering the opportunity control lighting from a smartphone. In particular, some people use such a base to create a light alarm. well and if at home there is an Internet center REDMOND SkyCenter 11S, then indulge with light it will be possible from anywhere in the world.

Of course, smart sockets are not forgotten by the manufacturer. They Ideal for our 220 V power supply, with their help you can get rid of the fear of leaving the iron on. Also in stock REDMOND has a variety of sensors and detectors. For example, a smart smoke detector capable of saving a home is capable of send a message to the owner’s smartphone on time. Well, the sensor traffic will notify that someone else has entered the house.

As mentioned above, the first thing you need to buy a center smart home. This device is estimated at 3000 rubles. All sockets, light bulbs and sensors are much cheaper. As for the kitchen technology, the smart options from REDMOND are slightly more expensive ordinary. In a word, in our country – this is perhaps the best way organize yourself at least to some extent a smart home.


  • Low cost of devices and sensors;
  • Wide availability in Russia;
  • Russified and convenient application for a smartphone;
  • There are multi-bakers, multicookers and other household Technics.


  • There is no support for voice assistant;
  • Still, not a very wide range;
  • Third-party products are not supported.

Wulian smart home

Rating: 4.3

Wulian Smart Home

ZigBee Wireless Standard Used by Several Manufacturers smart homes. One of them is Wulian. If you start to search devices for the system “smart home” on AliExpress, then with a high in the first place, it’s likely that you’ll stumble upon products Wulian. This Chinese company is desperate to compose competition of the aforementioned Xiaomi. However, it does not limit yourself a native market. The product is actively offered to foreign to buyers. In particular, some time ago it was created Russian site that talks about the benefits of “smart home” on in Russian.

As expected, there are several configuration options devices and sensors from Wulian. The main option is called Comfort. is he and it will provide some security and make life a little easier. IN this kit includes a wireless gateway that communicates with your router, a smart camera to which you can connect up to three other devices, smart one-button switch, sensor door or window opener, motion sensor, infrared transmitter and wall mounted script switch. And all this good is appreciated in all 25 thousand rubles!

Of course, you can connect some to the wireless gateway other devices created by third parties. For example, you You can control a TV or a robot vacuum cleaner. TO In a word, management is assigned to the corresponding application, Designed for Apple and Android operating systems. Unfortunately, the Chinese company does not have its own voice assistant, therefore, it will be necessary to interact with certain sensors only with your fingers.

If the Comfort kit seems too expensive and for the most part parts senseless, then other options can be considered. For example, Wulian offers a kit called Security “. It is intended for those who are afraid to leave their home without supervision. For about 15-19 thousand rubles you will receive not only gateway, but also three sensors that alert the user when committed leakage, movement and opening of the door. And there is also a kit “Protection of a country house”, which includes several additional devices, including smart alarms. There are cheaper kits designed to take care of children and the elderly. In a word, you can easily pick up kit for any use case!

I am glad that Wulian company sells not only full-fledged kits, but also individual devices. Agree, in the future you You may easily want to purchase some additional sensors. In this case, you will not need a new kit, since in each of them there is a wireless gateway. Perhaps we will not be able to present to Wulian products have any claim. It can confuse here only the lack of the most familiar devices – lighting devices and smart sockets. However, do not forget that they are on the market and without that a lot – other manufacturers have long fussed. Also the assortment seems incomplete without a smart doorbell that could at the same time act as a camera.


  • Easy use of devices;
  • There are several configuration options;
  • Sophisticated wireless gateway;
  • ZigBee protocol, supported by other companies.


  • Not many proprietary sensors;
  • No voice control support.


Rating: 4.2


Three relatively little-known brands close our rating. One of them is Ajax Systems. Products of this company were in demand in our country back in 2016 – just then specialized publications have written numerous reviews. Since the company’s assortment has expanded, and the included kits Wireless gateways have improved. Yes, and apparently all the sensors and devices become more elegant. By the way, the case can be painted either in white or black – it remains at the buyer’s choice.

As established in such systems, it is initially proposed purchase a starter kit. It exists in two versions. StarterKit sells for 13 thousand rubles, and StarterKit Plus – for 21 thousand rubles. Interestingly, the set of sensors in these sets is one and the same. Only the “brains” differ, so to speak. The fact is that Ajax still maintains two of its hubs. Most advanced in fact costs twice as much as the regular version. It’s interesting that the cheap “smart home” center also has support Ethernet and GSM. Therefore, everything is in order with communications. is he be sure to send a signal to the owner of the house, even if a nearby router will be disconnected from the Internet. well and Hub Plus will please with a more powerful processor, increased volume flash and RAM, as well as a capacious backup battery. This device checks the operation of sensors at least every 12 seconds.

And which sensors are part of the starter kit? what here, nothing unusual here is here for you. This is a motion sensor door open sensor and key fob with panic button (with its help the system understands that a family member has come home). Alas cameras or there is nothing like that in the starter kit, even in the most costly. The manufacturer also offers to purchase separately such a useful thing as a smoke and heat sensor. It also exists in two versions, the most advanced additionally recognizes carbon monoxide gas, and in case of fire it starts to make a siren sound. Is in assortment of companies and smart sockets with a counter power consumption. But pay for one such outlet 3 thousand rubles somehow I don’t feel like …

I must say that it is the high cost of sensors and devices is the main drawback of the Ajax Smart Home system. If a I want to get all the useful things that are available in online store of this manufacturer, you will have to fork out for a huge amount. It seems that even the products Google will cost less, although it would have to be ordered from North American paying shipping. But then Ajax Systems offers a module for integrating sensors into wired and hybrid security systems! And it definitely should like commercial and government agencies.


  • Great appearance;
  • There is support for GSM;
  • It can be integrated into any security system;
  • A decent variety of sensors.


  • High price;
  • No voice control support;
  • The company does not produce surveillance cameras.

Rating: 4.1


Must be one of the most unattractive brands in our rating. The fact is that the products distributed under it do not advertised too much. Well, the official site is not framed in the best way – the Broadlink Smart Home system description will allow understand its capabilities only with prolonged reading. However, it’s still possible to reduce the time for familiarization, for this just go to the online store.

So what exactly does this manufacturer offer? First you definitely need a smart remote. It exists in two versions. In fact, this is not a remote control in its usual sense, but a kind of hub, thanks to which the smartphone will appear the ability to control all sensors. As for others devices, you can select a Wi-Fi relay – it is useful to those who wants to control absolutely any electrical device from a smartphone. Interestingly, some of these relays have sensors temperature and humidity.

The company’s assortment also includes more familiar accessories. For example, this is a two-key smart switch. Or network an extension cord for four sockets, which is also smart. Well, for 3 thousand rubles, you can purchase a small sensor system, responsive to door opening and human movement. Peculiar A bonus can be considered the remote control included in this kit, on which has a SOS button.

It must be admitted that this is still one of the weakest representatives of our rating. The assortment is very poor company. Of course, you can connect to a multifunctional hub some third-party products. But I would like Broadlink itself let out, say, a smart doorbell or cameras video surveillance. Well, the Wi-Fi outlets it sells are too large sizes, now you can find smaller ones. Perhaps, this company is remarkable only for all sorts of relays and controllers food that can easily be hidden somewhere inside the wall. But, Of course, it is desirable to purchase such devices at the stage building a house.


  • Prices cannot be called high;
  • You can buy a Wi-Fi relay and a smart power controller.


  • Not very rich assortment;
  • In fact, devices are not so smart;
  • You will have to forget about the voice assistant.


Rating: 4.0


Almost any of our ratings ends with budget devices. Unfortunately, Smart Home systems usually do not exist. cheap. One of the few exceptions to the rule is products. under the brand name GAL. In Russian retail chains, her starter kit they sell for only 5 thousand rubles. In the future, you can buy additional sensors and devices, expanding the capabilities of the system and making your home more secure.

The GAL SH-1000 starter kit includes the most simplified main unit (about any quad-core processor inside it out of the question), keychain for controlling the system, power supply, door sensor and leakage sensor. A good set for those who do not wish Spend a lot of money on Smart Home at the same time. Also plus GAL products that need to be ordered through online store. It turns out that you will not need to wait delivery of the starter kit.

Well, what else can you get hold of after the opportunity did you find starter kit insufficient? Firstly, You can buy a control panel. She looks very stylish, outwardly she looks like some kind of videophone. Secondly, it may not interfere siren. If intruders entered your house, then she’s definitely them will frighten off. Thirdly, you may definitely like additional sensors. One of them responds to hot gas, the other to motion, the third – on the temperature.

Alas, while GAL products are aimed at safety, but not at comfort. That means no smart speakers or anything the company does not offer such. She doesn’t even make a camera CCTV – have to consider their range from others manufacturers. But then the purchase of all manufactured sensors is definitely not will affect your financial capabilities. In short, GAL products – this is the cheapest way to protect a country house or urban an apartment.


  • Starter kit is available in Russian stores;
  • A large number of security sensors;
  • Low cost.


  • The system is not sharpened by media capabilities;
  • Not enough CCTV cameras and a doorbell;
  • The dull design of many sensors.


This is the list of the best Smart Home systems among those present at world market. Now you understand that not one of them has is perfect. Some Smart Home systems do not work on Russian, others do not offer the widest possibilities, but still others in fact are not too smart. However, this is not prevents you from trying one of these systems in business right now. Why not? Why don’t you become a technology pioneer?

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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