11 best mini ovens

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Gone are the days when the kitchen was just a refrigerator and plate. Now it can be attended by a variety of household appliances, and the matter is no longer limited to a microwave or toaster. Some people like home-made cakes, they for this purpose a mini oven is purchased. Now such devices produced in increasing numbers, but many of them have disgusting quality. If you don’t want to get an appliance, which will be very hot and spoil cooked in it dishes, check out our rating of the best mini ovens.

Rating of the best mini ovens

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best mini ovens 1 Rommelsbacher BG 1805 / E 16 590 rub.
2 Steba G 80/31 22 500 rub.
3 Gemlux GL-OR-1538LUX 8 690 rub.
4 REDMOND SkyOven 5706S 9 840 rub.
5 Simfer M4579 8 253 rub.
6 Moulinex Optimo OX444832 6 890 rub.
7 Steba KB 27 U.3 6 990 rub.
8 Kitfort KT-1703 10 190 rub.
9 REDMOND SkyOven 5717S 7 999 rub.
10 Scarlett SC-EO93O19 4 300 rub.
11 Midea MO-2501 2 975 rub.

Rommelsbacher BG 1805 / E

Rating: 4.9

Rommelsbacher BG 1805

Often, modern kitchen appliances have a faceless exterior view. But there are exceptions to the rule. For example, Rommelsbacher BG 1805 / E will definitely decorate the interior of any room. At looking at this device you can even guess the notes of “retro”, something like this The devices looked a few decades ago. For the sake of achievement of this effect, the manufacturer abandoned the display and touch panels. And it’s very good, since to deal with the device on whose dashboard housed the familiar switches, even an elderly person can.

In Russian stores, this model is sold for 17-18 thousand. rubles. For the money you get a quality device, Made in China and with one year warranty. The mini-oven got a camera at its disposal, the volume of which reaches 42 liters. It seems that this is enough even for an ardent lover bread baking.

Despite the presence of mechanical control, the device provides as many as seven oven modes. He is also capable boast convection, thanks to which heat envelops equally preparing dish from all sides. Isn’t this the perfect recipe baking? If we talk about other modes, then Rommelsbacher BG 1805 / E has the function of maintaining temperature, which is useful in those cases when you do not have enough time to immediately try the cooked dish. It should be noted that the mode “grill”. It activates a heater with a power of 1800 watts. Exactly thanks to him, a mini-oven can replace even a very expensive microwave.

The maximum temperature inside the camera used here may reach 230 ° C. Keep track of the cooking process double-layer glass and well-implemented lighting. However, you you can safely leave the kitchen, going about your business, as the mini-oven has a beep to indicate that it is ready dishes.


  • Easy to learn mechanical control;
  • It is completed with deep and flat baking sheets;
  • There is a good skewer;
  • Decent camera volume;
  • The coating inside is enameled;
  • The case was made of stainless steel;
  • The power cord cannot be called short;
  • Built-in grill;
  • A large number of operating modes.


  • There is no thermometer inside;
  • The price will not suit everyone.

Steba G 80/31

Rating: 4.8

Steba G 80

Another device sold for 20-22 thousand rubles. And he too able to boast a capacity of 1800 liters. Only went on sale one color version with a white body. She disposes camera, the volume of which reaches 29 liters. It seems that this enough at home and somewhere in the country. Temperature in this chamber can reach up to 250 ° C. It’s only a pity that you have to believe to the manufacturer on the word, because he did not endow his creation a thermometer. However, in recent years no mini ovens, no electric ovens.

The creators of Steba G 80/31 decided to abandon the touch buttons. Instead, modes are selected by turning mechanical switches. Lack of automatic programs at first it can confuse. But in the future you will definitely learn which it’s the settings to set for the preparation of a dish. By the way, the addiction process would be faster if The manufacturer Russified the roller, located under the above switches. Recommended settings for pizza and other popular dishes. But how you guessed it, the names of the dishes are by no means in Russian language. And not even in English! German names come in handy here! Because of this, the roller seems completely useless.

This mini-oven is endowed with the ability to defrost food. A grill is also available here. All this allows you to abandon the purchase. microwave, after the mini-oven appears in the kitchen unnecessary. Since there is a grill here, it is not forgotten and spit. Time cooking time can reach 120 minutes – that’s exactly what the maximum value of the timer present here. And also in the device built-in camera lighting, thanks to which you can watch cooking process.

Perhaps the Germans turned out a decent product, which for sure worth the money. If we conditionally combine all the settings, then it turns out that this mini-oven offers 23 programs. Complain the buyer can only in the absence of a loud beep, which would tell the owner that cooking this is done.


  • High reliability;
  • There is a grill and skewer;
  • A large number of programs;
  • Easy to learn management;
  • Under the top cover is the outer grill;
  • High power;
  • Good roominess;
  • There is a camera backlight.


  • There is no loud signal about the end of cooking;
  • Dishes on the tooltip are in German;
  • Cost will not suit everyone.

Gemlux GL-OR-1538LUX

Rating: 4.7

Gemlux GL-OR-1538LUX

This mini oven has a slightly more modern design. But her the creators abandoned touch control, which is not to all consumers. Rotary switches are also introduced here, but already significantly smaller. Well, instead of the scale here uses a digital display, which is endowed with each regulator. The numbers on such a screen are clearly visible even in the dark. Curious that there is a similar display at the bottom of the control panel, here on It displays the icon of the selected operating mode.

When you see this device in the store, you will be amazed at it sizes. Yes, it turned out incredibly large. But inside it there is already a 38-liter camera! In such a mini-oven you can cook a huge amount of meat. Do not doubt it is enough for everyone relatives and friends who come to your country house.

However, most often the choice in favor of this model is not due to its spaciousness. People like the price tag, not exceeding 11 thousand. rubles. After looking at the price tag, the consumer no longer cares a bit crookedly implemented camera lighting – only one is introduced here a bulb whose power is frankly weak.

Low cost almost did not affect the functionality of the device. The device is capable of boasting nine modes of the oven, thanks to which you can cook almost any dish. Here even convection is not forgotten. Therefore, the food will be baked as much as possible evenly on all sides. The power of the device is 1800 watts. Despite the affordable price tag, the mini-oven can boast a grill. Yes, and quartz, which is more energy efficient! As much as possible the temperature inside the chamber of this device can reach 230 ° C, often more is not necessary.

As with most other mini ovens, it is used here double layer glass. The door opens down, making the camera it cools quickly enough. Also included in the device interchangeable crumb tray and rubberized feet.

Honestly, to find fault with this model is extremely difficult. It is not surprising that the device is in demand – now this is one of the best-selling mini-ovens in Russia. You can scold the manufacturer only for the lack of a power button. Also one of the buyers I ran into a broken spit – it stopped spinning.


  • Very capacious camera;
  • Convenient electronic-mechanical control;
  • A large number of oven modes;
  • There is a quartz grill;
  • High power;
  • A loud beep is used;
  • Low cost.


  • Not maximum reliability;
  • The backlight is not implemented in the best way;
  • The length of the power cord is only 0.8 m.

REDMOND SkyOven 5706S

Rating: 4.6

REDMOND SkyOven 5706S

Another mini-oven in our selection that has a modern external view. And this is an even more affordable instance! If the above models had a stainless steel case, then here, to create it, ordinary metal was used. It means, that the device will last several years, but not decades. The case is painted black, here it is complemented by touch buttons and a very bright display.

Despite the low cost, the mini-oven can boast wireless module. It allows you to control the device from your a smartphone. Or at least receive readiness notifications dishes.

Of course, a cheap mini-oven cannot have maximum power. Here, this parameter is 1500 watts. But on the manufacturer did not save the number of programs. Total The user is provided with 21 operating modes. That is, with this mini-oven you can cook absolutely any dishes. Even those that require a grill, as it is also present here!

The temperature inside the chamber reaches 230 ° C. Temperature selection and cooking time is carried out, as already mentioned, via touch keys. I am glad that settled on The dashboard program list is Russified. Yet You can note a bright backlight, thanks to which you can on time notice that the dish has already cooked. Also possible rely on a timer that at its completion not only will turn off the device, but it will also emit a sound signal. By the way, you can disconnect. This is important, because cooking can be done the moment someone is sleeping at home.

This model is definitely worth the money spent on it. IN complete with it you get a metal grill, deep baking tray and handle to remove it. And also in the box round baking dish. As for the disadvantages of the device, then many of them are easy to guess from the price tag. The creators of REDMOND SkyOven 5706S saved on the door, it most likely has only one glass. The volume of the camera is even more upsetting, only 20 liters. In this regard, a mini-oven can be compared with a microwave. If you want to cook turkey carcass regularly, then it is better to consider buying a larger model.


  • Accessible from a smartphone;
  • Great appearance;
  • Warranty period extended to two years;
  • Extremely high power
  • A large number of programs;
  • There is a sound signal;
  • There is a grill;
  • Very low cost.


  • Not everyone will like the touch controls;
  • Not very roomy camera;
  • Life is unlikely to be long.

Simfer M4579

Rating: 4.5

Simfer M4579

One of the most capacious representatives of our rating. The volume of the camera used here is 45 liters! Moreover, this the mini-oven cannot be called particularly powerful. The device can bring internal temperature up to 250 ° C, but 1400 W electric motor does it long enough.

This model is ideal for those people who like to cook in Oven whole carcasses of birds. Despite the very large size, the device is estimated at only 12 thousand rubles. This is due to the already mentioned low power. Another simplification is enough a small number of automatic cooking modes. And so just do not expect from this mini-oven remote control.

The case of this model is made of stainless steel. Big him part is painted black. The controls and pen have bronze color. As the first, simple ones are used here. rotary controls. It is thought that this will allow to deal with management even for an elderly person. Another device received competently realized halogen lighting, thanks to which you can observe the degree of cooking.

Otherwise, the Simfer M4579 mini-oven is similar to the ones discussed above. competitors. There is also a grill. It can be used in paired with convection that evenly distributes heat throughout the chamber. AND also the product received a high-quality door, which included double glass. Two baking trays are supplied with the device (one of them is not only deep, but also possessing non-stick coating). You should also look in the box chrome grille.


  • Very strong heating is possible;
  • Nice double glass door;
  • Huge spaciousness;
  • Good lighting;
  • Loud acoustic signal;
  • Simple mechanical control;
  • Decent equipment;
  • Not a very high cost.


  • Not very high power;
  • Timer – no more than 90 minutes.

Moulinex Optimo OX444832

Rating: 4.5

Moulinex Optimo OX444832

One of the strangest devices in our review. Half consumers will be delighted with such a mini-oven, whereas the other half will not appreciate its appearance. Body of this Models made of stainless steel. But at the same time here such a design is used that from a distance it may seem as if the device is made of plastic. In fact, of course, plastic would simply not withstand high temperatures.

Like many other inexpensive mini ovens, the Moulinex Optimo OX444832 uses mechanical control. On his dash The panels are equipped with three familiar knobs. The lowest of them is a timer, it allows you to set the cooking time up to 120 minutes As for the temperature inside the chamber, it can be bring to 240 ° C. Of course, to withstand such a heat is enough difficult, therefore, the door installed here is equipped with a two-layer glass. It’s only a pity that warming up takes a very long time. The fault this is the power of the device, not exceeding 1380 watts. Electricity is taken from the nearest outlet to connect to which uses a cord 94 cm long.

This mini oven has medium capacity. Huge turkey cannot be placed here, but other species of birds fit still have to. However, this device is not the best fit for cooking poultry. It is usually grilled, and its power here reduced to 740 watts. Therefore, it is better to use this mini oven to create all kinds of baking. Also here cook homemade yogurt.

The warranty period for the Moulinex Optimo OX444832 is two years. But there is no doubt that the device will last much longer. However, one day you will definitely want to replace it. The thing is the fact that the production of this mini-furnace was greatly saved. For example, This is noticeable by strong heating of the device body. Company Moulinex did not introduce sensible thermal insulation here. Also appliance suffers from erasing signatures of all three regulators – more all they are afraid of lemon and apple juice. Well, about others We have already mentioned the shortcomings.


  • Loud beep;
  • Very low cost;
  • Simple mechanical control;
  • A decent amount of operating modes;
  • There is a grill (type – TEN);
  • Quality door;
  • Very light weight.


  • The signatures on the control knobs are gradually erased;
  • Heats up very much;
  • There is no temperature sensor;
  • Not everyone will like the design;
  • Power is very low, especially on the grill.

Steba KB 27 U.3

Rating: 4.4

Steba KB 27 U.3

Most often, mini-ovens receive mechanical control. Must be thus their manufacturers want to make devices as much as possible similar to traditional ovens that complement gas stoves. The same control is used in the next The representative of our rating, dubbed Steba KB 27 U.3. On the dashboard of this mini-oven there are three rotary a regulator that even an elderly person can master familiar with modern technology.

The case of this device is made of stainless steel. Almost all of it is painted black. Inside the appliance there is a removable crumb tray. This is important, because when Making baking crumbs is a common thing. However, similar almost all representatives of our review are equipped with a pallet. As well as two-layer glass, which was part of the installed there are doors. By the way, if you look inside, you can see enamel coating. This means that the chamber of the mini-oven is washed without any problems. And it’s definitely not afraid of the simplest cleaners means, you definitely won’t get scratches.

In Russian stores for Steba KB 27 U.3 ask about 7 thousand. rubles. Based on this, we can expect that this is far from the most powerful mini oven. Indeed, inside it is 1.5 kW electric motor. However, even this is enough to to quickly heat the air inside the chamber to temperature 230 ° C. You will see baking or meat gradually covered with a delicious crust. Watching this there are no problems, since it is implemented internally high-quality backlight.

As you already understood, there is a full-fledged grill with electromechanical skewer. It is based on the basis of the heater. I would like to instead, see here a more reliable and easy to clean quartz, but this is not the price segment. The power of the grill is the same 1500 Tue

As for the oven, it has only three modes of operation. IN one of them involves convection. It pleases, because with her dish evenly warms up from all sides.

Perhaps the main drawback of Steba KB 27 U.3 is fleeting timer. It is limited to just one hour. It turns out that complex dishes will be prepared in two stages. It’s not too much conveniently. With a mini-oven I would like to start a timer once, after what to do about your business.

Included with the product you will get a metal grill, spit and flat pan. Alas, but on this grade almost exhausted. If you need a deep baking sheet, you will have to buy separately. But then this model got into its disposal of a long power cord.


  • The length of the power cord reaches 1.4 m;
  • Low cost;
  • Nice door with double-pane glass;
  • Simple mechanical control;
  • There is an indication of the set temperature;
  • There is a sound signal;
  • There is a grill;
  • Long power cord;
  • Relatively light weight.


  • Timer – only up to 60 minutes;
  • A deep pan would not hurt;
  • Some specimens do not heat up to declared 230 ° C.

Kitfort KT-1703

Rating: 4.3

Kitfort KT-1703

An interesting instance that combines a mini-oven and a small electric stove. On its upper wall are two electrical “pancake”, on which you can cook, for example, scrambled eggs with bacon or some more complicated dish. Such a mini oven is perfect the choice for installation in the country, where so far there has been neither gas nor electric stove. Surprisingly, the advanced functionality is not influenced the price tag. But the cost is approximately 6 thousand rubles allows you to understand that the manufacturer has definitely saved something.

However, if the creators of Kitfort KT-1703 and saved, then this it becomes clear only after prolonged use of this models and in direct comparison with more expensive competitors. At first glance, the device is in no way inferior to the ones considered above. mini-ovens, and in some ways surpasses them. For example, creators without It was possible to increase power consumption up to 1600 watts. it makes heating the temperature inside extremely quick. Maximum to in a word, 230 ° C are reached, which is enough for cooking almost any baking.

This appliance can be used in grill mode. Moreover, in his almost any bird will fit in the camera, not to mention pieces meat. The volume of the oven here is 30 liters. This is not a record, but you are already noticed that other inexpensive mini-ovens boast such a figure can not.

Above, we talked about the high power of the product. However it is only applies to the oven and grill, which uses the heater. If talk about electric burners, then their power is 750 and 1000 watts (one in size a little larger than the other). Somewhere on this will be enough for the cottage.

Camera backlight, rotisserie, metal grill, deep a baking sheet, a handle for removing it – all this the device has in fully. And he knows how to signal the sound of the end work. Its duration, by the way, can reach 120 minutes – that’s how much you can get the timer here. Control Kitfort KT-1703 is implemented in the usual mechanical way, thanks to which even an elderly person can use the mini-stove, which is difficult to deal with modern technology.

The product also has a number of disadvantages. The manufacturer did not endow his creation of a sufficient amount of thermal insulation, which is why the housing the mini-oven heats up quite a lot. Also, not everyone is happy power cord less than a meter long.

We warn you: the oven and hobs must not be used at the same time, otherwise you risk burning away the contents inside the appliance components, and this will not be recognized as a warranty case.


  • Very low cost;
  • Easy to learn management;
  • Rich equipment;
  • There is a grill;
  • The mini-oven is complemented by two rings;
  • There is a sound signal;
  • High power;
  • Decent roominess.


  • The case is very hot;
  • Short power cord
  • Power burners can not be called large.

REDMOND SkyOven 5717S

Rating: 4.2

REDMOND SkyOven 5717S

Another REDMOND mini-oven that supports control when help smartphone. Many sites even call this device smart. an oven. Well, the device itself does not differ in any intelligence and quick wits, but the corresponding application really greatly facilitates the process of cooking those or other dishes. There are many recipes in it, thanks to which You can significantly diversify your diet. The program can ask operating modes that cannot be achieved by pressing the touch keys located on the dashboard.

Almost all REDMOND mini-ovens are made in the same style. They have a stainless steel case, which housed a bright display and several touch buttons. SkyOven 5717S is no exception from the rule. Connecting to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 The application can be installed on both Android and iOS

The device turned out quite small. His oven has only a 20-liter volume that someone will definitely upset. Inside There are two heating elements – above and below. You can use either one of them, or both at the same time. In total, the product offers 21 modes of operation, and this even without taking into account the automatic recipes available in the application.

From the other representatives of our rating, this device differs in the absence of convection. It is sad. In this case, the device not able to boast a lower cost. Is it worth it to change convection for remote control and enhancement maximum cooking time up to ten hours? It’s up to you only to you. More on the official website says the lack of a grill. But this, apparently, is not true. Otherwise, why then in a box with Does a mini-oven detect a metal grill? Local grill not supports the use of skewers – this is already true.

The temperature inside the chamber can reach 230 ° C. When the process the cooking will end, the mini oven will not only send a notification, but it will give a sound signal. Mains connection here carried out through a standard meter network cord.

Complete with REDMOND SkyOven 5717S are baking sheets, grill, handle for removing them, crumb tray and various paper documentation. The warranty period is one year, in this the device has no advantage over its competitors.


  • Remote control available;
  • There is a sound signal;
  • A large number of operating modes;
  • Well implemented backlight;
  • Cost cannot be called prohibitive;
  • Decent equipment;
  • It fits in any kitchen.


  • Touch control will not suit everyone;
  • A modest volume of the oven;
  • No skewer and convection.

Scarlett SC-EO93O19

Rating: 4.1

Scarlett SC-EO93O19

You might think that all mini-ovens are quite expensive. Definitely more expensive than most microwaves. But this is not so. ScarlettSC-EO93O19 can be purchased for just 4,500 rubles! However not think that for the money you’ll buy some tiny model in which even pizza cannot be placed. No, it’s full a mini-oven with an impressive 42 l What then did its manufacturer save on?

First of all, someone will complain about the design. Indeed in his study was definitely not invested. The device looks somehow faceless. Even the operation indicator here is made in the form of a normal round LED. Well, mechanical regulators are covered silver lining, which will soon cease to shine for sure. Management is implemented in a standard way – you choose operating mode, temperature and cooking time. As much as possible available 250 ° C and 120 minutes. There is no doubt that heating to the above temperature will really happen, because the power The device is 1600 watts!

Despite the low cost, the product has received the function of a grill. However, you have to do without a spit – inside the device you can only place the grill. There is also no convection, therefore the sides of the dish can be baked slightly less than the lower and top. Another manufacturer saved on the backlight of the camera, it is here simply not.

Well, it’s better not to get the lighting inside the mini-oven, but get insulated housing. No, even with it a little device heats up. But the temperature of his body is still less than that of others budget devices of such a plan. Therefore, the creators of this Devices need only praise.

And what else did the manufacturer of this device save on? No matter how strange on the power cord. Its length is approximately 55 cm. The problem is solved by bringing the extension cord directly to the mini-oven, therefore worry not worth it. Has a device and another drawback, already not related to savings. Glass of the door used here has an advertising sticker. It is applied in such a way that remove it is completely possible only with the use of special means. how written in one of the reviews, after this I want to put the same a sticker on the forehead of the person who invented it.


  • Very low cost;
  • High power;
  • Good camera volume;
  • The most simplified management.


  • Very short power cord;
  • There is no lighting inside the camera;
  • No convection and skewer;
  • Incredibly hard to remove sticker;
  • Simple design.

Midea MO-2501

Rating: 4.0

Midea MO-2501

Completes our review another mini-oven, sold for 4500 rubles. Unfortunately, it is much less in demand, therefore, some of its shortcomings have not yet been identified. However now it can be said that some buyers will complain about spaciousness. But it’s just a few, as many and 25-liter an oven will be enough.

The power of this device is 1500 watts. That’s enough in order to quickly bring the temperature inside the chamber up to 230 ° C. The operating time of the device is set using the timer. And here lies the first flaw. You can set the maximum only 60 minutes. Is it necessary to say that this is enough not all dishes?

Despite the low price tag, the device is able to boast of an internal backlit. But this is not as surprising as a full-fledged grill. There is even a spit here! However, the meat is cooked on it longer ordinary. This is strange, because even convection is present here, usually speeding up the process.

Otherwise, the device is unlikely to surprise you with anything. However, should not he cause negative emotions, which is important. Mini oven perfectly copes with the preparation of buns, sausages in the dough and other baking. On the shoulder she and cooking meat products.

If we talk about the configuration, then in this regard, to complain about mini ovens are also impossible. Together with it you will receive a pallet for collecting crumbs, baking sheet, wire rack, handle for removing them, skewer and paper documentation.


  • Very low cost;
  • Good roominess;
  • Grill and convection available;
  • There is no strong heating of the case;
  • There is interior lighting;
  • Good equipment;
  • High power;
  • The most simplified management.


  • Not everyone will like the design;
  • The timer is designed for 60 minutes;
  • Long cooking on a spit.


As you may have noticed, many devices in this collection have a fairly high price tag. This is due to low the prevalence of such devices. Unfortunately, often people they don’t even suspect the existence of mini-ovens. A low demand inevitably leads to an increase in value. However, in the future such wonderful kitchen helpers will definitely fall in price.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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