11 best gaming keyboards

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The degree of pleasure from the game is largely determined by the accessories used. The responsiveness, speed of reaction and stability of the keyboard will help you to act with lightning speed even in the most intense moments – and vice versa, they can ruin the whole gameplay. Therefore, the choice of such an accessory should be approached with all responsibility.

We've compiled a list of the 11 best gaming keyboards to help you conquer virtual worlds.

How to choose a gaming keyboard – what to look for

The usability of a gaming keyboard is largely determined by the design and functionality of this device.

Membrane or mechanical?

Structurally, gaming keyboards are divided into two types – membrane and mechanical. Devices of the first type are the most widespread due to their low price. They place the button controllers on a special matrix with a flexible base. Membrane gaming keyboards are characterized by 'rubber' key travel and relatively fast response times due to design features.

  1. Mechanical gaming keyboards are much more expensive than membrane ones. But they are more reliable, the key travel is more pleasant and the response is faster. Each key in these keyboards has its own, individual mechanical switch with a resource of 50 million clicks. Its design includes a bump spring that almost instantly returns the key to its place.

  2. Mechanical keyboards are recommended for 'professional gamers'. For those who simply 'play lovers', membrane ones are also suitable.

Full size or short?

Depending on the physical size and the number of blocks, gaming keyboards are divided into full-size and short. The former are equipped with 104 buttons (physical and virtual), including NumPad – a separate block with numbers on the right side of the layout. Shortened ones are deprived of this block.

Many games, including multiplayer ones, support control from the digital block. But choosing a full-size or a shortened keyboard should be based on your preferences.

Do you need additional buttons?

Many gaming keyboard manufacturers equip their devices with additional 'media' and function buttons. They are not very useful in practice. The point is that these buttons need to be configured separately for each game. For a gamer who changes projects frequently, this is inconvenient.

But if the gamer is constantly playing the same project, then the function buttons with the correct setting will become more convenient. Especially when it comes to MMORPGs.

Features of mechanical keyboards

Mechanical gaming keyboards have their own set of features to consider when choosing. This is the type of housing and the type of switches.

  1. Gaming keyboards can be made in classic and gaming cases, as well as in skeleton cases. The first type is the most traditional – with an external frame and wrist rest. The skeleton has no frame, making the keyboard more compact, takes up less space and is even easier to clean. Game cases are a kind of classic, except that they differ in unusual or aggressive design.

  2. Switches are categorized as linear, tactile, and click tactile. The former provide even pressure. Tactile ones have a more tangible stroke. And tactile ones with a click, as the name implies, click when pressed.

  3. It is worth choosing the type of housing and switches, similar to the previous parameters, based on your needs.


The durability and usability of the gaming keyboard depends on the manufacturer. We've added devices from the most trusted, well-known and reliable companies to the rating – A4Tech, Oklick, Logitech, Corsair, Razer, Tesoro, Mad Catz and SteelSeries.

Ranking of the best gaming keyboards

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best low-cost gaming keyboards: budget under $ 50 1 A4Tech Bloody B530 Black USB RUB 3,107
2 Oklick 930G V2 Iron Black USB RUB 2,990
3 4Tech X7-G800 Black-Silver PS / 2 RUB 1,540
Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards 1 Logitech G910 Orion Spark Black USB RUB 12 900
2 Corsair Strafe RGB Cherry MX Silent Black USB RUB 12 490
3 Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2014 Black USB
4 Tesoro Colada Evil (Cherry MX Blue) Black USB
Best gaming membrane keyboards 1 A4Tech Bloody B318 Black USB RUB 2,150
2 Mad Catz Cyborg V.7 Keyboard Black-Gray USB RUB 4,690
3 Logitech G213 Prodigy RGB Gaming Keyboard Black USB RUB 3,910
4 SteelSeries Apex [RAW] Gaming Keyboard Black USB

Best low-cost gaming keyboards: budget under $ 50

A4Tech Bloody B530 Black USB

Rating: 4.8

A4Tech Bloody B530 Black USB

Why # 1: Membrane keyboard that feels like mechanical.

Description: The first versions of the A4Tech Bloody B530 gaming keyboard were mechanical, but in 2017 the company changed the production process – now it is a membrane device. Thanks to this, the price has been halved. Nevertheless, the company tried to maintain the convenience and practicality of the mechanical design in a membrane configuration – the buttons do not have a noticeable 'rubber' movement and are pressed with little effort, and also instantly return to their original position.

In addition, the bright red backlighting for the Bloody line is retained. The keyboard case is compact and is complemented by a detachable brush rest covered with a soft-touch material.

The keyboard is compact, shortened. It is devoid of additional buttons and a digital block, but all the necessary keys are present. WASDs are separately highlighted and silicone coated. A nice feature of the gaming keyboard is the braided USB cable that won't fray.


  • Nice key travel;

  • The most reliable in the rating;

  • Palm rest included.


  • Heavy, especially considering that this is a membrane keyboard;

  • No digital block;

  • Membrane configuration.

Oklick 930G V2 Iron Black USB

Rating: 4.7

Oklick 930G V2 Iron Black USB

Why Second Place: Ranked cheapest mechanical keyboard, but design leaves a lot to be desired.

Description: Oklick 930G V2 Iron – a mechanical keyboard for undemanding users to the appearance of the device. The device feels more office than gaming – even with its customizable backlighting, which can be bright red or white. The switches are not the famous Cherry MX, but devices from an unknown manufacturer. The key travel is pleasant, but the clicks are loud – the keyboard is absolutely not suitable for those who like to type texts in the middle of the night, when everyone is asleep.

But she copes with the 'duties' of the game perfectly. Keys react almost at the beginning of the turn and instantly return to their place. It reacts to pressing several buttons simultaneously. The backlight is not only configurable, but can also be customized – for example, it can only be turned on on certain keys. In addition, the keyboard is heavy – which is more of a plus, since during tense battles it does not budge.


  • Traditional mechanical configuration;

  • Conveniently removed mechanical switches for purging;

  • The cheapest among mechanical ones.


  • Too loud clicks;

  • Unattractive design;

  • There is no digital block.

4Tech X7-G800 Black-Silver PS / 2

Rating: 4.6

4Tech X7-G800 Black-Silver PS

Why Third Place: A full-size keyboard with extra keys, but the only one in the ranking with a PS / 2 interface.

Description: The ultra-budget A4Tech X7-G800 gaming keyboard in the MU version is more likely not a gaming keyboard, but a multimedia or universal one. And this is indicated by several factors at once. First, it is full-sized, i.e. digital block is available. Secondly, a USB connector and a 3.5 mm jack for a headset are built into the keyboard case. Finally, the keyboard has too many wires – three. PS / 2 for connecting to a computer, a USB extension cable for operating the connector on the case and a 3.5 mm extension cable for the same purpose.

A large number of additional buttons – both plus and minus. They are located unsuccessfully – on three sides of the main block. Therefore, not everyone will be involved in dynamic games.

Also, the keyboard imitates mechanical in every possible way, being a membrane. This is manifested both in the course of the buttons and in the characteristic clicks. But the membrane itself is made in a configuration protected from water.


  • Silicone Gaming Buttons

  • 18 additional customizable keys;

  • Stays firmly on the table and does not slip.


  • No backlight;

  • Too many wires;

  • The PS / 2 interface does not support hot plug-and-play.

Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

Logitech G910 Orion Spark Black USB

Rating: 4.9

Logitech G910 Orion Spark Black USB

Why # 1: Best value for money, Logitech Arx technology and great RGB lighting.

Description: The Logitech G910 Orion Spark mechanical keyboard is intended more for enthusiast gamers than for professional 'conquerors of virtual spaces'. But it has an attractive design, excellent customizable RGB backlighting and programmable function buttons.

The gaming keyboard features soft-travel, low-noise, 70-million-click Romer-G switches. The surface of the buttons is textured. Gaming keys WASD are equipped with different backlighting.

The keyboard is full-sized, with a digital block. Additional buttons are customizable.

In addition, the model supports Logitech Arx technology. After installing a special application on a PC and smartphone, as well as installing the latter in the corresponding holder, the mobile device begins to act as a remote display that displays important information.


  • The best combination of price and quality in the rating;

  • Convenient buttons – texture, motion, noise level;

  • Attractive design and customizable lighting.


  • The Logitech Arx isn't as user-friendly as the built-in screen, which this keyboard, unfortunately, doesn't have;

  • The phone won't charge in the Arx mount;

  • Ugly engraving with Russian layout.

Corsair Strafe RGB Cherry MX Silent Black USB

Rating: 4.8

Corsair Strafe RGB Cherry MX Silent Black USB

Why Runner Up: Cherry MX Silent Switches, beautiful and zoned lighting, but expensive.

Description: A Corsair Strafe RGB mechanical keyboard could top the list, but it is too expensive. The fact is that this is a gaming device as it should be. The layout is laconic, without additional function keys. The configuration is traditional, without unnecessary insertions. The location of the buttons is slightly slanted for convenience. The backlight is RGB and fully customizable: it can even be zoned if needed.

But the main advantage of a gaming keyboard is, of course, Cherry MX Silent switches, designed for 50 million clicks (but, as the experience of gamers shows, significantly 'outliving' this number). They are silent, but with a tangible tactile move. Therefore, the keyboard is suitable not only for gaming, but also for work.

Another nice feature of the keyboard is the included replaceable buttons. The keys of the 'gamer unit' (WASD and QERF) can be replaced with soft silicone covers.


  • Reliable switches;

  • Illumination adjustable by zone and separately for each button;

  • Silicone coated keys included.


  • The space bar is not silent – on the contrary, it is unexpectedly loud;

  • Extra thick, non-flexible cable;

  • Too laconic design (no USB hub, no function keys, no macro support).

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2014 Black USB

Rating: 4.7

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2014 Black USB

Why third place: A reliable and comfortable keyboard, but you have to overpay for the brand.

Description: It is impossible to make a rating of gaming accessories without a device from Razer – the most famous manufacturer of such equipment. However, the 2014 BlackWidow Ultimate mechanical keyboard is definitely worthy of inclusion in the top. The device features Razer's signature Green Flip Switches for pleasant travel and durability, and features the equally distinctive Poison Green backlighting that is eye-catching and eye-catching.

The gaming keyboard is highly ergonomic, so your hands don't get tired even with prolonged play or long typing. The backlighting is bright, accurate, and you can adjust the intensity or active zones in the Razer Synapse app. In addition, there you can also write macros for additional buttons, of which the keyboard has five.

The device is also equipped with a USB hub and headset jacks (3.5 mm input and output).


  • Customizable and bright backlighting;

  • Keys with comfortable travel and clicks;

  • Ability to write macros to function buttons.


  • Keyboard clicks are relatively loud and can therefore be annoying;

  • No protection against water and overheating;

  • Relatively high price due to 'brand overpayment'.

Tesoro Colada Evil (Cherry MX Blue) Black USB

Rating: 4.7

Tesoro Colada Evil (Cherry MX Blue) Black USB

Why fourth place: Cherry MX Blue switches, nice backlighting, but completely useless function buttons.

Description: Tesoro Colada Evil on Cherry MX Blue switches is one of the most reliable gaming keyboards in the ranking. Switches provide fail-safe operation even after a 50-million press, and the device is made of aluminum. This is complemented by a full-size layout with a digital block and beautiful backlighting with customizable modes and brightness levels.

However, it is not in vain that she closes the top. The keyboard is equipped with additional buttons that are completely useless – they 'forget' settings, be it a key combination, launching an application or a macro. And the backlight setting is quite limited – you can only choose the brightness thereof, as well as zoning. You won't be able to set the shade or active keys on your own.

The switches used are tactile with a loud click and tangible impact. This is worth considering when choosing. The keyboard is equipped with a USB port and headphone jacks.


  • Cherry MX Blue switches are reliable and convenient;

  • Aluminum body and high build quality;

  • Secure fixation on the table.


  • Few customization options for backlighting;

  • The keyboard 'forgets' the function key settings;

  • Keystrokes are too loud and there are no muffler rings included.

Best gaming membrane keyboards

A4Tech Bloody B318 Black USB

Rating: 4.9

A4Tech Bloody B318 Black USB

Why first place: The best in the rating combination of price and quality, pleasant stroke and response of buttons, a separate block of gaming keys with different tactile properties.

Description: A4Tech Bloody B318 is a good option for a gaming keyboard on a budget. The device is distinguished not only by its low price, but also by the proprietary button return mechanism, which makes them feel and 'behave' like mechanical ones. In addition, the keyboard is highly durable, backlit and attractively designed.

The keyboard is full-size, with a numeric block and additional buttons. Their functionality can be configured through the companion application, and macros are also supported. Gaming keys QWER and ASDF are made with a special silicone coating, which makes pressing more pleasant, and have a mechanical (not membrane) configuration.

Function keys and additional keys are pressed in different ways – for the latter it will take a little more effort. The backlight is customizable, but only the color.


  • Mechanical block QWERASDF increases keyboard durability and reliability;

  • RGB backlighting with beautiful and vibrant colors;

  • Setting up macros for additional buttons.


  • Noisy enough as for a membrane;

  • Button labels are not visible without backlighting;

  • No USB port and headphone jack.

Mad Catz Cyborg V.7 Keyboard Black-Gray USB

Rating: 4.8

Mad Catz Cyborg V.7 Keyboard Black-Gray USB

Why second place: A bunch of extra keys, touchpad, screen and other 'bells and whistles' that not all gamers will like.

Description: The Mad Catz Cyborg V.7 multifunctional gaming keyboard is suitable for amateur gamers who just want to improve their gameplay. Shortcuts of quick actions can be 'hung' on 12 additional function buttons, and multimedia keys are made in a separate sensor unit. In addition, the device is equipped with a special display on which various information is displayed – and special software is used to configure its display.

The keyboard is full-sized, there is a digital block. Function keys are spaced apart from the main ones. Gaming WASD buttons are additionally coated with abrasion resistant material.

The model is equipped with RGB backlighting with the ability to customize through special software. Headphone and microphone jacks are available, as well as a USB hub (in fact, like other models from the rating). You can also hang macros on function keys.


  • Convenient, customizable lighting, including zoning;

  • High reliability and durability;

  • Pleasant mechanical-like key travel.


  • Not very convenient software for writing macros;

  • Poor location of the USB port and headphone jacks;

  • A touchscreen multimedia panel is not the best solution.

Logitech G213 Prodigy RGB Gaming Keyboard Black USB

Rating: 4.7

Logitech G213 Prodigy RGB Gaming Keyboard Black USB

Why third place: Comfortable, beautiful keyboard, but loud enough and uneven backlighting.

Description: Logitech G213 Prodigy is one of the most beautiful membrane keyboards in the ranking. Even being playful, it is executed in an elegant, austere and laconic design. The backlighting of the keys makes them stand out against the black background of the rest of the case. The device is really beautiful, although it has minor problems with functionality against the background of other models of their top.

In particular, the keyboard does not have any additional customizable keys – only a few multimedia keys with rigidly fixed functions. The device itself is full-size, there is a digital block. The keys have a typical mechanical stroke and are distinguished by a fairly loud click when pressed.

The model is equipped with RGB lighting with customizable color and zoning. Customization is done through a proprietary application. Without additional software, the keyboard just glows in different colors like the Razer Chroma.


  • Attractive design;

  • Comfortable keys with pleasant travel and an almost mechanical click at the end;

  • Waterproof housing.


  • Loud clicks, create noise when typing;

  • Sophisticated configuration software interface;

  • Recessed compared to the rest of the F1-F12 keys, pressing quickly may not be very convenient.

SteelSeries Apex [RAW] Gaming Keyboard Black USB

Rating: 4.7

SteelSeries Apex [RAW] Gaming Keyboard Black USB

Why the fourth place: Comfortable keyboard with beautiful backlighting – but expensive.

Description: SteelSeries Apex [RAW] is one of the best membrane keyboards in the ranking. But at the very end, due to the very high price, it is more expensive than other models. However, the keyboard has a sophisticated and elegant backlighting that is functional rather than decorative; well-designed geometry with inclined rows of keys; and high convenience – both during the game and when typing long texts.

The keyboard is full-sized, with a numeric block and 17 additional buttons, the functionality of which is configured in a special application. The backlight is not RGB, milky white, but the LEDs are built directly into the keys – therefore bright and beautiful.

The gaming keyboard is wide enough, as are the keys on it. The 'Space' button has been further enlarged. It is nevertheless convenient – although the device takes up a lot of desk space.


  • Elegant design and beautiful lighting;

  • High reliability and practicality;

  • Ease of use.


  • Too wide, takes up a lot of table space;

  • The buttons can seem quite noisy;

  • The function buttons on the left will take some getting used to.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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