10 best sunscreens for kids

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Parents are very careful when choosing cosmetic products for babies. It is important that they not only help in caring for delicate unprotected skin, but also do not harm it. There is a huge selection of products of both domestic and foreign brands on the market. Many have long been heard, some have only recently introduced their goods to Russian buyers.

A must-have product that every mother must have in her cosmetic bag is sunscreen. After all, it is ultraviolet rays that cause more harm to the baby's skin compared to other natural factors. Burning leads to irreversible processes that can lead to serious problems in adulthood, including skin cancer.

In the production of children's products, no aggressive chemical ingredients should be used, which tend to accumulate in the body and cause allergic reactions. Therefore, a thorough study of the composition before buying is the key to maintaining the health of the baby.

By choosing the right cream, you can protect your child from solar activity. Pediatricians, even in cloudy weather, advise you to carry it with you for a walk and take it on long trips, that is, always keep it at hand.

The range of products is quite extensive. Someone buys products of one brand and does not change it. Some are experimenting with creams of different brands and price ranges. Our experts, who, together with pediatricians and dermatologists, have compiled a rating of the 10 best sunscreens for children to make your choice on something specific. When compiling the list, we took into account the feedback from parents who already use this or that tool.

Rating of the best sunscreens for children

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best sunscreens for children 1 Weleda SPF 50 696 r
2 Mustela SPF 50 889 r
3 GARNIER Ambre Solaire SPF 50 379 r
4 Lancaster Sun for Kids Comfort Cream Wet Skin Application SPF50 1468 RUB
5 Nivea Sun Kids SPF 50+ RUB 676
6 Peek-a-boo SPF 50 824 RUB
7 Bielita Solaris Kids SPF 50 474 r
8 Kolastyna SPF-50 243 r
9 Floslek SPF 50 RUB 471
10 My sun SPF 50 199 RUB

Weleda sunscreen for babies and children SPF 50

Rating: 4.9

Weleda Sunscreen for babies and children SPF 50

Gold nominee – cream of the Weleda brand, beloved by many Russian mothers. In its composition, as in other products of the German brand, no harmful components are included. The formula is based on a natural composition that is suitable for the sensitive skin of babies. The cream with a high degree of protection can be applied on very light skin color without fear of exposure to direct sunlight.

Edelweiss extract has a high antioxidant property. It creates a protective film through which ultraviolet light does not penetrate. The product is waterproof. When near a river or sea, one application is sufficient before bathing. Organic extracts of coconut oil and sunflower maintain optimal hydrobalance by retaining moisture in the skin.

The product does not contain fragrances, and natural coconut oil creates a delicate pleasant aroma. Light consistency softly lays down on the surface, is well distributed, quickly absorbed, does not form a sticky layer, thus does not create discomfort for babies. All parental reviews are extremely positive. Therefore, our experts recommend paying close attention to this product.


  • mineral UF filters;
  • organic composition;
  • no artificial fragrances;
  • moisturizing and nourishing the skin;
  • nice texture.


  • not detected.

Mustela SPF 50 Baby Sunscreen Milk for Face and Body

Rating: 4.8

Mustela Baby sunscreen milk for face and body SPF 50

The choice of many parents is the cream for sensitive baby cover of the French brand Mustela. Experts fully agree with this opinion and put it on the second line of our rating. The product is a hypoallergenic complex with mineral protective filters. The high SPF 50 value ensures that no burns occur, even when outdoors.

The delicate skin is covered with an invisible layer that prevents the penetration of ultraviolet rays. The consistency is not greasy, it is evenly distributed, it is absorbed immediately after application, does not leave marks on clothes. The cream is not washed off after several baths in water.

The active natural complex Avocado Perseose strengthens fragile skin, retains moisture inside, relieves dryness. The product is recommended by pediatricians and dermatologists and is suitable for skin prone to atopic dermatitis.


  • improved photoprotective system;
  • composition without chemically hazardous ingredients;
  • suitable for skin prone to irritation;
  • clinically proven tolerance;
  • patented complex of natural origin.


  • not detected.

GARNIER Ambre Solaire Baby in the shade SPF 50

Rating: 4.7

GARNIER Ambre Solaire Baby Sunscreen Baby Shade SPF 50

In third place in the ranking is the hypoallergenic cream, which is designed for very light skin tone of the child. You can use it from the first days of life, since parabens, dyes, benzophenone and other components that are unsafe for health are completely excluded from its composition. Mineral filter provides maximum protection from sun exposure. Clinical trials under the supervision of pediatricians confirm the enhanced effect of the drug.

The cream is soft with a texture of medium density. It does not roll into lumps, does not clog into folds, is evenly distributed on the skin, absorbs quickly, does not leave greasy marks on clothes and towels. The tool is economically consumed. It is convenient to dose it. Thanks to the reliable fixation of the lid, you can safely take it with you on trips.

According to reviews, the cream is actively used from the first months of life. It perfectly protects not only in central Russia, but also in hotter climates, where the sun is more aggressive. The product prevents the formation of burns, moisturizes well, does not create inconvenience to the child.


  • ultra gentle formula;
  • safe hypoallergenic composition;
  • enhanced protection class;
  • light aroma without fragrances.


  • not detected.

Lancaster Sun for Kids Comfort Cream Wet Skin Application SPF50

Rating: 4.6

Lancaster Sun for Kids Comfort Cream Wet Skin Application SPF50 Sunscreen for children with Tear-Free Formula

The fourth place in the ranking is deservedly taken by the cream of an elite cosmetic brand from France. In our own laboratory, a unique composition was developed that not only protects against UV radiation, but also against the adhesion of sand. The product can be applied to both dry and damp skin, while it is equally well distributed, does not form streaks, and is perfectly absorbed.

Safe sunscreens will prevent redness and burns. The composition will not cause tears if it gets into the eyes. The high degree of water resistance allows the cream to be applied once a day. The exclusive complex has an antioxidant effect, eliminating the appearance of age spots and photoaging of the skin.

The fruity aroma will appeal to children. It is unobtrusive, but at the same time very pleasant and 'tasty'. The respondents noted that it is one of the best sunscreen products on the market. Despite the high price, many parents choose it for the maximum guaranteed protection and quality.


  • exclusive cosmetics;
  • formula 'no tears';
  • prevents sand adhesion;
  • the smell of fresh fruit;
  • excellent water resistance.


  • high price.

Nivea Sun Kids SPF 50+

Rating: 4.5

Nivea Sun Kids Baby Sunscreen Lotion Ultra Protect SPF 50+

The fifth line of the rating is occupied by a lotion that is suitable for very delicate and especially sensitive baby skin. It prevents burns in any hot climate. The consistency spreads and absorbs quickly, unlike many thick creams. It does not form an unpleasant sticky layer. The kids do not feel any discomfort.

When applied, instant protection against all types of UV rays is guaranteed. Thanks to its super-waterproof formula, the composition does not wash off during the day, even with regular bathing in ponds. Aloe plant extract moisturizes and promotes rapid healing of microcracks. Vitamin E and panthenol included in the composition saturate with useful substances.

There are no fragrances in the formulation, so the lotion will not affect the child's very sensitive sense of smell. Numerous reviews confirm the effectiveness and safety of the product from Nivea. It has a convenient packaging, is slowly consumed, perfectly cares for the skin, eliminates dryness.


  • maximum protection against ultraviolet radiation;
  • unflavored formula;
  • high degree of water resistance;
  • pleasant texture;
  • vitamin and plant complex.


  • not detected.

Peek-a-boo SPF 50

Rating: 4.4

Peek-a-boo Baby sunscreen SPF 50

The organic cream of the UK-based brand ranks as the sixth best sunscreen for kids. It consists of natural safe ingredients, suitable for atopic cover. Protection filters are minerals that reflect UV rays to form a mirror-like coating. After application, the cream starts working instantly, so you can use it just before going out into the sun.

The formula contains a complex of oils: Karandzhi, flax seeds, rice bran, sunflower seeds, olive, argan, jojoba. The composition is resistant to washing off, so there is no need to update it. Milk-like texture is pleasant to the body, evenly distributed. No white and greasy stains remain after absorption.

A light scent is created by the herbal ingredients included in the formula. These are extracts of calendula flowers, mallow leaves, quince. According to reviews, the cream is used not only by children, but also by other family members with very sensitive skin.


  • natural organic product;
  • long-term outdoor protection;
  • does not wash off after bathing;
  • delicate texture;
  • natural plant aroma.


  • not detected.

Bielita Solaris Kids SPF 50

Rating: 4.3

Bielita Solaris Kids sunscreen mousse cream for children SPF 50

Mousse cream with a high degree of protection made in Belarus is on the seventh line of the rating. It doesn't just protect baby's skin from the full spectrum of UV rays. The product intensively cares for, preventing dryness, irritation and inflammation. The formula is waterproof. One application is enough while relaxing by the river or at sea.

The recipe includes natural jojoba and sea buckthorn oils. They have a wound healing effect, soften the skin after prolonged exposure to the sun and water, and eliminate any discomfort. The patented herbal complex improves skin immunity and increases resistance to external aggressive factors.

The cream comes in the form of an airy mousse. It is easy to apply, stickiness and grease are excluded. The bottle is equipped with a convenient dispenser that prevents excess discharge. The cap closes securely, so the product can be transported in the bag over long distances without the risk of spills. All users are rated 'excellent'.


  • calming complex;
  • antimicrobial and wound healing action;
  • for sensitive skin;
  • enhances resistance to UV rays;
  • resistance to washing off.


  • not detected.

Sunscreen cream for children and babies Kolastyna SPF-50

Rating: 4.3

Kolastyna Sunscreen cream for children and babies SPF-50

The cream made in Poland has found its admirers among Russian buyers. It ranks eighth in our ranking. The product, created using innovative technology, is intended for babies from 6 months of age and has protection from the entire spectrum of UV rays. It is clinically tested and dermatologically approved for use on particularly sensitive, light colored skin.

The fragrance is excluded from the cream formulation. The pleasant scent is formed by the herbal extracts included in the formula, which soothe and prevent irritation. Water resistance – increased. This means that there is no need to apply a new layer of the product after each bath. At the same time, no greasy film and white streaks form, clothes and linen do not get dirty.

Most parents respond positively, noting that the cream really meets the declared characteristics, has a delicate texture, and is economically consumed. The packaging is small, fits into a cosmetic bag, does not open spontaneously during transportation.


  • guaranteed proven protection;
  • hypoallergenic composition;
  • increased water resistance;
  • without discomfort.


  • not detected.

Sunscreen for children Floslek SPF 50

Rating: 4.2

Floslek Kids Sunscreen SPF 50

The ninth place in the ranking is given to another Polish product with a high level of protection for children from 3 years of age. It neutralizes the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation, helps to exclude the formation of burns, pigmentation and get an even beautiful tan. The recipe was created taking into account the peculiarities of children's skin. This allows you to use the cream on daily walks and during trips to resorts without fear for the health of your baby.

The product retains its protective properties even after repeated contact with salt and fresh water and does not need to be reapplied after each bath. The composition is enriched with vitamin E and shea butter. They help to retain enough moisture to avoid dryness and irritation.

The consistency is very soft, easily distributed, no unpleasant sensations arise. The tube is securely closed with a lid. The hole dispenses the optimal amount of product. All parents were pleased with the result and note that the cream is universal. It is used by all family members: both adults and children.


  • waterproof leave-in formula;
  • the likelihood of burns is minimal;
  • soothing and moisturizing ingredients;
  • even tan;
  • delicate, pleasant smell.


  • not detected.

Children's sunscreen My sun SPF 50

Rating: 4.0

My sun Baby sunscreen SPF 50

On the tenth line of the rating – Russian cream for children from 1 year old. Despite the low price, it is not inferior in quality to many more expensive products. The level of protection is very high. The product will not provoke allergic manifestations, as it does not contain aggressive synthetic substances. Safe filters prevent ultraviolet light from penetrating the skin and prevent sunburn.

Vitamin-plant complex will soothe and moisturize. It intensely softens, eliminates overdrying. Calendula extract relieves inflammation and redness, stimulates the rapid healing of microcracks and abrasions. The product is non-sticky, well distributed. Does not leave white marks on textiles. The smell is barely perceptible, pleasant. The water-resistant formula prevents the composition from washing out after bathing.

The cream is recognized as effective and safe, approved for use by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. His parents also confirmed his high qualities. The minimum expense and affordable cost are other advantages of the tool.


  • safe SPF filters;
  • caring ingredients;
  • softening the skin after sunburn and bathing;
  • clinically tested.


  • not detected.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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