10 best budget processors

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The processor, as the most important and irreplaceable component of a computer, is often unwittingly perceived as the most expensive. And if we are talking about a powerful workstation with top-end characteristics or an equally productive gaming computer, this is really so. But if you plan to buy a computer for simple everyday tasks – office work, study, ordinary home use – then it is just on the processor that you can save, and significantly. The editors offer you a special review in the format of a rating of the best budget processors that can satisfy most of the consumer needs as of the first half of 2019.

Rating of the best budget processors

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best budget processors for work and play 1 AMD Phenom X4 9650
2 AMD Ryzen 3 2200G RUB 4,649
3 AMD Ryzen 5 1600 RUB 6,872
4 AMD Ryzen 5 2400G RUB 7 595
5 Intel Pentium Gold G5400 RUB 3,626
The best super-budget processors under 5 thousand rubles 1 AMD Athlon X4 Kaveri RUB 1,486
2 Intel Celeron G3930 Kaby Lake RUB 3,180
3 AMD FX-4300 Vishera RUB 1,880
4 Intel Core i3-3220 Ivy Bridge RUB 2 850
5 AMD Ryzen 3 1200 RUB 3,881

The best budget processors for work and play

The first selection of the best budget processors is dedicated to those models that, at the lowest possible price today, are able to cover the maximum of tasks. These CPUs will provide comfortable office work, high-quality video viewing without lags, and even fairly tolerable playing modern video games. Here we will immediately clarify that the maximum settings can be used only in old games, and even then not in all, and some new games may not really start at all. But you will still be able to play something, as well as work with 'heavy' three-dimensional graphics – here everything will be decided by a discrete video card, RAM speed and other important characteristics.

AMD Phenom X4 9650

Rating: 4.9


The 'grandfather' of the microprocessor market opens the rating – Phenom X4 from AMD. Its first versions were released 10 years ago, after which there were several reprints, in which major and minor flaws were corrected. Until now, the Phenom X4 remains relevant and its box version can still be bought in Russia at an affordable price. And so far, various reviewers on YouTube analyze its capabilities in the context of the requirements of the 2018-2019 border.

This CPU is designed for socket AM2 +. Its four Agena computing cores operate at a frequency of 2300MHz, amenable to moderate overclocking. Cache configuration: first level – 128Kb, second and third – 2Mb each. The volume of the third-level cache is clearly underestimated, and this is noticed by many consumers, but most of this does not stop them from buying. There is no Hyper Threading support here, which means that the cores process data in one thread each.

Phenom X4 implements support for such technologies and standards: AMD64 / EM64T, 3DNow, SSE2 / 3/4, NX Bit (execution disable bit), hardware virtualization, and a number of others.

The calculated heat dissipation of the processor corresponds to a TDP of 95W. The maximum operating temperature is 70 ° C.

In ordinary office and home use, this model does not cause any complaints, and even shows good results of interaction with gaming video cards in not too demanding gaming.

The maximum performance of this budget processor can be achieved not only by overclocking, but also by using the proprietary AMD Dual Core Optimizer utility.


  • lends itself to overclocking;
  • good performance and balance in popular applications;
  • 'pulls' some modern video games at moderate settings;
  • a large selection of suitable budget motherboards;
  • affordable price.


  • underestimated level 3 cache.

AMD Ryzen 3 2200G

Rating: 4.8


Now, in our ranking, we will make a sharp leap from past generations to the present and consider three budget AMD Ryzen processors at once. The first will be the Ryzen 3 2200G. This is also a quad-core, like the previous model, but there are already fundamental differences in almost everything. Well, and, of course, this CPU is more expensive, although in absolute terms it remains budgetary.

The processor is manufactured according to the newest (at the time of creation) technical process 14nm and partially 65nm. Socket – AM4. Four Raven Ridge cores operate in four threads at a frequency of 3500MHz, allow a slight overclocking in automatic mode – up to 3700MHz. Supports 'fast' dual channel DDR4 2993MHz memory. The cache is distributed as follows: the first level is 96Kb, the second is 2MB, and the third is 4MB.

Supported standards and technologies: execution disable bit (NX Bit), hardware virtualization, AMD64 / EM64T, SSE / 2/3/4 and AVX / 2 instructions, MMX.

The processor has a good graphics module Vega 8, operating at a nominal frequency of 500 MHz. Its capabilities are sufficient for watching videos in high definition and even for minimalistic gaming.

The nominal heat dissipation for this model corresponds to the calculated indicator of 65W. The operating temperature limit is 105 ° C.

This processor is positioned by the manufacturer as a gaming processor, but here we must not forget that it is still a budget one, and do not expect the impossible from it.

This CPU configuration is optimal for assembling an inexpensive PC, as well as for those who build a sufficiently powerful machine gradually. On this processor, you can quite comfortably work out the time it takes to collect the amount needed to buy a gaming video card.


  • performance-to-price ratio;
  • good built-in video card;
  • slight heating;
  • large and silent cooler in boxed configuration;
  • relatively high gaming capabilities.


  • stripped-down cache.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600

Rating: 4.7

AMD RYZEN 5 1600

The rating of the best budget processors according to the version is continued by another representative of the Ryzen family from AMD, but already in a higher class. This is already a full-fledged gaming processor without any reservations, despite the budget status. In terms of characteristics, it is in no way inferior to Core i5 from Intel, and at a price it is much more attractive.

The computational basis of the processor is made up of six Summit Ridge cores operating in two threads each at a frequency of 3200 MHz. The CPU supports high-speed dual channel DDR4 memory at 2667MHz. The cache size of the third level is strikingly different from the previous model for the better: 16MB versus 4MB.

The processor supports hardware virtualization, execution inhibit bit, AMD64 / EM64T, SSE, AVX, MMX instructions. Also, the device implements Enmotus FuzeDrive, XFR (Frequency Range Extension) technologies and others.

The nominal heat dissipation of this model corresponds to a TDP of 65W with an operating temperature limited to 95 ° C.

At the moment, this is one of the most balanced budget processors on the market in terms of characteristics. Compared to the Core i5 6000, 7000 and 8000 series, in a single-thread Ryzen 5 1600 is practically not inferior to them, and in a multi-thread it shows itself significantly better. In this class and price category, it has practically no competitors.


  • six 2-thread cores;
  • performance;
  • supports high-speed memory;
  • large third-level cache;
  • 14-12nm technical process;
  • low heating.


  • pronounced minuses and systemic complaints from users were not found.

AMD Ryzen 5 2400G

Rating: 4.6


The fourth and final AMD budget processor in this roundup is the 4-core Ryzen 5 2400G. It is designed for socket AM4 and is one of the most affordable 4-core budget processors on the market with very interesting characteristics.

Raven Ridge cores operate in 8 threads at 3600MHz with overclocking capability up to 3900MHz. Supports 2-channel DDR4 2933MHz memory. Cache configuration by level: 96Kb, 2Mb and 4Mb. Such a cache size of the 3rd level is perplexing, and is quite rightly regarded by users as a disadvantage. Supports hardware virtualization, execution inhibit bit, SSE2-4 and AVX / 2, MMX instructions.

An unexpectedly powerful graphics core is built into the processor – Radeon RX Vega 11 with 11 native cores at a frequency of 1250MHz. The video processor itself lends itself to separate overclocking. This graphics subsystem is significantly more powerful than any integrated graphics in processors Intel. Only on this video card it is quite possible to play many modern games with moderate settings. But, for maximum speed in resolution and fps, you will need, of course, a discrete graphics module.

The design heat dissipation of this model is at the TDP level of 65W at a sufficiently high permissible operating temperature – 105 ° C.

As a quick recap, the Ryzen 5 2400G is one of the best budget processors for gaming in the first half of 2019. Despite the stripped-down cache, this model 'pulls out' this status due to integrated graphics, which may be quite enough for a not too sophisticated gamer.


  • versatility in terms of the balance of characteristics;
  • performance;
  • support for high-speed memory;
  • acceptable heating;
  • powerful built-in graphics.


  • stripped down cache of the third level.

Intel Pentium Gold G5400

Rating: 4.5


Completing the selection of the ranking of the best budget processors for work and play according to version, let's pay tribute to the 'blue' company Intel. Despite the fact that in terms of budget processors Intel it almost always lost to AMD, some models may well compete with counterparts from the 'red' ones. The Pentium Gold G5400 is one such example.

The processor is built on the basis of two Coffee Lake computing cores, working in two threads each with a frequency of 3700 MHz. Thin electronics are manufactured using a 14nm process technology. Supports dual channel DDR4 2400MHz memory up to 64GB. Cache configuration – 64/512 / 4096Kb. The maximum number of PCI Express lanes supported is 16.

The processor has an integrated HD Graphics 610 graphics subsystem with a base frequency of 350 MHz and a maximum dynamic frequency of 1050 MHz. Able to play video in 4K quality with a resolution of 4096×2304 with a refresh rate of 60Hz. Supports three monitors of simultaneous broadcast. Supports Clear Video, InTru 3D, Quick Sync Video and others.

Nominal heat dissipation – 54W, permissible operating temperature – up to 100 ° C.

In terms of characteristics, this processor can be considered a basic minimum, which is able to reproduce most of modern video games with the right selection of other components – video card, memory, etc. For office work or not too heavy design, this budget CPU is more than enough. If moderate operation is expected, you can save on cooling – the stock cooler is sufficient for most tasks.


  • base minimum for budget gaming;
  • built-in graphics module;
  • performance;
  • low heat generation.


  • no pronounced disadvantages were noted.

The best super-budget processors under 5 thousand rubles

The second nomination in the ranking of the best budget processors according to the version is dedicated to the most affordable solutions even in the budget category. Some of the aforementioned models satisfy this requirement, but there we focused on gaming capabilities. Here we are talking about processors, sufficient to equip a workplace with minimal potential loads. It is economically feasible to equip PCs with such processors for large purchases – open new branches of an enterprise, expanding departments, opening a call center, etc.

Let's clarify – our experts compiled a selection based on considerations of processor performance in modern conditions of mass consumer demands. There are models on the market that are even cheaper than those presented here, but they can be recommended for purchase only in a limited list of cases.

AMD Athlon X4 Kaveri

Rating: 4.7


Let us first consider one of AMD's successful solutions – a series of budget Athlon X4 processors, which includes 860K and 840 models. The differences in their configuration are minimal, the main thing – 860K has a higher clock frequency.

This series is designed for socket FM2 +. Technical process – 28. Four Kaveri (2014) computing cores operate at a nominal frequency of 3700 MHz (3100 MHz for the 840th) and can accelerate to 4Hz (3.8GHz for the 840th). The configuration of the first level cache in terms of volume is 16Kb x 4 + 64Kb x 2, the second – 4Mb. An active graphics core is not provided. Supports DDR3 2133MHz memory. Hyper Threading technology is not implemented here, so each core performs calculations in one thread.

It is one of the most affordable full-fledged 4-core processors available today. A graphics subsystem integrated into the processor would be very useful for a budget PC with no complaints, but in this series, although physically there is an integrated video card, it is disabled in favor of other performance characteristics.

Both configurations of the series support hardware virtualization, cancel execution bit, SSE2 / 3/4 instructions.

Heating parameters correspond to TDP 95W for 860K and 65W for 840.


  • sufficiently high clock frequency;
  • lends itself to simple overclocking;
  • cold;
  • the most affordable price in the group.


  • there are no objective shortcomings, especially against the background of a super-affordable price.

Intel Celeron G3930 Kaby Lake

Rating: 4.6


The second number in the ranking is the processor of the Celeron family, which has earned an excellent reputation as a solid budget 'workhorse'. It is only slightly more expensive than the previous model from AMD, and is inferior in a number of characteristics, but for owners of a motherboard with a socket LG A1151, if you need to replace the CPU, it will be difficult to find a decent budget alternative.

The processor is built using a variety of technical processes, including the most advanced 14nm and 12nm. Two Kaby Lake cores are clocked at 2900MHz. Various types of memory are supported: DDR4 @ 2133MHz, DDR3L @ 1333 / 1600MHz and 1.35V power, including dual channel and ECC memory with error correction. The maximum recognizable memory capacity is 64GB. Cache configuration: 64/512 / 2048Kb. The system bus frequency is 1333/1600 MHz. The maximum number of PCI Express lanes is 16.

The processor supports hardware virtualization, all important instruction sets and instructions – MMX, SSE, etc. Advanced technologies are also supported: SpeedStep, Stable Image Platform, thermal control and others.

A notable feature of this model is increased security and data protection thanks to the implementation of a whole list of proprietary technologies Intel: Secure Key, AES commands, Memory Protection Extensions, OS Guard, Boot Guard.

The processor has a built-in graphics core Intel ® HD Graphics 610 with a base frequency of 350MHz and a maximum dynamic frequency of 1050MHz. The maximum available memory for the graphics subsystem is 64GB. The video module reproduces the stream in resolution up to 4K 4096×2304 with a frequency of up to 60Hz.

The design heat dissipation for this model corresponds to a TDP of 51W at the maximum permissible operating temperature of 100 ° C.


  • performance versus price ratio in the general context of processors Intel;
  • ECC memory support;
  • minimum heating;
  • increased security and data protection;
  • built-in graphics core.


  • does not imply overclocking (only relevant for enthusiasts).

AMD FX-4300 Vishera

Rating: 4.5


And again in our rating is a budget 4-core from AMD. This is a design solution for socket AM3 +. The production is carried out according to technical processes 32 and 12nm. In its class, it demonstrates one of the best price-performance ratio. The FX-4300 has quickly earned the honorary unofficial title of 'people's' processor since its release.

The four Vishera (2012) cores in this model operate at a clock frequency of 3800 MHz in four threads and can be slightly overclocked to 4GHz. Supports DDR3 memory with a frequency of 1866MHz – this is one of the weakest points of this CPU. The cache size is 48, 4096 and 4096 L1, L2 and L3, respectively.

The processor supports the following technologies and standards: NX Bit, hardware virtualization, Enhanced Virus Protection, PowerNow !, Turbo Core 3.0 and a number of others.

The nominal heat dissipation in this case corresponds to a TDP of 95W at a maximum operating temperature of 70.5 ° C.


  • four cores;
  • overclocking capability;
  • price-performance ratio;
  • acceptable heating under load;
  • top in its category.


  • only slow memory is supported.

Intel Core i3-3220 Ivy Bridge

Rating: 4.4


Now, in this part of the rating, we will raise the bar of characteristics and consider a representative of the Core family from Intel. This processor is a little more expensive than the three previous ones, but in absolute terms it remains budgetary. The manufacturer even positions itself as a game, and is still being produced.

This model is designed for socket LG A1155. Manufactured according to the 22nm process technology. Two cores of Ivy Bridge (2012) operate in four threads at a base frequency of 3300 MHz. The system bus frequency is 1600 MHz. Supports relatively low-performance DDR3 memory with a frequency of 1333/1600 MHz (dual channel) up to 32GB. Cache configuration – 64/512 / 3072Kb.

The processor supports such enhancement technologies: undo bit, hardware virtualization, AMD64 / EM64T, Anti-Theft, thermal control, My WiFi, idle state. Command sets: MMX, AVX, SSE / 2/3/4. Supports PCI Express v2.0 lanes: 1×16, 2×8, 1×8 and 2×4.

A relatively powerful graphics core Intel HD Graphics 2500 is built into the CPU. The base frequency is 650MHz, the maximum dynamic frequency is 1050MHz. Supports three monitors, Quick Sync Video, InTru 3D, Clear Video HD, Flexible Display.

The calculated heat dissipation of the processor corresponds to 55W. The maximum operating temperature is 65.3 ° C.


  • price-performance ratio;
  • versatility;
  • overclocking potential;
  • good built-in graphics;
  • cold in normal mode.


  • support for slow memory.

AMD Ryzen 3 1200

Rating: 4.3

AMD RYZEN 3 1200

Completing the rating of the best budget processors is the most expensive and most productive processor in this nomination – a representative of the Ryzen family from AMD. And it is expensive only against the background of other models in the review, and in the context of the microprocessor market situation in the first half of 2019, it is the most affordable CPU for budget and fairly comfortable gaming.

The processor is equipped with four full-fledged Summit Ridge cores operating in four threads at 3100MHz with an 'official' overclocking potential up to 3400MHz. Supports dual channel DDR4 2667MHz memory. Cache configuration – 96/2048 / 8192Kb.

Enthusiasts overclock the frequency to higher values, but this approach remains at the user's own risk. By the way, in this particular case, for overclocking to the maximum values ​​that cooling allows, a top-end motherboard is not required. A significant part of the overclocking capabilities is available on budget motherboards with the AM4 socket.

The processor supports hardware virtualization, undo bit, AMD64 / EM64T, MMX instructions, AVX / 2, SSE / 2/3/4. It also supports Enmotus FuzeDrive, Extended Frequency Range (XFR), SenseMI technology, VR Ready and more.

The calculated heat dissipation corresponds to 65W at a maximum allowable operating temperature of 95 ° C. The boxed configuration includes a standard Wraith Stealth cooler. For heavy loads and acceleration, a more efficient cooler will be needed.

In general, this processor is more than an adequate choice for comfortable work and play at decent settings, provided that you use fast RAM in sufficient volume.


  • price-performance ratio;
  • fast memory support;
  • overclocking potential;
  • large cache;
  • VR Ready;
  • one of the most affordable processors for budget gaming.


  • no pronounced disadvantages were noted.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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