10 best books on marketing

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Marketing books today are an integral part of a single whole mechanism called a successful business. The authors, based on their own experience and numerous studies, help to increase the percentage of sales, expand the target audience, and make advertising an important tool for product promotion. Some entrepreneurs rely only on themselves and their knowledge. But many are actively using the marketing tools of successful practitioners and analysts. These are the books we included in our rating.

Ranking of the best books on marketing

Nomination a place book price
Ranking of the best books on marketing 1 Marketing 100%. How to Become a Good Marketing Manager, Igor Mann RUB 790
2 Marketing Wars, Jack Trout and Al Rice 1 390 rub.
3 Marketing Fundamentals, Philip Kotler RUB 1,056
4 Hacking Marketing, Phil Barden 730 RUB
5 Common Misconceptions and Crowd Frenzy, Charles McKay RUB 620
6 Purple Cow, Seth Godin 550 RUB
7 Word of Mouth Marketing, Andy Cernovitz 227 r
8 Marketing Without Degree, John Jantsch
9 Overcoming the chasm. How to Take a Technology Product to the Mass Market by Jeffrey Moore RUB 817
10 Buyology: An Exciting Journey Into the Brain of the Modern Consumer, Martin Lindstrom 770 RUB

Marketing 100%. How to Become a Good Marketing Manager, Igor Mann

Rating: 4.9


The work of the famous practitioner and theorist Igor Mann tops the TOP-10 best books on marketing. It will be useful both for entrepreneurs who are just starting up their business, and for those who have solid experience in doing business, as well as for students of economic universities and high school students in specialized schools. The reader will love the author's light, ironic style, which presents complex topics in a very accessible and understandable way.

In the book there are no formulas, confusing schemes and definitions. It won't tell you about the generally accepted model that most marketers try to follow. This is not a theory. This is a fully practical manual based on the author's own experience. It is suitable for all areas of business, will help attract more customers to the company and increase sales of already known products or products that have just entered the market.

Many successful people noted that it was with this guide that they were able to understand where to move next and how to implement their own plans, how to make advertising a powerful tool, how to simply become a good manager and use the marketing fundamentals to the fullest, or, as the author notes, 100 %. Experts recommend not to skip this book and choose it as your first textbook to improve your work efficiency.

Marketing Wars, Jack Trout and Al Rice

Rating: 4.8


The second place in the rating deservedly goes to the book, which has not lost its relevance for more than 20 years and is a reference guide for millions of marketers in the world. She is able to surprise with a non-trivial approach to the presentation of the basics of sales and product promotion. Two authors compare the struggle of world companies for leadership with real military action and identify 4 strategies that lead to an undeniable victory. The first is defensive. It is only suitable for strong people who can repel the attack of competitors. An offensive strategy can only be used when the enemy's weaknesses are found. The guerrilla type is a kind of survival and development tactic in its market segment. Choosing a flanking strategy, it must be remembered that a sudden blow will be the key to success in the event of weakened competitors' positions.

The book will prepare you for a difficult war and will help you choose the necessary methods that will push the enemy to fatal mistakes. It requires thoughtful acquaintance and analysis of what has been read in order to better structure knowledge and use exactly the one of the proposed strategies that is most effective at a given moment in time.

Marketing Fundamentals, Philip Kotler

Rating: 4.7


Philip Kotler – Professor, Master of Economics, Ph.D. His book, which many call the foundation of the foundation, ranks third in the rankings. It was first published in 1984, was reprinted 9 times and today it does not lose popularity, being one of the best textbooks for studying marketing. It helps to gain real knowledge, while not confusing the reader with complex terms and rules.

The author was able to choose from a huge mass of information the main ones that will help to obtain a set of knowledge and skills for further application in practice. He will analyze everything in detail with specific examples and literally put each rule on the shelves. After reading the book, the reader will be able to structure the existing skills with the newly acquired ones from the international marketing gurus.

The experts advise you to start learning with this best-selling business literature. The author's style is accessible and understandable. Even a beginner will be able to understand the basics and choose the most successful strategy for themselves. The book will help you learn how to navigate the complex financial world and will become a tool for achieving ambitious goals. It is recommended to students of economic universities, as well as to all readers interested in these issues.

Hacking Marketing, Phil Barden

Rating: 4.6


The fourth place in the rating belongs to the book, the author of which has spent more than a quarter of a century studying the basics and principles of marketing. This completely new approach will surprise the reader. The work is based on the exact scientific data and research activities of Phil Barden. He explains in detail why people buy and what influences a particular decision. Many statements contradict the usual knowledge, but the more interesting is the study of the author's works and the application of his methods in practice.

He raises many questions. They are not blurred, but concrete. The reader will find out what the packaging should be, so that it subconsciously pushes to buy this or that product, what color indicates that the product is low-calorie, and this will attract the attention of people who adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. It will be interesting to find out the optimal length of an advertising video so that it acts effectively and does not overload with information.

The book is primarily intended for marketers. It will help you understand consumer psychology. And Hacking Marketing will be useful for them to find out what tools are used to manipulate consciousness, leading to a decision in favor of a purchase.

Common Misconceptions and Crowd Frenzy, Charles McKay

Rating: 4.5


The book that took the fifth place in the rating is a classic that was published back in 1841. Its author Charles McKay wrote poetry, worked in major magazines. The work on mass manias made him world famous, and today he is one of the first to describe financial pyramids, religious movements and other national insanities that affect social life and lead to madness.

Historical events from the book cover the 18th century. The more interesting it is to correlate the past and the present. Many of the marketing techniques used today are similar to the influence on the masses of that time. After reading the book to the end, you begin to understand why you buy something you don't need and spend money on a product that is not worthy of your attention.

The author will show why millions of people fall for mass hysteria and chase an illusion, literally going crazy. The book has become a handbook for financiers. It was reprinted many times and criticized at the same time. The author's theses have confused and forced more than one generation of economically literate people to argue. Despite this, it still excites the minds and brings pleasure to readers all over the world.

Purple Cow, Seth Godin

Rating: 4.4


An American economist created a book that made him famous all over the world and was awarded the sixth line of our rating. After the publication, not everyone paid attention to it because of the comic title, which was misunderstood, as a result, many considered such literature frivolous. The purple cow is not an animal. This is a product that the buyer should be interested in. This is what the company should strive for in order to ensure success and stability.

A modern person does not always have enough time to study advertising and search for a good product among the many on the market. He is spoiled, and it is very difficult to get his attention. Extraordinary and unlike anything else – this is the main marketing ploy that will allow you to achieve your goals and become one step above your competitors.

Why a purple cow? The image is borrowed from a comic poem, which is more than a century old. Seth Godin gives many examples from real life when a seemingly incomprehensible product literally explodes the market and makes a corporation a world leader. If you are ready to create your own purple farm and raise purple cows there, then this book will definitely interest you.

Word of Mouth Marketing, Andy Cernovitz

Rating: 4.3


The featured book by Andy Cernovitz ranks seventh. It is especially relevant in the era of the development of social networks, blogs and other Internet platforms, it will become a guide for business owners to take action and help in a short time turn an unremarkable company, which few have heard of, into a well-known concern, and large cash spending will not be required . Word of mouth is a product promotion and enrichment tool.

It is very important that the product is of high quality, and the buyer is satisfied with his purchase, otherwise you can only harm, and not make it better for your business. The book will teach you how to control the dissemination of information, how to eliminate the negative and how best to influence the opinion of people. Interesting examples help to consider in detail a particular situation and come out of any winner.

Entrepreneurs highly appreciated the book, the author's effective advice in accessible language. Many have taken advantage of them and have successfully begun to implement them, using an information marketing strategy. A useful bonus was the tables that help in planning further actions based on the knowledge gained. The book is definitely recommended reading.

Marketing Without Degree, John Jantsch

Rating: 4.2


Ranked eighth in marketing without a degree, is aimed at small business owners and marketers. This is not a textbook of theory, this will not happen here. This is a real hands-on guide to help you fully understand the best tools to use in a given situation. All the theses of the author are supported by real examples, which allows you to thoroughly understand any issues that arise not only for beginners, but also for many entrepreneurs with experience.

The author recommends systematizing marketing ideas, eliminating chaos and uncertainty. A clear plan necessarily leads to the realization of goals. This will help increase sales efficiency, double your profits and take your business to a higher level.

The book discusses a formula for success that is suitable for all companies, regardless of focus. Ideal clients are selected from a large audience, on whom it is necessary to place bids and address this particular category of buyers. The author will reveal the secret of trust, and most importantly, he will answer the main question: how to achieve success? If you are interested in this, and you are ready to apply all this in your own practice, then this book is for you.

Overcoming the chasm. How to Take a Technology Product to the Mass Market by Jeffrey Moore

Rating: 4.1


The ninth place in the rating belongs to the bestseller, written by an American consultant on marketing and management. It will become a tool for promoting a completely new, innovative product to the mass market. Many business owners have faced such a problem more than once and experienced difficulties, not understanding how to act correctly and in which direction to move.

The book will help save time, as it provides a clear definition of innovators and skeptics and helps to select exactly the target audience that will be interested in high-tech products. The author was the first to raise the issue of the existing chasm between the early and modern commodity market. He spent over 10 years researching this problem and came up with a formula, summarizing his own experience with the research of other marketers.

Moore's advice applies to all areas. You can believe him unconditionally, thanks to the results of his work in Silicon Valley. The book was reprinted several times and included new examples and commentary that reflected the current global marketplace. It is relevant not only among foreign entrepreneurs, but also helped many Russian businessmen, therefore, the work is recommended for reading as a real tool for selling a new technological product.

Buyology: An Exciting Journey Into the Brain of the Modern Consumer, Martin Lindstrom

Rating: 4.0


The rating ends with a piece that does not tell you about the usual basics of marketing. This is a real know-how, applying which you can confidently move towards ambitious goals. A huge amount of $ 7 million was spent on experimental research. Neuromarketing has become one of the important tools that business owners began to use.

The author will tell you what makes people buy this or that product, how the logo or brand name affects our intentions. Many readers will be surprised how we actually make decisions, and how subtexts in advertising increase the desire to buy something you do not need. Professional marketers of global corporations have long been using the method of mental influence, which buyers do not even know about.

Lindstrom gives evidence that it is not we who actually buy the product, but our feelings. The book will be useful to many. And for those who want to use such an instrument of influence in order to strengthen their position in the market, and for those who do not want to get into the networks of advertisers, lose their money and want to learn how to refuse products that are of no value at the moment.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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