10 best baby bottles

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The baby needs different sippy cups and bottles right after birth for proper and healthy nutrition. The choice of these things is approached with responsibility. Young mothers can pay attention to products from different manufacturers. Bottles for newborns provide comfortable nutrition from the first months of life.

A bottle for a newborn – which company is better to choose?

When it comes to choosing dishes for small children, parents prefer trusted manufacturers. Trademarks guarantee certification according to European and Russian standards. Several manufacturers are in the lead.

Philips Avent

The company from the Netherlands produces household and medical equipment. Has a line of children's products that are traditionally distinguished by quality and reliability. Millions of buyers in our country and abroad choose this brand.


Children's products from a Japanese manufacturer have proven themselves on the positive side. The company produces hygiene products for children and nursing mothers. The brand's products are sold in dozens of countries around the world, and in Japan the company occupies 70% of the market.


The Chicco brand is known to parents. It manufactures baby bottles and sippy cups for newborns made from hypoallergenic materials. The products received a lot of positive reviews.


The German company Nuk produces a wide range of products for children. Bottles for newborns are popular in the market. They are manufactured taking into account the recommendations of doctors for the safe feeding of young children.

Rating of the best feeding bottles

nomination a place Name of product price
The best bottles from birth 1 PIGEON Peristalsis Plus 160 ml PP � 419 RUB
2 Philips Avent SCF560 / 37, 125 ml 869 RUB
3 Philips Avent Standard 125 ml SCF970 / 17 225 RUB.
4 Philips Avent Natural SCF690 / 17, 125 ml 532 RUB
The best bottles from 6 months 1 Philips Avent Essential 300 ml 427 RUB
2 Chicco Natural Feeling 330 ml 529 RUB
3 NUK First Choice with 150 ml latex nozzle 530 RUB.
Best glass bottles for newborns 1 Dr. Brown's, 250 ml 629 RUB
2 Philips Avent Natural 120 ml 639 RUB
3 PIGEON Perilstatic Plus 160 ml RUB 799

The best bottles from birth

From the first weeks of life, the child needs to be given increased attention. A full range of items are available for baby care, including sanitary bottles and feeding cups.

Bottle PIGEON Peristalsis Plus 160 ml PP �

Rating: 4.9

Pigeon bottle

The bottle from a Japanese manufacturer is made of hypoallergenic plastic with a wide mouth and silicone teat. It has an anatomically correct shape, so it is easier for the baby to get used to feeding. It is approved by pediatricians for use from the first weeks of life. The design provides for air exhaust through the channel, so nothing bothers the child.

As an option for feeding newborns. It is expensive, but it has an anatomically shaped nipple and an anti-colic ventilation system.


  • anatomically correct nipple that follows the shape of the breast;
  • ergonomic body;
  • venting air to prevent colic;
  • hypoallergenic materials;


  • the price is high;
  • small volume.

Philips Avent Bottle 'Infant Flow Teat' SCF560 / 37 125ml

Rating: 4.8

SCF560 / 37

The design is designed so that the child can eat as calmly and comfortably as possible. A classic-shaped nipple is used here, so at first difficulties arise, but in the future the baby feeds himself. It has a valve that does not let air into the baby's stomach – an anti-colic system. The bottle is held in any position, it can be quickly disassembled and washed in the dishwasher.

A classic feeding bottle in the mid-range, low volume. Option for a toddler from a trusted brand.


  • convenient form;
  • low price;
  • venting air during feeding;
  • soft classic nipple;


  • small volume 125 ml;
  • there is a slight smell of plastic.

Philips Avent Standard 0-6 Months Bottle 125 ml SCF970 / 17

Rating: 4.7

SCF970 / 17

The model has an ergonomic shape with stiffening ribs, so it will not easily slip. It is equipped with a classic style nipple, the design of which does not allow air to enter the baby's tummy. The cap protects against accidental spilling, protects the teat from contamination. This bottle has a narrow neck and is therefore not suitable for every child. There is a measuring scale on the body to see the volume of the drink.

The model is not the cheapest in the segment, but it has been proven by customers. Moms complain about a narrow throat and a small volume, but it is great for feeding.


  • comfortable ergonomic body;
  • reliable valve for the nipple;
  • venting air during feeding;
  • safe plastic without BPA;


  • narrow neck;
  • small volume.

Philips Avent Natural Bottle SCF690 / 17 125 ml

Rating: 4.6

Philips Avent Natural SCF690 / 17

This popular plastic bottle differs from other Philips Avent models by its wide neck. It has received thousands of positive reviews for its quality and low price. Compact and ergonomic for comfortable grip. The anatomical teat allows babies to quickly get used to feeding, including premature babies.

Philips Avent models have traditionally high quality teats that are compatible with breast pumps and other things. But because of the wide throat, the anti-colic system is not as effective. Otherwise, it is a practical bottle for little ones.


  • reliability; exhaust air;
  • dishwasher safe;
  • while feeding;
  • wide neck and anatomical nipple;


  • small volume;
  • inaccurate graduations.

Rating of the best feeding bottles from 6 months

Babies show independence from six months. They become active, so they need the appropriate dishes. The feed volume increases, so the bottles need to be larger and stronger.

Philips Avent Essential bottle from 6 months 300 ml

Rating: 4.9

Philips Avent Essential

One of the cheapest options. The body is made of soft plastic without bisphenol-A, the stiffening ribs protect against being squeezed during drinking. The comfortable teat provides a fast flow of fluid, and with a volume of 300 ml, the baby gets a full meal. For reliability, there is a leak-proof sealing cap. If a baby chews on a nipple, a replacement is easy to find at the pharmacy thanks to the Philips Avent brand.

For that kind of money, it's hard to find serious flaws. The model copes with the tasks, new nipples are easily matched to her.


  • convenient form;
  • affordable price;
  • anti-colic system (air extraction);
  • measuring scale;
  • good roominess;


  • narrow neck.

Chicco bottle with silicone teat Natural Feeling from 6 months 330 ml

Rating: 4.8

Chicco Natural Feeling

Chicco uses natural materials in the Natural Feeling range. Its shape is thought out so that babies from 6 months can freely wrap their hand around it. The bottle has an elongated nipple that stimulates proper tongue movement and swallowing. The design includes an anti-colic system to eliminate air intake.

A bottle from a trusted brand will suit many babies. It features an anatomically correct elongated nipple. The disadvantages include a not too reliable valve that can leak.


  • anatomically correct nipple shape;
  • anti-colic system;
  • wide throat with adjustable flow;
  • comfortable and safe form;


  • over time it starts to leak.

NUK First Choice drinking bottle with latex attachment from 6 months 150 ml

Rating: 4.7

NUK First Choice

The bottle is designed and constructed to help your baby transition from breastfeeding to self-feeding. This model combines the functions of a classic bottle and a sippy cup. She has an anatomical latex nipple that prevents leaks. Airtight stopper closes securely while walking.

If a universal bottle is needed, this model fits well. It combines the functions of a sippy cup and has an anatomical teat. However, there is not enough room for good nutrition.


  • convenient, versatile bottle;
  • plastic without harmful substances, resistant to high temperatures;
  • anatomical nipple;
  • ergonomic shape with handles;
  • collapsible design that is easy to wash;


  • small volume;
  • high price;
  • nipples are rarely on sale;

Rating of the best glass bottles for newborns

Classic baby bottles are very popular. If the mother does not trust plastic, then all that remains is to select glass bottles to feed the baby.

Glass bottle 'Dr. Brown's' with ventilation system, 250 ml

Rating: 4.9

Glass bottle 'Dr.  Brown's'

Classic-shaped glass bottle for newborns, one of the most capacious in the class. Moms can forget about biphenol-A, PVC or lead plastic. The design of the nipple features a ventilation system that prevents air from entering the baby's stomach. It slows down the rate of milk oxidation. The bottle is easy to disassemble and washable.

A classic bottle for those who don't like plastic. Classic performance, one of the most spacious in the segment.


  • environmentally friendly glass;
  • good roominess;
  • anti-colic air exhaust system;
  • comfortable nipple;


  • high price;
  • inconvenient measuring scale.

Philips Avent Natural 120ml bottle x 1 SCF671 / 17

Rating: 4.8

Philips Avent Natural SCF671-17

Small compact model for newborn babies. It has a rounded ergonomic shape that is comfortable to grip with a small palm. The material withstands temperature changes, it is heated or left in the refrigerator. The double valve on the nipple prevents spilling, making drinking easy. Air does not enter the baby's stomach, so he will have less colic and pain. The teat itself is easy to replace or use on a breast pump.

It is designed for babies up to 6-8 months old due to its small volume and anatomical nipple. For an older age, it is better to choose something else.


  • compact size and ergonomic shape;
  • venting air to prevent colic;
  • comfortable teat with double valve;
  • wide neck;


  • small volume;
  • not the smallest price.

Bottle PIGEON Perilstatic Plus 160 ml, premium glass

Rating: 4.7

Bottle PIGEON Perilstatic Plus 160 ml, premium glass

A glass bottle for newborns from a Japanese brand. This model belongs to the middle class in terms of price and volume. The classic teat is made of soft silicone. It forms the correct swallowing reflexes in the baby, while the risk of breastfeeding is reduced. Thanks to this, the bottle is used from an early age. Manufacturers have provided a ventilation system to prevent the formation of air bubbles.

An optimal bottle in many respects without obvious drawbacks. It is suitable for newborns and older babies.


  • comfortable ergonomic shape;
  • dimensional divisions;
  • venting air to prevent colic;
  • correct nipple for safe feeding;
  • optimal volume;


  • some difficulties arise during washing.

Which newborn bottle to buy?

  1. Take care of your baby's accessories from birth. Take a look at Philips Avent bottles. This is a proven brand. They are made of quality plastic and the nipples are easy to replace if needed.
  2. When choosing, pay attention to the age of the child. For the smallest, it is better to choose bottles with an anatomical nipple so that they do not abandon the breast. A 125ml Philips Avent Standard bottle is suitable for this. If you need a more spacious model, then you can pay attention to the Pigeon Perilstatic.
  3. For babies 6 months and older, choose the capacious Philips Avent Essential bottles or the similar Chicco Natural Feeling model. The Nuk First Choice with latex teat for newborns can be used as a versatile drinking bottle.
  4. Those who are concerned about plastic should choose glass feeding bottles. As an option for the price and quality – Pigeon Peristalsis Plus. If you need a classic baby bottle with a large capacity, then Dr. Brown's, but its cost is noticeably higher than that of competitors.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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