Top 5 Engine Oil Additives

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Internal combustion engines are subject to increased loads in form of friction and temperature. When on the walls of the cylinder is formed development, then the motor starts to “eat” oil. Lowers at the same time compression and power is lost. To eliminate this effect, use special lubricant additives that are introduced into internal surfaces and perform a restoration function. IN the result is reduced wear on the cylinders and rings, increased traction, fuel consumption is reduced. This review will show the best additives in motor Oil that has received positive customer reviews and possesses good performance.

Rating of the best additives in engine oil

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Engine Oil Additives 1 Liqui moly ceratec 1 199 rub.
2 Bardahl full metal 1 525 rub.
3 RUTEC Pit-Stop 40 XXL (P-20-40 / 75) 2 200 rub.
5 SMT Oil Treatment 700 rub
Best additives to gasoline 1 SUPROTEC ACTIVE PLUS 1 328 rub.

Liqui moly ceratec

Rating: 4.9

Liqui Moly Ceratec

The product from the company is among the additives in motor lubricants Liqui Moly. Ceratec is available in a 300 ml bottle. German manufacturer has created an additive with synthetic molybdenum-organic complex. Also added to its composition microceramics. This combination forms on metallic the ICE surfaces a durable film that does not collapse from strong friction and high temperatures. Additive helps reduce load and protects motor parts from abrasion. The resource is extended with it. oil up to 12,000 km, which means maintenance will be possible produce less often.

Our experts put this additive in first place in the review, since it markedly improves compression. This is confirmed by numerous positive reviews from car owners. After use additives in engine oil, cylinder pressure may grow to 1.0-1.5 bar. This is especially true for “tired” ICEs, which have a serious output. If you do major repairs engine is not possible now, then such an additive will provide it work for another 50,000 km.


  • significantly improved dynamics;
  • the motor starts to run softer, there is no roar at high revolutions;
  • reduced fuel consumption;
  • exhaust emissions are less toxic.


  • high price;
  • you can get fake;
  • Before use, rinse with MotorClean. whose price is also high.

Bardahl full metal

Rating: 4.8

Bardahl Full Metal

Second place we gave the additive Bardahl. She has no solid particles, but after “fusion” with the metal becomes no less durable. The product is sold in a 400 ml bottle and represents a concentrate. Content is 6 times lighter than steel. Suitable for gasoline and diesel power plants. In reviews for drivers like that it can be used regardless of the type of motor oils to which the owner is used (mineral, synthetic or mixed).

This additive is the best because 10 is denser than steel. Molecules hydrocarbons penetrate cracks and fill voids. Heavy-duty coating is created that not only restores compression, but also works as an additional lubricant for rings piston system. As a result, when starting the engine, until it came out even at operating temperature, cylinder surfaces wear off less. If you are one of those who do not like to wait for the engine to warm up in the morning and are ready go right away, then such an additive will help protect the engine from excessive wear.


  • neutralizes motor oil leaks into the combustion chamber;
  • returns piston tightness;
  • Polar Plus Screen Protector Promotes Extra grease;
  • does not clog the engine;
  • the oil filter passes the substance well.


  • high price;
  • 400 ml is required per 6 l of grease – if you have less, you will have to calculate the proportion yourself.

RUTEC Pit-Stop 40 XXL (P-20-40 / 75)

Rating: 4.7

RUTEC Pit-Stop 40 XXL (P-20-40 / 75)

To increase compression, there is a good additive from domestic manufacturer Rutec. It is designed for four-stroke ICE passenger cars without strict requirements for the type of fuel (diesel / gasoline) and type of fuel. The product is available in a plastic container of 0.75 ml, and one package is enough to process the internal surfaces of the motor with 2.5 to 5.0 l. Therefore, owners of medium power cars bottle is enough for two times, and the owners of powerful SUVs do not have to buy two tanks. Reviews show that the additive doubles the resource of the power plant, but if you start adding it when black smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe, that substance will no longer help.

This additive is the best because it can be used as prevention. The manufacturer permits to add it to the oil already after 40,000 run. The additive in the motor does not clog the filter, excellent penetrates into metal and does not harm relatively new ICE. But her the use immediately protects the power unit from wear, thanks which does not require major repairs even after 300,000 km mileage (subject to addition of a substance every 20,000-30000 km).


  • reduces fuel consumption;
  • improves dynamics;
  • eliminates the combustion of fuel and lubricants;
  • increases the environmental friendliness of the exhaust.


  • frequent use is required for maximum effect;
  • only for passenger car engines;
  • difficult to buy;
  • high price.

SMT Oil Treatment

Rating: 4.5

SMT Oil Treatment

The additive is designed based on a metal conditioner second generation SMT. Synthetic substance tolerates high temperature and friction. It reduces stress on engine parts and doubles the resource of the unit. For drivers in reviews like the extreme pressure properties of the additive, so operation of a motor with worn rings and walls does not impair his condition. Engine oil does not foam and does not oxidize. Thanks to additives from seals in the cylinders breakthrough is excluded heated gases in the crankcase. Drivers experience cost savings fuel and increased compression even in cases of sunken piston rings, therefore, the tool simultaneously performs the role and sizing.

The additive is the best in price when compared with similar goods of other manufacturers. This will help save money and extend engine life. We also suggest paying attention to this goods to taxi owners. In constant struggle to reduce costs car, but keep it in good condition, a means will be the perfect compromise.


  • good price;
  • can be bought in many specialized stores;
  • improves throttle response;
  • acoustic noise is reduced;
  • eliminates the gap in the oil layer between mating the details.


  • the effect is enough for 5000 km, after which a second application;
  • You can buy a fake.

The best gasoline additives

Suprotec Active Plus

Rating: 4.6


This additive is available in a small tube and is intended for gasoline engines, as well as power units with gas cylinder equipment. The product is not added to oil, but to gasoline. it can be done before refueling at a gas station, or with self fuel supply from the canister. It is allowed to apply it already on the engine with mileage from 50,000 km. The additive helps to increase power and lower fuel consumption.

We recognized the product as the best because of its versatility. This additive can be poured not only into the motor, but also added to the gearbox. The composition helps to fill all the gaps, which reduces noise. Yet the resulting film protects the power unit reliably. Judging by reviews, thanks to the addition, the engine can even work out 30 minutes without oil if it flows out through a broken oil pan. The product is optimal for a heavily worn piston system where often topping up grease. If you skip a level (nowhere buy, a long trip and the stock is over), then the additive will help drive to the nearest village.


  • there is no knock on the cold from hydraulic lifters;
  • gas consumption is reduced;
  • you feel an increase in power;
  • vibration reduction.


  • not suitable for diesel – another combustion temperature;
  • Necessary thorough mixing with fuel.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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