Top 10 kite manufacturers

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

A kite is a large, controlled kite designed to move a person through snow or water. This piece of equipment determines how successful and safe the athlete's walk will be. In this ranking, we present the top 10 kite manufacturers and show you how to choose the right kite.

How to choose a kite

All kites are divided into 2 main groups: parafoil and inflatable.

  1. Parafoils are analogs of paragliders. Their design is made up of a fabric base and transverse ribs, combined with each other in an aerodynamic profile, the shape of which is created by the flow of air entering through the air intakes at the leading edge. Parafoils are divided into 2 types:
  2. Closed ones fix the flow under the dome, it will be enough for the time when the air supply has temporarily stopped due to the lack of wind. They retain their dome shape even when the kite is in the water for some time.
  3. Open models require dexterity and a constant flow of wind.
  4. Parafoils can be recommended for skiing on snow at low temperatures and frost below -20 ° C, when driving on water surfaces with unstable wind currents, they are suitable for mastering the technique by beginners. However, the difficulty of handling equipment in gusty winds should be considered.
  5. Freeride parafoils are more versatile and stable in handling, longer ones are more suitable for sports and professional riding.
  6. Another group is inflatable kites, their other name is balloon kites. Foma domes of these are supported by cylinders-sections that form a rigid frame, filled with air. They have an extended wind range, resistance to different gusts of wind, maintaining a working position and restoring it after a fall. Inflatable kites differ in the shape of the dome, according to this criterion, they are conventionally divided into several main groups:
  7. C-profiles of a certain rectangular shape. The classic shape involves attaching lines to the edge of the kite's ears. Such equipment is convenient to maneuver, turn around, C-type is in demand among athletes and extreme sportsmen who own flight techniques.
  8. Arched are similar to the C-type, but differ in additional intermediate spacing. It makes the canopy more controllable, but complicates the process of mastering skiing for beginners, this type is recommended for purchase after 1-2 seasons of training. Suitable for freestyle training.
  9. The bow-shaped shooting kite is strapped around the front balloon and perimeter, making it manageable in any wind, even weak. Suitable for beginners and experienced athletes to ride in low wind conditions.
  10. Hybrid combines the functions of a C-kite and a bow type. The curved canopy like an arrowhead and the attachment of lines to the edges of the ears and the front balloon make the equipment comfortable for flying in any style at different speeds. The hybrid can be recommended for a beginner for training line control, and is often used by advanced professionals in competitions and trick fights.
  11. A delta-type kite in profile is similar to the letter D with a strongly curved front and straightened back bar. The equipment is ideal for beginners to ride on the water, when the canopy is constantly falling – it quickly and easily starts from the surface back to the working position. In terms of ease of handling, the Delta is similar to the Hybrid and Bow.

In addition to the type of canopy, it is important to take into account the weight of the rider, the size (area) and the rigidity of the kite structure depend on it. The characteristics of the athlete's body are also taken into account. For this reason, in order not to miss the choice of expensive equipment, experts recommend trying your hand at a specialized school, where it is possible to test different types of canopy and determine the best one for yourself with the help of a professional instructor.

Rating of the best kite manufacturers

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
The best top-level kite manufacturers 1 Naish (Germany) 4.9
2 CORE (Germany) 4.8
3 Cabrinha (USA) 4.8
4 SlingShot 4.7
The best manufacturers of kites in the middle price segment 1 Liquid Force (USA) 4.9
2 Ocean Rodeo (Canada) 4.8
3 Flexifoil (UK) 4.7
Best low cost kite manufacturers 1 Advance (UK) 4.7
2 Concept Air Caution (Canada) 4.6
3 Genetrix 4.5

The best top-level kite manufacturers

Premium quality kites are the most durable, reliable, and are used by athletes in training and competition.

Naish (Germany)

Rating: 4.9


Despite the affordable prices, the kites of the German company Naish belong to the premium class. Robbie Naish himself, the founder of the company, is developing a flying canopy with a focus not on profit, but on the comfort of athletes. He experimented with shapes, spacing, and the result is kites with some of the best performance in the segment and preferred by professionals around the world. Each new canopy is tested by the creator himself, making adjustments to the design if necessary, from model to model, improving aerodynamics and maneuvering performance. The Naish collection includes kites for beginners, versatile athletes, canopies for specific sports, wind power.

A universal 7-meter Park kite can be bought on average from 43,000 rubles, models for missile defense will cost more.


  • Kites for different skill levels, wind strength, sports, weight;
  • Diverse design;
  • Exceptionally comfortable and ergonomic designs;
  • Optimal inventory price;
  • Reliable construction and quality tailoring.


  • Not defined.

CORE (Germany)

Rating: 4.8


CORE is not only a manufacturer, it is a movement of athletes around the world, every sport that uses this equipment has its own CORE team. Therefore, the line of kites has models for any occasion: for beginners, professionals, for moving on snow and water surface – for the latter there is the largest selection of canopies. The manufacturer also offers boards for freeride, freestyle, wakesle and other related equipment – pumps, hinges and safety devices. Ergonomically shaped domes are suitable for working with different air flows.

CORE equipment is predominantly professional, which determines its high price, a kite can be bought from 1000 € (more than 70,000 rubles), a small inflatable Xperience model will cost from 140 € (more than 10,000 rubles).


  • Professional line of ergonomic kites;
  • Complete line of related equipment and skateboards;
  • Convenient management.


  • High price.

Cabrinha (USA)

Rating: 4.8


Experienced award-winning surfer and kitesurfer Pete Carbigna founded his own company, which develops and produces kites predominantly bow-shaped – this is what is considered the best for professional use on the water surface and waves. Since 2016, gliders have been equipped with a unique Fireball control system, convenient for pros and beginners, it was with it that the athletes on Cabrinha kites began to show the best results in competitions.

Today in the line of the American manufacturer there is a wide selection of Cabrinha parafoils with Bow-profile and other types, including the universal Moto series, professional Forex, Flip-out, Contra and Tramp for different sports, and for training and amateur riding it is optimal to choose an inflatable model Spark.

You can buy a kite for from 42,000 rubles, the average price of a professional canopy is 65,000 rubles.


  • A variety of kites for beginners and professionals;
  • Unique dome control system;
  • Average prices in the segment.


  • On some models, the sharp edges of the balloons will damage the fabric and the integrity of the dome.


Rating: 4.7


The SlingShot line also includes kites for water riding. The collection includes products of classic, delta-profile, onion-shaped domes at different spacing. The equipment is in demand mainly among amateur athletes, and is often found in rental beach locations.

The collections are updated regularly, but there are few new products – after all, the absence of a professional series does not imply constant improvement of the aerodynamic properties of gliders. On the other hand, you can purchase a surfboard and SlingShot protective gear for the kites. The price of the aircraft is also low – from $ 500 or 35,000 rubles.


  • High quality and inexpensive kites;
  • Mostly for amateurs;
  • Convenient controls for beginners and non-professionals.


  • Lack of professional specialized gliders.

The best manufacturers of kites in the middle price segment

In the middle price range, you can purchase a kite for training or semi-professional competitions.

Liquid Force (USA)

Rating: 4.9


Liquid Force has offices in all countries of the world where kateboarding, surfing, wakeboarding is in demand. The brand produces keits and boards for skating on water, sands, protective equipment and related accessories of various designs.

There are not many models in the Liquid Force line of kites, but they are diverse: C-profile, delta, bow, hybrids with convenient suspension – the manufacturer focuses on different sports and the level of skill of athletes. The average cost of the dome is from 50,000 rubles. Boards are more diverse – they are presented in a wide range of modifications and designs.

Liquid Force is not only a manufacturing company, but also a team of professional instructors-athletes who help beginners to master a new sport at almost all resorts and key kateboarding locations in the world (Germany, France, Australia, USA, Argnetina, Poland, Russia, Tahiti, South Africa, etc.).


  • A line of semi-professional kits for beginners and amateurs;
  • A full set of related equipment and protective ammunition;
  • A team of sports instructors in many countries of the world.


  • A limited line of kites.

Ocean Rodeo (Canada)

Rating: 4.8


In second place in the rating in the middle category is the Ocean Rodeo brand. The company is based in Canada, where kateboarding and all kinds of water sports are in great demand due to the proximity of the ocean and the mild climate.

Ocean Rodeo kites are inexpensive – you can buy them from 26,000 rubles. Their dome is reinforced with inserts against wear at the stretch points, equipped with air pressure regulating nets. The control is no different from the features of taxiing with kites from other manufacturers; the manufacturer encloses instructions with recommendations for use with each product. The Ocean Rodeo collection has surfboards, equipment you need, and full kiteboard kits are also available in stores.


  • Reinforced construction of each kite;
  • Low prices;
  • Instructions for use with practical recommendations;
  • There are ready-made sets of equipment for beginner athletes.


  • A relatively small selection of kites.

Flexifoil (UK)

Rating: 4.7


Flexifoil is engaged in the manufacture of sports equipment, including inflatable and parafoil kites. The collection includes classic flying canopies of the classic C-type, suitable for various sports – skateboarding, kiteboarding and their counterparts. For the entry level, the Big High or Sting series is suitable, for the intermediate – Sting, for the advanced – Blade, Rage. You can buy a kite from £ 100, it is only 8500 rubles, professional models will cost an average of 200-350 pounds.

Flexifoil also manufactures and markets accessories for athletes, clothing, special kites with a set of camera controls.


  • Classic kites for athletes of all levels;
  • Low prices;
  • Diverse kite control sets.


  • The collection contains only classic kites;
  • Average workmanship, comparative fragility.

Best low cost kite manufacturers

Cheap kites are not of high quality tailoring; for their manufacture, manufacturers take inexpensive materials, but they meet safety standards. Such devices for riding on the surface of the water are ideal for beginners who do not plan to engage in professional sports.

Advance (UK)

Rating: 4.7


The Advance kites are popular with hobby kiteboarders and are suitable for moving on water and snow. There are several series in the collection: Ikarus +, Cayman, Condor, Chupa Snakes. They have a slightly different shape, which is recommended for each athlete to select according to their own skills.

The snakes are ergonomic and easy to operate. The manufacturer completes them in sets with boards for sliding on water or snow, including the necessary accessories. The average price of a kit is about 55,000 rubles, which is comparable to the price of a middle or advanced kite.


  • Vivid design;
  • Complete sets for snow and water skiing;
  • Optimum quality of tailoring and consistent colors of coatings;
  • Affordable prices.


  • The minimum choice of the shape of the dome.

Concept Air Caution (Canada)

Rating: 4.6


Canadian company Concept Air Caution offers a wide range of kites for different skill levels and seasons: Winter Bull, Universal Bull, Gum or Smart. The shape of the canopy of all kites is classic, the modification and unstitching differs slightly, and, of course, the size. You can buy them from $ 750.


  • Bright design;
  • The series are intended for craftsmen of different levels;
  • The classic universal shape of the dome.


  • The price is somewhat overpriced.


Rating: 4.5


Closing the rating are inflatable kites Genetrix with good aerodynamic characteristics for different weather: on a flat profile, with a widened canopy, a universal design. All series have a striking design that is hard to miss, an advanced control system and support for the SPS profile to maintain flow with changes in air flow intensity.

The kites are packed into backpacks with all the necessary accompanying paraphernalia, you can buy a set from 48,000 rubles.


  • The kites are suitable for small competitions;
  • High-quality performance;
  • Bright design.


  • Only the classic dome shape.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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