9 best winter fishing suit manufacturers

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Winter fishing is not only pleasure, but also a strong test for the body. But real lovers have never been stopped by severe frosts or snowfalls. Under such conditions, it is important to take care not only of equipment, but also of warm suits that would protect against cold, wind and precipitation.

Today, connoisseurs of outdoor activities are presented with such a huge range of ammunition that not just a beginner, even an experienced professional can get confused by such a variety. Experts have selected 9 best manufacturers in the rating, offering modern suits for winter fishing, in which warmth, comfort and convenience are guaranteed.

Recommendations for choosing winter suits for fishing

Many experienced fishermen already know exactly what characteristics a winter suit should have, but for beginners this is a rather difficult choice. A few tips from experts will help you choose equipment, the main thing is to take into account the following criteria:

  1. Pay attention to the quality of the seams. Reliable manufacturers have them smooth, well-sewn. Poor-quality seams can diverge, resulting in heat loss.

  2. Choose a jacket with an anatomical cut, in which the back is longer than the front. This shape reliably protects and, at the same time, does not hinder movement.

  3. For winter fishing, it is better to choose a suit with bright inserts. This will help in emergency situations to quickly find and rescue a person who has fallen into the water.

  4. A large number of pockets is a definite plus for suits. This will help you keep all your fishing essentials with you. Pockets with waterproof zippers are good for storing purses, documents, mobile phones.

  5. The high collar will reliably protect from the wind. The hood should be adjustable in size.

  6. It is better to choose a suit consisting of a semi-overalls and a jacket, rather than trousers. It additionally protects against frost and wind, adjustable straps will help to fix it exactly according to the person's height.

  7. An additional plus will be the included gloves and knee pads.

Rating of the best fishing suits

Nomination a place Name of product price
Top float suit manufacturers 1 Seafox the highest quality materials
2 Sundridge best suits for safety
3 Westin the most comfortable models
Best Membrane Fishing Suit Manufacturers 1 Alaskan fishing jackets at an affordable price
2 Shimano the most innovative materials
3 Gamakatsu the best models for extreme conditions
4 Norfin the widest model range
5 Rapala the best membrane suits in the middle price category
6 Nova Tur suits with the best protective functions

Top float suit manufacturers

Many manufacturers of fishing equipment offer a float suit in their product line – an indispensable attribute in a harsh winter. It will save you from severe frosts, chilly wind, high humidity. The suit will help keep afloat if the fisherman falls into the icy water, thereby preserving not only his health, but also his life. This type of equipment is indispensable in early spring, winter and late autumn, it will be an excellent option for fishing in strong winds. Clothes are made of a porous material that is breathable and completely waterproof. It will protect a person from frost at -20-60 ° C, in emergency cases it will help maintain a normal body temperature while in water.


Rating: 5.0


The Finnish manufacturer has become popular with Russian outdoor enthusiasts thanks to just one model of a float suit. And, despite the fact that the brand offers a fairly wide range, it was Crossflow that made it famous.

Its main feature is that it is made of 210 D Nylon Oxford material of the maximum level of water resistance, which in critical conditions will allow it to be in ice water for quite a long time and reduce body temperature by no more than 1 ° per hour. He is able to turn a person into the correct position in 5 seconds.

It is worth noting that the technologists and designers of the company are very careful and competently think over every detail of the costumes. This is a high collar for neck protection made of soft fleece, adjustable hood with a visor and cuffs on the arms and legs, pockets with flaps. The bright colors of the models make the fisherman more noticeable to rescuers, which is a guarantee of his prompt finding.


Rating: 4.9


The English company, included in our rating, has long been loved by fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts for its safe and comfortable suits that reliably protect against harsh weather conditions. They are made of high quality nylon, which is an innovative development of the brand's technologists. This material has also found application in the production of suits from other well-known brands.

Another feature is foam floating inserts with special cells that open and displace moisture outward during active human movements. The Sundridge float suit was the perfect gift from an English manufacturer for the harsh Russian winter. Within 5 seconds, it will turn a person who has fallen into the water face up, that is, it will not allow even an unconscious person to drown.

The design of the outfit is thought out thoroughly, while the technologists take into account the long-term experience of the company with the British Coast Guard and other responsible organizations.


Rating: 4.7


The Danish company is known not only for the quality and reliability of its products, but also for the stylish and thoughtful design of suits, which, with their unique cut, claim a certain elegance. They are versatile: suitable for fishing, both in the harsh winter of the northern latitudes and in the moderate middle zone.

The suits are characterized by light weight, compact dimensions, high air permeability, ideal anatomical fit. High collar with fleece lining keeps the wind out. The inner pockets are easily accessible, the outer ones have a waterproof zipper. Thanks to the special material, a person does not sweat even with active actions.

The company uses quality materials in the production, applying new developments to improve the safety and reliability of models. The line includes not only suits for amateurs, but also yachtsmen and professional fishermen.

Best Membrane Fishing Suit Manufacturers

Our ranking includes the 6 best manufacturers of membrane suits, indispensable for fishermen who perform a lot of active activities and constantly move. This material leaves the body dry even with increased perspiration. The fabric for a waterproof suit consists of several layers: outer, membrane and inner. The membrane acts on the principle of drainage, so heat is retained and the risk of disease is reduced. When the inside of the jacket becomes wet, thanks to the diffusion function, all the moisture is transferred to the outside of the membrane. It is worth noting that winter suits weigh very little, so when they get into the water, they do not weigh down, despite the high density of materials.


Rating: 4.9


The company is known for outdoor enthusiasts as a manufacturer of high-quality and reliable clothing for all seasons. Winter suits are distinguished by their functionality and quite affordable cost, which made them so popular with buyers.

They are made of AERO-TEX membrane material. This is a modern innovative fabric with a special layered structure, which is highly water-resistant and guarantees 100% protection from rain and wind. The three-layer membrane will not allow the suit to get wet even during heavy snowfall, and will keep the body temperature in the most severe frosts.

Designers and technologists are constantly improving their models, including many new details. This is a convenient location of pockets, an increased length of the jacket, a detachable hood with two-level adjustment, reinforced inserts on the knees and elbows. Outside and inside pockets with waterproof zippers to store your phone or documents.


Rating: 4.9


The largest company in the production of sports equipment, fishing and snowboarding equipment, included in the rating, for almost a century has been the undoubted leader in the production of high-tech gear and ammunition. Fans of the Japanese brand appreciate it for its high quality and thoughtful design.

The lineup is presented as light jackets for autumn or early spring, and insulated for a particularly harsh winter. There are special styles for extreme fishing that will keep you warm and prevent you from getting wet in heavy snow or prolonged rain.

All models have an anatomical cut. Even insulated jackets are light in weight and do not hinder movement, they are very mobile and comfortable. A high-quality membrane that is highly absorbent of sweat and steam, made from advanced Japanese materials. Waterproof zippers allow you to quickly and easily unfasten them without removing your gloves. Sophisticated details, wide assortment and high wear resistance allowed the company to gain recognition among fishing enthusiasts all over the world.


Rating: 4.8


Gamakatsu is a renowned tool and tackle manufacturer with several factories and representatives located around the world. It was this brand that was first introduced to Russian outdoor enthusiasts and, thanks to its products, an opinion was drawn about all Japanese products.

Winter jackets for fishing are especially appreciated for their lightness, functionality and mobility. In addition, all models have a fashionable design, are practical and are worn for a long time. The material of the jackets is modern nylon with a special impregnation that will protect against wind, snow and rain in extreme conditions. The lining perfectly wicks moisture away, dries quickly, and has increased breathability. Made from a combination of fleece, nylon and polyester.

High performance makes the Japanese brand ice fishing jackets the number one selling worldwide. Ideal in every way, they are chosen by both fishing enthusiasts and professionals.


Rating: 4.7


Norfin was included in our rating due to its popularity among outdoor enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts. All clothes are made under strict quality control and in compliance with international standards. It is comfortable, practical, worn for a long time, has a well thought out interesting design.

All fishing suits are made of multi-layer membrane materials that are highly breathable and moisture resistant. They perfectly protect from snow, wind and rain, and remove fumes well. The variety of the lineup should be noted separately. There are various color combinations and monochromatic models.

Camouflage suits are especially popular. Crafted from non-rustling fabric, they are ideal for both fishing and hunting. The membrane material, combined with HOLLOFIL insulation and fleece lining, is ideal for relaxing in extreme conditions. The suits can withstand temperatures down to -40 °. Many models have padded knee inserts that can be removed if necessary.


Rating: 4.6


The first acquaintance with the Finnish company among Russian fishermen happened more than 15 years ago. Then she produced standard suits that did not differ in any way from other suppliers. Today Rapala is a well-known brand, whose clothes are made according to the latest technologies using materials that can reliably protect the harsh winter.

Many models can withstand temperatures down to -40 ° C. Thanks to the membrane fabric and branded insulation, heat is retained inside, moisture is not allowed to penetrate inside. Insulation made of the finest fibers does not weigh down the suit, in which it is convenient both to move around and perform active physical actions. Outside large pockets with water-resistant zippers.

Rapala fishing suits are the perfect combination of practicality, functionality and durability. Another important advantage in choosing this particular brand is the quite affordable price, which is very important for many winter fishing lovers.

Nova Tur

Rating: 4.5

Nova Tur

Nova Tur is included in the rating as one of the recognized leaders in the production of equipment for outdoor activities. Perfect anatomical cut, ergonomic shapes, reliable protection in extreme weather conditions have become decisive in choosing the fishing suits of this company.

All clothes are sewn from moisture resistant membrane fabric with high breathability. Insulation perfectly maintains body temperature, even in severe frosts, a fishing lover will be comfortable and warm. The company presents a wide model range, which is distinguished by a variety of colors and a full-size line.

One of the most popular models of the company, which was appreciated by Russian fishermen, is the 'Buran'. High protective functions, availability of additional parts, affordable price are the main advantages in favor of choosing it. The loose fit keeps you mobile while on the move. Convenient outer pockets are secured with a water-resistant zip. The hood is adjustable in size. The suit is ideal for fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities in winter.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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