9 best wax melters

Review of the best according to the editorial board. About selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The second most popular body hair removal method after a razor is wax depilation. It is available in a salon, busy people often master the technique at home. The presence of a good wax heater is a prerequisite for depilation. It is necessary to bring wax granules or briquettes into working condition. So that you do not make the wrong choice, we present an overview of the 9 best can and cassette wax melters.

Rating of the best wax melters

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best canned wax melters 1 Kapous Professional 556 RUB 2,289
2 Planet nails Mini Wax 1 705 RUB
4 Dona Jerdona VS-300 RUB 700
The best cassette (cartridge) wax melters for home 1 Beurer HL 40 RUB 3,990
2 Planet nails Mono 4 in 1 RUB 1,515
3 Aravia 8010 RUB 1,850
4 Depilflax 100 RUB 910
5 TNL Professional 845 RUB

The best canned wax melters

Wax depilation masters use mainly canned wax melters in their work. First, they can be used to prepare a large amount of wax for several clients at once. Secondly, the devices allow you to set the desired temperature depending on the melting characteristics of a particular product. Thirdly, the heating of the composition is stable, it does not need to be regulated, if the sensitivity of the client's skin does not require it. In addition, canned wax melters are suitable for working with waxes in the form of granules, tablets, briquettes, as well as for melting wax used in manicure and pedicure.

Kapous Professional 556

Rating: 4.9


Voskoplav Kapous Professional 556 – one of the few, designed for a large volume, it can be heated up to 800 ml of wax or paraffin. Working compounds can be heated both in cans and in a metal container. True, he does not have handles, you will have to use tongs to remove the container – this is perhaps the only drawback of the device.

Kapous wax melters use a ceramic heating element that ensures an even temperature distribution throughout the entire volume of the vessel. The Professional 556 model provides a heating temperature regulator with a step of 10 degrees, the operating temperature range is 45 … 1050C.

The body of the Kapous Professional 556 wax melter is made of plastic, the device is lightweight and convenient to use both in the salon and at home. The internal parts are made of metal.

The average price is 2500 rubles.


  • Large internal volume of 800 ml;
  • Lightweight device;
  • Large temperature range with a regulator;
  • Long-term maintenance of temperature with minimal energy consumption.


  • The inner container has no handle.

Planet nails Mini Wax

Rating: 4.8


The experts awarded the second place in the rating to the Planet nails Mini Wax wax melter. This compact device is designed to work with wax and paraffin, the maximum heated volume is only 100 ml, therefore it is suitable mainly for home use. Also, wax melters are preferred by masters who use different types of working compounds for each new client, because with an effective consumption of material, this volume is quite enough for working out small areas of the body. Due to the small size of only 13x9x9 cm, the device is convenient to take with you on the road, it will take up a minimum of space in your luggage.

The Planet nails Mini Wax wax heater has a stepless heating temperature control up to 950C. For convenience, there is a handle on the top lid; the inner container does not have it. Depilation professionals and amateurs appreciate the device for its ability to quickly heat the working composition to the desired temperature and maintain it during the entire procedure.

The average price is 1,700 rubles.


  • Compact size and minimal weight (only 380 gr.);
  • Temperature regulator;
  • The handle on the cover of the wax melter.


  • Not suitable for conveyor salon applications due to its small volume.


Rating: 4.7


Voskoplav WHITE LINE PRO WAX 100 is one of the most demanded on the market. What is the reason for its popularity: the device is designed to work with waxes and paraffins with a volume of up to 400 ml, it relatively quickly brings the compositions to a working state – on average in 15 minutes, has a compact size. The construction of the wax melter is reliable – the inner parts are metal, the bowl is aluminum, the body is plastic.

Like many professional wax heaters, WHITE LINE PRO WAX 100 is equipped with a smooth temperature regulator with a heating range of 35 … 1000C and good heat-shielding walls, allowing you to maintain and maintain the working condition of wax and paraffin.

The average price is 650 rubles.


  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;
  • Heating regulator;
  • Transparent top cover with handle.


  • There is no handle on the aluminum cup.

Dona Jerdona VS-300

Rating: 4.6


In terms of characteristics, the Dona Jerdona VS-300 wax heater differs little from its predecessor in terms of rating: it also holds 400 ml of paraffin or wax, is equipped with a temperature controller, and has a transparent lid with a handle. But the power of the working unit is lower, the trains are warmed up in an average of 25-30 minutes.

The Dona Jerdona VS-300 body is made of durable plastic, and the inner bowl is made of aluminum. The total weight of the device is 600 g.

The average price is 700 rubles.


  • Lightweight wax melter with compact dimensions;
  • For paraffin, wax and sugar paste;
  • Maintaining heating for a long time.


  • Heating up 25-30 minutes;
  • The inner bowl has no handle.

The best cassette (cartridge) wax melters for home

At home, it is much easier to use wax in cartridges already filled with a working compound that only needs to be brought to operating temperature. For these purposes, you need a special cassette wax heater – a compact device in which a cassette is placed. He brings the block to the desired temperature and maintains it.

Beurer HL 40

Rating: 4.9

BEURER HL 40.jpg

First comes the Beurer HL 40, suitable for heating two wax cassettes at once. The wax heater itself is installed on a base powered by a battery – no electrical wires! This allows the device to be used where there is no network connection.

The indicator window allows you to control the consumption of material during the procedure. The heating temperature is not regulated, but is maintained in an optimal state for all types of wax. The Beurer HL 40 comes with 2 wax cartridges and 50 paper strips.

The average price is 4000 rubles.


  • You can heat 2 cartridges at once;
  • Wireless base;
  • There is a transparent window to control wax consumption;
  • 2 cartridges and strips included.


  • High price.

Planet nails Mono 4 in 1

Rating: 4.8


Another cartridge wax heater that is popular with professionals and amateurs is planet nails Mono 4 in 1. It has a convenient grip shape and has a transparent window with a scale for controlling wax consumption. Voskoplav is designed for only one cassette. He does not have a thermostat, only 1 temperature regime – 950C, after which the composition must be allowed to remain. The plastic body keeps wax of any density in working order – about 40C.

The driver completed the prize with Planet nails Mono 4 in 1 cartridges and paper strips.

The average price is 1900 rubles.


  • Stable stand base;
  • Wax consumption indicator with scale;
  • Cassette and strips included.


  • Comparatively high price for a single cartridge wax melter.

Aravia 8010

Rating: 4.7

ARAVIA 8010.jpeg

Depilatory products manufacturer Aravia presents a universal cartridge wax heater. It is the first cassette player in our review to be equipped with a temperature controller from 37 to 1000C. The housing maintains operating temperature after heating the cassette throughout the entire procedure.

Aravia 8010 Voskoplav is suitable for use with standard size cartridges (for both wax and sugar paste). The unit is inserted into a stable base, which, in turn, is connected to the network via a cord with a connector suitable for connecting several devices in one circuit at once to accelerate the heating of the cassettes for different customers.

The average price is 1300 rubles.


  • For sugar paste and wax in standard cassettes;
  • Stable base with branching connection;
  • Thermoregulator.


  • There is no window to control wax consumption.

Depilflax 100

Rating: 4.6


Depilflax 100 waxclaves are designed to work with wax in standard cassettes. The modification of the device can be selected according to needs: one unit for home use or 2-3 devices on a common base. The heating temperature of the composition is not regulated, optimal heating is maintained throughout the entire procedure, but not for long – the work should be done quickly.

The wax melter has a convenient block shape, there is a viewing window.

Average price – from 1200 rubles for 1 block.


  • Fast heating of cartridges;
  • Choice of modification for 1, 2 or 3 cassettes;
  • Convenient body.


  • Fast work is needed – short temperature retention.

TNL Professional

Rating: 4.5


The TNL Professional cartridge wax melter closes our rating review. It does not have a thermostat, but the working temperature of the wax is well maintained. On the stable base there is only a power button, on the block itself there is a window for checking the wax consumption. The manufacturer offers device modifications for 1 or 2 cartridges.

There is nothing unusual in the TNL Professional wax melter, it is identical in characteristics to its predecessors in the review. But this device is the most affordable, on average it can be bought for 800 rubles.


  • Stable base;
  • Suitable for the preparation of any wax in standard cartridges;
  • Keeps the temperature of the composition well;
  • The lowest price.


  • There is no thermostat.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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