9 best false eyelash effect mascaras

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Any girl or woman dreams of lush and long eyelashes, but not everyone has them from birth. To achieve a noticeable improvement in their appearance, mascaras create the effect of false eyelashes. Our experts analyzed popular luxury products, as well as the middle and mass market segments, in order to rank the best mascaras with false eyelash effect.

When selecting, attention was paid to the following criteria:

  1. the convenience and material of the brush;
  2. composition;
  3. consistency and smell;
  4. design;
  5. Colour;
  6. safety;
  7. reviews of consumers.

A thoughtful choice of false eyelash effect mascara will make any lady feel like a Hollywood star.

Rating of the best mascaras with false eyelash effect

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best premium mascaras 1 Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Fatal Blacks RUB 4,730
2 Lancome hypnose drama RUB 3450
3 YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils RUB 4,500
4 Christian Dior Diorshow Iconic 850 RUB
5 Urban decay big fatty RUB 1,580
6 Clarins mascara supra volume 2 300 rub.
Best Inexpensive False Effect Mascara 1 Maybelline New York Lash Sensational 360 RUB
2 L'Oreal Paris False Lash Superstar 480 RUB
3 Vivienne sabo cabaret 245 RUB

The best premium mascaras

Some of the fair sex are very sensitive to their eyelashes and trust them only premium products. Below are some of the best mascaras.

Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Fatal Blacks

Rating: 4.9


American mascara from Helena Rubinstein primarily impresses with its design. The bottle has an ornament in the form of a snake scale. The brush at the mascara is embossed, effectively lifts, separates the cilia, and also curls them, giving them fantastic volume and length.

The rating of this mascara is influenced by the composition, which contains useful components (jojoba oil, nutritious protein). The active ingredients strengthen the eyelashes and make them elastic. The color of the mascara under discussion is rich and durable. Consumers in their reviews note that even after 6 months of use, the mascara also stains without lumps. It is also suitable for allergy sufferers and contact lens wearers. Volume – 7.2 ml.


  • beautiful bottle design;
  • brush, convenient for applying mascara;
  • the effect of separation, lengthening and twisting is pronounced;
  • does not create problems for owners of sensitive eyes;
  • good durability;
  • rinses off well even with warm water.


  • stains the upper eyelid when applied;
  • may crumble slightly;
  • when applied in 2-3 layers, slightly glues eyelashes.

Lancome hypnose drama

Rating: 4.8


French mascara from the famous Lancome brand is famous for its unique curved brush shape. It has 2 planes: the bristles are shorter on the curved side, and slightly longer on the straight side. To make your eyelashes unusually long and voluminous, you must first adapt to it. But then, thanks to this mascara, the beautiful shape of the eyelashes will be maintained throughout the day (up to 10-12 hours).

Hypnose Drama effectively paints every lash due to special natural ingredients and waxes present in the composition. Color pigments provide rich, long-lasting mascara color without shedding or pilling. And also the rating of this mascara, I increase the useful components of the composition, which protect the eyelashes from loss, breakage or thinning. Volume – 6.5 ml.


  • does not cause redness or tearing of the eyes;
  • creates a decent volume;
  • lengthens well;
  • does not sprinkle and does not flow;
  • paints with a dense layer;
  • applied without lumps;
  • lasting makeup all day;
  • can be washed off with any two-phase product.


  • rather weak limiter (the brush collects a lot of product);
  • the twisting effect is weak;
  • The 'signature' bend of the brush requires some skill.

YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils

Rating: 4.7


Mascara from the star French brand Yves Saint Laurent is not the last in the ranking of products that provide the effect of false eyelashes. Effet Faux Cils contains active nutrients that protect cilia from adverse environmental influences. Many people like the aesthetic design of the bottle of this mascara, as well as the short retention of a pleasant powdery scent on the eyelashes after application.

In their reviews, consumers call this mascara a legend, but note that over the years it has undergone strong changes. From the previous fantastic effect of false eyelashes, there is only a fairly good volume that this product provides. Moreover, when attempts are made to apply 2-3 layers of ink, the effect of 'spider legs' is possible. Volume – 7.5 ml.


  • noticeable lengthening and volumetric effect;
  • beautiful design of the bottle;
  • has a pleasant scent;
  • easily and without residue can be removed with micellar water;
  • does not leave prints, does not crumble;
  • does not irritate even especially sensitive eyes.


  • with multi-layer application, the effect of 'spider legs' is not excluded;
  • slightly stains the eyelid when applied.

Christian Dior Diorshow Iconic

Rating: 4.7


Christian Dior French ink has won the hearts of many with the design of its silver bottle. Its curved brush based on a new generation of elastomer is equally pleasing. Easy and comfortable application is ensured by its soft material, but at the same time, the hard core contributes to the effective modeling of each lash.

The mascara has a high rating, because after application, the lashes appear beautifully curved, and they also become long and fluffy. This product creates and fixes three-dimensional make-up from root to tip without overloading the lashes. In addition, Diorshow Iconic contains caring ingredients that nourish and moisturize the eyelashes. According to reviews, this mascara is very good to wear. She is not afraid of rain or snow. Volume – 10 ml.


  • suitable for women prone to allergies;
  • perfectly lengthens, curls, raises eyelashes;
  • does not crumble and does not create a 'panda effect';
  • there is no effect of glued eyelashes;
  • presentable bottle;
  • easily washed off by any means.


  • thick consistency is not very easy to apply.

Urban decay big fatty

Rating: 4.6


American mascara from Urban Decay provides incredible volume to lashes. Big Fatty earned high ratings with its brush-comb. Thin villi on the end part effectively stain the cilia even in the most uncomfortable places. But only real professionals can do it, since the brush is large enough. During application of the product, everything around is usually dirty.

The mascara is lightweight and will not clump or spider's feet when applied in multiple coats. Big Fatty is good to wear – it does not spill or spread throughout the day, regardless of weather conditions. In their reviews, the girls also praise the bright design of the case, which contains the mascara. And for others, it is important that this product is not tested on animals. Volume – 16.5 ml.


  • large volume that does not dry out for a long time;
  • bright design;
  • does not crumble during the day;
  • the dramatic effect is achieved from the first application;
  • easily removable by any means.


  • large brush picking up too much product.

Clarins mascara supra volume

Rating: 4.5


Clarins French mascara suits even the most demanding of the fair sex. With its unique formula, Supra Volume delivers instant volume as well as richness. The rating of this product is also affected by the fact that the mascara contains a special Booster de Volume complex, thanks to which it naturally stimulates an increase in eyelash volume (up to + 17.6% in 4 weeks).

In consumer reviews, they praise the design of the bottle, and also note that the Supra Volume brush is the most common, but very convenient. It perfectly paints all eyelashes the first time, leaving no marks or injuring the eyelid. When applied in 2-3 layers, mascara is not capricious (lumps or gluing is absent), and also perfectly adds length and volume. If desired, with it you can easily achieve the effect of false eyelashes. Volume – 8 ml.


  • voluminous brush that does not clog;
  • ideally paints eyelashes;
  • gives volume and curls;
  • pleasant aroma and exquisite design of the bottle;
  • cumulative effect (the condition of the eyelashes improves);
  • suitable for allergy sufferers or when wearing contact lenses.


  • consumed very quickly;
  • washed off is quite problematic.

Best Inexpensive False Effect Mascara

It is also quite possible to achieve a delightful expressive look using mascara with a better price. Consider attractive options.

Maybelline New York Lash Sensational

Rating: 4.5


With mascara from Maybelline, it is quite possible to achieve unrivaled volume thanks to the fan brush. In the rating of popular inexpensive mascaras with a dramatic effect, it takes its rightful place. New York Lash Sensational envelops each lash in a rich and rich black color. Mascara visually lengthens them and also adds volume.

In consumer reviews, they note that this product is easy to use. The cilia are well curled, lifted and separated. Even if you apply 2-3 layers of mascara, 'spider legs' do not appear, and the eyelashes themselves do not become heavier. If you walk with makeup all day, then mascara will not sprinkle. At first, it has a too liquid consistency, but after a week it becomes just right. Volume – 9.5 ml.


  • attractive bottle design;
  • convenient brush fan;
  • perfectly separates eyelashes;
  • lengthens, twists, adds volume;
  • does not dry out for a long time in a tube;
  • does not cause allergic reactions.


  • slightly stains the eyelid;
  • removed rather problematic;
  • after 2-3 weeks it thickens and becomes more capricious in application.

L'Oreal Paris False Lash Superstar

Rating: 4.4


L'Oreal Paris mascara is a two-sided product that delivers dramatic effect with lengthening and luxurious volume. False Lash Superstar contains serum (base) on one side and colored mascara on the other. The primer brush is shaped like an hourglass, while the color pigment brush is curved.

The mascara formula contains special pigments that provide a charcoal black color on the lashes that does not fade all day. False Lash Superstar has a pretty good rating as it does not crumble and keeps makeup flawless for a long time. But from the reviews it becomes clear that mascara will not disappoint only if it is applied correctly. Do not wait for the base to dry; apply a colored product on top of it immediately. Volume – 2×6 ml.


  • well distributed over the cilia;
  • does not stain the eyelid;
  • lengthens and separates cilia well;
  • allows you to achieve a dramatic effect;
  • does not sprinkle;
  • washed off by any available means;


  • when applied to a dried base, mascara is taken in lumps.

Vivienne Sabo Cabaret

Rating: 4.3


Mascara from Vivienne Sabo allows you to create bright and effective makeup at a low financial cost. Cabaret has a fairly high position in the ratings thanks to its narrow tip brush. With its help, even the most disobedient cilia can be painted over accurately and evenly. The mascara gives the lashes a rich color without clumps and separates them well.

In consumer reviews, they note that the mascara has an excellent limiter – exactly the right amount of funds is collected on the brush. Cabaret has a good consistency. When applied correctly, it coats each lash in layers for a dramatic effect. During the day, she has good indicators of resistance, but in the late afternoon it can sprinkle. Volume – 9 ml.


  • attractive yet discreet design;
  • allows you to achieve the effect of 'doll eyelashes';
  • practical silicone brush;
  • rinses off well.


  • when applied in several layers, slightly glues the cilia;
  • may be irritating;
  • after make-up remover, the eyelashes look dry.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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