9 best face bronzers

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Natural natural beauty is the main trend in recent years. Creating a flawless complexion is the primary goal of Nude makeup. Bronzer will help with this, which will give the skin a tanned tint, smooth out imperfections and even out the tone. Depending on the effect to be obtained, bronzing powder can be roughly divided into sculptors and bronzers.

Sculptors are needed to mask imperfections: darken some areas, hide wide cheekbones, visually reduce the forehead, slightly correct the shape of the nose. These products are selected according to the principle of matching with the face tone, but a couple of shades darker. The sculptor is, in fact, a kind of corrector for the shape of the face. As a rule, the texture of the product is matte and does not have a red tint, so it can be used for all skin types.

Bronzers, on the other hand, are used to highlight the tan on an already tanned face. With the help of a properly selected bronzer, you can brighten the complexion, even out the tone and create the effect of a bright tan, which is very important in the summer. Typically, bronzing powders are applied to prominent areas – cheekbones, nose, chin, forehead and neck. But it is important that bronzers are not sculptors, as they often contain shimmer.

Choosing a bronzer for the face

  1. Color of the skin. When choosing a bronzer, you must focus on your own complexion. The darker it is, the darker the bronzer can be and vice versa. In this case, it is advisable to select a color several shades darker than the natural skin color.
  2. Scope of application. First of all, it is worth deciding what purpose the bronzer will be used for – to hide some imperfections, to give the face a more interesting relief, or to emphasize a natural tan.
  3. Skin type. For dehydrated, dry skin, a bronzer with a creamy texture and moisturizing effect is more suitable. Oily skin will need a product with a pronounced matting effect.
  4. Release form. Matte tones are ideal for everyday make-up, pearlescent with glitter for evening.

Rating of the best facial bronzers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best facial bronzers 1 YSL Beauté Les Sahariennes Baume-Poudre Ensoleillant RUB 2790
2 Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder RUB 3150
3 Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder ' 3540 RUB
4 SHISEIDO Synchro Skin RUB 3880
5 Benefit Hoola Bronzer 2450 RUB
6 Smashbox Halo Warm Lights Neutral Matte Bronze 2675 RUB
7 Urban decay naked flushed 3290 RUB
8 NYX Professional Make Up Matte Body Bronzer 890 RUB
9 Pupa Desert Bronzing Powder RUB 1,500

YSL Beauté Les Sahariennes Baume-Poudre Ensoleillant

Rating: 4.9


The YSL Bronzing Powder with a subtle shimmery effect is ranked # 1. The balsam powder has the lightest texture, gives the face a subtle tan, perfectly evens the tone and smoothes the relief. When applied, dry particles turn into a soft balm with a touch-up effect. Powder perfectly hides minor imperfections and creates a delicate translucent coating. Available in six basic shades.

The set comes with a convenient double-sided applicator, with which you can quickly and easily blend it over the surface of the skin or apply it to specific areas. The powder has a matting effect and works great with the skin – it does not dry out and does not interfere with metabolic processes. The addition of a shimmer that shimmers in the sun gives the makeup a natural and complete look.

The soft texture adheres well and masks imperfections by closing pores and leaving the skin silky and radiant. Due to the dense, well-compressed structure, the powder does not collect dust and is easily collected on the brush. A few strokes of the brush are enough to get the tanning effect. Holds firmly throughout the day without fading or disappearing from the face. Weight 8 grams. Manufacturer: Italy.


  • High durability;
  • Non-comedogenic;
  • Sun protection SPF12;
  • Soft consistency;
  • Pleasant aroma.


  • High price.

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

Rating: 4.8


Bobbi Brown's professional bronzing powder with a lightweight matte finish takes the second place in the rating. The bronzer has a weightless texture, perfectly mattifies, restores the radiance of withered and dull skin, gives a tanning effect.

A silky and smooth bronzing powder instantly delivers a subtle matte finish for a natural tan. Featuring a weightless texture, Bronzing Powder is mica-free and combines the browns and reds of naturally tanned skin.

To create a natural light tanning effect, the powder is preferably applied to the areas of the face where the sun's rays fall most – nose, cheeks, forehead. To complete your makeup, you can lightly powder your neck. The bronzer has high durability – it holds well throughout the day and does not fall into the pores. It is consumed very economically. There are 6 shades available for sale. Weight 8 grams. Manufacturer: USA.


  • Simple and easy to apply;
  • There are no sparkles;
  • Shaded well;
  • It is spent sparingly;
  • Odorless;
  • Compact packaging.


  • The shade can fade over time.

Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder '

Rating: 4.7


Guerlain Compact Powder with a tanning effect takes the third position in the ranking. The moisturizing stable formula gently cares for the skin, eliminates oily sheen throughout the day, and normalizes the sebaceous glands. Special components protect against the harmful effects of free radicals. Suitable for all skin types, thanks to the simultaneous combination of shiny and matte textures in the composition.

The combination of 5 shades with gold particles creates a unique mosaic that plays with different colors. An infinite number of options will allow you to create a whole new shade of gentle tan every time. The powder is available in 4 colors to suit all skin tones. Finely ground shimmer particles create a natural shine without overloading your makeup. Durability – up to 5 hours without the need for reapplication. Volume 10 gr.


  • Good tenacity;
  • Lightweight, weightless texture;
  • Gives a natural glow;
  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • Low consumption.


  • Doesn't sculpt;
  • Has a strong odor;
  • Poorly gives off color;
  • Doesn't hide flaws.

SHISEIDO Synchro Skin

Rating: 4.7

SHISEIDO Synchro Skin

The SHISEIDO cushion bronzer is ranked fourth in the popularity rating. Introduced in 2018, the compact bronzer, an innovative design with Advanced Sensing Technology, has amazing multitasking capabilities. The product is able to adapt to the skin type, mask large pores and fine wrinkles, moisturize it and even give a light tan tone. Also, the powder is ideal for contouring.

A compact bronzer with an airy light texture, great for any situation. It has a warm tone and enhances the natural complexion, gives a healthy glow and creates a breathable coating of the required density. Cushion adapts to skin type and complexion. Volume 12 gr.


  • Suitable for all skin types;
  • Moisturizes for 4 hours;
  • Masks wrinkles and pores;
  • Acts carefully;
  • Non-comedogenic;


  • Not found.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Rating: 4.6


The legendary Benefit Hoola Bronzer, a bestseller around the world, is ranked fifth in the Expertology rating. The powder has won Best Bronzer awards from Sephora (2008), Life & Style and TotalBeauty.com (2010). The bronzer has a silky texture, matte texture without a hint of glitter. It lends itself to layering and blends well, so it can be used for professional contouring, as well as blush and eyeshadow.

A universal shade, does not give off a red tint, therefore it is suitable for both swarthy and fair-skinned girls. The bronzer is well pigmented – just a single brush stroke is enough to transform the entire face. The set includes a miniature flat brush with natural bristles. The bristles are very soft, perfectly picking up and distributing the product over the face. The handle is made of wood. Due to fine grinding and good pressing – the product does not get dusty, it lays down softly and is used quite economically. The durability is high – the bronzer lasts about 7 hours. Volume 8 gr.


  • Universal color without red undertone;
  • Matte effect;
  • Does not get dusty when applied and set on a brush;
  • Leaves no stains, shades well;
  • High durability.


  • Not suitable for a very light face;
  • Short-lived packaging;
  • The brush is shedding;
  • High price.

Smashbox Halo Warm Lights Neutral Matte Bronze

Rating: 4.5


Smashbox's Delicate Compact Bronzer is ranked sixth in the expert rating. The product creates a natural and natural tanning effect. Photoset's special mineral complex provides 8 hours durability. Bronzer is able to set off and even out any skin tone due to the lack of glitter.

Formula with a matte texture is ideal for sculpting and creating the desired accents. With the help of a brush, bronzer is applied to the cheekbones, distributed along the hairline, along the nose. The powder is finely dispersed, dense and firm in texture, thanks to which it can be easily picked up on the brush, does not get dusty and is economically consumed. The bronzer does not have a pronounced orange undertone, therefore it is suitable for light and dark skin. The powder does not contain harmful chemicals (parabens, sodium sulfate, phthalates, fragrances and talc). Volume 8 gr.


  • Matte effect;
  • Does not contain harmful substances;
  • Longevity 8 hours;
  • There is no orange undertone.


  • Not found.

Urban decay naked flushed

Rating: 4.5


Bronzer from the world famous premium brand Urban Decay is ranked seventh in our ranking. Together with the bronzer, blush, highlighter and shadows are presented in one palette, so this product can be safely called multifunctional.

The bronzer has the finest grind, but it is pressed very softly, so for application it is preferable to use a soft brush with fluffy, preferably natural bristles. The bronzer is well pigmented. The ultra-fine micronized formula creates a silky-smooth skin without any discomfort when applied.


  • Multifunctional set 3 in 1;
  • Good color rendering;
  • Matte effect;
  • Soft texture.


  • Too soft pressing;
  • There is a small shimmer;
  • The shade has a red undertone.

NYX Professional Make Up Matte Body Bronzer

Rating: 4.4


NYX Professional's Matte Bronzer is ranked # 8. Matte bronzing powder provides long-lasting coverage that lasts all day. Available in 5 shades to suit every skin color.

The tool is more of a bronzing powder than a sculptor, however, due to its matte texture, Up Matte Body Bronzer can be safely used to give relief and dry contouring. The product is pigmented at a sufficient level for economical consumption. But when typing on a brush, it can get a little dusty. Firmness – high, on the face the powder lasts all day. The composition contains talc, which can clog pores. Volume 9.5 gr.


  • High-quality convenient packaging;
  • Matte texture;
  • Good pigmentation;
  • Low price.


  • No sponge / brush included
  • Has a red undertone.

Pupa Desert Bronzing Powder

Rating: 4.4


Pupa's maxi bronzing powder rounds out our rating. The pleasantly light texture is easy to blend for a natural tanning effect for a warm complexion. The line includes 6 variations: 3 matte and 3 with the addition of pearlescent shine.

The formula contains emollient ingredients to make the powder easier to apply and blend. Silky and lightweight texture is provided by spherical powder. The powder is dermatologically tested, so the risk of allergies is minimal. It is best to apply the powder with a soft, natural-bristled brush, otherwise it will be uneven. The powder perfectly emphasizes the tan, making it bronze. Volume 35 gr.


  • Large amount of powder;
  • Large mirror;
  • Economical consumption;
  • Can be used as blush, powder and eyeshadow.


  • No brush included;
  • Has a reddish tint.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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