9 best Belarusian cosmetics

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The rise in prices for European and American cosmetics affects its availability, and many women cannot afford to buy lipstick, powder or lotion from world brands. Fortunately, today these funds have a budgetary, but no less high-quality and effective alternative to Belarusian production. Cosmetics are distinguished by a more natural composition and a wide range of product lines, which have been appreciated by cosmetologists and women in our country.

The portal's experts have studied the most popular Belarusian cosmetics and made their own product rating for any occasion.

Rating of the best Belarusian cosmetics

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best Belarusian cosmetics: bestsellers 1 Sativa Facial Milk No. 52 647 r
2 Alginate skeleton mask for face, neck, décolleté Cell Intense RUB 1,825
3 Spray serum for hair Belita-Viteks PERFECT HAIR BB RUB 128
4 Anti-cellulite massage cream Vitex 209 RUB
5 Luxvisage Ideal Sculpting Powder 194 r
The best Belarusian cosmetics in terms of price-quality ratio 1 Moisturizing toner Sativa No. 58 587 r
2 Lip pencil-tattoo Belita-Viteks Luxury (ruddy ginger) 149 r
3 Relouis NUDE Matte Complimenti liquid matte lipstick tone 10 192 RUB
4 BB cream Belita Young Photoshop effect 109 RUB

The best Belarusian cosmetics: bestsellers

Belarusians have been supplying cosmetics to the Russian market for a long time, so many products managed to win the love of women and constant consumer demand, despite the not very affordable price.

Sativa Facial Milk No. 52

Rating: 4.9

Sativa No. 52

Belarusian product for face cleansing and make-up removal from the Belarusian brand Sativa No. 52 competes with expensive micellar water. The milk receives only positive reviews: the product does an excellent job of removing even persistent make-up, soothes the skin and removes oily sheen, leaving a feeling of freshness and a pleasant aroma. The leader of the rating is made from natural oils and plant extracts, does not contain surfactants and parabens, only a small percentage of emulsifiers and preservatives. This gentle and gentle composition is beneficial for all skin types.

Sativa Milk No. 52 is packed in a 150 ml can with a convenient dispenser. The only thing that can alert you is the lack of a method of application on the label, it is posted on the manufacturer's website and involves use as a lotion applied to a cotton pad or milk for washing. Another inconvenience is the opaque bottle that cannot be opened, so it is difficult to estimate the balance of funds. However, these shortcomings in no way affect the quality of the product itself and the opinion of users about it.

It is not possible to buy Sativa No. 52 everywhere, mainly in specialized stores or from online sellers; you will have to pay about 650 rubles per bottle.


  • Natural composition;

  • Promotes skin regeneration;

  • Convenient dispenser;

  • Copes with cleansing the skin from fat and cosmetics;

  • Solves the problem of age spots.


  • Not everywhere you can buy;

  • There is no instruction for use on the bottle.

Alginate skeleton mask for face, neck, décolleté Cell Intense

Rating: 4.8

Cell Intense

In second place in the rating of the best Belarusian cosmetics is an alginate mask based on alginate, a gel-like nutrient from seaweed. The product is designed to nourish and strengthen skin prone to wrinkles and sagging in the face, neck and décolleté areas. The effect of the mask is rejuvenation and modeling, a kind of corset made of organic substances – the composition includes only natural ingredients without preservatives and fragrances. The active ingredients of Cell Intense, along with phytoalginate, are urea and betaine, crushed ginger powder and white clay.

Users note a quick effect: the lifting is noticeable after the first application. True, its intensity depends on the type of skin. The Cell Intense mask is suitable for professional use and for home use.

To enhance the expected effect, the manufacturer recommends treating the skin with a filler serum and a polyrevitalizing cocktail before applying the composition.

The consistency of the mask is pleasant, gel-like, the product is consumed economically, a can of 300 ml will last for a long time. Its cost is about 1,500 rubles, which is quite natural for natural cosmetics with a similar effect.


  • Contains natural ingredients;

  • A noticeable lifting effect from the first application;

  • For professional and home use.


  • High price.

Spray serum for hair Belita-Viteks PERFECT HAIR BB

Rating: 4.7


Belarusian cosmetics Bielita presents a unique product for hair care – the indelible BB spray serum PERFECT HAIR, which took the third place in the rating in terms of popularity. It is unique for the variety of effects: moisturizing, restoration, nutrition, styling assistance, volume, thermal protection, antistatic, ease of combing – just 12 actions! Most of the women who used the serum noted: there is indeed a result, it is especially noticeable on damaged, unruly and oily hair, but it is not indicated for dry hair.

The product is applied to damp or dry hair, it can be sprayed onto the finished hairstyle. Pleasant aroma and lasting effect until the next wash are guaranteed! Particular attention should be paid to the tips, with oily scalp, the composition can be rubbed into the bulbs – the condition of the cover is stabilized after several uses.

Such a bouquet of beneficial effects was achieved by a unique composition with minimal use of preservatives – only useful components.

The serum is poured into a 150 ml bottle with a spray dispenser, however, giving out very little composition in one puff. On the other hand, it contributes to a more economical flow rate and more accurate fluid distribution.

You can buy the Belarusian PERFECT HAIR serum for 120-150 rubles.


  • BB serum and 12 effects for hair;

  • Optimal composition without caustic and harmful components;

  • Suitable for normal and oily hair, as well as damaged and problem hair;

  • The bottle lasts up to a month of use;

  • Lowest price for high quality.


  • Dispenser with a minimum spray dose;

  • The healing effect is preserved when using the serum.

Anti-cellulite massage cream Vitex

Rating: 4.7


For women who want to part with the 'orange' peel on the thighs and fat deposits under the skin, experts recommend paying attention to the massage cream from Vitex from the 'Bath, Massage, Sauna' series. Its action is aimed at warming up the skin and activating blood circulation in its upper layers, as a result – removing excess fluid. This is facilitated by extracts of red pepper and caffeine, natural essential oils of citrus fruits, algae and rosemary. The herbal complex also provides tightening and smoothing of the skin.

The Belarusian anti-cellulite massage cream is not suitable for a full-fledged massage, but it is ideal for warming up problem areas and using it in wraps – a combination with physical activity will allow you to achieve the desired result much faster.

The cream should be used with caution by people with sensitive skin – the composition is highly active and warms up, that is, it irritates the cover quite strongly. People with cardiovascular problems should also be careful.

You can buy Belarusian Vitex cream in many cosmetic supermarkets and departments of goods for baths / saunas in a 200 ml tube for an average of 100 rubles.


  • Natural plant composition;

  • Effectively removes fluid and reduces body volume;

  • Intensively warms up the skin and creates the effect of a sauna and deep massage;

  • It is inexpensive and sold everywhere.


  • Not suitable for people with sensitive skin;

  • It is mainly effective if the training regimes are followed, like any body shaping tool.

Luxvisage Ideal Sculpting Powder

Rating: 4.6

Luxvisage Ideal Sculpting

The rating of the bestsellers of Belarusian cosmetics is closed by a product that no modern make-up can do without – the modeling powder-sculptor Ideal Sculpting from the Luxvisage brand. In other words, a highlighter. The package is an ordinary compact powder box with a transparent lid, which contains 2 contrasting colors: light and dark with a total weight of 9 grams.

The powder is available in three palettes for light, medium and dark skin. The pigments do not have a shine effect, the coating is matte and as natural as possible. Finger application or brush blending – compressed powder is great for any application. Ideal Sculpting does not fall off, it keeps perfectly on the face during the day. The quality of the Belarusian powder is not inferior to expensive European counterparts, so a small powder box from Luxvisage is now in many cosmetic bags of Russian women.

The cost of the Belarusian Ideal Sculpting powder is about 250 rubles on average.


  • Persistence throughout the day;

  • 3 palette options for different skin tones;

  • Convenient application;

  • Convenient highlighter format.


  • Not easy to find on sale;

  • The powder box is difficult to open the first time.

The best Belarusian cosmetics in terms of price-quality ratio

The quality of Belarusian cosmetics corresponds to its price: much cheaper than the products of European brands, but not worse at all. This category contains more budgetary cosmetic products that are rapidly gaining popularity among experts in the beauty industry.

Moisturizing toner Sativa No. 58

Rating: 4.9

Tonic Sativa No. 58

The first in the rating Sativa Moisturizing Skin Care Toner No. 58, made on the basis of rose hydrolate. This substance perfectly relieves inflammation, normalizes oiliness and gives a matte finish, helps to gain elasticity and stabilize the pH balance of the skin. Moisturizing properties are provided by a water-retaining complex based on hyaluronic acid and algal extract. Packaging – a beautifully designed 150 ml bottle with a spray dispenser.

Women using Sativa Moisturizing Toner # 58 have a long-lasting mattifying effect. It can also be used as a standalone moisturizer by applying it to your face if needed.

Cleansing the skin in the morning promotes deep penetration of the nourishing cream, decorative cosmetics lays down better and lasts longer. In the evening after the main make-up removal, it is recommended to wipe your face with a cotton pad dipped in the product for deep skin cleansing.

The cost of the Belarusian tonic Sativa No. 58 is about 580 rubles.


  • Suitable for all skin types;

  • Mattifies and moisturizes the skin;

  • Contains natural plant extracts and hyaluronic acid;

  • Promotes deep cleansing of the epidermis.


  • The spray is coarse, the jet is obtained with large droplets and is not wide.

Lip pencil-tattoo Belita-Viteks Luxury (ruddy ginger)

Rating: 4.8

Belita-Vitex Luxury

It is difficult to maintain lip color during the day with ordinary lipstick, but Belita-Vitex Luxury pencil-tattoo allows you to solve this problem. It can be used as a lip liner, suitable for full coverage of the lips, to create a volume effect. A distinctive feature of the pencil – durability for the whole day, really creates a feeling of tattooing – the texture is weightless, the pigment fits well on the skin with a matte finish, but the lead is a little harsh, you need to be careful with movements.

The lead is based on natural wax and vitamins A, C, which provide lip care. Women especially like the shade of the Belarusian pencil Luxury 'Rosy Ginger' – it is neutral and suits almost any complexion and cosmetics.

You can buy Belita-Viteks Luxury Lip Pencil (ruddy ginger) in Belarusian cosmetics stores and various discounters from 130 rubles.


  • Can be used as a contour or lipstick;

  • Lip skin care;

  • Long lasting color;

  • Affordable price.


  • Dry slate texture.

Relouis NUDE Matte Complimenti liquid matte lipstick tone 10

Rating: 4.8

Complimenti NUDE Matte

The trend for matte lips in make-up has not spared Belarusian manufacturers: they present the liquid matte lipstick NUDE Matte Complimenti, the most popular tone No. 10. Many such products cover the skin with an impenetrable film and create a feeling of discomfort, but with Matte Complimenti this is impossible. The lipstick is easy to apply, quickly mattes and allows the skin to breathe. It lasts a long time, does not leave marks on clothes, dishes.

The cost of the Belarusian lipstick is quite affordable compared to analogues – about 200 rubles.


  • Bright saturated color;

  • Lightweight texture and easy application;

  • Allows the skin to breathe and is hardly felt on the lips.


  • Not defined.

BB cream Belita Young Photoshop effect

Rating: 4.7

BB cream Belita Young Photoshop effect

Skin care and make-up effect at the same time – this is BB Photoshop cream from Belita Young. It acts in a complex way: it nourishes, moisturizes the epidermis with the extracts of Australian berries that are part of it, while masking minor imperfections and evens the tone like a makeup base. The cream adjusts to any skin color, despite the lack of tint solutions of the product. It is applied to all areas of the face, including the area around the eyes. The Belita Young Photoshop effect also protects the skin from aging UV light.

In terms of the totality of its properties, BB cream from a Belarusian manufacturer is completely identical to the products of world famous brands, but it costs much less – about 115 rubles for a 30 ml tube.


  • Has all the effects of BB cream;

  • Suitable for all skin types;

  • Low price;

  • Approved for application to the area around the eyes.


  • Does not protect against shine on oily skin during hot periods.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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