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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Timing belt – very important component of the engine. Thanks to this belt drive torque is transmitted to various nodes: fan, gas distribution mechanism, generator and others, stipulated by the specifics of the car itself. On technical Timing belts are divided into three types: V-ribbed, V-ribbed and toothed, the most difficult from a design point of view (since it teeth around the perimeter should have an involute profile with minimum relative position error).

In view of the widespread use of ICE and belt vehicles a huge number of timing belt drives companies. Accordingly, the user gets up over and over again elementary question: who is better? And, having done our own analysis market, the magazine selected eight of the coolest Top Timing Belt Manufacturing Companies users and expert groups.

How to choose a timing belt

The choice of timing belt, in general, is very similar to the choice of any other spare parts: it has its own identification marks and marks, identifying the degree of originality and its attendant product quality. In order to make the right decision when purchase, the magazine advises to pay attention to four Key Features:

  1. Digital designation of a belt. Many mistakenly believe that timing belts (regardless of type) are made individually and labeled, respectively, in the same way. Actually them cut from a large workpiece, which is pre-exposed the process of applying a differentiated digital code. Often on on the market you can come across belts with a designation, all the numbers in which are the same – this is a sure sign of fake and the basis for refusal to purchase such a product.
  2. Manufacturer hologram and certificate of conformity. IN timing belt originality mark manufacturers began to glue special holograms on the boxes, as well as equip each of them with a small accompanying certificate. We recommend Before buying, carefully study both the packaging box itself and its composition: in the absence of a certificate, be sure to request it from seller. In the event that he cannot give out such, boldly refuse to make a purchase.
  3. Level of value. Indirect sign by which you can to distinguish a quality belt from a cheap fake. For this it is necessary to know at least superficially the hierarchy of issuing companies – who sells the product expensively, and who does the budget segment. Here it is worth recalling the main rule: falsification yields only the goods from which you can get hold of money. Thus, the main risk group is medium timing belts and the highest price segment.
  4. The presence / absence of damage to the belt and packaging boxing. Last criterion on the list, but by no means last its significance. Have a thorough inspection of the belt before making a purchase for the absence of cuts (even minor), tooth outbursts or segmental fracture thereof. Also pay attention to the study of the box: whether there are gross abrasions on it or breakthroughs, whether the data on the manufacturer and the applied hologram are intact. Most often, chalice and box defects are attributed to delivery flaws, however, in 80% of cases, such excuses do not correspond reality.

Rating of the best timing belts

Nomination a place manufacturer rating
Rating of the best timing belts 1 Contitech 4.9
2 Gates 4.8
3 Dayco 4.8
4 Bosch 4.7
5 Lemforder 4.7
6 INA 4.7
7 Optibelt 4.6
8 Hutchinson 4.5


Rating: 4.9


The first place in the ranking goes to Contitech – Continental Continued Procedure abolition in 2018. In fact, she was a close an analogue of Dayco, with the only difference being that the development of belts was conducted on the material and resource base of one of the largest tire manufacturers. Naturally, there was a continuity (both methods and technologies), in-depth research features and development of fundamentally new manufacturing methods quality product.

However, Contitech had enough prudence to keep the pace of saturation of new products with fresh developments, most prevent price increases and violations of the delicate ratio consumer cost to quality. Today it’s not clear how will disbanded brand products be promoted To the market. Most likely rubber products (including gas distribution belts) will come out under the logo Continental … it’s good that the essence itself will remain unchanged.


  • largest research laboratory and experience gained over decades of work with rubber products;
  • partial withdrawal of technology from the field of tire development;
  • optimal balance between price and finished quality goods;
  • widespread market and loyalty to to the consumer.


  • not identified.


Rating: 4.8


One of the most famous belt manufacturers timing gear, fame good companies not only in the engineering industry. Gates from the very Since its foundation, it has positioned itself as a company for conveyors, and concluded exclusive contracts for the supply of parts for largest car manufacturing lines.

The products under consideration of the Belgian grand meet highest quality and safety requirements, and also captivates users with a very large work resource (about 150-200 thousand kilometers to complete destruction). The only problem: Gates belts (neither toothed nor V-belts) are virtually impossible found in retail: as mentioned above, on conveyors more than 90% of the total volume of goods produced, and only 10% thrown into the free market.


  • own research center and permanent work on the modernization of belts;
  • highest quality and safety parameters;
  • up to 200 thousand kilometers of possible mileage;
  • cooperation mainly with car manufacturers.


  • high cost of products.


Rating: 4.8


American firm with Italian roots ranks third ranking line, being, in fact, the most loyal supplier timing belts for cars of various brands. Nonetheless on domestic sites (online catalogs and retail outlets sales) their product began to appear relatively recently, and caused not the highest level of Dayco’s popularity Of Russia.

It is noteworthy that out of the entire leading triad, the level of shipment product on the conveyor and retail market at Dayco the most balanced, and is 50/50%. Of the features of their belts can be noted unique teflon coating technology, reducing noise from work and protecting the main material from wear. In addition, there is support for the manufacturer and domestic auto industry: all models, ranging from Kalina and Priory, received one more high-quality analogue of a gear belt, and besides a small amount. Regarding the budget and its correlation with quality impose Dayco fight can only Contitech – Belgian Gates costs much higher in terms of price.


  • unique technology of processing belts by applying Teflon coating (to prevent wear and reduce noise);
  • release of a large number of high-quality analogues for domestic cars;
  • competent pricing policy;
  • high quality standards.


  • a small number of fakes on the market, spoiling the reputation Mighty manufacturer.


Rating: 4.7


Old German company originating from a village Gerlingen, is a very famous manufacturer household / construction equipment and auto parts for any request. IN this is her strength, and in this is her main weakness, for providing qualities with such diverse activities – extremely difficult a task.

However, for timing belts and experts, and users do not urge worry – this is one of the most stable niches in the assortment Bosch Despite the enormous species diversity, the Germans succeed maintain surprisingly equal quality in all aspects, including operational characteristics and working resource. Which, by the way, enough on average for the same 100 thousand kilometers as the main competitors by rating. Completes the magnificent picture of sales and average price level, very favorable for ordinary consumers and with long-term cost items.


  • the average price level for the entire range of goods;
  • surprisingly uniform quality of belts in all their specific variety;
  • exclusive partnership agreement with BMW;
  • the ability to withstand small overloads in frequency rotation.


  • a new belt must be run in (for grinding teeth pulley).


Rating: 4.7


Representative of Germany’s famous ZF concern categories of brands of the middle price segment. I lost my position in as a major producer, becoming nothing more than simple supplier of goods under many famous logo. True your name Lemforder nevertheless remains unsullied: in a company box on the market supplied either spare parts from friendly (included in ZF) BOGE and Sachs enterprises, or products of little-known Korean Factories are also strong in terms of quality exposure.

This fact is not a big secret for the whole world. community, and, most surprisingly, Lemforder does not interfere conclude multi-million contracts for the supply of timing belts for conveyors of many global automakers. Among their customers American Chevrolet (General Motors) and Ford, Korean appear Hyundai and KIA, Japanese Honda and Lexus, European Volkswagen and Russian VAZ. For the latter, by the way, the belts are very hardy: consumers chant praise Germans for a large supply work resource.


  • an abundance of belts for all price categories;
  • high quality products sold under the auspices of the company Lemforder
  • high popularity among car manufacturers;
  • As a rule, a large reserve of working life of timing belts.


  • the brand is gradually becoming a supplier of other products manufacturers.


Rating: 4.7


Reputation of the most discreet timing belt manufacturer conquered another representative of Germany. Firm INA – main supplier of rubber products for conveyors Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Toyota, Audi, etc., famous for the introduction of hard operational control of geometric parameters and product characteristics. Moreover, compliance with this system production is the prerogative of not only the basic German workshop, but also other plants scattered around the globe.

In particular, one of the INA enterprises operates on the territory of Of Russia, regularly supplying the timing belts for cars of the brand to the market WHA. Consumers speak well of their experiences Noting among the main advantages excellent quality conditions, durability and the actual absence of low-grade fakes. The verdict of experts also did not differ much from popular opinion, however, having noticed some overpricing by the company of prices main competitors.


  • good quality belts provided by the introduction operational control from the stage of supply of raw materials to the cutting stage and packing;
  • cooperation with a number of major automobile brands;
  • stable performance;
  • large interval between replacements (more than 100 thousand kilometers).


  • high price of products.


Rating: 4.6


A very original and honorable manufacturer of timing belts from Germany, invariably following the once chosen path of development. It consists, by the way, not only in an interesting supply of goods (as As a rule, the manufactured products are delivered in a very distinctive and recognizable boxes), but also in manufacturing technologies. So, a characteristic feature of Optibelt timing belts is very low tendency to wear, eliminating the possibility of any shift gear belt for a long period of time. Behind ensuring such a result partially meets the selected material – chloroprene rubber treated with special anti-friction compound.

According to the classics of the genre, the main consumers of Optibelt belts are German car manufacturers (Mercedes-Benz, Vlokswagen), however, a large flow of products is available in retail market. Touching on quality were able and domestic owners VAZ vehicles – from the now discontinued Grants to received an update to Vesta. Be that as it may, the German company enjoys great confidence in experimental circles, so the question of including it in the rating was not even considered.


  • commitment to one class of manufacturing technology;
  • very high quality and durable belt base with unique anti-friction impregnation;
  • original supply of products;
  • concern for reliability and active confrontation falsification;
  • High ratings from users and experts.


  • not found.


Rating: 4.5


French grand production of rubber products, striving to achieve high workforce performance from everything range of products. Is the main partner of a number automakers (including Toyota, Huyndai, Ford, Citroen etc.), which is indirect evidence of quality and popularity.

Experts note the planned introduction of new Hutchinson technologies (at least in the production process of timing belts), which allow to improve accuracy and modernize workers specifications. Some users claim that purchased and a belt delivered instead of a standard one can pass up to 100 thousand kilometers, and this is not the maximum possible limit. Howsoever there was a great feeling of sympathy for the French company, but in the last cases of mass falsification of their goods became more frequent. Engineers and company promoters are trying to come up with workarounds to deal with this, but neither the notorious holographic labels nor the accompanying certificates do not stop copycats from copying quality product. All this negatively affects image of the company, but we hope that the situation will eventually find positive outcome.


  • high technical and operational performance of the original belts;
  • company cooperation with leading world car manufacturers;
  • the working resource is often enough for 100 thousand kilometers run;
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality.


  • a large amount of counterfeit products on the market (even show good mileage).

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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