8 best powerful electric scooters

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Are you going to use the scooter in full? Need high speed and long trips from him? In this case, you you need to buy a model with a powerful engine and a capacious battery. Such electric scooters will be discussed in this review.

Rating of the best powerful electric scooters

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best powerful electric scooters 1 KUGOO GX 26 Ah 99 900 rub.
2 KUGOO G-Booster 23 Ah 59 900 rub.
3 Halten RS-03 88 900 rub.
4 ZERO 10X 24Ah 57 990 rub.
5 KUGOO G1 18.2 Ah 63 500 rub.
6 Halten RS-02 59 900 rub.
7 Inokim ox 85 000 rub.
8 Ninebot KickScooter ES4 38 000 rub.


Rating: 4.9


Traditional electric scooters seem childish even if if they easily support the weight of an adult. But powerful models – This is a completely different matter. For example, KUGOO GX 26 Ah in some ways Compare with a full-fledged scooter, here only the seat is not enough. This model is equipped with inflatable wheels. Moreover, tires have aggressive tread, thanks to which the scooter is calm even moves along a dirt road.

The frame of this model was created from aluminum alloy. All welding seams look reliable, so the scooter should calmly withstand 150 kg load. In traffic the tool is driven by two motors. Power of each of them is 1600 watts, which someone seems to be an outrageous parameter. No wonder the scooter without any difficulty drives into any slide. The disadvantage of this solution is only high power consumption. Therefore, the manufacturer had to supply his creation with a battery capacity of 25 Ah. Such a battery does not dreamed of neither a laptop, nor a tablet, nor a professional quadrocopter. A full charge should be enough to overcome 80 km. Unless you switch from economy mode to high-speed, in which you can instantly accelerate up to 85 km / h We recommend that you get a helmet, knee pads and elbow pieces – this is beyond the speed. Electric scooter itself not equipped with special security equipment – it only has LED lights on the sides, rear brake light with side light and front light illuminating up to 50 m of space in front.

Many powerful electric scooters do not have a folding mechanism. From they get rid of it in order to increase reliability. Well, the manufacturer KUGOO GX 26 Ah did not take such a step. Therefore, this model Easy to transport in a car. Also present here recuperated hydraulic brakes.

It should be clear to all readers that such a battery, brakes, wheels, and engines could not be light. In connection with this weight of the vehicle is 43 kg. Impressive! The easiest way to use such an electric scooter is for people owning a garage. If you don’t have it, but in your house there is no elevator, then you better not think about buying a powerful electric scooter, as there are no light models among them.


  • There are front and rear cushioning;
  • Two motors have extraordinary power;
  • Built-in high-quality brakes;
  • Unbelievable speed can be achieved;
  • Decent mileage from a full charge;
  • Wheels can overcome even off-road;
  • Foldable design used;
  • Suspension stiffness can be adjusted.


  • High price;
  • Very heavy weight;
  • Charging time is 12.5 hours.

KUGOO G-Booster 23 Ah

Rating: 4.8

KUGOO G-Booster 23 Ah

Another electric scooter with high power and wonderful suspension. He is not afraid of all sorts of potholes in the asphalt – they are instantly swallowed. You can drive on a flat road on speeds up to 65 km / h. If you are on the “primer” – no no big deal, tires with aggressive tread are a must will cling to it. The manufacturer did not forget about the bandwagon. However, it has all the more or less powerful electric scooters.

As expected, the KUGOO G-Booster 23 Ah frame was created from aluminum. The manufacturer declares that it must withstand 120 kilogram and even slightly larger load. In this case, the weight of the vehicle was only 25 kg. It’s wonderful result! Of course, such a scooter is still not recommended to people, living in a house without an elevator. But if the elevator is still present, you’re unlikely to have any problems.

The total power of the motors used here is 2400 or 2600 watts. If this is important, then check the figure before buying! In any case, such engines are not only enough for very fast overclocking, but also to conquer 35-degree tilt angles. Work the motors are provided by a 23 Ah battery, which Charges in about 10 hours. Full charge is enough for 70 km or slightly lower mileage. Nothing wrong say about the brakes. They belong to two types. And if disk familiar to all owners of bicycles and expensive scooters, then reclaimed brakes are a delightful design element slightly restoring energy in the battery.

KUGOO G-Booster 23 Ah is foldable. On the takeaway of his steering wheel There is a fairly bright flashlight. About the wheels, we already said not mentioning only their 254 mm diameter.

In a word, this model should suit almost everyone. Well, really you can remain unhappy with the softness of the suspension and high-speed characteristics? It’s nice that this electric scooter got onboard computer. It will mainly be used to switch operating modes. In particular, it can be used to disable energy recovery, making braking more responsive. Well It is impossible not to note the price tag, which seems high far from to everyone.


  • Able to withstand severe stress;
  • A quality shock absorber is used;
  • High speed can be achieved;
  • The battery has a very high capacity;
  • You can even ride on the road;
  • Very high power;
  • Great brakes;
  • Foldable design applied;
  • Included is a seat.


  • Continuous charge;
  • Very high cost;
  • Weight with a seat increases to 33 kg;
  • The rear wing does not cope well with splashes.

Halten RS-03

Rating: 4.7

Halten RS-03

This electric scooter will not be affordable for many people. The thing is that in Russian retail they ask for over 90 thousand rubles for him! For this considerable money you will receive a 36-kilogram transport means, the frame of which is made of an aluminum alloy. Manufacturer declares that his creation can withstand as much as possible 150 kg load. This is enough to carry an adult with a very large backpack.

This model is not for children. At least the motors talk about it, whose total power reaches 2400 watts. With them electric scooter starts abruptly, quickly accelerating to an impressive speed. As much as he is able to reach 65 km / h. This is quite enough to accidentally hurt oneself. Therefore, the authors strongly recommend using Halten RS-03 paired with all kinds of protection for the limbs and head.

Engines are started here by turning the key ignition. But the vehicle will not move in that if the lithium-ion battery is discharged. And his the capacity reaches 24 Ah, so charging will last a long time – it is a minimum of ten hours. But if the charge is all right, then you can count on the conquest of 60 km!

The structure of this model includes 280 mm wheels. Them a “toothy” tread should provide a stable ride even on off road. A shock absorber is located above the front wheel, actively absorbing all sorts of bumps in the track. Well, and even higher is headlight. It shines bright enough, however, for night trips out of town it is better to get another headlight, already more powerful.

A seat is supplied with this model. But it too soft and not particularly comfortable. Another disadvantage of Halten RS-03 is the lack of waterproofing. More precisely, she is, but her can be called nominal. If you want to cut through the puddles, then need to do it yourself.

In a word, this is a wonderful electric scooter, which also has good brakes. However, it has several disadvantages. With some of which you have already read. And this at a very high cost! It is not surprising that this model has been using everything lately lesser demand.


  • Decent mileage from a full charge;
  • There are quality brakes;
  • Able to withstand even a very difficult person;
  • A very high cost is achieved;
  • Wheels are not just for asphalt;
  • Very high power;
  • There is a relatively good shock absorber.


  • Very high cost;
  • Not the best protection against water;
  • Not very comfortable seat;
  • Long charge;
  • The scooter was very heavy.

ZERO 10X 24Ah

Rating: 4.6

ZERO 10X 24Ah

Many powerful electric scooters are very similar to each other. But exceptions to this rule also occur. For example, ZERO 10X 24Ah It stands out from the competition. Used here Unique front wheel mount design. Also the vehicle received several items painted in Red color. And if we talk about the characteristics, then this model able to hit with its mileage from a full charge!

Description ZERO 10X 24Ah should begin with the fact that the frame of this products made of high quality aluminum. The manufacturer claims that it can withstand a 150-pound load and it makes no sense don’t trust him. On the ground, the vehicle rolls with 254 mm wheels. Their thickness is 76 mm. They are inflatable, but you have to forget about the aggressive tread. it means that this electric scooter should only be used for traffic on the asphalt.

10-inch wheels are stopped using disc wheels brakes. They work instantly, worry about this don’t have to. As for the motor, there are two of them – one per every wheel. The power of each engine is 1000 watts. Of this quite enough for a very spectacular overclock. As much as possible electric scooter is able to reach 65 km / h. You will go all the way to until the battery runs out. Its capacity is 24 Ah. It would seem that the same figure can boast of and some competitors. But in an unknown way to the creators of ZERO 10X 24Ah managed to achieve a 110-kilometer run! Of course, such a figure true only for an economical mode of operation in which you do not will be able to reach exorbitant speed, but even in this case it cannot fail to amaze. That is why in favor of this model do many people who like to travel to electric scooter somewhere out of town. By the way, charge the ZERO 10X 24Ah you can immediately with two chargers, which is capable of speed up the process by 40%. However, in the kit you will only find one network adapter, the second will have to be purchased separately. If you If you start using only one RAM, you will have to wait for the end the process is approximately 10 hours.

Of course, such a monster could not turn out easy. He’s also received two shock absorbers! Scales under ZERO 10X 24Ah show 38 kg. Therefore, this is not the best option for those who are going to skid such a vehicle to a high floor.


  • High power;
  • There are two shock absorbers;
  • Very good range from a full charge;
  • Reliable aluminum frame;
  • Installed high-quality disc brakes;
  • A very high speed can be achieved;
  • There is a front light and brake lights.


  • Long charge with one network adapter;
  • Very heavy weight;
  • On sale is rare;
  • Very high cost.

KUGOO G1 18.2 Ah

Rating: 4.5

KUGOO G1 18.2 Ah

Another electric scooter with red blotches in its constructions. For example, it is in this color that approximately half deck. The frame here, by the way, is made of high quality aluminum. You can not be afraid that the transport the tool will suddenly fall apart.

When creating this model, the manufacturer did his best to save. Thanks to this, he reached a sane price tag. Wherein not every buyer will notice the savings. For example, that you say about the maximum speed of 60 here km / h? We do not believe that you will complain. Yes, and the total the power of motors reaching 2000 W, many will seem impressive. Some savings are noticeable on tires. The thing is, that the tread of 254 mm wheels has absolutely shallow grooves. This means that puddles and impassability are not Best places to travel on the KUGOO G1 18.2 Ah. But on the pavement such wheels are able to boast of a good rollback.

Perhaps most of all, this model is upset because of lack of advanced depreciation. All potholes will be you feel good. However, the rest does not noteworthy. He is able to withstand 150 kg person. Each wheel here has disc brake, allowing a very quick stop. On the steering wheel there is a high-quality display with which operating modes change. Well, as a power source here a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 18.2 Ah is used. Not a record but and this parameter may be enough for a 70-kilometer run. Charging such a battery lasts about 7 hours.

It remains to add that this electric scooter is folding. This means that you can easily transport it by train. If you can lift this vehicle in several steps, because the weight of the KUGOO G1 18.2 Ah is 35.5 kg.


  • Foldable design used;
  • Able to withstand a very difficult person;
  • Accelerates to 60 km / h;
  • High power motors;
  • Excellent disc brakes applied;
  • Good mileage from a full charge;
  • There are connectors for charging gadgets.


  • Very heavy weight;
  • Cost still cannot be called low;
  • Decent charging time;
  • Depreciation could have been better;
  • No headlamp;
  • The rear wing does not save from spray.

Halten RS-02

Rating: 4.4

Halten RS-02

Another powerful electric scooter, now sold for 60-65 thousand rubles. Its wheels also have a smooth tread, which is why off-road is better to forget. Their diameter is 254 mm. Disk brakes allow you to stop the rotation of the wheels without any problems. Well, the main “highlight” of the wheels are alloy wheels. It is due to electric scooter at least stands out against them numerous competitors.

The manufacturer of this model saved, but did it in moderation. For example, he did not refuse depreciation. As a result the buyer will be able to overcome potholes without prejudice to comfort. It was also decided not to save on battery. Its capacity is 24 Ah, which is enough to make 60-kilometer run. However, this will require activation economy mode, in which overclocking will not be so rapid. If the need for battery saving is not needed, you can accelerate up to 55 km / h, and do it in just a few seconds! By the way, complete Battery charging lasts 10 hours. Sad but predictable numeral.

The frame of this electric scooter is made of aluminum alloy. The manufacturer stated in the specifications a maximum load of 120 kg More often than not, it’s not necessary. There is no doubt that the frame can withstand more serious severity. But a 1200 wheel motor Tue can pray from her. By the way, the weight of the transport itself means is 27 kg. He explicitly alludes to the absence a second motor and a lack of some advanced components.

Included with this model you get a modest LED headlight, taillight and ignition key, without which the launch vehicle is not possible. We recommend immediately after shopping pull up all connections. Reviews show that if this not to do, the scooter will rattle in the manner of a bucket of nails, and its rear wing risks falling off. However, this trouble is peculiar many relatively inexpensive Chinese electric scooters.


  • Withstands severe stress;
  • There is depreciation;
  • It can accelerate to 55 km / h;
  • Decent mileage from a full charge;
  • Good equipment;
  • Weight can not be called prohibitive.


  • After the purchase, you need to tighten everything up and hold out;
  • Only one motor wheel is used;
  • Some instances have problems with the brakes;
  • Very long charge;
  • The price will not suit everyone.

Inokim ox

Rating: 4.3

Inokim OX

This electric scooter is very different from analogues. Not its design (although it too), and the colors. Black colors here complemented with orange blotches. As expected, this the model turned out folding. This allows you to transport it to public transport. You can enter it without much difficulty, because the weight of the scooter is only 28 kg.

Admittedly, Inokim OX almost in vain practically closes our a selection. It is definitely impossible to call it the most powerful. Composition of this Models include just one 1000-watt motor-wheel. When climbing to uphill its power can increase up to 1300 watts. And even at that moment it feels like a second engine is missing here.

This vehicle cannot be called the fastest. It accelerates to a maximum of 49 km / h. And most often a scooter moves even slower, especially in economy mode. However, for many people this is quite enough. Do not forget that it is not a scooter or electric bike – move on the Inokim OX on a huge speed is generally not recommended. Stop by use of a disk brake on a back wheel and drum – on front. When driving at a speed of approximately 40 km / h, this is quite enough.

This electric scooter has a 21 Ah battery. To fill it with energy, you can use two chargers at once devices, resulting in a process that only takes 6.5 hours. However, in the kit you will find only one RAM, in connection with which you will have to wait a noticeably longer time. A full battery charge may enough to overcome 110 km. Excellent result! But he reaches only with a not very large weight of the rider, as well as with activation economy mode, in which the electric scooter will accelerate only up to 25 km / h. This is done using the on-board computer, whose display has variable brightness levels.

It remains to add that the scooter got 10-inch pneumatic tires. They have a smooth tread, so oh off-road driving is better to forget.


  • Suspension stiffness can be adjusted;
  • Not very heavy;
  • Excellent power reserve;
  • It can withstand 120 kg;
  • There is a convenient on-board computer;
  • Installed high-quality brakes;
  • Foldable design implemented.


  • Huge cost;
  • It can be equipped with only one RAM.

Ninebot KickScooter ES4

Rating: 4.2

Ninebot KickScooter ES4

Many people don’t need a really powerful electric scooter. The thing is the fact that such a vehicle is very heavy due to which it causes certain inconvenience. That’s why now Ninebot KickScooter ES4 is in great demand. The fact is that scales under this model show only 13 kg! It’s clear that this the figure has been achieved through a number of simplifications. But that doesn’t mean that The scooter does not perform well in urban environments.

This vehicle is driven by traditional wheels with cast tires. Such “rubber” almost does not soften all sorts of bumps and potholes. However, amortization available and back and front. One of the wheels is equipped with a motor whose power is 800 watts. The wheels also have electric and mechanical brakes. In a word, the stop will be smooth, but fast enough.

Here, lithium-ion is used as a power source. 10.4 Ah battery As you already understood, it is due to the batteries managed to reduce weight so much. It’s nice that even this The battery lasts for 30-45 km. At the same time, Ninebot offers to purchase an additional battery. It means that You can take it with you on a particularly long trip. But this additional expenses.

Like it or not, KickScooter ES4 will not suit everyone buyers. That is why he completes our review. Someone will be not enough speed, because the scooter accelerates as much as possible only up to 30 km / h. Other people will complain about motor power, due to which the vehicle will only master 100 kg weight. And the charging time of 7 hours is also not the best parameter, especially with such a battery capacity.


  • Foldable design used;
  • Very light weight;
  • The price cannot be called prohibitive;
  • Good brakes;
  • Available smartphone application;
  • There is a good depreciation.


  • Not very high speed;
  • I would like a more powerful motor;
  • Not very long run at full charge;
  • The wheels are not designed for off-road use.


Electric scooters are in great demand. And if earlier people were satisfied with low-power models, now almost everyone at least a 500-watt motor is required. If you are from the same consumers, then our review was supposed to help you.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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