8 best Nivea creams

Review of the best according to the editorial board. About selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The company began its work back in 1890, but it achieved success in 1911, thanks to the developed water-oil emulsifier. After that, the component became the basis of many of the company's funds. The snow-white color inspired the creators and first gave the name to the cream itself, and then to the company, because literally Nivea is translated from Latin as – white as snow.

Today, there are more than fifty organizations located in all corners of the world that are actively cooperating with the corporation. The head office is located in Hamburg. The company has its own laboratory, where products are tested, formulations are modernized so that a particular product is highly effective.

The editors prepared a rating review, selecting for it 8 best Nivea creams, which received the highest ratings and a lot of praise from consumers.

A short note about the brand

The company's cosmetics are distinguished by a high content of oils and nourishing ingredients, so the skin is nourished, becomes hydrated, becomes velvety and soft. Despite the large assortment, the famous cream in a blue jar, which is iconic for Nivea, always remains unchanged.

All the company's products are divided into series: face and body care – Visage, Body; moisturizing creams with neutral ph – Soft; UV protection – Sun; lip care – Lip Care; hygienic lipsticks – Labello; hand skin care – Hand; hair care – Hair Care; shower products – Bath Care; intimate hygiene – Intimo; decorative cosmetics – Beauté; cosmetics for men and children – for Men, Baby; deodorants – Deo.

Care cosmetics for face and body is a specialized direction. When a formula is developed, they take into account not only the type of skin, but also climatic features, age, condition of the dermis. Because of this, some of the goods are produced for certain regions. Means for cleansing and toning are presented in the form of milk, lotions, gels, mousses, masks, scrubs, mycelial water and others. Creams include day, night and multi-purpose as well as anti-aging.

Cosmetics from the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation are represented by moisturizing lotions, refreshing sprays, as well as soothing lotions and sprays that are applied after sunburn. They protect the skin from harmful effects, relieve inflammation, and moisturize the epidermis.

Rating of the best Nivea creams

Nomination a place Name of product price
Best Nivea face creams 1 Nivea Moisturizing Day Face Cream for Normal Skin RUB 200
2 Nivea Care night cream with provitamin B5 170 RUB
3 Nivea Care Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin 174 r
4 Night face cream Nivea 'Beautiful skin 24 hours hydration + restoration' 179 r
Best Nivea body creams 1 Nivea Soft Intense Body Moisturizer 130 RUB
2 Nivea body cream SOS 286 r
3 Nivea Soft Body Cream 'Flirty Raspberry' 161 RUB
4 Body cream Nivea Soft 'I am a naughty pineapple' RUB 111

Best Nivea face creams

Nivea Moisturizing Day Face Cream for Normal Skin

Rating: 4.9

Nivea Moisturizing Day Face Cream for Normal Skin.jpeg

The product has a pronounced aroma characteristic of a cream in a classic white jar. Suitable for normal and combination skin. After application, the dermis is relieved of the feeling of tightness and discomfort associated with this. Despite its thick texture and heavy consistency, it does not form an oily sheen, therefore it will serve as a good base for foundation. After several days of use, the relief is leveled, rashes appear less often, areas with peeling disappear.

The composition includes vitamin E, which is one of the basic components that help prolong youth and preserve beauty. The manufacturer also indicates that the product is based on Hydra-IQ technology. Due to it, moisture exchange in the epidermis improves. The product protects the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, so it is ideal for spring and summer.

The reviews say that due to the fat content, the cream is absorbed for a long time. You must apply it at least fifteen minutes before going out and before applying makeup. Of the minuses, it is also noted that the product is not suitable for people with oily skin.

Cost – 200 rubles.

Nivea Care night cream with provitamin B5

Rating: 4.8


The product is designed to soothe and restore the skin during a night's rest, when the dermis is most prepared to receive all the beneficial ingredients. Suitable for all skin types due to its versatility. After application, it removes the feeling of tightness, does not form an oily sheen. It will serve as an excellent foundation for foundation.

The composition includes provitamin B5. It is he who is responsible for restoring and soothing the dermis. It also increases the strength of collagen fibers. Penetrates deep into the epidermis, as it has a low molecular weight. Of the additional here is shea butter, which nourishes, moisturizes, rejuvenates, regenerates and heals inflammation. There is also sunflower oil. The formula is pretty standard for the brand's products, but the main thing is that it works effectively and gives a quick visible result. After several days, the skin is noticeably transformed – the color is smoother, the relief is uniform, the dermis is moisturized and soft, inflammations disappear and areas with peeling, redness disappear.

The cream is produced in a 100 ml jar, so the product will last for a very long time, even if you use it every morning and evening. The manufacturer recommends applying the product about twenty minutes before going out.

Cost – 200 rubles.

Nivea Care Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

Rating: 4.7


The product is designed to strengthen the natural protective barrier, as well as intensive nutrition of the dermis. It does not leave behind an uncomfortable feeling of tightness and does not form an oily sheen, therefore it will be a good base for foundation. Designed for sensitive skin. Dermatologically tested.

At the heart of the formula is aloe vera, which is responsible for soothing irritated dermis. It is she who relieves inflammation, heals, removes redness, giving the skin a feeling of comfort for the whole day. The composition also includes shea butter, which nourishes and rejuvenates, improves regeneration; vegetable oil that makes the dermis soft. After the first application, even skin with strong chapping, a lot of peeling is moisturized and soothed.

Has a pleasant aroma, reminiscent of a herbal composition, where aloe is clearly audible. The smell quickly disappears from the surface of the skin, leaving no trace, so those who prefer products without perfume will definitely like the product. The texture is light, creamy. After application, it is instantly absorbed, in about five to ten minutes.

Cost – 200 rubles.

Night face cream Nivea 'Beautiful skin 24 hours hydration + restoration'

Rating: 4.6


The product is specially designed for night care. Nourishes the dermis with moisture, keeping it inside, protects against free radicals and regenerates. Suitable for all skin types.

The formula is based on a powerful antioxidant – vitamin E. Protects the skin from oxidative stress and the harmful effects of external factors, and also controls the hydrobalance in the cells of the epidermis. The rest of the components enhance the effect of the vitamin, revealing its maximum properties. After application, the skin becomes smooth, velvety and elastic, and the shine does not appear even in the morning. Smoothes pores without clogging them, allowing you to breathe. Removes minor redness, moisturizes areas with peeling.

The product has a light consistency. Despite its thickness, it is distributed in a thin layer evenly and is instantly absorbed without leaving a sticky film and without forming an oily sheen. As follows from the reviews, it looks like a cross between massage oil and traditional cream. Has a pleasant, unobtrusive, slightly sweet aroma, which does not give off unpleasant chemosis. It looks like cocoa with milk. Sweet tooth will definitely like it.

Cost – 220 rubles.

Best Nivea body creams

Nivea Soft Intense Body Moisturizer

Rating: 4.9


A universal product designed for body, hand and face skin care. Designed to moisturize and nourish the dermis so that it transforms in a short time, becomes smoother, velvety, and radiant. Suitable as a daily remedy.

The formula is based on vitamin E and jojoba oil, which normalize the hydrobalance and retain moisture deep inside the skin. After the first application, the surface is leveled, the lost elasticity appears. Perfectly fights against windburn, heals micro-wounds.

As follows from the reviews, the product is not recommended for use on the face, since in most cases it leaves behind a greasy film that is not perceptible on the body, but is felt on the face. Suitable for the body, but the consumption increases. It is best to apply the product to the hands, elbows, heels. Then the tool will be spent economically, and the result will not be long in coming.

Cost – 270 rubles.

Nivea body cream SOS

Rating: 4.8


The product is intended for dry and dehydrated skin. Thanks to its special formula, it provides intense hydration for forty-eight hours, removes flaking and eliminates the uncomfortable feeling of tightness. It is instantly absorbed, so it will not stain clothes or furniture when the body touches surfaces.

The formula is based on the active ingredient panthenol, which enhances the ability of the dermis to lock in moisture deep inside, softening especially dry areas, and the Hydra IQ technology, which activates the microcirculation of moisture in cells. The composition is aimed at strengthening the natural protective barrier. Designed specifically for emergency care when the skin needs it. Eliminates cracks, dry areas.

From the reviews it follows that the cream does an excellent job with the declared functions – it moisturizes, restores, accelerates the healing of cracks and wounds. It has a dense texture, but it is applied in a thin layer and spreads evenly, instantly absorbing. True, some noted that it can leave a sticky film, which is typical for this kind of funds. It is economically consumed – the jar is enough for several months even with daily use.

Cost – 380 rubles.

Nivea Soft Body Cream 'Flirty Raspberry'

Rating: 4.7


The universal product is now being released in a new format. Suitable for all skin types. Designed to provide gentle body skin care. Has a sweet, unobtrusive aroma of berries, which will certainly give you pleasure from using the product. The composition was developed by French perfumers and is designed for young girls. According to the manufacturer, the cream can be mixed with others from the same series to get a unique flavor.

The moisturizing formula instantly softens and nourishes the dermis. It can be applied both on the body, for example, after taking a shower, or separately on specific areas – on the hands after washing, on the feet before going to bed, to make the heels as tender as a baby.

Has a light texture. It is not greasy or overly dense, therefore it is easy to apply and distribute, absorbed in a matter of minutes. Leaves no sticky film or grease. As indicated in the reviews, it will be an ideal option for the spring-summer season, but for its autumn-winter care it will not be enough.

Cost – 200 rubles.

Body cream Nivea Soft 'I am a naughty pineapple'

Rating: 4.6

Body cream Nivea Soft 'I am a naughty pineapple'.jpg

Another universal product from the Soft line. Has an unobtrusive and pleasant aroma of tropical fruits. Designed to moisturize, nourish and restore the dermis, giving it a feeling of comfort for a long time. Suitable for all skin types.

Due to the small volume, only 50 ml, it is not suitable for the body, as it will end quickly, therefore, in the reviews it is advised to use it for hands, feet, elbows and even for the face. Due to its airy texture, it is easy to apply and spread in a thin layer, leaving no sticky or greasy film behind. Absorbs instantly. If used as a face cream, then as a foundation for a foundation is quite suitable. Does not clog pores, allowing them to breathe, therefore does not provoke inflammation.

Like the previous cream, it is recommended for the autumn-spring season. Care for the cold season will not be enough.

Cost – 100 rubles.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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