8 best men's face creams

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective, does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Long gone are the days when the beauty industry satisfied the needs of an exclusively female audience, releasing a variety of care products only for her. Men today are not deprived of attention and can choose creams from a variety of lines presented by well-known cosmetic brands. They, just like women's remedies, differ in type and can be moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging. But basically, manufacturers are developing universal formulations that help eliminate not one, but several problems: dryness, irritation after shaving, visible age-related changes, lack of nutrients, inflammation.

How to choose a male face cream

It is worth remembering that female products are not suitable for use by men due to the nature of the skin. A few tips from dermatologists and cosmetologists will help you make a smart purchase and get exactly the result you expected.

  1. Choosing a cream according to your age. 18+ is suitable for everyone, but not always effective for men over 40.
  2. The day cream should be light in consistency and leave no residue behind. Better that it is a fluid or lotion.
  3. A night care product should contain a balanced complex for intensive nourishment during sleep.
  4. Skin type is an important criterion when choosing. This parameter is necessarily indicated on the packaging and should not be neglected.
  5. Creams with disinfecting and antibacterial effects promote rapid healing of wounds after razor cuts and prevent the growth of microbes.
  6. With hypersensitive skin, we must study the composition, which should not contain harmful chemical components that can cause even more harm than care.
  7. The rich 'masculine' scent of the cream can overpower the scent of the perfume. Therefore, you should definitely consider this when buying.
  8. For clear signs of aging or daily stress, you can choose creams with antioxidants and anti-aging properties. They will protect against the negative effects of the environment and stop the appearance of wrinkles.

Our rating was compiled by the experts of the magazine, who took into account the opinion of dermatologists and reviews of real users. The creams below are well formulated, effective for many skin problems, and are specifically designed for men.

Rating of the best men's face creams

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best men's face creams 1 Tom Ford Oil-free Daily Moisturizer RUB 7,210
2 Biotherm Force Supreme Youth Reshaping Cream RUB 4,868
3 Shiseido Men Moisturizing, Repairing RUB 3,240
4 Wild Life I + m Naturkosmetik 24 Hours RUB 2 078
5 biotherm Age Fitness Homme Anti Aging Day Care RUB 3,502
6 L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Vitalifting 684 r
7 Weleda Feuchtigkeitscreme 740 RUB
8 Levrana “Wild Mint” RUB 300

Tom Ford Oil-free Daily Moisturizer

Rating: 4.9


The first place rightfully goes to Tom cream Ford from the men's care series, which is responsible for moisturizing and nourishing the skin throughout the day. It mattifies, tightens pores, restores the hydro-lipid balance. The soothing components of the complex eliminate irritation. With regular use, wrinkles are smoothed, traces of stress and fatigue are neutralized, the face looks refreshed and rested.

The design is made in strict brown colors with silvery lettering. He will appeal to brutal men who look after their appearance. A 50 ml bottle is consumed very economically, the dispenser dispenses the required amount of product for one treatment. The scent is purely masculine, but not intense or obtrusive, it retains freshness and comfortable sensations for a long time.

According to reviews, the lotion has a light consistency, is quickly absorbed, does not leave marks on the face, after application the skin becomes soft, smooth, elastic, dryness and tightness disappear. Those men who are not accustomed to saving on themselves gave the Oil-free Daily Moisturizer a solid A.


  • active moisturizing;
  • nutritional complex;
  • matting effect;
  • transparent non-greasy texture;
  • convenient bottle;
  • strict laconic design.


  • the price is about 7000 rubles.

Biotherm Force Supreme Youth Reshaping Cream

Rating: 4.8


The second line in the ranking is occupied by a men's cream specially developed in the Biotherm laboratory for aging skin. For maximum effect, it is recommended to use it in the morning and evening. The French remedy does not contain parabens and other irritating ingredients, therefore it is suitable for hypersensitive, damaged skin.

Active active ingredients: plankton, seaweed, proxylan. They help to retain moisture from the dermis to the epidermis, thereby smoothing the skin. It becomes elastic, dullness disappears. The cream has a non-greasy texture that spreads well, is quickly absorbed, does not leave a greasy sheen.

Men over 40, for whom the cream was developed, have confirmed its high efficiency. It not only soothes irritated skin, but also improves its condition, smoothes wrinkles, eliminates traces of stress, protects against harmful external influences, and prevents premature aging. It was also noted that the product has a low-intensity scent that does not overpower the scent of the perfume.


  • anti-aging action;
  • valuable natural ingredients;
  • active moisturizing;
  • light unobtrusive aroma;
  • economical consumption.


  • cost – 5500 rubles.

Shiseido Men Moisturizing, Repairing

Rating: 4.7


Shiseido Men's Cream is aimed at solving several problems. It removes dryness and moisturizes for 24 hours, smoothes, tones, restores natural processes. Improvements are observed after the first application. With regular use, the skin looks healthy, rested, and shaving irritations are eliminated.

The formula includes a moisturizing and protective complex. The first is based on the purest spring water, which saturates with the necessary level of moisture. Damage Defense Complex protects against all external influences, including natural from wind and sun and mechanical from razors. The male cream smoothes expression lines and prevents the appearance of age-related wrinkles, refreshes and tones, removes traces of fatigue. It does not clog pores, and thiotaurine, which is part of the composition, regulates the sebaceous glands.

Men who opted for this tool were satisfied with the result. It really helps to avoid the appearance of irritation after daily shaving, eliminates the uncomfortable sensations as a result of dehydration, softens, gives elasticity. Unambiguous assessment from experts and users – 'excellent'.


  • instant improvement in skin condition;
  • 24-hour hydration;
  • protection from all external influences;
  • dermatologically tested;
  • relieves irritation from shaving.


  • not detected.

Wild Life I + m Naturkosmetik 24 Hours

Rating: 4.7


Further in the rating we include a German brand men's cream, which is ideal for fans of organic cosmetics. It is specially designed for men's skin, taking into account its characteristics and emerging problems. The composition includes only natural safe ingredients. The herbs were collected on our own bio-farms, where they are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers.

The cream is hypoallergenic, not tested on animals, suitable for vegans. The active ingredient – hyaluronic acid – moisturizes for 24 hours, normalizes natural metabolic processes. Hemp oil soothes, softens, eliminates flaking, promotes the formation of new cells.

The complex also includes vitamin E, soybean oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, extracts of St. John's wort, elderberry, arnica, mallow. Customers noted a pleasant herbal scent, immediate elimination of discomfort, and effective skin care after shaving. Also, a convenient package with a pump dispenser was produced, which provides an optimal single dose, thereby increasing the life of one bottle.


  • BIO product;
  • valuable herbal ingredients;
  • as part of hyaluronic acid;
  • elimination of irritation and dryness;
  • suitable for vegans;
  • convenient application.


  • not detected.

Biotherm Age Fitness Homme Anti-Aging Day Care

Rating: 4.7


Another product from a well-known French brand has been selected for our ranking. But unlike the previous Age Fitness Homme is designed for ages 30+. It prevents premature age-related changes, eliminates traces of stress, fatigue and lack of sleep, prevents the harmful effects of unfavorable ecology.

The formula includes algae extracts that accelerate the formation of proteins and keep the skin youthful and fresh and healthy. Thermal plankton promotes rapid cell regeneration. Astaxanthin converts free radicals, removes waste products and prevents the accumulation of toxins. A protective barrier against external influences prevents the appearance of new wrinkles and helps to get rid of existing ones.

The male audience confirmed that the cream really copes with all the shortcomings. It promotes the healing of wounds and microcracks, increases tone, eliminates discomfort with dry and damaged skin. Consumers who already use this day cream advise everyone who cares about their health and youthfulness of their skin to try it.


  • anti-aging effect;
  • long-term hydration;
  • removal of irritation and itching;
  • protection from environmental influences;
  • economical spending;
  • convenient dispenser.


  • not detected.

L'Oreal Paris Men Expert Vitalifting

Rating: 4.6


The L'Oreal brand, which is popular among Russian buyers, offers an excellent product for the daytime care of men's skin. The anti-aging effect is proven by numerous tests under the control of dermatologists. With daily use, the cover restores its structure, smoothes, traces of aging, stress, and environmental influences disappear.

Under the influence of 5 active ingredients, mature, sensitive, damaged skin looks young and refreshed. Iuga cream is packed in a 50 ml bottle. The pump gags very easily, does not jam over time, the dispenser dispenses a small amount of the product, which is enough for one complete care. The texture of the cream is dense, but not greasy. It does not clog pores, after application does not form a sticky film.

According to reviews, Vitalifting really fights the signs of aging, eliminates all the shortcomings in a short time: dryness, wrinkles, irritation and itching. At the same time, it smells very pleasantly of a 'masculine' aroma, keeping it fresh all day long. Ease of use and a very affordable price for a high-quality and effective product were especially highlighted.


  • visible lifting effect;
  • intense hydration;
  • neutralization of irritations after shaving;
  • return of a healthy look;
  • pleasant consistency;
  • a well-functioning dosing pump.


  • not detected.

Weleda Feuchtigkeitscreme

Rating: 4.5


Further in the rating was selected a men's cream for day and evening care for oily, dry or combination skin, which acts in several directions and quickly eliminates all problems associated with internal age-related changes and the effects of poor ecology. It intensely moisturizes, maintains hydro balance, nourishes and regenerates.

Dermatological studies have confirmed that Feuchtigkeitscreme can be used by allergy sufferers with hypersensitive skin. The complex consists of extracts and oils of medicinal plants. They help to eliminate irritation that occurs during the shaving procedure, and have a softening and soothing effect. These are Chinese jojoba, Indian sesame, marshmallow, red algae.

Also included in the formula are beeswax and carnauba wax, glycerin. They protect against environmental stress. The cream is packed in a tube. It squeezes out easily. In this case, the hole is small and prevents excess from escaping. The packaging is tiny, it is convenient to take it with you on trips.


  • for very sensitive skin;
  • stimulates cellular renewal;
  • instantly neutralizes irritation, redness and itching;
  • valuable herbal ingredients;
  • restoration of hydrobalance;
  • light herbal smell.


  • not detected.

Levrana “Wild Mint”

Rating: 4.5


We conclude the rating with another organic product that is created from natural ingredients, is not tested on animals, and is suitable for use by adherents of veganism. The composition is based on the purest spring water. It quickly removes dryness, helps to retain moisture inside the epidermis, and restores metabolic processes.

The formula consists of extracts of macleia, walnut, kelp, violet, horsetail, sweet clover, carrot. It also includes aloe vera, grape seed oil, flax, olive, jojoba, pine nuts. This combination guarantees quick healing of micro-wounds, smoothing of the cover, toning and softening. The cream not only moisturizes, but also has disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effects.

Thanks to natural peppermint oil, a slight cooling effect is felt after application. The fresh scent lasts all day, but it is not intense, so it does not conflict with the smell of eau de toilette. With regular use, a rejuvenating effect is visible, the skin's threshold of sensitivity decreases, it reacts less to external stimuli.


  • instant removal of irritation;
  • antibacterial action;
  • natural safe ingredients;
  • mint fresh smell;
  • slight cooling effect;
  • saturation with vitamins and minerals.


  • not detected.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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