8 best holistic cat food

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

For cats, the best nutrition is holistic food made from natural fresh or dehydrated meat, vegetables, algae and even fruit extracts. Granules can be large or small, depending on the purpose – for adult cats or kittens up to a year, their taste is provided by meat or fish and their broths. There are practically no artificial additives in the composition, including mineral ones – manufacturers select natural natural ingredients with the necessary chemical and mineralogical indicators.

Experts of the EXPERYOLOGY editorial office studied the offers of leading veterinary food stores and made a rating of the 8 best food for holistic class cats.

Rating of the best food for cats of the holistic class

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best food for cats of the holistic class 1 GO! NATURAL Holistic 4 types of meat 846 RUB
2 NOW natural holistic with trout and salmon 770 RUB
3 Summit holistic three types of meat 476 r
4 Applaws Chicken and Salmon / Vegetables: 80/20% 544 r
5 Barking heads for Overweight Cats with Chicken and Salmon RUB 919
6 AATU with salmon and herring RUB 926
7 Almo nature alternative with fresh quail RUB 1,062
8 DUKE'S FARM for neutered cats, turkey with rabbit RUB 668

GO! NATURAL Holistic 4 types of meat: chicken, turkey, duck, salmon

Rating: 4.9

GO! NATURAL Holistic

The most popular holistic food for the family of domestic felines GO! NATURAL Holistic with an impressive content of valuable protein – 46%. It is composed of fresh and dehydrated muscle meat of chicken, turkey, duck, salmon fillet and fat. Combining proteins from different birds and fish allows you to achieve a high biological value of the product, reduce the risk of allergies. For cats with sensitive digestion, the food is also suitable – it contains no gluten (any grains), the plant components are fresh garden vegetables, fruits (pineapples, papaya, bananas and apples), as well as berries (blackberries, cranberries, blueberries). Generally the manufacturer 'GO!' is famous for its unusual compositions of animal feed – this is a good way to replenish the entire volume of necessary minerals and the BJU complex without using synthetic premixes.

The risk of cat food rejection cannot be ruled out – each animal organism has its own characteristics, in particular – intolerance to atypical allergens. All in all, 'GO! NATURAL Holistic Grain-free for kittens and cats, 4 types of meat '- a universal option for the daily diet of a pet in different physical forms, including for individuals with a disorder in the digestive tract processes, a tendency to gain excess fat mass.

The price range for 1 kg of the product is 460… 800 rubles.


  • Increased proportion of pure protein compounds;
  • Allowed for pets prone to obesity;
  • Lack of cereals and gluten;
  • Rich composition, taking into account the pet's need for BJU and microelements;
  • Probiotics in the composition to improve digestion.


  • Due to the large number of components, not all animals are suitable;
  • The amount of meat in the total mass is not indicated.

NOW natural holistic with trout and salmon for sensitive digestion

Rating: 4.9

NOW Natural holistic

The digestive system of cats is susceptible to new foods, and sometimes to the usual, included in the formulation of universal foods. For individuals with special gastrointestinal sensitivities, Now Fresh offers a special cereal-free diet based on fish fillets from salmon, trout and herring, rich in fatty acids, which help to optimize digestive processes, improve the quality of wool, whiskers and skin. Young green peas, pea flour, other legumes, potatoes and various vegetables are used as vegetable protein, fruits are present. The composition of NOW Natural holistic is almost as exotic as that of the leader of the rating, only a little less protein – 30%.

The average price of 1 kg of holistic feed is 600… 860 rubles.


  • Complex composition;
  • Does not contain allergenic beef, gluten;
  • Improves digestion;
  • High protein content 30%;
  • The composition does not contain dyes, flavors, but cats still like the food.


  • the content of various components to which an atypical allergy is possible.

Summit holistic three types of meat with chicken, salmon and turkey

Rating: 4.8

Summit holistic

Summit holistic premium food for cats of all breeds of any age category from Canada is an original recipe consisting of carefully selected components to provide the four-footed body with all, without exception, the necessary complex of BJU, calories and minerals.

The holistic feed is based on dehydrated chicken meat, chicken fat with tocopherols (concentrated vitamin E), dehydrated muscle drags of turkey and salmon, nutritious fish oil are added to it. The vegetable portion is whole brown rice, potato protein, and oatmeal, which is rich in fiber. It is noteworthy: all cereals, vegetables and poultry are grown on the manufacturer's own and partner eco-farms. They are exceptionally clean, tested for the absence of pesticides, antibiotics.

Summit holistic for kittens and cats will help maintain the necessary energy balance, improve the quality of the coat and reduce the amount of hair loss.

The average price of 1 kg of feed is 320 … 470 rubles.


  • Comprehensive balanced recipe;
  • Ingredients from the manufacturer's eco-farm;
  • Relatively affordable price;
  • Protein content – 34%;
  • Improves the quality of wool;
  • A universal diet for animals from an early age.


  • Fresh meat is not used, only dehydrated;
  • The recipe includes oatmeal, which still contains complex gluten protein.

Applaws Chicken and Salmon / Vegetables: 80/20%

Rating: 4.7


On the fourth line of the rating, the holistic food Applaws, consisting of 80% muscle meat fibers: 47% from chicken and 19% from red fish. There is also a lot of salmon and chicken fat – 8%, it is a storehouse of fatty acids. There are no cereals in the recipe, but there are potatoes and beets, algae and cranberries, fruit extracts. The composition is fortified with vitamins A, D, E, microelements. The total protein in the feed is 37% – a high quality indicator. Calories and carbohydrates are generally reduced to maintain the animal's normal weight.

All ingredients are thoroughly tested for purity and freshness, and Applaws has a strict quality control system in place to produce premium, premium food.

The average price of 1 kg is 405 … 540 rubles.


  • The predominance in the composition of meat (dehydrated);
  • Natural taste and aroma without chemistry;
  • Lack of allergenic components;
  • Acceptable price.


  • Not defined.

Barking heads for Overweight Cats with Chicken and Salmon

Rating: 4.7

Barking Heads

The cute name “Slimming Fat” of Barking Heads feed pellets justifies the use of the product in the diet – the food is intended for animals with a high risk of gaining fat mass after illness, after sterilization / castration, with a sedentary lifestyle. The recipe is based on a large amount (70%) of muscle meat from salmon and fatty fish, chicken. This combination has a distinct taste that most cats accept. The total amount of calories is reduced, and in general the protein in the feed is 38% – it compensates for the lack of energy and improves the quality of wool, bones, blood and the whole organism. Barking Heads really help to stabilize the weight of an obese animal.

There are no cereals in the holistic food, the vegetable part of the composition is represented by peas, tomatoes, algae, cranberries, carrots and yucca.

The average price of 1 kg is 780… 820 rubles.


  • Reduced calorie content (380 kcal per 100 g.);
  • No allergens in the feed recipe;
  • Improves digestive processes;
  • A large proportion of meat.


  • High price;
  • Animals do not always lose weight (obesity can be caused by another health problem).

AATU with salmon and herring

Rating: 4.6


Rich in fatty acids, AATU herring and salmon ready-to-eat ready-made food for cats over 1 year of age helps to improve the quality of the pet's skin, coat, eyesight and bones. In the recipe for a holistic-class product, natural raw materials prevail: 85% are salmon fillets, as well as fish broth. To replenish mineral components and carbohydrates, increase the mass fraction of protein, vegetables, fruits, berries are introduced into the composition, they additionally improve the taste of the granules to attract cat's appetite. AATU proves that in order for cats to enjoy food, it is not necessary to stuff it with chemistry!

The total protein content with a predominance of fish meat is 34%. The high price of feed is due to the prevailing amount of expensive salmon in the composition.

The average price of 1 kg of holistic feed is 1200… 1500 rubles.


  • The product is made from salmon and herring with minimal use of vegetable components;
  • High protein content;
  • Lack of ingredients – allergens;
  • Natural pet-friendly flavor and aroma.


  • High price.

Almo nature alternative with fresh quail

Rating: 4.5

Almo Nature Alternative

Quail, unlike chicken, practically does not cause allergic reactions in animals (and even humans), therefore, food based on forest poultry meat is suitable for cats with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract. Almo Nature Alternative dry pellets are half fresh quail suitable for human nutrition (100% HFC). In addition to meat, the composition includes easily digestible rice, chicken fat, the manufacturer did not do without corn protein-gluten – you need to be careful if you are allergic to a component or if the animal is prone to obesity. Beet pulp and potato protein, chicory fill the feed with basic nutrients.

The average price of 1 kg holistic feed is 1000… 1200 rubles.


  • Hypoallergenic quail composition;
  • A minimum of components for easy assimilation, including with gastrointestinal tract sensitivity;
  • High quality raw materials suitable for human nutrition.


  • High price (due to the cost of the bird);
  • Availability of corn flour.

DUKE'S FARM for neutered cats, turkey with rabbit

Rating: 4.4


The eighth and final line of the rating is determined by the ready-made dry food DUKE'S FARM, designed for castrated four-legged animals. The main problem of such animals is the tendency to accumulate mass and failures in the genitourinary system. Reducing the number of calories, fat and increasing the protein content in the diet help to solve both problems at once. Turkey and rabbit, which make up 64% of the DUKE'S FARM recipe, contain just a minimum of lipids and belong to the diet. True, there is no fresh meat in the recipe – only flour and dehydrates. With vegetables, fruits and herbs, it was possible to achieve the complex value of the food for sterilized pets. Improvement in the functioning of the thyroid gland, blood, stabilization of the urine composition, improvement of the smoothness of the coat – all these improvements were noticed by the owners of the cats, who introduced DUKE'S FARM food from rabbit and turkey into the diet of their pets.

Total protein in holistic feed is 33%, and the price for 1 kg is 600 … 750 rubles.


  • Reduced calories;
  • Improves the health of pets;
  • The minimum number of components.


  • High price;
  • Lack of fresh meat in the composition, only flour and dehydrates.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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