8 best eye masks

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The most delicate and therefore the most delicate skin is found around the eyes. She is aging much faster, betraying her true age. It is very important to correctly select the right product for the care of the contour around the eyes, since the effectiveness of its effect will depend on it to solve existing problems or prevent them. In our rating, we have selected proven cosmetic products: masks that have proven themselves in the best way in the difficult matter of caring for the skin around the eyes.

Rating of the best eye masks

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best eye masks 1 SWISS LINE Cellular Eye Mask Complex 30 ml RUB 10,400
2 HINOKI CLINICAL Meye cyto Pack No. 8, 26.8 ml RUB 8,000
3 CHRISTINA Multivitamin Anti-Wrinkle Eye Mask 250 ml (25+) RUB 3 358
4 ELDAN LE PRESTIGE Eye Care 50 ml (35+) RUB 2,957
5 CHRISTINA Smooth Eye Mask FOREVER YOUNG 50 ml RUB 1,507
7 LEVISSIME Sleeping Eye Mask 30 ml RUB 1,072
8 BIOAQUA Golden Osmanthus Eye Mask, 80 Patches 490 RUB

SWISS LINE Cellular Eye Mask Complex 30 ml

Rating: 4.9


The complex action cell mask is designed for intensive and non-irritating eye contour care. The cosmetic product tightens the contour of the skin under the eyes, relaxing, nourishing and hydrating it. The product includes anti-aging components designed to nourish and moisturize the deep layers of the epidermis: hyaluronic acid, Hydractin complex. Gingko biloba and eyebright extract soothe the delicate epithelium around the eyes, eliminate inflammation and soften it.

Caffeine gently relaxes the skin, has a mild tonic effect, relieves puffiness. Separately, it is worth noting the presence in the composition of marine polysaccharides and the Cellactel 2 complex, which have a powerful anti-aging effect. The first ones saturate deep epithelial layers with moisture, the second (due to the presence of anti-aging components in the composition) – improves the condition of the epithelium as a whole, provides an easy lifting effect.

Just a few treatments for the delicate skin around the eyes are enough to obtain a tangible effect: it looks fresher, dark circles become invisible, puffiness quickly subsides, fine wrinkles are eliminated. The look becomes more expressive and youthful. The mask is suitable for daily use, also in combination with eye cream.

Suitable for: for tired skin in need of intensive restoration; with violations of trophism.

HINOKI CLINICAL Meye cyto Pack No. 8, 26.8 ml

Rating: 4.8


Luxury masks from the Japanese brand have deservedly been included in the rating of the best by our experts as an effective remedy in the fight against dryness and the first manifestations of facial wrinkles. Meye cyto is a powerful mask with an intense drainage and tightening effect. The components of the cosmetic product are selected in such a way as to intensively moisturize the cells, nourish them with valuable trace elements, and stimulate the restoration of deep epithelial layers.

Aminocaproic acid ensures rapid renewal of the upper epithelial layer. The combination of tamarind seed extract with hydrolyzed collagen provides deep nourishment and an intense lifting effect. The delicate skin of the eyelids and the area under the eyes, around the lips is visibly rejuvenated, toned, tightened, the process of cell regeneration is accelerated.

Well, and finally, dextran sulfate is an effective remedy in the fight against puffiness: the notorious bags under the eyes are noticeably reduced with regular use of the Meye cyto mask. The product is suitable for both home and salon use.

Suitable for: dry skin; in need of hydration or with the first signs of aging.

CHRISTINA Multivitamin Anti-Wrinkle Eye Mask 250 ml (25+)

Rating: 4.7


A cosmetic product saturated with micronutrients and vitamins from an Israeli brand is distinguished not only by its intensity, but also by its gentle action – the mask is absolutely hypoallergenic. This cannot but please the owners of sensitive skin, on which the Multivitamin Anti-Wrinkle Eye Mask has an incredibly delicate and effective effect.

A fashionable vitamin complex, including vitamins A, B, C, E and F, allows you to normalize lipid balance, actively stimulates blood circulation, brightens age spots, and accelerates regeneration processes. And glycerol in combination with lanolin intensively nourishes epithelial cells, preventing their dehydration and premature aging.

With regular use, the mask has an excellent emollient effect, eliminates dryness, tones, slightly lightens age spots, evens out skin tone, eliminating dark circles under the eyes.

Suitable for: skin in need of intense hydration, protection, delicate whitening (for those with pigmentation).

ELDAN LE PRESTIGE Eye Care 50 ml (35+)

Rating: 4.6


The lightweight gel texture adheres almost invisibly to the skin for an instant soothing and relaxing effect. A powerful herbal complex of the mask in combination with caffeine and panthenol, as well as proteins, almost instantly removes puffiness under the eyes, reduces darkening around the eyes, and blue. With regular use, it will serve as an excellent prevention of bags under the eyes.

The mask has a powerful antioxidant and regenerating effect on epithelial cells, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. After several applications of the cosmetic product, mimic wrinkles will become less noticeable, the skin will become more toned. The gel mask improves blood microcirculation, has a calming effect, protects cells from rapid destruction. Protein extracts replenish the lack of moisture, preventing overdrying of the delicate area around the eyes. The mask must be washed off!

Suitable for: Skin prone to puffiness, dark circles, 'blue' under the eyes.


Rating: 4.5


And again, a mask from a well-known Israeli manufacturer of skin care products. Forever young is a line of products designed to care for young skin in order to prevent its premature aging and effectively maintain a fresh, healthy appearance.

With regular use, the mask effectively solves the problem of flabbiness, dullness in the area around the eyes, intensively saturates the cells with moisture, and evens out the structure of the upper epithelial layer. Ascorbic acid and retinol in the composition of the product stimulate the process of renewal of the epithelium, strengthen its protective barrier.

Ftocohesin enhances intercellular communication, prevents cell dehydration. A mask for the care of the eye area from the Forever young series helps to restore tone to the eye area, evens out tone, intensely moisturizes, and evens out the epithelial relief.

Suitable for: For dehydrated, dull skin, at the first signs of flabbiness.

Alginate mask BIO NATURE for the area around the eyes, marine collagen + damask rose 350 g

Rating: 4.4


A cosmetic product based on mountain flour (diatomaceous earth) and marine collagen is intended for delicate and quick restoration of a healthy, firm, radiant appearance of delicate, thin skin along the contour around the eyes. Regular use of the mask allows you to strengthen the vascular network, increase the elasticity of the epithelium, remove excess moisture and toxins (thereby eliminating 'bags' and puffiness), and even out the skin microrelief.

To achieve a visible effect, the manufacturer recommends using the mask in a course. In this case, the complexion will improve, bruises and puffiness under the eyes will disappear, the skin will become more tender and perfectly hydrated. To enhance the effect of using an alginate mask, the simultaneous use of cosmetic products of a similar effect (serums, emulsions, etc.) is recommended.

Suitable for: For delicate, sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions.

LEVISSIME Sleeping Eye Mask 30 ml

Rating: 4.3


The most delicate mask in its action is another worthy representative of our rating of the best, included here for its quick effect. The product is recommended for use at bedtime. Due to its light texture, it is almost instantly absorbed by the skin. The eye contour will be reliably protected from dehydration throughout the night: hyaluronic acid in combination with jojoba extract and vitamin E intensely moisturize, relieve irritation, forming a light physiological film that retains moisture inside the cells.

With regular use of the mask, the epithelial tissue around the eyes will noticeably freshen up, become more elastic, puffiness and traces of fatigue will disappear from the eyelids – an excellent drainage effect is provided due to the caffeine included in the product.

The night mask with the effect of intensive restoration and relaxation will return the skin to energy, healthy radiance, provide a slight lifting effect, and protect against dryness and irritation. In the morning, the product must be removed (the manufacturer recommends using micellar water for this).

Suitable for: For irritated skin with traces of puffiness, dark circles.

BIOAQUA Golden Osmanthus Eye Mask, 80 Patches

Rating: 4.2


A set of delicate fabric patches provides delicate care for the eye contour, intensively nourishing, moisturizing and soothing. The composition of the mask is selected in such a way as to provide a complex effect. So, chamomile extract has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, oat extract eliminates puffiness, traces of fatigue, olive oil intensively nourishes delicate skin, and osmanthus is one of the most powerful components used in cosmetics to combat the signs of aging.

With regular use of the Golden Osmanthus Eye Mask, the look will become more open and rested, puffiness from the eyelids will go away, dark circles will become less noticeable, and the delicate epithelium along the contour around the eyes will acquire a more elastic, healthy look. Since the mask is made in the form of patches, it is perfect not only for home use: it is convenient to take it with you on the road, to work, etc. The set includes tweezers that ensure comfortable use of the product without breaking the sterility of the package.

Suitable for: dry, sensitive, wrinkle-prone skin or those with the first signs of aging skin.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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