7 best Omron blood pressure monitors

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Blood pressure monitoring is an important procedure aimed at preventing and detecting abnormalities in the work of the heart. If earlier such measurements were akin to art due to the specifics of a mechanical tonometer, today each person can independently check the pressure on semi-automatic and automated devices.

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular manufacturers of blood pressure monitors is Omron. In this regard, our reaction decided to select the 7 best blood pressure monitors of the company, dividing them into 2 thematic categories. All products in the rating were ranked according to the following criteria:

  1. accuracy and simplicity of measurements;
  2. the quality of the device;
  3. memory capacity for storing results;
  4. reliability of components;
  5. cost;
  6. consumer reviews and expert opinions.

Rating of the best Omron blood pressure monitors

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best automatic blood pressure monitors Omron 1 Omron MIT Elite Plus RUB 8,890
2 Omron M3 Expert RUB 3450
3 Omron M3 Comfort RUB 3450
4 Omron R2 RUB 2 685
5 Omron M2 Basic RUB 1,639
The best semi-automatic Omron blood pressure monitors 1 Omron M1 Compact RUB 1,690
2 Omron S1 1 339 rub.

The best automatic blood pressure monitors Omron

The principle of operation of automatic blood pressure monitors is extremely simple: air enters the measuring cuff automatically, thanks to a special compressor inside the device. It is enough to press just one button to get the results of the procedure. Thus, the advantage of these devices lies in their easy learning for people of all age groups, as well as in a relatively small error. Disadvantage: Highest price in the segment.

Omron MIT Elite Plus

Rating: 4.9


An automated and small blood pressure and heart rate meter belonging to one of the premium series of Omron. His work is based on the oscillometric method. The memory is capable of accommodating 90 measurement results with fixing the time and date of their performance. The database contains special software that allows you to process the measurement results on a personal computer or laptop. The fan-shaped cuff with an arm girth of 220 to 320 mm provides a snug fit and therefore a more accurate measurement. A special indicator will inform you about the excess of optimal blood pressure indicators, and a heartbeat violation will be determined by a special arrhythmia sensor.


  • automatic air set;
  • function of storing 90 results;
  • a diagram for correct operation is located on the cuff;
  • compactness and full automation of work;
  • comes with a convenient storage case;
  • high measurement accuracy with minimum error.


  • when used on a hand with a girth of more than 32 cm, it determines an error;
  • there is no manual air injection mode;
  • high price.

Omron M3 Expert

Rating: 4.8


Multifunctional device for determining blood pressure and heart rate. Has advanced analysis and control capabilities. Air is pumped into the fabric sleeve under the intelligent control system, which monitors the amount of incoming air portions. Indicators of high blood pressure and arrhythmias will report deviations in indicators. In turn, the correctness of the measurement is monitored by motion and cuff fixation sensors. The memory capacity allows you to save 100 measurement results, and the device itself is designed to take measurements for an arm with a girth of 220 to 420 mm.


  • using a special sleeve for measuring blood pressure in children;
  • highest accuracy of readings;
  • additional functions;
  • large amount of memory;
  • universal cuff;
  • display with large numbers.


  • there is no screen backlight;
  • high price;
  • for a long time pumps and deflates air from the sleeve-cuff.

Omron M3 Comfort

Rating: 4.7


The fully automatic blood pressure monitor with an innovative 360-degree cuff measures the pressure extremely accurately in any position. Movement indicators provide reliable results. The sensors of the correct fixation of the sleeve will inform if it is applied incorrectly. The results of two family members can be saved in the device memory. The design includes a large liquid crystal display. From the additional functionality, one can single out the calculation of the average of the last three measurements, as well as the intelligent measurement technology, which allows you to create optimal pressure in the cuff. The tonometer works both from the mains and from a regular set of batteries.


  • large display;
  • comfortable sleeve with the possibility of free placement on the shoulder;
  • indicators of incorrect measurement;
  • accurate indicators with a small error;
  • the set includes batteries and a case;
  • memory for 2 users;
  • case for storing the device and carrying;
  • memory capacity holds 60 measurement results for each family member.


  • no network adapter – must be purchased as an option.

Omron R2

Rating: 4.7

OMRON R2.jpg

A compact automatic tonometer designed to measure blood pressure and heart rate at the wrist. Has the minimum set of functions required to obtain accurate indicators. Thanks to intelligent control, it adapts individually to each user. A special indicator will inform about increased blood pressure, and an arrhythmia sensor will help track an irregular heartbeat. The high-contrast display makes the measurement results easy to see.


  • large screen;
  • storage and carrying case;
  • has no age restrictions;
  • convenient to take with you on the road;
  • high pressure sensor;
  • memory capacity for 30 measurement results;
  • set of batteries included.


  • not suitable for people with thin wrists;
  • at the slightest deviation from the instructions, it underestimates the indicators.

Omron M2 Basic

Rating: 4.6


Automatic tonometer with cuff fixation on the forearm. His work is based on the principles of the oscillometric method – just like in other representatives of this category. Has an extended set of consumer functions. The intelligent control system takes into account the individual characteristics of a person.

The Omron M2 Basic has a built-in arrhythmia indicator. Memory capacity – no more than 30 measurements. The intelligent analysis of the pulse wave reduces the probability of error to almost zero. The fan-shaped sleeve is suitable for users with a shoulder circumference of 22 to 32 cm, and therefore adjusts in a similar range. The device is controlled with one button. For the stability of the tonometer on a rigid support, the manufacturers have installed special rubberized pads, so that you can not be afraid for its accidental fall.


  • large screen with large numbers;
  • the possibility of using a children's cuff;
  • has no age restrictions;
  • the set includes a cover for carrying and storage;
  • convenient one-button control;
  • measurement accuracy.


  • short cord to the cuff;
  • the cuff is not suitable for overweight people.

The best semi-automatic Omron blood pressure monitors

The value of semiautomatic blood pressure monitors lies in their low cost and relatively quick obtaining of blood pressure measurement results. They are extremely unpretentious in maintenance, but at the same time more difficult to operate: to take measurements, the user needs to work with a pear. It should also be remembered that such devices are subject to errors and require service calibration in accordance with all the rules of the attached manual.

Omron M1 Compact

Rating: 4.9


Compact semi-automatic tonometer. Designed to control the level of blood pressure and the number of contractions of the heart muscle. Air is pumped into the cuff using a blower manually. The large screen makes it easy to see your blood pressure and heart rate. Up to 30 measurement results are stored in memory. The compression sleeve allows pressure measurements for users with shoulder sizes from 220 to 320 mm. A special indicator provided by the design of the device will notify you of an increase in blood pressure. The Omron M1 Compact arrhythmia sensor will detect a heart rhythm failure and detect errors in the measurement process. It should also be noted the implementation of convenient control with one button and the presence of an energy-saving mode.


  • large display;
  • indicators of arrhythmia and high blood pressure;
  • device storage case;
  • has no age restrictions;
  • convenient control;
  • comfortable soft cuff.


  • works only on batteries;
  • service life is not more than the warranty;
  • waiting for the result for more than a minute.

Omron S1

Rating: 4.8

OMRON S1.jpg

A compact semiautomatic tonometer designed to measure blood pressure and heart rate. Air in the cuff (aka sleeve) is injected manually using a pear. The device is equipped with a large screen with large numbers, and its memory can accommodate up to 14 measurement results. The compression fabric sleeve measures pressure on users with a shoulder circumference of 220 cm to 320 mm. However, the model provides the ability to use a pear and cuff to measure pressure in children. As a kind of display system, the tonometer is equipped with a high pressure sensor. Its control is carried out with just one button.


  • satisfactory measurement accuracy;
  • soft cuff follows the shape of the hand;
  • display with large numbers;
  • compact;
  • has no age restrictions;
  • convenient and simple control.


  • the sleeve does not fit on the full forearm;
  • works only on batteries;
  • lack of sound signals;
  • no screen backlight;
  • the cover is made of poor quality material.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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