7 best manufacturers of implants

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

The absence of one or more teeth is not only unattractive, but also interferes with the normal chewing of food, which subsequently affects the general condition of the body. The solution in this case would be an artificial restoration that replenishes the lost fragments of the jaw row.

Unfortunately, not all specialists provide complete information about the dental constructions used, as a result of which the patient is deprived of the choice and assesses the quality only after a time when nothing can be changed. Incorrectly selected implants can quickly loosen, cause allergic reactions or be completely rejected by the body.

It is very important to obtain comprehensive and reliable data before installation in order to find out which implants will be most suitable. This will allow avoiding many serious problems in the future and will give a high probability of a positive result.

The editorial staff examined all available options and made a rating review of the 7 best manufacturers of implants, which have earned the trust of both leading dentists and patients.

Rating of the best manufacturers of implants

Nomination a place Manufacturer rating
Rating of the best manufacturers of implants 1 Straumann 5.0
2 Nobel biocare 4.9
3 Astra tec 4.8
4 Xive 4.7
5 Biohorizons 4.6
6 Impro 4.5
7 NDI Medical 4.4


Rating: 5.0


The Swiss company is a world leader in the design and manufacture of prosthetics. Twenty-five percent of all implants sold belong to this particular corporation.

The history dates back to 1954, when Reinhard Straumann headed a small research institute in which they studied the field of osteosynthesis, created metal-based alloys with special properties and characteristics. After many years of research, scientists have obtained material that can take root in a short time and even grow into the bone. Now the employees are the authors of the technical regulations, thanks to which the procedure for placing and fixing the implant has been greatly accelerated. Today the company conducts joint fruitful work with research centers and leading clinics.

Of the features of dental systems, we note:

  1. innovativeness;
  2. use in the manufacture of pure titanium, which gives the product reliability and durability, providing quick recovery after surgery;
  3. a wide range of applications, since the products are used for single, fragmentary and integral prosthetics;
  4. parameters close to the real root, due to which the body perceives the prosthesis as its own;
  5. quick and easy implantation due to the conical shape, corresponding to the anatomy of the root alveoli;
  6. special surface treatment, which makes it rough;
  7. permission to give full load to the implant from the fourth week after installation;
  8. treatment in two ways – classic with a two-stage crown installation or placement with a one-time load;
  9. new technology Bone Control Design, due to which the risk of tissue injury during post placement is reduced.

The procedure is indicated for the loss of one, several or a whole series of teeth due to a dental disease, mechanical damage, or in the case of hereditary pathologies. Contraindications include oncology, open type of tuberculosis, serious blood diseases, HIV, AIDS, bruxism.

The dental constructions of the company have a high survival rate of 99.6%. The remaining tenths of a percent are patients with individual intolerance to medical titanium. The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty for the installed implants, provided that proper care is followed. One implant with a metal-ceramic crown, that is, on a turnkey basis, costs from 67 thousand rubles. After the procedure, each client receives a 'patient passport' – a special document that contains the entire history of surgical and orthopedic treatment.

Nobel biocare

Rating: 4.9


The company is part of the Danaher Corporation. The activity began in 1952, when Per-Ingvar Brannemark made a kind of revolution, discovering a new technology of osseointegration for those years.

The company's philosophy is based on providing dentists with the means and tools to return patients to the previous quality of life. It is headquartered in Washington, DC with a multinational team of over seventy thousand employees. Today the company is the world leader in the production of dental structures.

The constructions consist of two parts – a titanium screw, which is implanted into the bone, and an external component (abutment). The benefits include:

innovative titanium-based TiUnite material. It is similar to bone tissue, thickens and allows it to grow, promotes rapid engraftment;

  1. conical shape, which reduces the risk of injury to adjacent tissues;
  2. the ability to simulate the area of ​​work in 3D format;
  3. hermetic instant connection of the outer part with the screw;
  4. fixation of prostheses made of various materials;
  5. no need to build up bone tissue with a lack of its volume;
  6. minimal risk of rejection;
  7. a large selection of products;
  8. long service life;
  9. the presence of a serial number on each implant, which eliminates the possibility of falsification.

Systems are installed in cases where one or more teeth are missing, even when soft tissues are healing after a long-term extraction. If more than one is lost, a bridge is used, which is fixed on two or three implants. With the loss of a whole series, the procedure is carried out with minimal surgical intervention, since additional strengthening is not required. Contraindications include individual intolerance; allergic reactions to medications that must be used during installation; pregnancy; complex diseases of the oral cavity and ongoing inflammatory processes.

Implants take root well – 99.3%. The cost of one 'turnkey' implant is from 55 thousand rubles. They have a lifetime warranty, and for abutments – more than ten years, subject to the necessary care procedures. Even if the components do not take root, the company undertakes to replace them with similar products, but only in case of rejection through no fault of a specialist.

Astra tec

Rating: 4.8


The Swedish company is one of the oldest, as it has been on the market since the forties. The products have become popular due to the introduction of high-tech medical developments into production, as well as many years of experience in clinical research. All products are fully certified, and the quality and reliability are confirmed by testing and positive reviews from dentists and patients. In addition to dental structures, the company manufactures the necessary equipment and tools for the installation procedures. Doctors working with implants undergo mandatory training and internship.

The features include:

  1. special treatment of the surface of the titanium rod with a fluoride modified composition, due to which it acquires a roughness. This ensures tight contact between the implant and bone tissue. Osseo Speed ​​technology accelerates engraftment and regeneration of large alveolar bone;
  2. Conical Seal Design to minimize root movement and prevent bacteria from entering the joint
  3. special application along the length of the Microthread, which increases the abrasion resistance of the rod and improves the stability of the bone tissue. The microstructure of the thread prevents the atrophy of the jaw tissues, optimally distributing the load;
  4. Connective Contour to increase the soft tissue contact area in size and height. This feature allows the rod to fit tightly through the mucosa and maintain the integrity of the marginal bone.

Dental constructions are installed in the absence of one, several teeth or a whole row, if it is impossible to use a removable structure, in the absence of closure between the teeth, in case of a vomiting reflex that does not pass, pain, hypersensitivity to acrylates.

Contraindicated in people with serious blood diseases, congenital or acquired pathologies of the central nervous system, oncology, endocrine diseases, tuberculosis, hypertonicity of all muscles, bruxism. Relative restrictions include pregnancy, inflammation of the dental tissues and gingival mucosa, abnormal bite, unsanitary oral cavity, pathology of the bone tissue of the alveoli and their atrophy. Local contraindications include poor oral hygiene, insufficient bone volume or inappropriate structure, a small distance to the nasal and maxillary sinuses. Among the common ones, there are somatic diseases, intolerance to prescribed medications, exhaustion, and taking medications that affect the safety of the product and the course of healing. Despite the impressive list, only a small part of the contraindications makes the procedure impossible. The patient gets rid of the rest after a special course of preparation and therapy. By the way, age is not a limitation.

The survival rate is 99.9%, which is significantly higher in comparison with competitors. After installation, there is no discomfort and inconvenience, since addiction proceeds in the shortest possible time. One 'turnkey' implant costs from 64 thousand rubles. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for implants for more than 35 years, which is twice as long as that of most other companies.


Rating: 4.7


The brand belongs to the German company Densply Friadent, which specializes in the production of restorations for lost teeth. It is also engaged in the development and manufacture of high quality modern instruments used in dentistry. Due to the special production technology and materials, the risks of complications are minimized. Many of the technologies used are patented.

Features include:

  1. unique coating – patented FRIADENT plus coating, which has no analogues;
  2. pin made of durable titanium component. It is pre-treated with an abrasive and acidic composition, as a result of which the workpiece acquires a porous surface;
  3. special threading principle – combined. Makes it much deeper, expanding in the final area, which is more convenient for implantation. In the middle and at the other end, the thread is tapered, which ensures a stable position of the structure after insertion;
  4. made of medical titanium and the absence of impurities in the composition;
  5. quick rehabilitation;
  6. minimal risk of complications and side effects;
  7. marking of each product with a separate shade, depending on the range of application, diameter and size.

Installation is indicated for the loss of one or more teeth, as well as a whole series. Contraindications include severe inflammatory and infectious pathologies in the chronic stage, acute infections, bone anomalies. Of the temporary ones – spontaneous swallowing, teeth knocking, bruxism, pregnancy, lactation, jaw diseases, a small amount of hard tissue, abnormal occlusion, precancerous conditions of fragments of the jaw apparatus, plates installed in the patient, replacing fragments of bone tissue, heart valve.

Dental constructions have a high survival rate of 99.5%. One turnkey implant will cost from 60 thousand rubles. The manufacturer gives a one-year warranty, but, as clinically proven, the average service life is about 10 years. This period can be lengthened by proper oral care and careful handling of implants.


Rating: 4.6


The American company was founded in 1994, therefore it is relatively young. The products have gained popularity both in the European and Russian dental market. In Russia, implants of the Prodigy system are most often used. More than twenty years of work have allowed us to accumulate sufficient experience, and together with a modern laboratory, this contributes to the regular updating and modernization of model lines. Despite the fact that the manufacturer does not position itself as premium, the products cannot be attributed to the middle price segment either due to their rather high cost.

The company manufactures implants in various shapes, lengths and diameters, such as aesthetic or angled versions. They are attached in two ways: with dental cement or with screws. They have increased strength, achieved by giving the products a conical shape. They can be installed immediately after tooth extraction, which simplifies the procedure and shortens its time. Dental constructions evenly distribute the load, keeping the gum tissue healthy and preventing their atrophy. When connecting the fragments, the mobility of the parts is excluded, so there is no risk of loosening later. All implants are protected from counterfeiting by a unique marking.

The advantages include:

  1. the service life of microstructures comparable to natural organs;
  2. reliability of durable titanium material that can withstand heavy loads;
  3. a special potassium phosphate coating applied using the innovative Laser-Lok system. Due to this, the surface becomes rough, which has a direct effect on the fusion of the structure with the jaw tissues.

Implants are installed in case of weak bone tissue, loss of one, several teeth or a whole row. Contraindications include individual intolerance to anesthetic drugs; heart failure; pathologies of the central nervous system that prevent a person from self-service; age up to 20 years; bite defects; inflammatory processes of the gums; caries in the installation area; anomalies in the development of the alveolar; pathology of the lower jaw; pregnancy; drug and alcohol addiction; oncology; diabetes; immune diseases; poor blood clotting; hypertonicity of the chewing muscles.

The survival rate of implants is high – 97.3%. The regeneration process depends on the individual, but usually complete healing occurs within three months. One 'turnkey' implant costs in the range of 11-20 thousand rubles. The manufacturer gives a guarantee, indicating a minimum service life of 10 years.


Rating: 4.5


The brand is part of Helmut Klingel GmbH, which was founded in Germany in 1986. From day one, she has specialized in the development of high-tech consumables for the aerospace, defense and medical industries. Today the company is widely known for its high-quality dental constructions. The assortment includes a large number of models. Intraosseous artificial rods are especially popular.

The design features include:

  1. tapered shape, which provides stabilization in the bone tissue after insertion;
  2. unique thread with four threads on the neck and double self-tapping on the body;
  3. surface treatment by three-dimensional etching, due to which the resemblance to bone tissue is achieved;
  4. switching platforms;
  5. production of implants from medical grade 4 titanium alloy, which has a high biological compatibility with bone structures.

Let's highlight the advantages:

  1. a shape similar to a tooth root;
  2. two types of threads;
  3. reduction in the duration of the osseointegration process, due to the porosity of the surface;
  4. admissibility of implantation of a prosthesis into bone tissue of varying degrees of strength without loss of fixation quality;
  5. simultaneous implantation after a course of sinus lifting, which reduces the number of surgical interventions;
  6. hypoallergenic;
  7. a wide dimensional grid, which allows you to choose a design for any clinical situation, taking into account the peculiarities of the structure of the patient's oral cavity;
  8. reliability, strength and ability to withstand heavy loads regardless of length and thickness;
  9. a simple implantation protocol that minimizes dental errors;
  10. Choice of abutment with gold or white coating to prevent shining through the gum.

Implants have a minimum of restrictions, therefore, are indicated for installation in cases where the implantation of other dental structures is impossible. Implants have a high survival rate – 98%. Rehabilitation takes about 2-3 months. One turnkey prosthesis costs from 35 thousand rubles, which is much cheaper than that of competitors. The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty provided that the necessary care is taken.

NDI Medical

Rating: 4.4


The systems are manufactured in Germany on modern equipment – Japanese and Swiss machines with numerical control. The plant provides one hundred percent quality control, special surface treatment technologies are used, which ensures the reliability and high survival rate of implants.

Initially, there was only one enterprise aimed at European consumers, but since 1998 the group of companies has begun to progress. The first batch of 'Standard' implants had a limited combination of prosthetic elements and a traditional titanium base of various lengths. Now, decades later, the corporation is one of the largest in the world and produces over five hundred positions of dental materials, has a wide range of designs of various types and sizes.

Features include:

  1. innovative material development, which pays great attention to the study of a living organism – in vivo experiments;
  2. the use of pure titanium surgical grade 4 alloy;
  3. refutation of the correctness of the use of impurities of aluminum and vanadium, as in Grade 5, due to the proven harmful effects on the body;
  4. biocompatibility of titanium, hardened during production to increase strength and wear resistance;
  5. Smart technology used to cover the body of the implant, which minimizes the development of bacteria during integration and implantation of the material into the bone tissue;
  6. special rough surface with recesses several microns in size;
  7. installation of a prosthesis in a short time.

Prosthetics are indicated in the absence of one, several teeth or a whole row. Dental restorations are also available for people with a lack of bone volume. Implants take root in 99.4%. Artificial reconstruction can be performed in different ways, based on the complexity of the clinical situation. Narrow-profile implants minimize risks during maxillofacial surgery. One 'turnkey' implant costs from 21 thousand rubles. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty for the implants, subject to oral hygiene.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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