7 best aquarium heaters

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Aquarium fish tend to live in warm water, constant ambient temperature is a prerequisite for their life, especially for tropical individuals. And, as you know, in conditions Russian latitudes, heating is inconsistent, air condition depends on the heating season and weather, which requires the owners artificial heat maintenance. We present the rating of the 7 best heaters for the aquarium.

Selection recommendations

A heater is a device that is simple in design and consists of from a heating element and a sensor regulator. The device is capable of raise the water temperature to 3-100С and maintain it in continuous operation, which is especially important for small tanks, in which live tropical fish and other animals, sensitive even to the slightest temperature difference.

The market offers many modifications of aquarium heaters.

  1. Flowing is suitable for aquariums with water circulation. The heating element heats the fluid as it passes through the device. The advantage is stable operation, the disadvantage is high energy intensity.
  2. Immersion heaters are a group of appliances operating in the water column. These are universal glass, compact plastic and powerful high-performance titanium submersible rods into the liquid. They can both constantly raise the temperature of water, so and turn off until automatically turned on when the medium cools. There are also miniature devices, almost imperceptible, they can hide even under the ground, but they are suitable mainly for small tanks due to low productivity.
  3. External heaters are part of an external remote a filter in which the simultaneous purification of water and its heat. Another modification of the external device is heating through glass walls of the aquarium without introducing rods into the water. Disadvantage the latter is the rapid growth of bacteria inside the container.
  4. The bottom heater is cables laid under the ground. They contribute to the movement of water in the aquarium, causing circulation water layers of different temperatures. Bottom heaters spend a lot of electricity, they are more suitable as auxiliary to rod heaters in large aquariums.

What to look for when choosing:

  1. The presence of a thermostat for regulating the heating temperature. Moreover it doesn’t matter if it is immersed in water or outside aquarium.
  2. Type of controller – set temperature or range.
  3. Heater emergency shutdown function, including when lack of water in the aquarium.
  4. Power depends on the volume of the vessel – the more water, the Ten should be heated more strongly, and this, it is worth noting, the cost of electricity. The average calculation is 1-1.5 W per 1 liter of liquid. The choice should be done taking into account the stock for cool time in indoors.
  5. Any device is suitable for fresh water, but only for salt water specialized with resistant to aggressive environments submersible elements.
  6. Mounting method – staples, suction cups.
  7. The main aspects of the choice are the required water temperature and volume aquarium.

Given the requests of the owners of aquariums, the popularity of devices and frequency of their acquisition, we ranked the 7 best heaters for the aquarium.

Rating of the best aquarium heaters

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best aquarium heaters 1 JBL ProTemp S with 300W thermostat 2 341 rub.
2 Eheim, 3656010, 150 W 1 490 rub.
3 AQUAEL Ultra Heater UH-75W 1 390 rub.
4 Fluval E 50W 3 856 rub.
5 TETRA TEK NT200200W 1 090 rub.
6 Eheim Thermocontrol 75 1 645 rub.
7 Barbus “New Generation”, with a temperature regulator, 25 W 451 rub

JBL ProTemp S with 300W thermostat

Rating: 4.9

JBL ProTemp S with 300W thermostat

For large aquariums, the JBL heater is most often chosen. ProTemp S on 300W, equipped with an accurate disk thermostat in a wide range of 20-34 degrees. It can be used for maintain the temperature in the volume of water up to 400 liters!

JBL ProTemp S design allows you to use it not only in any volumes of aquariums, but also for fresh, salt water – housing fully immersed element covered with thick glass and plastic braid, which, in addition, protects the fish from burns, which especially important when keeping catfish and other bottom fish. The design provides a sensor for power off when lowering water level. Despite the presence of a 37.5 cm long rod, the device compact and does not take up much space and fits almost all models of aquariums.

The manufacturer provides a guarantee for a heater of 4 years, but We did not find any user reviews complaining about deficiencies in the operation of the JBL ProTemp S.

The average price is 1800 rubles.


  • Power 300 W;
  • Suitable for maintaining temperature in aquariums 160-400 liters;
  • Fast heating of water;
  • Safe device for fish;
  • Convenient care with specialized products.


  • Difficult to find on sale.

Eheim, 3656010, 150 W

Rating: 4.8

Eheim, 3656010, 150 W

The next in the review Eheim water heater, 3656010 has 2 times less power than its predecessor – only 150 W, however it is also suitable for large aquariums with capacities up to 300 liters. He has a small rod, 22.35 cm long, dressed in a glass tube and a secure plastic sheath.

Eheim heater is designed to maintain temperature 25 degrees without the possibility of regulation, however it is universal value for most aquarium fish. Supervise the work Instrument helps LED indicator provided automatic shutdown of the device when the water level drops and when pulling out the heater. Eheim can be used for marine and fresh water – the design is ideally protected for work in any conditions. Mounting method – 2 suction cups, full heater immersed in water.

The average price is about 2000 rubles.


  • Universal heater for salt and fresh water;
  • Suitable for large aquariums up to 300 liters;
  • Operation indicator and auto power off when level drops water;
  • Compact design.


  • Lack of a temperature regulator.

AQUAEL Ultra Heater UH-75W

Rating: 4.7

AQUAEL Ultra Heater UH-75W

On the third line of review is the AQUAEL Ultra Heater water heater UH-75W. It is also suitable for all types of fresh or aquariums. sea ​​water. The device has compact dimensions – only 20 cm long with a rod diameter of 9 mm. It is protected by plastic, safe for aquatic living creatures, shockproof and fully construction waterproof. The thermoregulation system is well thought out – One Touch thermostat allows you to precisely set the desired degree heating within 20-33 degrees and maintain it throughout all the time. LED indicators will show when the device heats water, and when it is turned off condition, which will be additionally reported by a sound signal.

Power 75 W is suitable for operation of the heater in the aquarium, calculated on the volume of water of 35-75 liters, for large capacities it does not will do.

AQUAEL Ultra Heater UH-75W Heater is Protected from work without water – the liquid level sensor will automatically turn off device. Fasteners – 2 suction cups to fix the device on any wall so that the temperature scale is always facing face to the user.

The average price is 1400 rubles.


  • High performance within a given capacity;
  • Reliable shockproof design;
  • Work indicator;
  • Wide temperature range.


  • Only for small aquariums up to 75 liters.

Fluval E 50W

Rating: 4.7


Another reliable and efficient Fluval E Series Heater 50W rated for aquariums up to 50 liters. He has built-in LCD-display, which continuously displays temperature supported by the device, this is a special technology VueTech. Thermostat allows you to set the desired degree of heating within 20-34 degrees, and a monitoring system with double temperature sensors ensure stable temperature – the heater turns on at the slightest decrease in heat in aquarium with fresh or sea water. By the way, when heating from outside by more than 3 degrees, the device will also give signal – it will blink.

The color indicator shows the operation status of the heater Fluval E 50W, in case of lowering the water level in the aquarium the device turns off automatically within 30 seconds. Housing the product is protected from water, and the core itself is protected against penetration of fish and invertebrate special lattice.

The average price is about 3,000 rubles.


  • Protected construction;
  • Temperature switching step 0.5 degrees;
  • Temperature indicator;
  • Protection against work without water;
  • Good work.


  • Only for small aquariums up to 50 liters;
  • High price.


Rating: 4.6


On the fifth line of the rating review is the TETRA heater TEK NT200 200W. This is a powerful device for heating water in aquariums up to 200 liters. The device is equipped with a temperature controller with temperature range 19-31 degrees in increments of 0.50 ° C – this not the best indicator in comparison with competitors, but sufficient to contain most aquarium fish. The heater can be completely immersed in water – its design protected against moisture.

It is possible to trace the operation of TETRA TEK NT200 200W thanks to the light range. The shaft design is protected by Borosilikat glass. 2 mm thick, so you can use the heater in the sea, and in fresh water. The device is attached to the inside walls of the aquarium on the suction cups.

Users note the correct operation of the TETRA TEK heater NT200 200W, however, after the first start, the desired the temperature is not fast, but in the further maintenance of the regime of problems does not occur.

The average price is 1300 rubles.


  • For aquariums up to 200 liters;
  • Digital indicator;
  • Temperature range 19-31 degrees;
  • Protected construction.


  • Long first heating.

Eheim Thermocontrol 75

Rating: 4.4


This heater is universal for all types of aquariums – with sea ​​or fresh water, for tropical and common fish, for small and large tanks up to 100 liters (this is at a capacity of 75 Tue!). The temperature can be adjusted between 18-34 degrees – the temperature limit of cool water is still lowered. Calibration carried out within 2 degrees, but the accuracy of the set value does not exceed 0.50 ° C.

Eheim Thermocontrol 75 heater is monitored by means of a light indicator, on a dry run the device shuts off automatically. The core is protected by a thick glass a cover that increases the area of ​​heat transfer, thereby working devices made more efficient. Of the shortcomings, we note lack of protection on a glass tube – fish can get burned, therefore, the Eheim Thermocontrol 75 heater is not recommended for use in aquariums with bottom fish and sedentary living creatures.

The average price is 1900 rubles.


  • High performance at 75 watts per 100 liters of water;
  • Glass tube reinforcing heat transfer area;
  • Suitable for all types of aquariums;
  • Thermoregulation in a wide range.


  • No glass tube protection, aquarium burn hazard the inhabitants.

Barbus “New Generation”, with a temperature regulator, 25 W

Rating: 4.3


Closes our rating review compact heater for small aquariums up to 40 liters. It is a compact design of metal rod and thermostat is not ideal, but reliable – The device works primarily properly. Sometimes arise inaccuracies in temperature regulation – the device does not reach the desired the state of the aquarium environment by 0.5-2 degrees, which should consider. The heating element itself is powered by sensors thermostat – it turns on when the last ones catch the lower temperature. However, we noted a few reviews, indicating interruptions in the automatic switching on of the device Barbus “The New Generation”.

As a result, we note: the Barbus heater “New Generation”, with temperature regulator, 25 W reliable and very inexpensive, however purchased copy should be checked for factory defects. In its absence, the device will serve faithfully more than one year.

The average price is 400 rubles.


  • The reliable device with a design protected from water;
  • Low price;
  • Convenient regulator.


  • Low productivity;
  • Cases of factory defect or assembly are frequent devices.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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