6 best tennis tables

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Tennis tables are divided into philistine and professional, outdoor and indoor. Models have different types coverage of the playing area and the frame. Experts offer a brief instructions for choosing the right tennis table; and rating, which includes the 6 best table models, compiled on Based on the reviews of professional athletes and fans of this type sports.

How to choose a tennis table

When choosing a table for tennis, you need to build on several aspects.


Tables are divided into 3 types by design:

  1. Professional tables are heavy, their mass reaches 140 kg Massiveness is determined by the need for stability during competitions and preparations for them, massive assembly is used countertop with a thick wear-resistant coating. The table is changing height of supports, which are often equipped with wheels. home a distinctive feature of tables for real athletes – the same ball bounce at each point 23 cm, corresponding ITTF rules, and the total thickness of the countertops in the range of 25 … 30 mm.
  2. Training tables – the best solution for tennis sections in schools and specialized centers for competitions of small importance. They are less heavy, to them make not the highest demands, from which their price slightly lower than professional. Rebound from such within 18-24 cm, and the countertop should be no thinner than 19 mm to 22 mm
  3. Amateur created for lay occupations in schools, kindergartens, in camps, at home and in the country. Constructions usually folding and mobile, in most cases equipped with wheels. The surface rebound is very small – 15 … 17 cm, thickness horizontally within 12 … 18 mm.

Place of operation

From where the ping-pong table will be installed, it depends type of construction.

  1. For the street you need to purchase a special all-weather table. The materials used for its assembly are resistant to moisture, fading and warping from sunlight, they are equally good serve in cold and hot weather within the specified temperatures. However, one cannot count on a good bounce of the ball – surfaces under different weather conditions, albeit slightly, but elasticity changes.
  2. Indoor service tables have a stable rebound, equipped with a pre-installed adjustable mesh, holders for premises on the street are impractical – its playing surface is fast lose its properties, because it does not change temperatures and humidity calculated.

Design features

Ping-pong tables are divided into 3 groups by size:

  1. standard – 274 x 152.5 x 76 cm;
  2. mini – 136 x 76 x 65 cm;
  3. midi – 181 x 105 x 76 cm.

The tabletop can be made of wood chipboard, chipboard or the most resistant to deformation MDF. All of them are used only. for indoor games. To enhance the perimeter and to increase the table’s service life metal profile. For all-weather conditions as The main material of the countertop is aluminum, moisture resistant plywood or melamine – they serve up to 50 years without deformation.

There are differences in surface properties: in addition to the magnitude of the rebound the ball is distinguished by its color – reckless blue or soothing green – other colors are not permitted by competition standards. Surface can be glossy or matte, the latter diffuses light better and Does not glare under the lamps. Street tabletop can also be gray. or brown.

A metal profile edging reinforces the perimeter of the countertop, he Used for the production of professional tables.

The frame determines the weight and ease of folding, it is made from stainless steel and heavy alloys. Vandal proof models awkward, installed on a small foundation with fixation to the earth.

The mesh can be removable or non-removable (for amateur or street tables), some professional models do not included in the package. Web height 15.25 cm and length Depends on the width of the countertop.

Rating of the best tennis tables

Nomination a place Name of product price
The best all-weather tennis tables 1 Donic Outdoor Roller 1000 59 900 rub.
2 Start Line Olympic Outdoor 16 320 rub.
Best Indoor Tennis Tables 1 Donic Indoor Roller 800 34 990 rub.
2 Stiga winner indoor 25 750 rub.
3 Cornilleau Sport 100 Indoor 33 540 rub.
4 Start Line Top Expert 24 990 rub.

The best all-weather tennis tables

The category includes tables for playing ping pong at open street venues.

Donic Outdoor Roller 1000

Rating: 4.9

Donic Outdoor Roller 1000

The most sought after street tennis lovers Donic Outdoor Roller 1000 table classic size 274 x 152.5 x 76 cm, which can be bought with a green or blue field covered 6 mm anti-glare melamine. Countertop practically does not change properties with changing weather, gives excellent ball rebound, its contour is reinforced with a metal profile edging. Reinforced steel frame designed to Provide perfect countertop stability. He folds into compact design, and for the convenience of moving the table on legs there are large rubberized wheels (only 4 pairs). Half countertops can be placed vertically for a single player game.

Donic Outdoor Roller 1000 comes with a mesh you don’t need take off when the table needs to be assembled. The design is extremely stable, its weight is all 74 kg. Strange that the manufacturer excluded racket holders that were present in more early models.

You can buy Donic Outdoor Roller 1000 for 60 000 rubles.


  • stable frame construction with castors; countertop with anti-reflective coating;
  • metal edging for countertops;
  • wearproof not removable grid;
  • there is a position for a single player;
  • ideal weather resistance (moisture, heat, cooling, the rays of the sun).


  • high price (justified by quality);
  • There are no holders for the ball and rackets.

Start Line Olympic Outdoor

Rating: 4.8

Start Line Olympic Outdoor

In second place is the amateur tennis table Start Line Olympic Outdoor with not quite standard sizes of 274x150x76 cm and brown playing field. It fits perfectly into summer cottages and park areas, because even the frame of steel 25 mm tubes is completely covered with brown enamel. It is less ergonomic compared to leader, but also has 4 pairs of rubber wheels for transportation.

The table top is made of a unique tennis table material – moisture resistant plywood glued with formaldehyde resins (FSF) with a total thickness of 15 mm, top coated with a moisture-resistant polymer. The rebound is on average less than that of the leader of the rating, however, enough for an amateur game. The design folds comfortably and locks for security. For single player, one side countertops rises.

The Start Line Olympic Outdoor table has an integrated grid, which protrudes beyond the edges of the playing area, it does not need to be removed when folding design.

The average price of a tennis table for amateur tennis is 16,000 rubles.


  • self-locking frame folding system;
  • moisture resistant plywood countertops with waterproof elastic coating;
  • smooth surface without gloss;
  • fixed mesh that does not require removal in the process table operation.
  • reasonable price in comparison with the leader of Donic.


  • Noted by users: dividing lines are sometimes uneven and not always symmetrical, it is necessary to pay attention to this when buying a table.

Best Indoor Tennis Tables

Indoors, you can use any special tables professional and amateur destination. They are usually more Lightweight and functional compared to street models.

Donic Indoor Roller 800

Rating: 4.9

Donic Indoor Roller 800

The Donic Indoor Roller 800 tennis table is designed for amateur and semi-professional ping pong, its recommended install in gyms and lounges for active and have a good time. The countertop is made of thick DPS 19 mm, coated with a matte polymer and edged with metal profile 36 mm around the perimeter.

The table is equipped with a mesh that does not interfere with storage of inventory, and for the convenience of organizing a playing place the manufacturer has provided racket holders. Table frame make up steel tubes with a diameter of 25 mm, coated anti-corrosion layer. It allows you to put one half countertops upright for a single party. Folding structures at each stage are protected by interlocking elements, the wheels on one side are fixed in a straight direction, in another – shunting, all rubberized for safe for outdoor ride cover.

The average price of the table is quite affordable 35 000 rubles.


  • polymer coating of countertops with anti-glare effect;
  • green or blue coverage of the gaming area to choose from;
  • racket holders at the base of the net;
  • convenient design with frame locks;
  • the possibility of a single player game;
  • optimal price.


  • relatively high price in the category.

Stiga winner indoor

Rating: 4.8

Stiga Winner Indoor

In second place among ping-pong tables Stiga Winner Indoor standard dimensions 76x274x152.5 cm, designed for closed rooms for gyms. It is convenient for professional training. and lovers, the thickness of the tabletop from 19 mm chipboard makes inventory almost universal.

The frame of the tennis table is unusual: it serves as a support for the playground, as well as the holder of rackets and balls. However, to assemble it, you have to study the instructions. Steel 25 mm tubes form a stable, folding structure weighing 77 kg, equipped with wheels for transporting equipment. Textile mesh attached.

The average price of Stiga Winner Indoor is 23 000 rubles.


  • Classic size table for semi-professional and amateur game;
  • Stable frame with holder for rackets and balls;
  • Clamps of a folding design;
  • The best price.


  • Not the easiest folding design.

Cornilleau Sport 100 Indoor

Rating: 4.7

Cornilleau Sport 100 Indoor

The bronze of the Indoor table rating went to the Cornilleau Sport 100. models are standard sizes, but the weight is reduced to 68 kg due to lightweight frame, which nevertheless gives the structure sufficient stability for the amateur class. So weight it was convenient to move, the manufacturer attached to the supports the wheels are straight on one side and spinning on the other. there is compensators for uneven floors. Cornilleau Sport 100 mesh the kit is there, but it seems that its tension is not enough, it is necessary to regulate it yourself, fortunately, such an opportunity provided constructively.

The tabletop is made of durable chipboard 19 mm thick, coated color polymer layer without moisture protection, but with anti-reflective effect. To ensure that the edges do not bulge, a border is made around the perimeter 35 mm

Design and build quality at the Cornilleau tennis table Sport 100 Indoor is similar to the previous models in the ranking, but the price is higher – about 34,000 rubles.


  • somewhat lightweight design;
  • compensators for uneven floors;
  • mesh tension is manually adjusted;
  • anti-reflective color coating;
  • holders for rackets and balls.


  • high price;
  • no folding locks.

Start Line Top Expert

Rating: 4.6

Start Line Top Expert

Amateur tennis table closes the category and rating in general Start Line Top Expert with relevant international requirements 16 mm thick LMDF worktops – smaller than previously reviewed models. The polymer covering the playing area is not afraid strokes and does not reflect glare.

The Top Expert table has a unique frame of authorship by Start Line, it differs from competitors in special folding comfort without unnecessary movements, and fix the unfolded or folded position blockers help. Side supports are adjustable in height, providing the ability to set the playing field in accordance with the growth of athletes, compensating for gender irregularities. Rolling on rubberized wheels does not cause difficulties even for one person without a partner. In the side pads there are cases for rackets and balls.

The average price of a Start Table Top Expert tennis table is 25,000 rubles.


  • improved frame design;
  • convenient folding with locks;
  • lack of glare;
  • pencil cases for balls and rackets.


  • not suitable for athletes due to the relatively thin and inelastic countertops.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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