6 best tanning creams

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective, does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Exposure to ultraviolet light in a solarium is 10-12 times stronger than in natural sunbathing. Artificial tanning without the use of protective equipment is not only very harmful, but even dangerous. The use of a special cream in a solarium reduces the risk of photoaging, protects against excessive dehydration, dryness and an unpleasant feeling of tightness. A high-quality tanning cream contains nourishing and protective substances, oils, vitamins, minerals that neutralize harmful UV radiation and activate and enhance tanning.

Impact type

  1. Developers. They will help the tan to appear faster during the first visits to the solarium.
  2. Activators. They will allow you to achieve a darker and more saturated shade if the skin already has a light tan or it has a dark complexion by nature.
  3. Fasteners. Moisturize the skin, effectively consolidate the result.

Cream type

  1. Moisturizing and nourishing protective products. They nourish with moisture, remove flaking and unevenness, helping the tan to lie down better and stay on the body longer. Solarium moisturizers contain vitamins E and A, which create a barrier that reduces the risk of dehydration after solarium procedures.
  2. Cream with bronzers. Emphasizes the natural color of the body, complementing and saturating the existing skin tone with additional depth, thanks to natural natural pigments that stimulate the production of melanin. The active complex may contain 2-5 or even 7 such activators-bronzers. The intensity of tanning will depend on their number. Bronzers are usually walnut oil, keratin oil, henna. The main advantage of bronzer creams is that their use reduces the time spent in the solarium.
  3. Tingle cream or ant cream. Improves blood flow by developing the desired shade faster. The tingle effect is felt in the form of a slight tingling and slight redness, which is an imitation of the body's reaction to the sun. Increased blood flow oxidizes melanin, which turns the body golden. But 'ant creams' should not be applied to unburned skin. Also, do not apply them to the face. Components providing the 'formic effect': formic acid, licorice naked, nicotinic acid, Ceylon licorice, nutmeg.

Skin type

  1. Owners of delicate, light, sensitive skin should avoid bronzers and tingle substances in tanning creams.
  2. Girls with dark or slightly tanned skin can use bronzer creams, the effect of which will be visible after 2-3 procedures.
  3. For thin, sensitive skin, creams with a natural complex of olive oils, tea tree oils, panthenol are required, which will relieve irritation, provide the necessary protection and proper care. Shea butter, sandalwood and olive oil will remove redness and protect against allergic reactions.
  4. For the face, lips, eye area and décolleté, it is necessary to select product lines with the highest protection index.

Rating of the best creams for solarium

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best creams for solarium 1 AUSTRALIAN GOLD ACCELERATOR RUB 1,700
3 Australian Gold Beachin Life Tanning Activator, 15 ml 504 RUB
4 Tan Master, Green Tea 200 ml (tanning cream in a solarium) 890 RUB
5 Relaxing sunbathing cream in the Estel COOL BREEZE SUN FLOWER solarium RUB 50
6 Soleo Collagen accelerator tanning cream, 15 ml 89 RUB


Rating: 4.9


ACCELERATOR from AUSTRALIAN GOLD deservedly opens our rating, as for many years in a row it has been the number 1 choice among connoisseurs of classic tanning in a solarium. It is used both at the very beginning of the procedures and during regular visits to the solarium. It activates the synthesis of melanin, which helps the original skin tone become even brighter and more effective.

  1. Biosine Complex – exotic Australian oils and panthenol – provide basic care and reduce the formation of wrinkles and promote additional melanin production.
  2. Vitamins A and E – natural antioxidants – nourish, nourish and moisturize, smooth and remove wrinkles.
  3. CellMoist – an active complex – deeply moisturizes for a better tanning experience.
  4. Hemp seed oil, with a high content of antioxidants and enzymes, qualitatively cares for the skin and improves the penetration of ultraviolet radiation, while at the same time removing its harmful effects.

The cream is applied immediately before the session and left until absorbed. To fully consolidate the effect, it is not recommended to wash off the cream within 2 hours after the tanning bed. One-time use takes from 10 to 15 ml. Volume: 250 ml.


  • Strengthens and activates tanning;
  • Does not contain bronzers;
  • Absorbs instantly;
  • Does not stain the skin;
  • Prevents dryness;
  • Does not cause allergic reactions;
  • It is allowed to apply to the face area;
  • Neutralizes odor.


  • Obsessive scent;
  • Gives a light effect;
  • High price.


Rating: 4.8


An energizing, emollient, moisturizing tanning cream – Dark'n Dazed from Emerald Bay ranks second in the Expertology rating. Suitable both for starting and for maintaining a golden complexion with each subsequent visit to the solarium. Dark'n Dazed has a completely natural complex composition and belongs to the category of amplifiers.

  1. Hemp seed oil retains moisture, enhances and consolidates the effect.
  2. Aloe oil gently cares for, provides moisture and regenerates.
  3. Agave nectar preserves the tanned shade of the body for a long time, enriches it with useful substances, makes it soft and elastic.
  4. Caffeine and tyrosine make your tanning process even faster.

The cream has a dense texture and is applied with light rubbing movements. For the correct activation of the action, the cream is not washed off within 2 hours after visiting the solarium. A 250 ml bottle will be enough for 20-25 uses, taking into account the consumption of 10 ml for 1 use.


  • Allows you to get the maximum chocolate shade;
  • Fits well and is quickly absorbed;
  • Has a pleasant light aroma;
  • Protects from drying out;
  • Suitable for all skin types;
  • It is used for both unburned and tanned skin;


  • The cream is thick enough;
  • The bottle is not fully used.

Australian Gold Beachin Life Tanning Activator, 15 ml

Rating: 4.7


Australian Gold's Beachin Life is ranked # 3. A tanning activator with hypoallergenic properties and an enhanced complex of several bronzers will allow you to quickly and easily achieve the tanned shade you need – from delicate golden to dark chocolate.

The cream contains both quick-acting bronzers, which appear immediately after the session, and prolonged, the reaction to which is activated after 4 hours and lasts 4-7 days. The product is well suited for owners of sensitive skin, because it does not contain fragrances and has a 100% natural composition.

A cocktail of powerful natural bronzers allows you to increase the intensity of your tan at will.

  1. Paradise Perfected – Shea and Mangosteen Base Oils have a powerful healing effect, provide the desired color saturation to the body and are active antioxidants that prevent photoaging.
  2. Exotic Fruit Smoothie is a complex of natural fruit extracts that quickly darkens the body.
  3. Vacay Extend Complex – saturates with essential substances due to oils from grape seed, macadamia nut, sweet almond, sunflower seeds.

A disposable sachet (15 ml) will be enough for a single visit to the solarium. Suitable for naturally dark or prepared skin.


  • Organic composition;
  • Natural smell;
  • Antibacterial action;
  • Neutralizes odor;
  • Does not cause allergic reactions.


  • Not found.

Tan Master, Green Tea 200 ml (tanning cream in a solarium)

Rating: 4.6


A tanning activator and an enhanced cream with protection against harmful UV radiation, premature aging, severe dehydration Green Tea from Tan Master is ranked fourth in our ranking. Saturates the skin with useful substances, smoothes unevenness, rejuvenates, and prevents the appearance of cellulite. After application, the skin acquires an even bronze tint, becomes smooth, firm and elastic.

Green tea extract activates the natural defenses of the skin. Has a pronounced bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. Improves metabolism at the cellular level, thereby rejuvenating cells, removing toxins and toxins. A complex of natural substances – tannins, increases the elasticity of blood vessels, and proanthocyanids prevent cells from being destroyed, relieve swelling and have an astringent effect.

  1. Aloe extract moisturizes, nourishes, reduces the depth of wrinkles.
  2. The complex of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D3, E, K, F and H improves metabolic processes, activates cell renewal and eliminates cellulite.
  3. The QTS complex allows you to get an instant tan from the very first session.
  4. The DNA complex at the cell level restores and normalizes metabolic processes.

The cream is packaged in 200 ml bottles. You can also find 15 ml disposable sachets.


  • Activates natural tan;
  • The cream is very well absorbed;
  • Leaves no greasy film;
  • The result appears after 3-4 sessions;
  • Suitable for beginners;
  • Does not cause allergic reactions;
  • Improves the appearance and condition of the skin.


  • Parabens are present.

Relaxing sunbathing cream in the Estel COOL BREEZE SUN FLOWER solarium

Rating: 4.5


COOL BREEZE SUN FLOWER from Estel with a light cooling effect and a complex of 5 powerful bronzers is ranked fifth in the ranking of the most popular tanning creams. The product helps to obtain a spectacular tan, energizes cells and relieves stress. Suitable for those who need to acquire a darker skin tone in a short time.

5 active bronzers will quickly give the skin a rich bronze or chocolate shade, which will last from 4 to 6 weeks. The formula of the product has special substances that enhance the natural production of melanin.

The citric acid ester removes the smell that usually occurs after a tanning bed.

Oils – mango, rosehip, cocoa, sweet almond are rich sources of nutrients and nutrients that protect against flaking and dryness, photoaging and sun exposure.

Five bronzers and anticidal agents (cayenne pepper extract, walnut oil) accelerate blood circulation and thus melanin production.

Use on clean, dry skin immediately before tanning. Thanks to its airy texture, the cream is easily absorbed without leaving any residue.


  • Gives a feeling of light coolness;
  • Suitable for already tanned or dark-skinned bodies;
  • Instantly activates the appearance of sunburn;
  • 5 active bronzers;
  • Has a tingle effect.


  • Cannot be used on pale, sensitive skin.

Soleo Collagen accelerator tanning cream, 15 ml

Rating: 4.4


The sixth and last position in our ranking is occupied by the modern Soleo Collagen accelerator activator cream. Soleo is a world-famous Polish cosmetics brand. Soleo Tanning Accelerator with Collagen improves skin texture and rejuvenates. Suitable for traditional tanning salons and collaginaries.

  1. Collagen and green tea extract rejuvenate, smooth wrinkles, and even out the skin.
  2. Copper peptides and L-tyrosine make the tanning process fast and quality.
  3. Vitamin E removes free radicals.
  4. Monoi de Tahiti oils and aloe extract moisturize, remove flaking and dryness.
  5. The cream is evenly applied to the skin before the tanning bed. One 15 ml sachet is enough for one session.


  • Rejuvenates and restores;
  • It is used in collagenaria and solariums;
  • Allows you to quickly activate a beautiful body shade;
  • Does not contain bronzers.


  • Not found.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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