6 best food for sphinxes

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Sphynxes are exotic cats with an unusual appearance. However, it is not only the lack of hair that distinguishes these animals from other representatives of domestic felines. Sensitive digestion is one of the main problems when keeping pets. For this reason, sphinxes almost never eat 'human' food, ready-made feeds have been developed for them, the best of which we have presented in our review. Let's note right away – not all of them are created specifically for sphinxes, most are universal.

Rating of the best food for sphinxes

Nomination a place Name of product price per kg.
Rating of the best food for sphinxes 1 GO! Sensitivity + Shine Duck Cat Recipe Limited Ingredient Diet, Grain Free 607 r
2 FORZA 10 Diet Regular RUB 499
3 Almo Nature Alternative Sturgeon and Rice RUB 899
4 Applaws Dry Cat Chicken & Salmon RUB 560
5 Royal Canin Sphynx Adult RUB 610
6 Acana wild prairie cat 795 RUB

GO! Sensitivity + Shine Duck Cat Recipe Limited Ingredient Diet, Grain Free

Rating: 4.9


This food is ideal for all breeds of cats with particularly sensitive digestions, whether acquired by nature or acquired with age. It contains only natural natural ingredients, the main of which is duck meat, which is considered dietary. As a result, the diet contains a minimum of fat (15%) and a maximum of useful protein – 31%.

There are no typical allergens in the composition, there are no gluten plant components. Of non-animal proteins, only easily digestible peas, however, the reaction to it must be controlled individually for each individual. Duck is also an easily digestible product, there are no other animal proteins among the ingredients.

The feed pellets are small, convenient for cats of any age and breed, but for some large individuals this becomes a reason for overeating – such pieces do not need to be chewed too much. For this reason, the feed dosage indicated on the GO! Packaging must be strictly observed! Sensitivity.

Sphynx breeders tend to prefer the easily digestible GO! Sensitivity + Shine Duck Cat Recipe Limited Ingredient Diet, Grain Free mainly due to its good pets intake and lack of unpleasant digestive effects. However, the cost of the ration is one of the highest in the segment of feed for animals with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract – from 580 rubles per 1 kg. Available in packages of 1.81, 3.63 and 7.26 kg.


  • Completely safe composition;
  • High percentage of protein and minimal fat;
  • Convenient granule size;
  • Predominant food intake by cats;
  • Suitable for other cats and dogs with sensitive digestion.


  • High price.

FORZA 10 Diet Regular

Rating: 4.8

FORZA 10 Diet Regular

For sphinxes, whose digestive sensitivity is aggravated by intolerance to animal protein, FORZA 10 Diet Regular dry food based on ocean fish (27%) and hypoallergenic rice (15%) is suitable. The rest of the components are plant extracts and pomace, rich in micro and macro elements necessary to maintain the health of a cat. There is no gluten or red meat in the composition, including their traces – the manufacturer carefully monitors the purity of the procurement lines. The energy composition is optimal – 33% protein and 14% fat.

The risk of food intolerance is minimal, after analyzing the reviews of the breeders, our experts did not find any critical comments on FORZA 10 Diet Regular products.

You can buy food in a 400 g package, suitable for a sample, and in a 1.5 kg pack. The average price of 1 kg is about 430 rubles.


  • Minimal risk of food allergy;
  • Good for pets;
  • Optimal price;
  • Optimal energy composition.


  • No large packs of food.

Almo Nature Alternative Sturgeon and Rice

Rating: 4.7


Almo Nature Alternative Sturgeon and Rice, the next most popular food for sphinx breeders, is made from nutritious fish meat (almost 50% of the total) and rice, which is free of digestive gluten.

The peculiarity of the feed is the use of meat fillets for the preparation of granules, without dehydrate. By the way, all the components included in the list of ingredients are suitable for human nutrition, there is a corresponding marking of 100% HFC (Human Food Chain), among them there are no artificially synthesized products.

Holistic food grade Almo Nature Alternative Sturgeon and Rice is suitable for all animals with sensitive digestion, including the finicky sphinxes.

You can buy food only in a package of 750 grams, the average price for which is about 1000 rubles.


  • Pure composition of ingredients suitable for human nutrition;
  • Suitable for cats with particularly sensitive digestion;
  • Can be used for an elimination diet.


  • High price.

Applaws Dry Cat Chicken & Salmon

Rating: 4.6

Applaws Dry Cat Chicken & Salmon

Another holistic food suitable for sphinxes is the popular Applaws Dry Cat Chicken & Salmon based on chicken and fish. It contains no grain crops and other allergens, so the food is safe for most animals. By the way, we did not find negative reviews from breeders.

Scientists of the British Institute of Nutrition, when developing the composition, took into account the needs of the body of domestic cats for energy resources and minerals. Dehydrated chicken and salmon, minced chicken and fish broth, vegetables are the basis of Applaws Dry Cat Chicken & Salmon feed. The energy value of the product is suitable for active cats – proteins in the feed are 37%, and fats – 20%.

You can buy food in packages of 400 gr., 2.0 and 7.5 kg. Convenient ZIP-lock of packages makes storage of granules convenient and safe. The average price of 1 kg is about 600 rubles.


  • Optimal composition based on pure animals and fish proteins;
  • Average price;
  • Available for purchase in different packages.


  • Mainly for active cats (increased amount of fat);
  • Relatively hypoallergenic composition.

Royal Canin Sphynx Adult

Rating: 4.5


Royal Canin Sphynx Adult professional food for cats with sensitive digestion is specially designed for Sphynxes, taking into account the characteristics of the digestive system of individuals of this breed. The main component is chicken and duck, it includes pork, from non-animal components – rice, vegetable protein isolates, fiber. A small amount of wheat can cause allergies in some individuals of the breed, so we recommend that you introduce the food carefully, observing the reaction of the pet's gastrointestinal tract.

Feed pellets are small pieces specially designed for the jaw structure of a Sphynx over 12 months old.

The energy value of the product is optimal for young sphinxes – 33% proteins and 23% fats. It also contains all the minerals necessary to maintain your cat's health and aesthetics.

You can buy Royal Canin Sphynx Adult in a package of 400 gr., 2 or 10 kg, the average price for 1 kg is from 600 rubles.


  • A composition that takes into account all the characteristics of the sphinx organism;
  • Convenient packaging with zip-locks;
  • Pieces suitable for the sphinx's jaw;
  • Optimal price.


  • Possible allergies to gluten and chicken.

Acana wild prairie cat

Rating: 4.4

Acana wild prairie cat

At the end of the review, we will consider another popular food – Acana Wild Prairie Cat. It contains poultry, turkey, poultry offal, protein dehydrates, including fish, eggs. From plant components – green peas, lentils, chickpeas; no gluten, but a lot of extracts and pomace from vegetables, algae and other crops. Balanced energy value – 37; protein and 20% fat.

The food is designed for cats with a special digestive system, suitable for representatives of other breeds. Acana Wild Prairie Cat granules are small and convenient for feeding pets of all sizes.

You can buy food in packaging of 340 gr., 1.8 or 5.4 kg. The average price for 1 kg is from 620 rubles.


  • Universal food for cats with a capricious gastrointestinal tract;
  • 75% animal ingredients in the composition;
  • Optimal absorption and acceptance by cats;
  • Minimum mineral additives.


  • High price.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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