6 best flea drops for cats

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

With the onset of heat, parasites wake up in the street. Cat – a pet, but insects can easily get on it. Them can be brought on shoes, clothes or bag. Most often ticks, fleas and worms are found. Therefore, to protect our dear feline, we have collected a rating of the best drops from fleas and other parasites. Their advantage over pills and sprays is that they are easy to use and have great potential against parasites. All of them are applied to the withers of the cat – always on the skin, and not wool. Remember that the cat should not lick them, otherwise it may to get poisoned. The rating shows drugs with various recommendations and effects on parasites.

Rating of the best flea drops for cats

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best flea drops for cats 1 MSD Animal Health Bravecto Spot He, 1 pipette 1 194 rub.
2 Zoetis Stronghold, 3 pipettes 1 464 rub.
3 Merial Front Line Combo, 1 pipette 411 rub
4 Ceva Vectra Felis, 3 pipettes 1 030 rub.
5 Inspector, 1 dropper 503 rub
6 Rolf Club, 1 pipette 184 rub

MSD Animal Health Bravecto Spot He, 1 pipette

Rating: 4.9

MSD Animal Health Bravecto Spot It against fleas and ticks, 1 pipette

The drug comes from the United States. On the market for many years, and recommended yourself as one of the best remedies for cats. Narrow drops fight only with ticks and fleas. Therefore, the remedy cannot be use to protect against internal parasites. Applied to withers. Used to destroy adult block and their larvae. The drug is also effective against ixodic (or encephalitis) ticks. 12 hours after application, fleas die, after 48 hours ticks.

We recommend using this remedy to combat dermatitis from fleas. Bravecto causes paralysis in insects and, as a result, death. The medicine belongs to the category of “low risk”: he minimal side effects, the drug does not affect animal body systems.

It is used for cats over the age of 11 weeks and weighing not less than 1.2 kg. Do not use on animals in weakened or painful conditions. But it is permissible to apply drops during pregnancy or lactation. According to the results of our analysis, the action funds lasts from two to three months. Depends on features cats. Reuse is allowed no earlier than after eight weeks. It is forbidden to bathe the animal the next three days after processing. Main feature: effective flea control, acquired immunity to other drugs.


  • Safe.
  • Effective.
  • Against fleas with immunity.
  • For pregnant cats.


  • High price.
  • Highly flammable.
  • Only from external parasites.

Zoetis Stronghold for fleas and helminths, 3 pipettes

Rating: 4.8

Zoetis Stronghold for fleas and helminths, 3 pipettes

Universal remedy for most types of parasites. we added it to the rating due to its wide protection capabilities pet. It is designed to fight fleas, different types of ticks and roundworms. Thus, once processing the cat, you Get effective prevention from all types of parasites. For each type of insect must remember some features use of the drug. Stronghold works with fleas on different stages of development – from the egg to the adult. Recommended use drops a month before the start of the season to maximize protect the animal. Enough to treat ear scabies disposable funds. After first use the effectiveness of the drug reaches 94%, after repeated – 100%.

Flea drops can be used starting at six weeks the age of the kitten. They are as safe as possible, the appearance of side effects are possible only if the medicine gets inside cats. In order to harm the animal, the dose must be exceeded ten times. In cats, Stronghold’s maximum action comes after a day. The drug is applied only to dry coat. It is advisable not to touch the animal 24 hours, but you can wash it later two hours.


  • Value for money.
  • Safety.
  • A wide range of features.


  • Flammable.
  • It does not always work with worms.
  • Rarely, a slight allergy occurs.
  • Inconvenient pipette.

Merial Frontline Combo for fleas and ticks, 1 pipette

Rating: 4.7

Merial Frontline Combo from fleas and ticks, 1 pipette

French drops for cats from fleas and ticks. Their action based on the destruction of the nerve connections of the insect. Thus, it loses the ability to multiply and dies. Action Front Line The combo extends to ticks of two types (ixodid and cheilitella), fleas, lice, and lice. The drug is fully distributed over the body in 24 hours, all this time is not recommended touch the cat. The full effect of the drug begins on the third day after treatment.

The substance is classified as “low hazard”. After eye contact slight irritation occurs. If there is no particular reaction to the constituents components of the substance, allergies are not a side effect. IN in case of irritation, it is enough to wash off the drops and give the pet antihistamine.

It is used for kittens at least eight weeks old. Together with Frontline Combo can not use other means, as well as it is forbidden to treat animals with weakened immunity. During 48 hours after application, the animal is not allowed to wash. Time of action protection against ticks – 21 days, from fleas – 1.5 months. After graduation this period, you must repeat the processing.


  • Safety.
  • Affordable price.
  • Effective action.


  • Long term distribution throughout the body.
  • Possible allergies.

Ceva Vectra Felis, 3 pipettes

Rating: 4.6

Ceva Vectra Felis from fleas, 3 pipettes

French flea remedy. In the process of writing a rating, we learned that they are often misused. Because they think as if it also helps with ticks. But the instructions clearly state that the action applies only to fleas. At the Vectra Felis market – the best narrowly targeted medicine for fleas, available in the form of drops. Suitable for cats weighing up to 10 kg. Besides good protection the company also took care of a convenient applicator. It does no harm cat skin and allows you to clearly calculate the required dose facilities.

Drops can be used for kittens from the age of six weeks. The only additional condition: the weight must be at least 600 g. For nursing and pregnant cats, a medication is recommended. apply only under medical supervision. The tool is safe and not causes allergies, it practically does not enter the bloodstream. All his elements remain on the bulbs of wool. So it does no harm and successfully fights against parasites.

In case there are too many fleas, reprocessing held two weeks later. The maximum duration of the effect is three months. If you have two or more animals, it is best to process them together (but to separate them in different rooms so that they do not lick means with each other). The first signs of a drug come five minutes later.


  • Quick effect.
  • Nice price.
  • Maximum flea protection.
  • Convenient pipette.


  • Lack of protection against other insects.

Inspector for fleas, ticks and helminths, 1 pipette

Rating: 4.5

Inspector against fleas, ticks and helminths, 1 pipette

A universal insect repellent, created in Russia together with Germany. The list includes 14 types of external and internal parasites. Among them are heartworms and ixodid ticks. The percentage of successful disposal of unwanted guests from 97 to 100%. The action of the medicine damages the nerve endings and systems insects, leading to their death. No breed restrictions: the tool is applicable to any cat who is not allergic to components of the drug. But remember that the remedy is moderate dangerous, and before using it, consult with by the veterinarian.

To process a kitten, the minimum age must be seven weeks, and weight – 1 kg. Handling pregnant and lactating cats possible only with the permission of the veterinarian. The drug is used and for treatment, and for prevention. After use, do not wash the cat four days. It is important to study the instructions: for each insect prescribed dose and terms of use of the Inspector. For example, for effective prevention against fleas and ticks is enough to handle cat once every 12 weeks. Ear scabies is excreted in one application drug, if necessary, after a month you can repeat the action. Occasionally, the Inspector causes redness and a mild trial, in which case they will pass by themselves. Due to the toxicity of the drops, they are not recommended. use as the main remedy for worms.


  • A powerful medicine.
  • Universal formula.
  • A wide range of impact.
  • Nice price


  • Possible allergies.
  • Possible refusal of food.
  • Inconvenient pipette.

Rolf Club from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, 1 pipette

Rating: 4.4

Rolf Club from fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, 1 pipette

German remedy for external insects. Rolf is designed only for external use. By its action, it affects nine species parasites such as fleas, lice, lice, ticks, mosquitoes and midges. Both larvae and adults are affected. therefore it can be used both as a full-fledged treatment and as a prophylaxis. The tool works even before an insect bite. The drug does not get into blood flow of a cat, it accumulates on the epidermis (upper layer of skin) and sebaceous glands. Thus, it is most safe for a cat. Rolf Club is a moderately hazardous substance, it does not irritate the skin, but may cause slight inflammation if it gets into the eyes. For the preparation is not toxic to cats, but deadly for rabbits, fish and bees.

Drops are recommended for kittens from 12 weeks old. They contraindicated in sick and recovering animals. For pregnant and nursing cats, the product is also prohibited for use. After The use of insect death occurs after two hours. Act extends to the following periods: protection against ticks – a month, from fleas – for two months, from mosquitoes – for seven days. For destruction ixodid tick must be dripped onto it and at the place of attachment by a drop of funds, and in half an hour he himself will disappear. Touch and wash the cat only after 48 hours.


  • Quick effect.
  • Nice price.
  • Long validity.
  • A wide range of destruction.


  • Toxic to other animals.
  • Contact with mucous membranes may cause side effects.

Attention! This rating is subjective, not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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