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Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

A camera trap is a special type of camera that automatically captures an object. This device is used primarily by biologists to observe animals in forests, nature reserves and private hunting grounds. In some cases, a camera trap can be used as a means for autonomous monitoring of various objects, for example, real estate, local area.

What is the difference between camera traps

Film devices are very rare today, they have almost completely replaced digital devices. They, like traditional cameras, differ in several ways:

  1. Image quality, measured in number of pixels. The rule is one: the more the better.
  2. The amount of internal memory. To get a high quality image or video, you need more than 1 GB of storage, many devices support flash cards of different sizes, usually up to 32 GB.
  3. Availability of the function of instant sending of the image to the phone or server.
  4. Additional gadgets: infrared lighting for night shooting, video camera, sound baits for animals, etc.

Experts have determined which automatic cameras are the most functional, convenient and in demand today. We present the rating, which includes 6 models of camera traps.

Rating of the best camera traps

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best camera traps 1 ScoutGuard SG2060-X RUB 14,625
2 Owl 120 SM 4G RUB 19,900
4 Falcon + RUB 8,900
5 LTL Acorn 5210А RUB 7,900
6 Falcon Eye FE-AC400G RUB 13,022

ScoutGuard SG2060-X

Rating: 4.9

ScoutGuard SG2060-X

The experts recognized the ScoutGuard SG2060-X device with one of the most advanced technical equipment as the best camera trap: a 20 MP camera like a professional camera, support for FullHD video format, saving photos in a wide resolution 1600×1200 … 4320×3240 MP, compatibility with SD and SDHC drives up to 64 GB . For high-quality night photography, a backlight is provided with a view of up to 30 meters, and the sensors are tuned to the slightest rustle of the animal even at the most distant distance.

The camera can shoot in any weather at a temperature of -300 … + 70C in two modes: at the intervals set by the timer for high-activity zones or with automatic start upon detection of object movement for passive zones.

The charge of one battery lasts up to six months of autonomous operation of the ScoutGuard SG2060-X, however, the device owes this advantage to the absence of a GSM module, that is, it can send a photo.

The cost of a camera trap starts at 13,600 rubles.


  • Wide camera resolution;

  • Capacious battery;

  • High moisture protection IP54;

  • Support for SD and SDHC drives;

  • Ultra-sensitive motion sensor;

  • Night shooting at a distance of up to 30 meters;

  • Clear shots;

  • Improved FullHD video quality;


  • Lack of GSM.

Owl 120 SM 4G

Rating: 4.8

Owl 120 SM 4G

In the second place in the rating, experts placed the photographic trap of the Owl 120 SM 4G primarily due to the lower camera resolution – only 12 MP, but this is enough for normal hunting and scientific observations. The device supports FullHD, records high-definition video with the ability to view the smallest details.

Unlike the leader of the rating, the Owl 120 SM 4G is equipped with a GSM module that allows you to send photos and videos to your phone (MMS) via a 4G channel in an accelerated mode. Thanks to GPS, you can find a camera trap even in an unfamiliar area, and the coordinates are also set on a photo / video.

The device is compatible with external storage media up to 32 GB – a standard value for camera traps (except for the leader of the rating). The user chooses the expansion of photos on his own from 5 to 12 MP, it determines the consumption rate of 12 AA batteries (2000 mAh), the maximum value is 3 months.

The angle of view of the motion sensor and camera is 1200 each with a distance for night shooting only 20 meters. The camera's water resistance has been increased up to IP66, so it can be used even in swampy areas, near water bodies in any weather. A feature of the model is the ability to control work through a mobile application.

The cost of the Owl 120 SM 4G is about 19,000 rubles.


  • High resolution photo and video shooting;

  • Long battery life;

  • Management via a mobile application;

  • High degree of moisture protection;

  • GPS orientation;

  • The ability to send images and clips to your phone, email;

  • Viewing angle 1200;


  • High price.


Rating: 4.7


The SITITEK IHUNT PRO camera takes the third place in the rating: it is equipped with a camera with a resolution of 12 MP and a reduced viewing angle of 1000, a night vision range of 20 meters. Two motion sensors with a reaction range of 25 meters track objects equally well during the day and at night.

The device sends photos and videos in JPEG / AVI formats via MMS and email from 1 to 4 recipients for each channel. GSM allows you to easily find camera traps on the ground, and via SMS you can find out about the state of the object at any time. By the way, the 2.5 “display allows you to view the received images on the spot, and in one case you can find out what date, at what time and in what phase of the moon the photo or video was taken. All of them are saved on an external SD card with a capacity of up to 32 GB.

The SITITEK IHUNT PRO device can shoot 1/3/6/9 frames continuously with a frequency of 1 sec to 24 hours, video from 10 to 90 seconds. The lithium-ion battery lasts for 3 months. You can buy a camera trap for an average of 9,900 rubles.


  • Optimal camera resolution and viewing angle;

  • Wide range of camera traps;

  • Capacious battery;

  • Burst shooting with different frequency of action;

  • GPS for easy camera search;

  • GSM module for sending video and images to phone, mail up to 4 addresses;


  • Reduced degree of protection against moisture IP54.

Falcon +

Rating: 4.6

Falcon +

The Sokol + camera trap is a budget solution for photographic hunting and surveillance of protected areas in the city, working in tandem with a high-sensitivity motion sensor and a 12 MP camera with a 600 viewing angle. For taking photos with a resolution of 5, 8 or 12 MP and recording video 10 … 90 seconds long SD and MMC cards with a capacity of up to 32 GB are inserted into the device, but sending images and clips to a phone or mail is impossible – there is no GSM module, as well as a location GPS, therefore Sokol + takes only fourth place in the rating of camera traps.

Thanks to 42 infrared emitters, night photography is possible at a distance of up to 20 meters, and the sensitivity level of the motion sensor can be adjusted to suit different needs. The device is powered by a lithium-ion battery, its charge lasts for 3 months in all weather conditions thanks to the IP64 splash and dust protection. The software in Russian allows you to customize the camera trap for the required parameters, in particular, you can set a trigger with a delay of 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

The Sokol + camera trap can be purchased quite inexpensively – about 7,500 rubles.


  • Russian-language clear interface;

  • Affordable price;

  • Support Windows 98 / 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP;

  • High moisture protection IP64;

  • Battery 2000 mAh;


  • No GPS and GSM models.

  • Relatively small viewing angle.

LTL Acorn 5210А

Rating: 4.5

LTL Acorn 5210А

The LTL Acorn 5210A camera trap is one of the most budgetary 'forest' cameras with an increased number of sensors – thermal vision devices have been added to the motion detectors. Photos ranging in size from 5 to 12 megapixels are good at night thanks to 24 infrared emitters. The trigger is adjustable from 0 sec to 60 min of delay for taking photos, including in multi-mode 1/3, video duration can be up to 60 seconds – slightly less than in the previously reviewed models. All images and clips with date and time stamp are saved to external SD storage up to 32GB.

The LTL Acorn 5210А improved water resistance – IP64, so the camera trap can be installed in swampy areas and near water bodies, including for observing amphibians, as well as for organizing the protection of private territories near swimming pools. The camera needs 8 AA batteries to power the camera, the maximum service life is 3 months.

The cost of LTL Acorn 5210A is the lowest of the models under consideration – about 5,500 rubles.


  • Russian-language interface;

  • Sensitivity setting;

  • Work from AA batteries;

  • 12 MP camera resolution for 5, 8 and 12 MP photos;

  • Motion sensors + heat indicators;


  • Lack of GSM, GPS modules;

  • Some users report a weak backlight, probably due to a manufacturing defect or incorrect device configuration.

Falcon Eye FE-AC400G

Rating: 4.4

Falcon Eye FE-AC400G

The Falcon Eye FE-AC400G camera trap completes the rating. It is inferior to the leaders in camera resolution – only 5 MP, so images and videos are less accurate when zooming in. But the viewing angle is 1000 (average) and night vision at a distance of up to 20 meters without any claims to the quality of the black and white image, 56 infrared diodes are responsible for this, which are automatically turned on with the onset of light deficiency.

The shooting speed is up to 1 photo per second, the maximum video duration is 60 seconds. The interval for capturing images is determined by manual settings, after each shooting, pictures and clips can be immediately viewed in a special mobile application or the Falcon Eye FE-AC400G can be programmed to send them in a message to the phone, which is possible thanks to GSM support. The camera trap has a relatively small 2-inch display, standard support for SD cards up to 32 GB, an average degree of moisture protection IP54.

Out of the ordinary: the device is designed to operate at any humidity from 5 to 90%, instead of a battery, there are 8 AA batteries that power the device for 4-6 months – this is more than other similar cameras. There is also an option to shoot slow motion video.

Falcon Eye FE-AC400G performs equally well in forest conditions for observing animals and in urban environments as a means of ensuring the safety and security of various objects. You can buy a camera trap for about 10,500 rubles.


  • Powerful night illumination;

  • Long work from AA batteries;

  • Pairing with a mobile application;

  • There is a GPS system;

  • Sending images and videos to your phone;

  • High frequency of shooting;


  • Comparatively low camera resolution;

  • Small display.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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