5 of the best foundation for a radiant effect

Review of the best according to the editorial board. On the selection criteria. This material is subjective and does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Modern cosmetics allow you to achieve the perfect skin tone in one stroke. Want your skin to glow with a healthy natural glow? Then take a look at the tonal creams presented in our rating. It has been compiled based on important criteria. These are the following parameters:

  1. the duration of the radiant effect;
  2. wearing time;
  3. consistency and smell;
  4. constituent components;
  5. matting result;
  6. correspondence of price to quality.
  7. Customer reviews played an important role.

Rating of the best foundation with a radiance effect

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best foundation with a radiance effect 1 Lancome teint visionnaire RUB 2,900
2 BB-cream Miracle Skin Perfector Anti Aging Garnier 370 RUB
3 Liquid Minerals ™ A Foundation Jane Iredale RUB 1,900
4 Fond de Teint Soin Regenerant Academie RUB 3,510
5 BB-cream Lumene Vitamin C + RUB 1,575

Lancome teint visionnaire

Rating: 4.9


The first participant in the rating combines the qualities of not only a foundation, but also a concealer. The product hides all imperfections and has a dense texture. After application, the composition is well shaded and qualitatively brightens the circles in the paraorbital region.

Buyers note that the cream does not dry out the cover. It is worth considering that the matting effect does not last too long on an oily surface. The tonal fluid comes in a solid thick glass tube. The cosmetics look stylish and presentable. The cream does not stain clothes and allows the skin to breathe. The presence of a sunscreen component is encouraging. The price of the product is 2900 rubles. Many people cannot afford it. However, the economical expense justifies the cost.


  • allows the skin to breathe;
  • SPF 20;
  • does not lubricate;
  • does not remain on clothes;
  • no mask effect on the face;
  • makes the face look fresh.


  • there are no significant disadvantages.

BB-cream Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Anti Aging

Rating: 4.8


The next member of the rating has excellent moisturizing qualities. On combination skin, it may shine slightly. The cream is suitable for use on a sunny day due to the content of the SPF filter. It provides a delicate shine and is characterized by medium durability.

The product does not have a harsh perfumery fragrance. It is easy to blend and mattifies bruises under the eyes, uneven skin and redness. The compact tube is ideal for a small handbag. The product costs 300 rubles.


  • light aroma;
  • affordable price;
  • perfectly moisturizes;
  • UV protection;
  • compact tube;
  • well removes bumps, dark circles.


  • there are no serious disadvantages.

Liquid Minerals ™ A Foundation Jane Iredale

Rating: 4.7


Jane Iredale Powder Cream belongs to mineral cosmetics and is suitable for women whose skin is prone to allergies. The girls are delighted with the unique packaging of the product. Miniature gel-based balls are visible through the transparent tube. A convenient dispenser allows you to draw the required amount of cream.

The product makes the skin fresher and smoother. It does not clog pores and lasts until evening. The tone adjusts to the complexion and looks natural for a beautiful glow. The price is 1900 rubles. It is fully consistent with quality.


  • the convenience of use;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • original appearance;
  • useful components in the composition;
  • good matting effect;
  • adjusts to the natural tone.


  • not.

Fond de Teint Soin Regenerant Academie

Rating: 4.7


The next contributor is the regenerating foundation, available in five different color options. Customers are delighted with the slow consumption of funds. It is necessary to collect only a small drop of the composition so that the face shines with a natural shine again.

After application, the cosmetics are almost invisible on the face. The cream can withstand up to eight hours and does not clog into voids. Girls are delighted with the velvety texture of the product. It is a real pleasure to apply it. The skin breathes with it and looks fresher. For 30 ml, you need to pay more than 3,500 rubles.


  • minimum consumption;
  • does not clog into wrinkles;
  • adjusts to light skin tone;
  • not felt on the face;
  • pleasant consistency.


  • not everyone can afford it.

BB-cream Lumene Vitamin C +

Rating: 4.5


When examining a tube of Lumene cream, the information immediately rushes into the eye that the composition contains vitamin C and an SPF 20 sunscreen filter. The product belongs to anti-aging drugs and contains Arctic cloudberry extract.

Potential buyers are attracted by the fact that the BB cream perfectly evens the tone and returns the skin to its natural brightness. The formula is paraben free. Girls note a convenient tube with a narrow opening, optimal cost and a peculiar smell. Price – 1575 rubles.


  • 90% natural ingredients;
  • sun protection filter;
  • content of vitamin C and arctic cloudberry extract;
  • restores natural radiance.


  • a kind of aroma.

Attention! This rating is subjective and does not constitute an advertisement and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

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