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Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

Many car owners are not happy with basic paintwork iron horse coating. Someone wants to reliably protect elements body and interior from damage, but someone just likes stand out in the flow of cars in an unusual color. Liquid rubber allows quickly change the style of the car. Thanks to simple technology Application tuning can be performed even by the ordinary car owner. You can use the material for a complete repainting of the body, as well as to update individual items. Most often a rubber coating can be found on rims, bumpers, radiator grills, torpedoes. On sale there is both liquid rubber in banks, and completely finished product in aerosol cans. Through our experts will determine the main criteria for the selection of modern material.

Liquid rubber selection criteria

  1. Start choosing liquid rubber with color. Not always producers of modern material manage to guess fashionable trends of today and tomorrow. Therefore, the company with the most A rich line of colors will have an advantage.
  2. When choosing packaging, you need to build on simple recommendations of specialists. For painting small items just get one or more aerosol cans. If protection is required for the entire body, then preference should be given. banks with a volume of 4-5 liters.
  3. To obtain the desired color of the element, liquid rubber must have good hiding power. Less layers of material required to apply to the surface, the better the hiding power. The indicator is considered good if the base is not visible after applying 3-5 layers. You should also pay attention to some technological features of painting. Before applying light colors first sprayed white substrate. A liquid rubber metallic applied to a black substrate.
  4. An important factor in the purchase and subsequent use there will be product safety. Some manufacturers add methyl ethyl ketone, a substance hazardous to humans. With such liquid rubber can only be used in cameras with good ventilation or outside.
  5. When buying aerosol cans, it is advisable to find out about the width spray torch. At some manufacturers, the nozzle gives a wide strip, others narrow. If a large area is more convenient to handle spray can with a wide torch, then cover with liquid rubber small items are more economical with a narrow spray torch.
  6. Reliable damage protection is provided by a coating with a certain thick. Usually manufacturers indicate the optimum thickness of 70-80 microns. The thinner the layer, the harder it will be to tear off the coating after operation. Approximately in one layer it is possible to obtain a thickness 5-11 microns. Accordingly, to achieve the stated figures (70-80 μm) 6 to 12 repetitions are required.
  7. When buying aerosol cans, you should ask liquid rubber consumption. With a thickness of 70 microns per coating of 1 square. m leaves from 2 to 4 cans with a volume of 520 ml. Knowing the exact number, you can calculate which manufacturer offers the most profitable option.
  8. The service life of liquid rubber is quite small. If coating keep the original color and texture for 2 years, then the composition we can safely call it quality. Sometimes users complain that tear off the rubber layer after 2-3 months operation.

We selected the 5 best liquid rubbers in the review. All of them are implemented. in the domestic market. When allocating places in the ranking the opinion of the expert community and reviews of Russian motorists.

Rating of the best liquid rubbers

Nomination a place Name of product price
Rating of the best liquid rubbers 1 RUNWAY 580 rub
2 Kudo 485 rub
3 PLASTI DIP 850 rub
4 Larex 700 rub
5 Liquid rubber 400 rub


Rating: 4.9


The Russian manufacturer RUNWAY manufactures its products on synthetic rubber base. Thanks to special additives easy to apply by spraying and after drying it forms dense elastic coating. Experts also note simplicity removing the rubber layer, while on the surface of the parts not traces remain. The composition effectively resists such negative factors like solar activity, hail, dirt, salt, pebbles. Liquid rubber becomes the winner of our rating.

Users are satisfied with the protective properties of the coating, they are flattering speak about excellent noise insulation qualities. Means withstands Russian frosts, does not melt during the heat. On sale there are both ready-made solutions in aerosol cans and liquid rubber in banks.


  • dense coating;
  • ease of application;
  • wide scope of application;
  • not afraid of heat and cold.


  • not found.


Rating: 4.8


KUDO liquid rubber is environmentally friendly and safe for person. Thanks to this factor, the composition managed to take the second place in our ranking. The advantages of the material include good hiding power and uniform surface coverage. The spray can is equipped with a spray head with a wide torch, which simplifies the application of liquid rubber on large elements bodywork. At the same time, pressing the head does not require serious efforts. It was not possible to bypass the leader of the domestic manufacturer because of a modest line of colors (11 solid and 3 metallic).

Domestic motorists in the reviews report that enough apply 3 coats to get a beautiful coating. If desired the rubber layer breaks off easily, because years later discoloration.


  • good hiding power;
  • evenly applied;
  • breaks easily;
  • wide torch.


  • poor color scheme.


Rating: 4.7

Plasti Dip Smoke

PLASTI DIP fluid rubber was invented by Robert Haasl, but he failed to introduce into mass production during his lifetime. His business continued the son of Scott, who conveyed to every motorist in America benefits liquid rubber. In the Russian market A wide range of colors is presented (35 solid and 9 metallic). Experts appreciated such material indicators as hiding power and texture. Specialists note a narrow torch in aerosol cans. But a more significant drawback considered harmful product. Therefore, it can be applied to outdoors or in a chamber with good ventilation.

For the popularity of liquid rubber among users of PLASTI DIP gets the bronze of our rating. Of the shortcomings of car owners note the high cost of the material.


  • wide choice of flowers;
  • good hiding power;
  • it is convenient to apply to small elements;
  • smooth texture.


  • harmfulness;
  • high price.


Rating: 4.7


High quality and durability boasts liquid Larex tires. The Russian composition is quite expensive, but consumption pleasantly surprised experts. To cover 1 square. two is enough 520 ml standard cartridges (311 g). Color palette limited to 20 solid colors and 6 metallic. Spray the head on the spray can issues an average torch, nozzle easy to press. Discontinuity and texture of the coating is also on top. AND the smell of liquid rubber is very aggressive, which many users. The product stops a step away from our pedestal. rating.

Motorists treated various elements with Larex liquid rubber, they were satisfied with the density and elasticity of the coating. TO cons, they include the high price of the product.


  • dense elastic coating;
  • good hiding power;
  • smooth texture;
  • rich selection of colors.


  • unpleasant odor;
  • high price.

Liquid rubber

Rating: 4.6

Liquid Rubber

Closes the top five of our rating Liquid Rubber Coating. This is a product of the Chinese company Smart Rubber Technology Limited, which is an analogue of the American development of PLASTI Dip The consumer is offered several packaging options, this aerosol can, as well as product in cans of 4 and 25 liters. Experts analyzed the color scheme, she could not please variety (only 8-12 colors depending on packaging). But It should be noted muted tones, glossy flickering, imitation mother of pearl and chameleon effect.

So far, Chinese liquid rubber has not received widespread in our country distribution, as evidenced by the small number of reviews. An attractive point for many motorists is affordable price.


  • different packaging options;
  • unusual colors;
  • ease of application;
  • universality of application.


  • modest color palette;
  • little common.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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